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Untitled: under the auspices

Untitled: under the auspices

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Derek White: Marsupial

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358 Blasting microscripts in an unstylized and/or illegible intent to communicate

... we questioned the believability of his using a «gene gun» to transplant a beard on the protagonist (who gets fucked up by bullies at school for not having a beard), to which Ohle responded by saying he once helped out a bio-art research project (Mutate or Die) which used a gene gun to shoot DNA extracted from William Burroughs shit into some sort of living sperm/shit/blood concoction. [ ... ]


357 Suspended for forgery, rooting for no home team & writing reportorial fiction for morta corpora

Compiling is a good word for what it is we are doing ... or composting ... which is what we call what it is we do here ... or «(ɔ)om.posting» w/ a left-facing c. 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' will also carry a ɔopyleft instead of a copyright. To publish something should mean to set it free, not restrict it. [...] Think this year we'll just root for both teams & enjoy however it plays out. [ ... ]


356 INT. Museum of luminol b-roll aphorisms & salvaged 9/11 evidence fragments

If a scientist or journalist (they are sposed to be scientific thinkers, right?) doesn't believe in evolution, how can you believe or give credence to anything else they say? Evolution forms the backbone of modern thought if you ask us ... then again, 46% of Americans believe in creationism so maybe we're barking up the wrong tree (this was a major reason we exiled ourselves to Africa & then [ ... ]

data ink

355 The minimum morality of books as currency (amorphous remix docket)

«He who stands aloof runs the risk of believing himself better than others and misusing his critique of society as an ideology for his private interest. While he gropingly forms his own life in the frail image of a true existence, he should never forget its frailty, nor how little the image is a substitute for true life. Against such awareness, however, pulls the momentum of the bourgeois within him.» [ ... ]

slice of life

354 Luminescent tropisms & quantum entanglements in this, like, lattice of coincidence: falling planes & collisions

... we speculated this out loud & within seconds 5 or 6 Chinese MPs appeared & said we couldn't congregate & we were like «all we're doing is waiting for the bathroom». They picked each of us up & shook us up & down ... evidently they wouldn't let us go until we sarcastically laughed. The other congregated passengers each made this sarcastic laugh & were let go ... but we couldn't [ ... ]


353 Fancydancing w/ geoducks at undertaker bootcamp, followed by triage at 40,000 ft.

Maybe this happens all the time in 1st class, like moths flying into candles? Or maybe this was the in-flight entertainment? This time there was even more of a sense of urgency ... they were checking vitals & looked about to give CPR. The «doctor» was acting strange, laughing & shrugging ... tho then again it was weird/funny. And if this wasn't weird enough, right after this 2nd woman collapsed [ ... ]


352 Cheetah puma mantra, privatplatz, clams & the Academia of W Pigs

it just happened upon us (maybe that's the secret ... to not want it). He also cared more what people thought of him. Not giving a shit what other people think might be one of our stronger suits, but it could also work toward our detriment—because then people don't give a shit what you think & you become a nobody. But caring what people think was also his detriment, leading to shame [ ... ]


351 proSSES news: a mapping to wander, homing in on Homer (via McAppalachia)

Wander derives from the word wind, as does wand ... as in magic wand—a divining rod or dowser. Alienation is another word that trips us up each time our eyes wander past ... like a nation of aliens. [...] Rather than play the game, to align ourself to any school or sect, we'd rather just self-alienate ... thus we become godless & nationless hermits sporting no medals or laurels on our head. [ ... ]


350 Hand-me-down entelechy, fey, mutating hipness & the self-conscious shame in faces, sweating & Junk

Whether it's the chicken or the egg, it seems the whole point of heroin is to become dependent. «The kick of junk is that you have to have it.» It seems crazy that any informed person would want to try it ... but perhaps some people are searching for such dependency, to become a dependant. All it takes is 1 bad or rash decision in your lifetime ... it could've just as easily been me [ ... ]

mortal gender

349 Genre-fication en gender suicide & the duality in dividing individuals & their art

There's a lot buried there, beneath that seemingly simple & stupid action of sticking a needle in your arm. There's a host of inexpressible emotions & thoughts that drive someone to this act, that can find release in no other way. In the case of PSH, this is evident even in his acting ... no matter what role he played, you always sensed there was something else at play, that needed [ ... ]


348 I/O proSSES feeding of reflexive differences to THE book, Darwin, Derrida, et al

We have felt this hurried epiphany, such a rush that you scarcely have time to document the impression as it spurns in your head—conflicted as whether to let yourself get wrapped up in the moment or to capture it—[...] It's always hard to appreciate the moment in the moment, without risking some of the information to acquire. It's in the post-processing—the reflecting & [ ... ]


347 Disembodied recapitulation & the induced squid-inky art uv writing by hand

Literally yes, like felled trees, or Lincoln logs, but also logs as in journals, or as relates to logos ... the root uv all -ologies ... from the greek λέγω , lego, or «I say» ... both Leggos & Lincoln logs being toys we (my brother & i) dare i say played w/ as kids. Or the raft as relates to the ark ... self-effacing language destined to erase its face in the manifest wake. «...in an ark with me» as Freud's [ ... ]


346 Retracing Darwin's voyage thru Neruda's Chile back north to a glaciated Hudson

«There is no reason to believe that the Fuegians decrease in number; therefore we must suppose that they enjoy a sufficient share of happiness, of whatever kind it may be, to render life worth having. Nature by making habit omnipotent, and its effects hereditary, has fitted the Fuegian to the climate and the productions of his miserable country.» [ ... ]


345 Glaciers of Patagonia

.... probably one of the singular most spectacular split-second events we've ever witnessed firsthand in our lives. To think of the ice building up for tens of thousands of years ... to reach the edge & suddenly calve off so dramatically ... to become separate from the glacier & be its on berg. Seemed there was something metaphoric about it [ ... ]

Torres del Paine

344 Tierra del Fuego to Torres del Paine

Hiked up the hill & into a valley along some river ... the tips of the Torres visible at times ... flurries here & there of light snow (mind you this is the equivalent to July for those in the northern hemisphere). By the time we got up it cleared up & we ate lunch & drank a bottle of water straight from the chalky aqua-blue lake ... tasted like eating snow. Again, beyond words. [ ... ]


343 Patagonia: 7 lakes to the end of the year at the southern end of the world

... it's similar to literary book criticism in this regards ... it's easy to suppress your «negative» thoughts (that perhaps come out as judgments), but then what is accomplished or learned? Elucidating perceived harsh realities can be painful but perhaps necessary. Regardless it is not in our nature to bite our tongue. [ ... ]

trout fishing

342 Trout Fishing in Patagonia to Voodoo Chile & volcano meat

... went for a run up in the hills behind the house with our nephew ... steppe country is we think how'd they qualify it .... started out as a run on a steep dirt road ... eventually scrambling like goats up a steep hillside of scree & thorny shrubs, up to the base of a waterfall (that was barely running because it's been a dry summer) ... while we ran he told me of a vision he had of our other brother [ ... ]


341 How How We Became Posthuman becomes us, man ... infinitesimally

99% of modern language (competent or not) is conscious gibberish, derivative of something heard or read ... little more than self-conscious mimicry ... copy-writing for advertising itself. There seems to be little interest in unconscious language—language not even derived from thought but delving further back even, rivering from the deep disembodied recesses of our sourcing gene pool [ ... ]

sad tropics

340 Factorial incidence of londinense reflection for the queen tropiques med°ley

... he doesn't smoke the same cigarrettes as me». Difficult to find angles appealing to the eye, the right dented incidence. Hard left to avoid kitschy wax museum wank ... at times reality reassembles bad webbed design ... & to add to it the hordes of touristes & widespread saturation de personnes. «She lives in the place in the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight [ ... ]


339 Peregrinating D.F. to London (do not pass Go ... ) to Travel Notes & The Peregrine

Baker's motives are beyond just observational ... it's not so much about observing the peregrines as becoming one of them ... the hunter becomes the prey it hunts as Baker puts it ... as if seeking some sort of purification or absolution ... the peregrine seeking absolution for killing his prey & Baker seeking absolution for the consequences of being human. [ ... ]

Frida Kahlo

338 El turkey es de México aunque el pez Ishi esta fuera del aqua como Kahlo exvoto

Tal vez malinterpretemos, o «leyemos adentro» pero la forma en que habiamo visto, el narrator tuvo una serie de sueños lucidos, y cada vez viajaria mas profundo en el spacio de ensueño. Incluso se dibuja mapas de ese spacio que habitaba. A nosotros lo que se sentía era una analogía de apprender un idioma. Al principio el narrador no tiene mucha confianza, y no siente comodo [ ... ]

fade to winter

337 Autumnal, cardinal-numbered footnotes to quotidian 1st-hand accountability

The trout is no ordinary trout, but a cutthroat. It's no ordinary house, but a loghouse. & it's no ordinary guy, but a stable hand & not a bed, but an end bunk. These little details r what matters. This piece seems to have been recovered unfinished, some parts marked with notes like «(two pages missing)» or «(remainder of page mutilated.)» ... giving it that raw, unadulterated & unprocessed [ ... ]


336 Dead brothers, bird lights, comets & Roman-candled keyholes in your backyard

«Brothers who have died provide a thin vulgar layer that supports life. In the radioactive, there is energy bent in the wrong direction, and new loss. But there's a story that will steer the dead back toward us, or grant access to the dark matter between orbiting masses. Dead brothers are as common as death.» And then again: «How many dead brothers does it take to resolve mythology? [ ... ]

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