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Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

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568> Georgetown routes to run away in waning days in Trumplandia

... gearing up for our expatriation—make sure we're stocked + loaded w/ Calamari, check. Liquidate xcess (thanx to those that got chef's selection.. only a few days left for those that havent). Set up a virtual mailbox (in West Hollywood, yo), check. Order stuff hard-to-get in Rome (black beans, maseca corn flour, chapulines, canned + dried chiles, habanero seeds to plant our own, etc.)... after all, [ ... ]

567>molting our skin to the quarry, in sum

... 4450 km, not counting side trips (our odometer clocked more than 5000). 2 flats. Lots of animals, not menny ppl, just how we like hit. Endless barren + desolate landxcapes. Now in the waning dayz of 2017... dint do much travelling this year till these past 2 months, December in South Afrikaaa + Namibia + November in Rome, Buenos Aires + London. Other than dat, Mexico x2: Cuernavaca + [ ... ]

566> deriving d'ark side of South Afrikaaan landxcape to breach each itch

dilapidated truck w/ disheveled black dudes pulls up blaring loud music (cool beats whatever hit was), fat white fuck w/ buzzcut + Harley Davison shirt marches up to them + hits 'em on the shoulder + barks sumping in Afrikaaans, presumably «shut off dat jungle music» + dare was a short xchange + truck speeds off peeling rubber, redneck glaring at 'em. Everywhere we go all white clientele served [ ... ]

565>Mirror cats reading the news in Kgalagadi transfrontier

... walked around + our guide showed us how bushmen «read the newspaper»... i.e. analyze all the tracks to see who passed thru in the middle of the night, or looking at the tracks grass makes in the wind to predict weather, etc. He showed us medicinal plants which we forgot the names of (usually involved some sorta clicking noise) + we foraged on berries from the shepherd bush, which has an [ ... ]

564> Tracking Kalahari lions in red sands + leafing behind books

A little relief from thunderstorms, tho still dint amount to more then sprinkles. Lightning did knock the power out tho, wich made for a miserable nite sleeping w/ no AC or fan in stifling pitch blacknest, 'fraid to leaf the door ajar for fear of cobras, scorpions, etc. Not menny utters here, hanging mostly w/ some Kiwi cupple reminds us of Justin Theroux + Carrie Coon in The Leftovers. After they googled [ ... ]

563>Bellying up to the waterhole for cheetah exfoliation w/ rainbow lightning

Wint for an early morning walk + saw the cheetahs again, this time they rub'd up against the fence purring loud, wanting to be pet. Then for a long run... felt like Jim Carey in the Truman show, striving to find the edge of the game park, but dint reach the far fence. Chilled in front of the watering hole. Then went for the «cheetah experience»... sorta cheesey, but how else u gunna hang out w/ cheetahs? [ ... ]

562> Pan to a river's dead end into the red dunes of Namibia

... infamous for what, not sure, except that its the closest 1 to the road. Kept going to the end, paid for the jeep ride rather then risk getting stuck... but we had to stop to help dipshits in dinky cars that didn't heed the warning, our driver got out (no way we was volunteering) to help get them unstuck + continue on (despite warnings to turn back) only to get stuck again so we were delayed [ ... ]

561>Indexing our own quivering cat's cradle canyon into Namibia

«She said indexing was a thing that only the most amateurish author undertook to do for his own book.» Guess we're amateurs. Haven't had reliable Inurnet for days, a struggle just to check email, if you're lucky it downloads the header, but not the contents. Can't figger out how to download pics from our fancy SLR (w/ a telephoto lens) either, so will have to post those later. For now will just post quick [ ... ]

560> Waiting for barbarians @ the B9 southern cape of good coping mechanisms

At the base of the cliff saw a chain dangling, about 30 feet of verticul that u had to batman up... started to do it + seemed doable, but going up is 1 thing + going down another... dint know what to xpect aft'r dat (googling now seems a bit dangerous w/o ropes). Continued traversing along the base tward the tram, then saw an elephant trail w/ a cuntinuous stream of folks coming up, Germanic bro [ ... ]

559>Buckskin Cocaine + Sisyphus Stones: begins again the renunciation against colonization

Seamed serendicilous cuz as we resently pointed out, Sisyphus is rumored to be Ulysses's true dad + in the book we's writing next (as Anon I'mus) we're calling Chaulky = Ulysses + dare father = Sisyphus. Da book on hold cuz we compiled a cassette + hour anticipating our next move witch might uproot us, sum folks kin ride like dat, bud we need to be sumwhat groundid b4 we kin wrap our head [ ... ]

558> Herding th unheard silence ahead of The Raft's wake: logarithmic confessions of a 4-track mind

[...] the idea of recording, of laying tracks on tape, really struck a chord w/ us, as the sayin' gose. Hit became an obsession, an x-cape (from + @ the xpense of our studies, in math + sighents)... away of chronicling, jus like what we do now w/ writing + in regards to publishing u cd say we cut our teeth on cassettes... no, we dint use tape as dental floss fool, bud the whole DiY sensibilly-t of hit [ ... ]

557>3 nights of serious listening amp'd @ 11, rushing judgment to no-decision to kill ♂ heros

... not a far cry from scientology if u aks us, wanna-be mystic men's club crap cant quiet put hour finger on hit dat bothers us bout such books bud rather than articulate in concise glish wad rubbed us wrongly bout Gurdjieff ± Daumal wheel tock mo' generule (in offshooting pata/dada style) bout concepts of judgment + decision making, weather we be tocking bout manly authors ± musicians ± athletes [ ... ]

556> Plush/safe he think, hulled up in a sports dome of consumer fascism til Kingdom Come

... the Kingdome-ish mega-mall complex where a madman opens fire into a crowd w/ a machine gun... reminiscent yes of Vegas, Brexit + Westgate (∀ll of wich came later) but also channeling the superdomed squalor of Katrina dat came b4... a malaise of passive apathy fueled by patriotism + ignorants dat inevitably brims ova into teaming k-OS + anarkey father fueled by fascist sports + hooligan [ ... ]

555> Don't look now, butt equine conspiracy of 5 senses in the Twilight Zone (Greenwich time)

... Hitchcock never even alludes to a reason for the bird's behavior, whereas Du Maurier reveals far more ominous + brooding undertones in the text—«... how many million years of memory were stored in those little brains, behind the stabbing beaks, the piercing eyes, now giving them this instinct to destroy mankind with all the deft precision of machines.» Bring it on! Weed be happy to give el moon- [ ... ]

554> Manifesto of neglected solar script w/ cryptic decrepit crypts + antiquated luxury

... in facto Xul Solar painted the Aleph + makes a cameo in a Borges cuento or 2... + quizas influenzed sum of Borges' signature motifs that reoccur in most of these 20 or so stories—infinity, labyrinths + the granularity of holographic microcosms—«Homer compuso la Odisea; postulado un plazo infinito, con infinitas circunstancias y cambios, lo impossible es no componer, siquiera una vez, [ ... ]

553> how the present belongs to Anon I'mus, riding w/ Mao II in a car missing a door thru Silvery, Good Air

thru immigration, customs, taxi line, throngs of teenage girls screaming when we exit, mistaken us for some 1 famoso. The celebrity appears + mayhem breaks loose, a moving, hectic mass of paparazzi + girls gritando, in the middle of it can see just bodyguards, red in the face, yelling, covering the celebrity, the chicas that caught a glimpse break out in tears, our entertainment in the taxi queue [ ... ]

552> Launching a Roman raft on the Columbia, still in the Zone composting intelligence on the fly

1 thing nwavo we discovered (back to speaking now in the vox of Anon I'mus) is this Roman tradition of "talking statues" (Pasquino shown above), sumthing our patron Cal, nor Rem+Rom never knew about in them years living qui. They'd seen these, ma non sapevano cosa erano—statues w/ pieces of paper stuck to them (anonymous folk used to stick 'em right on the pedestal, now they put up [ ... ]

551> Zoning out in Rome-antic decay-dance

... further back to Roman times, after a while u zone out + let your mind go + not try to comprehend, just let your eyes float cross the words, maybe why the title is Zone... next morning just so happened Cal arrived an hour after his bedder-½ (coming from Nepal), so she waited, reunited, it's been a year or so since last they were in Rome, but before even leaving the airport they were shocked [ ... ]

550> Bunny-hopping sewerside 'twixt mussel + spade to absurd myths of Sisyphus + bongo sunsets

Rumor is dat Sisyphus is actually the father of Odysseus, not Laërtes... @ least a'cording to non-Homeric scuttlebutt Sisyphus knocked up Anticlea, Odysseus's mum, raped her to git even w/ her pop, Autolycus, cuz he rustled Sisyphus's oxen or sum such shit (he cot the culprit by inscribing SS on th inner-hoofs of his cattle... sorta like Jack in Chinatown knocking out the taillight of dat car to trail hit [ ... ]

549> Th Brooklyn book diaries

... nada nwavo to riport, same as previus yrs xcept mo' face-painting-4-kid type of non-lit shit, self-help authors manning booths giving out free books, panels of Oprah-approved "writers" sittin' smug w/ legs crossed in front of bored folks fanning themselves... only ½ a dozen truly small literary presses left. Bud got to hang w/ ol friends, shared a table w/ Black Sun, ∫um of th usual suspects stop'd [ ... ]

548> sobre GTO when i'm rushin' on my run + i guess dat i just dont no

when last Cal was in GTO (c. 1995) las callejoneadas era a spontaneous thang where ppl (typickly borracho) wd follow these street musicians dress'd in weird renaissance getups as they serenaded unsuspecting casas. Now u gots to buy tickets, in ∫um lame organized tour. Only time u paid bfor was if u hired callejoneadas to serenade, say, yo novia. Every1 wd gather neath her ventana + surprise! [ ... ]

547> Guanajuato underground: vampire zombees, loculized cryptography + Lazarillo de Tormes

La ultima vez que estamos en Guanajuato we was inspired to write a vampire story set in GTO... parece buen lugar por vampiros (zombess tom bien) cuz yous able to travel around subtierranean w/ scarce seeing scant lite of day. Guess GTO used to have flooding problemas, so they bilt these tunnels cum storm drains for th river to go under, but then construyeron un dam + dint need th [ ... ]

546> Elements + Phyllotaxis: cunvergent whorl-wind trips graduating past ports in 3° person to 1990

How kin a 12-yr orefan git so mush dirt on these White boyz? Well see, they gave us unfetterd axess to dare journels + whatnot, dats how. Cal A. Mari also debrief'd us + gave us a style guide dat we spose to ad-hear 2, bud we figurin' shit out still so slip us ∫um slack, ok? De todos modos, it wuz sort uv a hack fesis for th math dept, mo' crunchy (as in granola) than number-crunchin'... souprized [ ... ]

545> Starfisheye, The Loser, monkey-chanting + why we stopped playin' 2nd fiddle

But yes, simalurely escapist + addictive. As was music. We was so obsessed w/ music that sum days we'd wake up + start laying tracks + forget to eat breakfast, lunch, not exercise, not shower, etc. + these was more likely to be dayz when we was sposed to be studyin'. Just like in our climbing dayz, we'd often find ourselves clingin' to the side of a cliff when we was sposed to be taking a mid-term [ ... ]

544> Autobiopsychogeographical landmarks of holographic earthquakes (California/Baja, 1989)

Yah, we was 1 of them civilians that was a "hindrance to operations"... we wasn't frantic tho, we dint personally know the trapped/dead girl, but was just trying to be of help to our friend. And when it came to being arrested, we politely declined [...] Our friend got arrested tho. The other weird thing we remember is how many ppl decided to get shit-faced drunk to cope w/ the situation, it was surreal. [ ... ]

543> Whorl, e + fractalian flicker noise (SC/Bay Area, Q2 1989)

[...] pulsing a pressure wave in the air... causes a "sound" wave that hits eardrum, hammer transmits to the anvil, then stirrup which vibrates millions of little hairs that convert this back to an electrical signal corresponding to that frequency, w/ amplitude, transmitted thru auditory nerves, across synapses firing in succession, to yield what we hear as sound... and then to make "music" of it? [ ... ]

542> Camper lot + cassette culture in the sunblind dayz of Ethereal Aether (Santa Cruz, Q1 1989)

Not only is the book a compilation of reviews (in the spirit of Lester Bangs or Camden Joy) of fictitious albums by fictitious bands, but it comes w/ a cassette of music, of the tracks reviewed (in a brilliant reversal of logic, he got indie bands he liked to contribute songs to fit the reviews). Some genius shit that will probly fall on deaf ears cuz who the fuck's got a cassette player in this day + age? [ ... ]

541> Frankincense hurricaned in the bush of ghosts (Santa Cruz + Central America, 1988)

The kangaroo spoke to me and said she had a tracking device, that there was a male roo 6 miles away and she could tell when he was coming [haha, we predicted Grindr (at least for kangaroos) back in the 80s!]. Then we were at the house of a dead man. He had a cage out back with all kinds of monkeys. We went in and the monkeys were jumping all over us and I began to climb around and found [ ... ]

540> Rebirthing a proxy urchin in the boony flatlands of Santa Cruz, 1987

[...] a no-brainer... the only solution was to actually have the procedure done, that's the only way u can write about it w/ legitimacy. I explained my fear of doctors + surgeries, how i'd rather die before being cut open + operated on. That even a blood transfusion (my brother’s blood into my body) wouldn’t work cuz i was deathly afraid of needles. So s/he said s/he wd do it, "no problema." [ ... ]

539> Zoologic in my luggage: foiled swindles + a turtle caper codex (comp book from Mexico 1986)

Once we were on, they didn't hesitate to pull the old "drop the coin on the floor and ask you to pick it up" trick, but i just ignored them. Then they squeezed between me & S (the bus was crowded) but i had S's purse so wasn't so worried. I pushed my way back to S and told her they were trying to pick-pocket us. By this point they had given up on being subtle and rifling through my back pockets, [ ... ]

538> Indulge us w/ textiloma: purging to reinhabit Palo Alto, 1986

So the 3rd time this happened i asked if anyone bothered to open their eyes underwater. I opened mine + what we had bumped into looked like a dead shark. I started swimming into the open ocean + my FBI colleagues shrugged, then followed suit. I looked back + there was a bunch of whales headed right for them, but the whales all had big comical grins on their faces. Then it was like [ ... ]

537> Unkel Fester's idol-killing family album from the Bay Area down to Panama 1984-85

As we drove along the lake, I kept asking questions like “what lake are we in” and the captain acted really impatient with me like I was ignorant and didn’t like my questions. We were in Lake Nicaragua and the snow-capped mountain in the background was Mt. Kilimanjaro. I asked how far the mountain was. The captain told me to shut up. It wasn’t cold although there were patches of snow on the [ ... ]

536> Purging ego while bridging the archival gap: 1980-83 south of the border to Pebble Beach

[...] we got movies/music etc. a year or two after they came out in the states. Disco was still popular (Axixic even had a discoteque) + the "popey" girls wore tight Jordache jeans + all the popey boys wanted to do was pick fights, especially with gringos. But I did have a friend from Philly that spent summers in Axixic + I think it was around this time he turned me on to punk music + skateboarding. [ ... ]

535> Wake up + smell th copy: fakers, journihilism + name reclamation (I am Anon I'm Us)

No, I'm Anon I'm Us. These literary fakers are just a subset of the ever-pervasive new wave of cheaters overrunning modern society, all the way to the top, to POTUS. A.K.A. not my president. Every field or line of work has become a steroid-pumped sport. The game now, across all sectors, is all about how to buck the system + not get caught. Again, all fueled by greed + notoriety. Even scientists [ ... ]

534> Great misanthropic r'n'r w/ th Joneses (gnomes + animals in theory)

... write whatever you want and then send it out on the wires. Make it up. Whatever you write will be true.» When aksed for a statement on his present whereabouts he also says «wherever you want me to be.» Then when aksed why NYC of ∀ll places (he has other reclusive hideouts to disappear to) Bucky says: «You know where you are in New York. [...] This fact is enescapable. In other places [ ... ]

533> A Raft Manifest lexicon + primer 4 th perplex'd x-panting westword in2 Huck Finnegans wake

Whee ya stated plenty how Huckleberry Finn + Finnegans Wake influenzed A Raft Manifest, but th landgauge also tips a hat to Uncle Remus, Yogi Berra (+ Yogi Bear, nod to menshun Huckleberry Hound) + dat Dogberry charactor in Much Ado About Nothing .. ∀ll 2 say A Raft Manifest = a 233-pg narriverative slipstream of conchus eggcorns + malaprop'd non-seaquitrs .. gits to th point where [ ... ]

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