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521> a coyotl laid out in b-bomb-o genesis B-to-E-Timor

.. bin slacking here on 5cense, focusing mo on A Raft Manifest, hoping to git a lot done in next 2 weeks if not finish by end of April @ least close cuz come May who knows if wheel have axess to our mothership of a computer th 1 w/ InDesign + monitor plenty big we kin see waht we doing, did we mention we going blind? probly caused by ∀ll this tedious riding of unreadable texts. [ ... ]

520 > from cow-horn'd Wolfgang Motes-art to hero-twin monkey scribes

.. hodge-podge of histerical stuff from Aztec to colonial tempo inklooting dogumeats x-lated from Aztec pictographs int' spañole .. not crowdid con turistas, supongo que s.o.s. algo .. + Emiliano Zapata hails from these parts .... we let ourselves git lost walking round @ 1 punto thru th main mercado, quite massive + bustling .. so much product changing hands .... always awed by th enterprising [ ... ]

519> th hysteria of missing dents in th non-state of bean

pitchers dont captcha knot jus th vast x-pants but th jaydid unevenest of D-street-o Federal do to todos los terremotos + generalmente sinking cuz she got constructed on an aintshit lake/ layr upon layr/ 1 sillyinvazation sobre an udder/ bldgs leaning every witch weigh/ gaping cracks in sidewalks pushing up portions of street like 1 day el moondough will just swallow CDMX back up [ ... ]

518 > Self-oregonizing a scrapbook w/ d-tachable straps form my Karma Twin bra in just intonation

.. broken only by spending Monday nites in B-Timor (as opposed to E ± W Timor) when 1 git seperated from mothership + work off lapdog slave wich dont got latest ARM files on her so 1 do this—take a step beck (switchin' from InDesign to DreamWeaver) to chronickle ℝeel moondough influenze. Yes, th bra-strap clasp + self-pasting scrap-book found a way to embed themsleeves into my ARM. [ ... ]

517> x-communecake us a frankenmash pas, no longr on 1° name baysis allah post-awp rehab

... th parasite runs parallel to selection .. Que veut-il dire? On s'en fout .... ∀ll a meta4 4 metamorphoursis where Rom = arch rivel coming to live in a river liffey .. a nomadic monad .... wad did we revenue post-AWP? we due a rivering theory of returns @ diminished capacity ever rigressing, back-paddling d'un coup to swell foop .... in French, direction = sens .. makes sense witchever weigh [ ... ]

516 > ¶ara-parasitic cascades in loose angles d'raftin winnowing mash'd jeans of ark angels

—witch in hour paroles means (in mathmatickle jargon = median): knot n echoes @ psychogeographickle centro of Toto a sonorin deserted us snoring siñores in th age of messyedges a mist th riberth of rudderin' ruido .. «In any case, repetition is death.» .. we ride stet medium, in th median knot xing (knot a d-vider so mush as unwait'd everedge, th ½-weigh pt in set of avg'd #s .... ever in [ ... ]

515> d-rivin' ℝeins down L Camino ℝoyal to Pismo + further so SoCal

... braved thru scum + rogue waves still on th verge of pinning us against crumbling cliffs .. a cupple times dicey had to clime round on rocks .. but we basickly had Black's beach to oursleves only 1-2 utters brave/stupid enuff .. me made her th whole way w/o gitting our feet wet til th end near Scripps a rocky outcrop we coont climb over cuz too slick + then a series of big waves caught us offgaurd [ ... ]

514 > Trigger fish for Dog in x-ile sans ∃xit nor bedder-½ in Trumpifornia

.. then made pozole + tacos for a bunch of folk, again ∀ll Trump-supportin Mexikins + Indians (from New Mexico) so worry'd that our city-slicker non-piggy pozole woont pass muster, but they all wolf'd her down + sed yum .. ojalá que ponymos liberal dose of anti-dote plenty nuff to counterract Trump's mind-washing FX .. if you cant parlay sense into folk may-b u kin thru food .. [ ... ]

513> Surfacing from scratch w/ wolf teeth adrift in hidden water

We rote ∫um utter palabras then deleted them. Abra cadaver. Dont mean we dint think them. A form of journihilism. Mean 1 thing + dicebat an udder. Get my drift? Aint genetic. If so, recessive. Put 'er in a book. What else? Our bedder-½'s off in East Timor again. We wint w/her last time, but too much of a pain in th ass to git there. In sted holding down th fort guess u cd say. We go int a sort of [ ... ]

512 > ℝeelcapitchulating ∀ hypernormalized + journihlistic means to m ∃nd

∀ll comin' fool circul as we speak, th n-tired moondough hypernormalized on knees + paralyzed by th cumplexity of IT ∀ll + how such fakeness beecombs status quo, every 1 + them mudders slef-cunsoomed takin' selfies of themslæves eating + shittin + sewerside bombin'— feeding back cum ants milling INT.0 selfoolfillling profitsea + ∃nd of day no hay moss to d-say, nada 1 bean rollin' down [ ... ]

511 > Dylan, brothers Grimm + adapted folk differentiation by lo-lite chants operations

½ of wah we rode dont make a lick of ¢ense even to us riding her, for eggsample we rode «upside down on this stuckhome raft cant see wah we riding ~ ∀ll a blur, cant makes heds or tales, let alone folk or ferry tails» meanin' we rode aft'r f'act in d'ark ~ ½ a sleep, bellyfull of reindeer meat, coont reride th dadatrain we rode, dear Inurnet .. + yah, we no, hippocritickle of us to gripe about th ceremonial [ ... ]

510 > freewheelin' sin Bob Dylin in an ignobel Stockhome bar, not in th house (w/ Patti Smith in loo)

then she dint hear th 10,000 whisperin' (or @ least dint say so) tho she herd peepole laffin' + did note nobody listenin' .. + she recovered gracefully w/o stoppin' .. th look on her face so dear in hedlites, u cant fake such emoshun .. + such hardfelt vulnerability means so much from a hearten'd punk like Patti Smith .. think that probly tug'd folks heartsrings mo' then if she just sung her rite w/ confidents [ ... ]

509 > chaosmic ∆iffrents + retipitition 'tween Brussels + Stockholm dada-streaming Deleuze

«This generalisation can proceed in two ways: either a word taken in two senses ensures a resemblance or a paradoxical identity between the two senses; or a word taken in one sense exercises an attractive force on its neighbours, communicating an extraordinary gravity to them until one of the neighboring words takes up the baton and becomes in turn a centre of repetition.» [ ... ]

508 > Logrollin' qualsiasi parole attraversano X mezzogiorno on-th-fly father from verydad

Howd s/he end up here homeless in Rome? Walking to try not think pallbearers keep a'coming, one parole 1 aft'r 1 + udder dangling partisickle/wave duelity no deth sentsence no. Birds dont member us @ everee fork in rever leaps ∫umwhere else ∀ll floods int. 1 we aint lying down qway.. via marmorata dadastream «sea death»——U try t/walking in our shoes in sane time! Say no to red hiyh heel [ ... ]

507 > flâneurin' Péret's Paris on autopilot, dadastreamin' to train ourself knot to think

th Olympic committee added a new sport, in these long manmade tidepools w/ turbulent whitewater pump'd in to create chaos (perhaps induced by us watching french marine commandos swimming in Seine on purpoise blastin' bot engines to create turbulent conditions (to simulate a rescue?)). Th athletes (us inklooted) needed to swim along @ gather shrimp (dont recall shrimp, but crabs figger [ ... ]

506 > animal sorced food to feed hour datastream back ∃est w/ nails out eating our own tale

Aint no way of addressing such issues w/o coming pre-loded w/ hippocrisis + lame justivacations.. Coetzee musters his best, but still, he a nobel-prize winning academick workin w/in smug cunstraints of a hiyher learning institution rife w/ self-refurential contradiction like a snake eating his own tale .. he has his charactor say «for an instant, before my whole structure of knowledge collapses in panic, [ ... ]

505 > humptyin' ½-way ova th hill backwoods down de river of ore berth

~ we = ½-way thru? + if we datastream w/ Sissyfuss as our guide, halve we push'd th boulder to th summit + now sheell roll down th udder side? halve we dun ∀ll th dirty work + now we git to reap waht we sow? or in terms of A Raft Manifest halve we apply'd ∀ll th L-bow grease, petaling + paddling upstream ~ tackin 'gainst th wind ~ + now th segund ½ = smooth sailin? not that this aint not th [ ... ]

504 > Trompin' th Colonvia dadastream under th flag of demockerysea, in wet Dog rust

.. not just from th district of Colonvia to th Colonvia river, but city of Washington to Washington state. Dont take long till u in th backwoodsass sticks in these parts. [...] just wish we cd find huckleberrys to eat like we used to nonstop as a kid tromping these backwoods but guess they aint in season or got ∀ll eaten + doubtful th same species of huckleberry Huck derived his name from [ ... ]

503 > shaving our hairs in pre-emptiv ∃xist ragedy to sneak a peak @ the red barn

like most ∀merikins we freaking out o'er th frightning prospect of Trump b-coming next prez .. wich d'spite waht polls say we got a dread notion will happen .. mark our words .. so we planning our exit strategy cuz shit gonna git ℝeel ugly fast in ∀merika .. hopefully our exist tragedy involves goats in a fairweather place like Sicily our Mexico .. vamos a ver .. mañana quizás sea th b-ginning of th decline [ ... ]

502 > evening redness west of kingdom come can coon a feller to foller

.. legofsea of them lawless dayz when cowboys frettid o'er cattle-rustlers ± wild animals + injins .. ore greedy miner-types hoo frettid o'er udders infringing on them staked claims .. cant deny we genetickly related to such types tho we dont feel no kinship tward them + our neck dont bristle red .. as Cormac calls them, «Goldseekers. Itinerant degenerates bleeding westward like some heliotropic plague [ ... ]

501 > hating humanity from th nest of snakes in hybrid riding form Yuckytán

Cancoon just like port authority but w/ a beach .. nada @ ∀ll intresting culturally or architecturally .. just spring break party crap Hooters meets madame tussaud stip mall jank .. ℝeelly quite dipressing actually .. evereminds us that no hay esperanza for civilización as we know her .. gits us to thinking that th only hope for humanity = to annileate ourselfs to kingdom come .. to rid th planit of humens [ ... ]

500 > nodrap geb, yo! lap us racecars u pal sin stopping ∀llong Jury[sic] coast 2 post # cinq cents

.. vary us permutations by drow ± ecnetnes w/ plenty recognition u sey ya te hey .. + ~ now in tsefinaM tfaR whole passedges we a'riding drowcab .... Fool! Abuse no wolf-lad! It was I. Redo: case doctor bled names on Eve's ex-editor drawn—o, no! It never propagates. If i set a gap or prevention, onward rot ID .EXEs. Eve, nose Mandelbrot codes! A coder. I saw tidal flow: "One sub!" aloof. [ ... ]

499 > circumbobulating th cornish coast to Robert Smith's grave

.. spectacular scenery riding th rugged edge of land + sea .. th ground all spongey like tundra .. little flowers + rocks coverd w/ lichen .. grassy knolls + swooping headlands as if manicured by man but naturel .. @ times no trail u just follow wide swaths of trodden grass .. seagulls + crows + falcons watching our every move udderwise dint see much in terms of «wildlife» sides sheep + cows + roadkill [ ... ]

498 > potted meat Trump'd by th «Gödel barks as krab le Dög» loophole

.. in order 2 b-come a citizen u gots to study th U.S. constitution + in th process Gödel uncovered a loophole in her logic that cd allow for a dictator like Hitler t' take ova + turn Amerika fascist (dont take our word 4 her, google Gödel loophole 4 yo'self) .. he tole this 2 his buddy Einstein bud Einstein told him shut th fuck up homes + dont menshun this shit nun during yo citizenship test, bud Gödel [ ... ]

497 > Dr Awkward th afishinsea xpert + utter good p-poles ovalapping a fortnite in limbo

.. finding th rite spot for toto .. feeling out th feng shui ∫um times not doing nada just sitting amungst unpack'd boxes imagining our lives here + where to best situate ourselves + our possessions to maximize critter cumforts + wah knot .... + then like sissyfuss shuttling boxes around to make weigh to see wah a piece of furnichair mite look like in 1 place or anudder .. wich weigh optimizes working [ ... ]

496 > we father communeacake Wolfish posthumanjism on th eariversable way thru Tigoni to a T-field

sí, we see posthumanism as th mos viable alter-native to th e-radication of th human race from this here planit (weed totally anileate ∀ll human beings if we had our druthers!) + poshumanism in so menny weighs jives w/ our own homegrown philosophia that gits x-press'd in our ridings (concurrently in A Raft Manifest) that if u read this blog regalure-like u probly sick + tired of us ranting on about [ ... ]

495 > where we respectfully go to Gotu + follow th goat girl + her herd into Magado crater

this sets your head a'scratching just like ∀ll th cows running round India dont make a lick of sense but they got born into this here lifestyle what else them sposed todo? .. «head for higher ground» or «adapt or go home» u mite say but where/what = home? guess u cd sort of make the cumparasin w/ th wild wild west tho not as nomadic .. in sted of camels, cowboys valued their cattle ± more-so horses [ ... ]

494 > lo + b-hold we d'rive game on safari in Shaba reserve

strange beehavior when u stop to think waht aliens mite make of ∀ll this .. us humans ∀ll gawking + geeking out ova wild animals just fo sake of her .. lo + b-hold 1 of th human characteristics that gives us hope for humanity .. that naturel curiousity to eye-witness w/o killing no cat .. not to hunt or for inny utter sensable reason 'cept to just look-see fur themselves in ℝeel life .. elitist + decadent [ ... ]

493 ∫um-ollie axen dicebats chantsing «funfun kẹtẹkẹtẹ» not in cognito la isola of Isiolo

bats chattering under our eaves (¿or th gap in our corrugated tin cealing?) + bldg-shaking wind all nite follow'd by brainwashing call 2 prayr still dark now sparrows + occassional motorbike ± a donkey baying hee-haw made us ℝeeleyes (again, ∀ll this in lite of A Raft Manifest) that this hole wile we harbore code insite us that lays dormant as a doormat til xpress'd con SOÑAR using dicebats [ ... ]

492 > joyless goody tissue detourism In th House of th Interpreter

a'cording to th flyte tracker we cruzin' 11089 meters hiyh ∫umwhere over Sudan .. xing th treshold INT. th subsaharan bush of ghosts .. in ℝeel life stet blog beecombs ∀ll about landgauge .. textual evedance of hour ∃xistence in fin ∀ll hay 4 horses .. dose she ℝeel-∃ mather wah we ℝeel-∃ did ± dint do? waht lives = our landgauge ya come off our tung cum ridden text .. el contexto no significa nada [ ... ]

491 > afishinsea xperts purging, salvaging + running SE DC @ minimum loss in #'d dayz

.. like when u try to hide medesin in a ball of hamburger fo yo cat but u come back + find th meat all gone + just th pill setting there lick'd clean .. we curb'd books far mo obscure + xperimental + those got snatch'd up not sure waht ppl got against Mac Low xcept th book's got a liebury card pocket in her so may'b ppl think we stole her from th liebury? we sold our spin bike (w/ her 90-lb flywheel a bear [ ... ]

490 > sustaining unnamable nada from buck rabbit to Swans wile searching fo home @ rever pitch

.. a sheer tenacity (or insanity?) that also characterizes this here blog (or so weed like to think) .. why we keep a'wriding? .. what = th pt? .. cuz spose u dont cuntinew u due nada + then u die .. so rather than due nada, wride about nada .. nada else to wride home about in any event .. art mimicking life herself + th running of her .... «our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom [ ... ]

489 > not bathing in Bath @ th x-sexion b'twine canal + rever sans deforming ether, pa!

∀ll sorts of bohemian bote ppl living/squatting along th banks in funky flair'd out botes .. @ a few jcts we musterd to go up trails int th woods or hills but they peter'd out ether in rural cummunitys or rodes we dint feel like bushwhacking nun, thru bramble + stinging nettles .... ran into a grizzled ol geezer + his cocker spaniel who tole us if we kept a'going th canal crosses th river via an awkworduck [ ... ]

488 > Frants to UK under th mad muse of Molloy

.. even try'd a few .. put them in our mouth + suck'd on them just like Molloy (tastid salty) .. walk'd on varyus degrees of gravel .. sand > finer pebbles > proper rocks .. th sound changing w/ each txture .. lulling us along w/ th waves .... 1 time in Mexico coming down off a volcano (Citlaltépetl) we told an old man we had altitude sickness + he told us to put a stone in our armpit to alleviate th sickness [ ... ]

487 > tour de france leg III: shâteau shitshow where donkeys wear pants

.. here no 1 wants to help nor fix nuthing to make her better + they all seem miserable + inkinsiderate .. truly th lazyest + most incompetent + unpleasant ppl on this planet + weave visit'd menny a country .. «provençal» just a fancy way of saying backwoodass .... got us to thinking sum bout Amerika + what makes Amerikins so motivated + sucksessful .. probly sumpin to do w/ th puritan [ ... ]

486 > tour de france leg II: eating + château-hopping Provence to Dordogne

.. where we stayng famous for th cromagnon cave paintings oldest art known to man .. but we just cant stomach th tourist-trap rigamarole entail'd to stand in line to pay beacuoup bucks for an entry time (if u lucky) for a guided tour .. + th idea that u cuntribute to th spectacle + inevitable decay from wear + tear form all them feet passing thru to witness 1° hand .. wd rather just see that [ ... ]

485 > tour de france leg I: mucking provençal coozine + Derriding Bergson dans la culture d'baiséed

we draw th line w/ crappy crêpes (real men dont eat no sweet pancakes, even for petit déjeuner) .. + they make a big todo about présentation but th food = bland + tasteless (unless u dig having yo tung coat'd w/ buttre or goose juice or ∫um cremey sauce looking like how she'll come out th udder end .... they got these très beaux outdoor spaces pour manger but tout le monde smokes here [ ... ]

484 > ROMe > st REMo > Nice > Languedoc en train de lire Rimbaud

in partickler we member reading about Matisse + his use of blue .. inspired by th Côte d'Azur .... seafood late lunch in vieux Nice had oysters + salad Niçoise then went + watch'd Eurocup @ ∫um bar .. sat next to a pompous old Brit who voted out on Brexit .. bragging loudly about it .. other Europeans + immigrants glaring @ us .. embarrassing to sit next to him .. weird time in generule in Europe [ ... ]

483 > REMembrance of things past ROMing back to th banks of th Tiber reverb

forgot just how resigned + tragickly pessimisstic th Italian mindset beecombs (d'rived from an empire that fell 2000 anni fa) .. si può dire, «che fantastico bout th young new woman mayor Rome elected ieri (Virginia Raggi)» + dicono sempre «sì, ma ..» .. «yeah, but ..» .. or u kin comment how Italy's doing great in th Eurocup + they say «sì, ma ..» .. nulla cambia mai, Italia will lose, people promise [ ... ]

482 > th defenestration of reason + quiet, rite out th window of Mark Train landing ....

.. We have had the whole pathetic stupidity of mankind against us—their every notion of what the truth ought to be, of what the service of the truth ought to be—their every "thou shalt" was launched against us.... Our objectives, our methods, our quiet, cautious, distrustful manner—all appeared to them as absolutely discreditable and contemptible.» .. nothing has changed .. atheists still @ the bottom [ ... ]

481 >မြန်မာစကာ နေ့ ၄: freeconomics of edom in Yangon marketplaces

.. anywhere u go in Yangon @ inny time u sit in traffic for hours on end .. just not intresting .. makes us not want 2 leave th hotel much .. or for that madder travel @ all .. + then when we hear storys like what went down @ th Cincinatti zoo this week we start t' relate more to Ted Kaczynski types .. not that we's about to mail-bomb randumb peepole (tho 1 deliver'd to Trump wd make our moondough a [ ... ]

480 > မြန်မာစကာ နေ့ ၃: pagoda hopping in Bagan + drifting on th Irrawaddy

.. a yung boy dress'd as a monk sat w/ a tip jar in front of him + sum german tourists took his photo (+ didnt give him no tip) .. a poignant moment on so many levels .... then went t' Bagan airport where ppl cluster'd round th few air conditioners .... read more of Burmese Days by George Orwell .... older Burmese woman sitting next t' us aks'd if we thawt Burma wuz like in th book .. um, [ ... ]

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