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478 > silence, exile + cunning: portrait of th artist in th land of green ghosts

.. saw 2 guys grab a snake out of a puddle in th street + carry'd her along as if t' eat later .. all slimey + scaley cd barely hold on .. dropt her + she slitherd tward our feet .. they tryd t' kill her by braking th neck but aint easy t/ find th neck on a slippery snake .. u try it .... ∀ll th women have caked-on blotches of creamy paste on their cheeks making them look like that woman in Eraserhead that sings [ ... ]

477 > ∀ll b-dam'd in a db uv cascading ∆eltas + afishinsea t' let landgauge flow fluid in fin

.. t' better cuntrol th threshold tween good + evil .. may'b we making this shit up who knows .. but th punt bean (gitting back t' Prince + our underlying sholder problema) u gotta ∃ggnogledge yo demons + turn them int' ∑umpin else .. + dont beecomb ashamed uv them ± feel guilty .. leave them in peace + they wont muck u up .. dont over-indulge 1 way or th udder .. everything in #10) moderation [ ... ]

476 > Côte d'Azur '94: body-dubbling in a b-grade sci-fi skin flick (th inspiration for Marsupial)

What a spread— oysters in the shell, smoked salmon, champagne, Italian vixens, girls that looked like 15 year olds from the court of Louis the XIV, skinny heroin addicts, celebrity types. The kind of party you wouldn't be surprised if it turned into an orgy. Drugs everywhere. Felt like being in a fashion shoot, or an SNL sarcastic skit of 1, girls in black leather and furs draped over their shoulders, sleazy [ ... ]

475 > unbow'd + quarter'd b'yond th zer0 uv Frisk-0

that namesake pairabolick bow reining agin allsew th trawjectory of a missul Σum sort a holey fallus gong grnd 2 grnd but passing thru heavans sake rifracting th reign + parsing her lite int' disecrete culurs «... as Δt approaching zero, eternally approaching, the slices of time growing thinner and thinner, a succession of rooms each with walls more silver, transparent, as the pure light of the zero comes [ ... ]

474 > astro noize infiltrating our riding exorcize to Frisco

∀ll this (our riding of A Raft Manifest) = 1 big riding exorcize task'd of us by Marea who = an idealized matriarkickle queen bee figger embodyd as a marmaid/maestra (scool teachr) who every time we make a misteak in our riding she whacks our nuckles w/ a ruler 2 teach us correck granmar + how 2 spill that combined w/ our fodder who put tabasco on our tongue whenever we spoke spanish [ ... ]

473 > ser vs estar: th reziduel memewar of th hawkish variety uv branding i-urn

she divyds to be int 2 cumponents w/ a complex system a rules when 2 usar each 4 th moss part we got no bone 2 pick con estar got moss 2 do w/ location + plazing cosas o may'b we do halve a problema con esto in facto we got a problum w/ th ntire inglish landgauge th secund u scribe an idea in cunsighs landgauge u kill that idea th secret = t' slip scarce enuff tongue 2 lead th reader 2 th edge [ ... ]

472 > arkhivel taxomony of vampire $quid from hell

... starting w/ What is Posthumanism? by the series editor Cary Wolfe) hard 2 even d'scribe Vampyroteuthis Infernalis ½-fikshun ½-philosophickle rambling ½-hack sighingtific treatise 1 thing fo sure she = "about" vampyroteuthis infernalis aka the vampire squid from hell an elusiv ½-squid ½-octopus ½-alien creature that lives in th depths of our oceans we thawt purhaps Flusser made ½ this [ ... ]

471 > skan'd in still moves uv bald eagles + monochromatic bracketology

hard 2 beat th drama of ether bball ± watching th brooding eagles th past few days unaware + live + unedit'd 1 take but we know they eggsist a few clicks form our house + our bracket alreddy bust'd only a few games in we originully pick'd «smart» choices in terms of winning our «Thomas Pynchon shit» pool but then it makes watching no fun watching so just pickd underdogs we want 2 root 4 [ ... ]

470 > th MOOing onto-cartography uv Queensboro as a liebury uv machene assembridges

if he sez th medium = th message (that design arises out of necessity not by designers) then this also bolsters our argument against authorship that authors = merely a medium + th text arises out of nessycity Σumping that just needs 2 git sed dont matter who sez her + waht Bryant neglecks 2 menshun in ∀ll his x-amples uv machines w/ no purpoise not 4 th sake of innything = that biological l [ ... ]

469 > squewd art of th dark spring of a wallpaper publicher 2 milt gotham

[...] put a nick-nack we had on th rock wile we swam then figgerd she mite git swept away spose a big wave came along we aks'd a local + they dint know th hiyh wader line so we d'sided t' do an xpirement t' find out 4 ourself we look'd in th distance + a massiv 100+ ft wave approach'd we got out of th wadder + climed up th cliff t' watch her but she never seem'd t' git closer ± just slowly dissipated [ ... ]

468 > Quay/Roux bros trigonometry + kangaroo hunting perspektive as a yung potrit

we told her bout how we used th urchins as bait 2 see if we had pests + how 1 moved + she aksd waht we gonna do spose we ketch Σumping but we hadnt thawt that far a head weather weed ketch th critter + how + we startid 2 fret cuz we dint want 2 capture ± confront th critter just observe her + know she ∃xist'd then we look'd up @ th wall + th square wall w/ a window now look'd round [ ... ]

467 > th anacaustic swamp of pulpo moohair = flood ≠ river

we dint see ± feel nutting but omnipresent observers frum a distints sed dey seen a lightning volt penitrate crax in th mounden + go deep int’ th earth they also sed (over Σum sort a loudspeakr) that th chairlift had th «biggest ground» in th whorld + we want’d 2 know waht «biggest» grnd ment but no hay no 1 t’ aks sints they told us ova 1-way intercom but we figgerd «biggest» ment she cd w/stand [ ... ]

466 > th binary cunvurgence uv 4 rivers back form alterneting 2 direct (¢urrent)

this guy starts showing us around th plant + aks'd if we wantid a job + we temptid cuz uv th idea uv th plaze where 4 rivers cunverged + this mill = responsible fo pumping water t' 4 diffrent citys but we not so sure waht th job entail'd so th guy showd us stacks of wheelbarrows made of firewood (¡th same firewood collectid w/ th wheelbarrows themsevles!) + our prospectiv job = t' keep [ ... ]

465 > disecrete dreambotes riding bout riding about nada past evening shades uv gray

our shoe dangling so we leant down 2 slip her back on over our heel then th other 1 like we on a trapeze hanging by our knees upside down + coont git back uprite + felt uncumfortable so we figured it best 2 just fall so startid falling but fast like in freefall + scary so we smoothd out our trajectory gliding over these sand dunes near th beech (also th location of a previus dream w/ big crashing [ ... ]

464 > digging out afrozen rêve 2 presipitate accumulation cum vestigial folktail

these street kids wd have 2 r'move a dish every time + put in anudder full a blue lickwid that smelld of curry + they dumpd th used dishes int' a gutter where an untouchable w/ leprosy wd shovel it along w/ his bare hand-stubs th kids of corse aks'd 4 money (25 rupees) so we dug around in our pockits tryng 2 piece t'gether th rite combination of change frum these huge plastick coins w/ weird markings [ ... ]

463 > graficking an itchy maldrugada reckoning wolfville, pinche buey

... de essay pendejo dispues de leyer el articulo where he b'littles + xploits su hermana muerta k sewersided k puto opportunist > wearing a linen robe th sound of fountins our mayhorror medio carnal hanging her clothes off a wood horse un pajaro pego la ventana as we speak creiamos k staba muerto @ 1° pero dopo 10 minutos se levanto + volo via todvia hay un mancha mojado donde yacia ya la [ ... ]

462 > flâneuring la ruina de rusty surf + a bandone rebar hasta playa de los muertos

un straño tipo de spañol un breedo de cocker spaniel mongrel mix in glish w/ viral injexions ahora son las 7 en la maldrugada todovia pitch dark podemos ver las estrellas entre las palmas casi nunca podemos ver starellas en DC > ayer moss chillaxing en la playa o en el mar un poco nubioso + fredo fui esnorkeling pero era muy murky no pudo ver mas 1 metro en frente de mi nariz tambien [ ... ]

461 > no tanto lo que dice sino lo que no dice [silencio]

El calor me hizo despertar al filo de la medianoche. Y el sudor. El cuerpo de aquella mujer hecho de tierra, envuelto en costras de tierra, se desbarataba como si estuviera derritiendose en un charco de lodo. Yo me sentia nadar entre el sudor que chorreaba de ella y me falto el aire que se necesita para respirar.» > entre las lineas de texto leyemos la geografia que pasa debajo [ ... ]

460 > purging 2 recapitchulate th new yr in dub-stile sycorax

our cascading style sheets went haywire so seems she propagated th style change backwoods ¡shit hope it dont retrofit our old posts! we shd probly come up w/ a mo elegunt soln we know but 2 late now sints th b'ginning this ∀ll comes jury-riggd starting hardcoded in HTML + now Dreamweaver but we dont halve a clue how ½ this shit works) we switching 2 consolas cuz seems mos applickable we use [ ... ]

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