«About» 5¢ense—an xpository xplanation for th perplex'd

Hola! «we» = 5¢ense + «u» must come from th Inurnet? .... for those of u who need to know how this works, 5¢ense = what she b'comes .. self-defining as such ever by her bootstraps .... 5¢ense = our personal sandbox wherein we parlay about art + books + places weave traveled, often in th same breath .... as th publisher/editor b'hind Calamari Archive we often talk about projects in progress .. + as a writer + artist we often find ourselves ranting bout our thought process as we work thru sumpin .... sumtimes we «method act» here .. wherein th vox of th post mite xperiment w/ ideas/methodology .. for xample, us wriding in 1° person plural ± never using th verb «to be» .... or if we yacking on about a pertickler book th style of th post mite reflect/git influenzed by th style of that very book (in case u wandering why sumtimes things git weird round here) .. + in case u wonder why this site seems cobbled together ∀ll ½-ass backwoods, true that + we proud of her! .... we startid this b'fore bloggin software ∃xisted to facilitate such stuff so in th beginning we coded ∀ll this by hand using hack WYSIWYG editors + w/o th benefit of cascading style sheets + whatnot .... wile she mite knot look perty ± cunsistent ± ez to navigate, she reflects th piecemeal evolution of 5¢ense (fo'ever bootstrapping .. making her up as we go along) .. + personally we find shit gits mo intresting when u sorta lost ± a curtain digree of cunfusion prevails, no waht we mean? .... we do got a nifty index if u searching fo sumpin in pertickler (good luck w/ that) or u kin navigate riverse-chronologickle thru th archives .... if u visually inklined try this handy page that maps fotos to places or u can even hone in on Maphattan .. ± this site-specific readings page lists books weave red map'd to where we red them .. + shd th shit hit th fan try these 52 books we ourselves want to die re-reading on sum dessert i-land as she ∀ll goes up in flames .... we dont partake in no social networks ± blog circles .. nor does inny 1 pay us to do wah we do ('cept for th kickback on Amazon links) .... we got no alterior motivs here 'cept self-knawledge for th sake of knawledge .. landgauge for th sake of landgauge + to document our existence w/ text + imedge .... sposing 1 wants to git in touch in meatspace (th ℝeel moondough) drop us a line .. udderwise dig in ..


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