I got the galley proofs back yesterday for the pair of David Ohle novellas, Boons & The Camp, which are now available from Calamari Press. As a teaser, here's a glimpse at some of the art I made for the containing book object. There's two novellas, both exactly 49 pages, so in memory of the old school two-sided vinyl records, I decided to have each novella read on equal footing (arbitrarily + & - instead of A & B) in their own directions, upside-down to and opposing each other, meeting in the middle, so you'd flip over to read the other yarn the other way, if that makes any sense. The art probably won't make sense either unless you've read the book. Here's two online excerpts from Boons to give you the idea (though note that Duck Ladies have since morphed into Boons in the Birkensnake excerpt).

Hope this inspires any of you who haven't experienced Ohle to check out his work. The double-helixed novellas should be ripe and ready to harvest sometime in early Autumn (2009).

cover of Boons

Cover for Ohle's Boons by Derek White


cover for The Camp

cover of Ohle's The Camp by Derek White


Since the two stories meet in the middle, I created some centerfold art to reorient the confused and give a breather to fetch more tea. They collide on the same spread, so they would be upside down to and orbiting each other, but here's each piece "right" side up. As I'm posting these, I realized I forgot the 45 RPM spindle merging these across the gutter. The book version will have it.

Boons centerfold

centerfold for Boons by Derek White


The Camp centerfold

I also made these two trailers/film collages inspired by each novella, using some additional art and found objects that never made it in (including footage of Bobo the parrotlet who we birdsat for a few weeks this summer). The music in the Boons film is some sort of Siamese folk music with music/noise I overlaid. The soundtrack to The Camp is a bootleg recording I made of the Butthole Surfers back around 1984.




(c) 2009 Derek White