Sleeping on IT still: a redundant flotilla of raft deepend-ants filling Hindu coefficient gaps


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January 16, 1992 — Tucson, AZ

I was in this big house with windows (I think it was mom's) that was right on the ocean. I remembered being there before and there was a nice beach and the house was on a cliff looking down onto it. The water was 20-30 feet below. Now the ocean was coming up over the cliff, the whole shoreline had changed. The waves were crashing against the windows and there wasn’t even a storm. Kevin [Ulysses in our book] and I were playing soccer out on the ledge. He would jump down to the lower ledge and let the waves crash over him, but managed to not get swept away. He kicked the ball and it was about to go over the cliff, but I saw a red handle so jumped out and grabbed on to it, otherwise I would have died.

Then Arthur [cousin] and I were like spies checking on this abandoned house on this mountain. We saw another flashlight when we got there—teenage vandals. There was a big slope of snow so I jumped and skied (on my shoes) down it. This wasn’t very professional considering I was a spy. But it was fun. The snow turned to ashen lava and I kept going. The vandals made a quick get away on skis. I let them go.

Then Jeff and Ñandu [other brother + his wife] were there. There were 4 ski's between the 3 of us, 1 small, 2 medium + 1 large. I told them to sort them out. She took the 2 mediums.

Jan 20-21, 1992—Tucson

Kimi made me a magic mushroom milkshake but I didn’t want to drink it cuz I was about to go to sleep. But I drank it anyway but don’t remember feeling the effects cuz I was asleep.

Dreamt of fingernail clippings and gorillas. Some witch doctor was gonna do voodoo on me cuz she had my fingernail clippings.

January 24, 1992 — Tucson, AZ

I spontaneously went to NY city for two days with Mom, Kevin and Roger [cousin, the 1 who would go on to win an Oscar] on some buying trip. She had all expenses paid. We checked into this hotel room that was huge, like ½ the size of a football field and there were dozens of different beds scatted around. The bell boy was flustered trying to find which one each of us was allotted to. Roger and Kevin kept talking about the price, they couldn’t believe it was $1168 a night.

I went for a walk by myself. I was walking around and it suddenly occurred to me I was in NY [We'd never been before]. We were only gonna be there for one night. The neighborhood started turning sketchy. A taxi was coming but it just pulled up behind me and followed slowly. I was coming to a tunnel that went back to our hotel (evidently I was in Queens). There was a gang of youths at the entrance with sticks + also 4 policeman (who were actually public service workers, but armed) so I figured I was safe. As I approached, three of the youths jumped me and started hitting me with their clubs. I told them to just chill out and I would give them money in my wallet. When I opened it, I was surprised to see a $100 bill, but I don’t remember where it came from. The gang leader dug right by it and said “that’s for your taxi fare back”. He bypassed the bills and went for the small change, taking all my pennies, nickels and dimes. Then they gave me their sticks.

I started running through the tunnel in case they changed their minds. I ran up this hill and when I was on top I felt okay because I had more potential energy. The tunnel came out in this little funky neighborhood with crooked alleys. Our room was up the stairs over an arch though I didn’t remember it being like that. We were suddenly in Hawaii. Mom was saying there would be a tsunami. We went and looked and sure enough, these long short but very fast waves were approaching and getting huge and sucking the water back. I ran into the back. It felt like mom’s room. The waves crashed the windows in. We tried to open the windows for an escape. I tried to go upstairs. I looked out the window. It was like a hurricane. The house was floating around and we were being swept inward by tidal surges, then it just stopped. I realized that all this surge that came in needed to go out. So I started to swim, but sure enough, we started to get swept out very quickly. The house turned into a raft and then we were just swimming. People were grabbing on to me while I tried to swim, clutching onto my legs and arms. I told them at least let me have free arms so I could swim. More and more people latched on to us and we formed a giant flotilla. I was swimming hard but we didn’t move. Next to me was this older lesbian woman who used band-aids as a bikini top, covering her nipples like Wendy-O Williams. She was telling me that she was Italian and talking about places. Jess appeared and the woman said, “see, I can guess that she’s Italian. But she was hard to guess because she is so small.” Jess became even more petit, but even more beautiful, like a porcelain doll. Then she became this cute baby monkey.

January 27, 1992 — Tucson

Brian, Sather [friends we had in common w/ our bedder-½] and I were in a class. We had to fill out a notebook, it had to do with shading colors and folding squares, etc. Our last assignment was to find Ganesha. We had to "sleep on" this and return to where we were the day before as part of the assignment. It was in this temple/cave I dreamt about before with the chess set. [see December 4, 1991 entry] It was like the interior of a Hindu temple. I had been to this spot the day before where there was a hallway full of very deep water. At the end was a statue but you couldn’t see it too well until you went through. The sides were flanked by Yakshis and other Hindu weirdness. I didn’t think this was the Ganesha statue because it didn’t look like the description in the book. For one, the flanking statues were like 2 little Ganeshas. I got on my elbows on these ledges on either side and swung into the hallway only getting my waist and below wet. I peered my head in and sure enough it was Ganesha in majestic brilliance. I was telling Brian and Sather we had found it when I felt this warm rush down my neck and back. An ecstatic wave swept over me. A numbing tingling down my spine and I let myself fall into the water, completely relaxed.

Jan 30, 1992—Tucson
I followed this Hindu parade. I was very respectful and stayed a distance behind so as not to intrude. The rest of the dream flies away as I try to clutch it.

February 3, 1992 — Tucson

I was with this person who looking back on it must have been Jessica [our bedder-½]. I would speak and she would throw baseballs at my lips. But it was like slapstick comedy. Then it was time for a giant to sleep (still Jess). It laid on this bed and put it’s head on a special pillow that fit it’s head perfectly. Then a gate shut off at the neck and it was locked. This little “head cell” was a special meditation room and this tyrant giant didn’t want to be bothered.

Then I was a little bird. I had access to the giant’s body to get any revenge I wanted, since its head was locked into a cell. I kind of hopped around nonchalantly. I was free to leave. I hopped over to the keyhole of the lock and started peering in. Then I started pecking at the lock. The bird came out of my p.o.v. Now it looked at me saying “no, don’t do that! The giant will wake up and be pissed.” But the bird in me didn’t care. It (me) flooded the room so it could take a bath. It knew they would bug the sleeping giant and that’s why it did it, to get it's attention. I knew if I took a birdbath I would ruffle my feathers and it would spray water on the giant. Oh yah, the lock was made of Styrofoam. I (the bird) could have picked it but it would have made the giant upset.

Then Jess became 2 separate people, one I was having a conversation with. She told me about a brother she had who was in a caving accident, who fell through this crack and got paralyzed. I was shocked she was nonchalant, like “what’s the big deal?” Then I looked at her. It was just Jess with a nice smile on her face that made me happy.

February 3, 1992 — Tucson

I caught a trout in a hot tub and became friends with it. He was a happy trout and told me what it was like to live in a hot tub. I told him about a hole that existed between the hot tub and the pool and he was surprised. Though the hole was too small to fit him through. He was a mountain lion at the same time and I was wondering why he didn’t just run along the top deck to the pool. [seeded "The Myth That You Can’t Get Pregnant in Hot Tubs" in Poste Restante, accompanying image:

Poste F. The Myth Returned as “Undeliverable”

February 19, 1992 — Tucson

I kept going in this cave with Jess. We went room to room (actually it was a castle). We were lighting all the rooms on fire (actually she was the instigator). I was casually trying to stop her. We lit all the rooms on fire and kept going until we were in the watchtower. When I woke up it was flooding + wet w/ hot water.

I went into the cave another time with Eric [cousin], it was his 1st time. so I had to show him around. the 1st room on the right was Susanna’s [x] bed room. “I” (outside of my body) was telling him how I got trapped in there once, ten million tons of bricks fell on me but somehow I didn’t get squished.

Then it was like virtual reality. I was in this user-interactive video game. People were telling me to throw a dagger at this dude, or gas this dude or whatever and I kept going just running around this dungeon.

February 20, 1992 — Tucson

I went to visit Jeff and Ñandu in Argentina. Somebody was with me, I think it was David [older brother]. Jeff was working at a restaurant. David got sidetracked with someone at the door. I figured I’d go in and surprise Jeff. I was wearing a funny black and white suit and a miners helmet. I tried to hide my face but he recognized me right away. He wasn’t that surprised to see me. He just patted my shoulder and said “hi”. I realized it wasn’t really Jeff, but was some Argentinean guy. Jeff was off to the side. Suddenly there was a lot of commotion. I realized the reason Jeff wasn’t too excited to see me was because Ñandu was about to have another baby. She was totally in labor and everybody was around. Then the phone rang. It was for Ñandu. They made her announce that she was accepting full responsibility for disrupting the child birth. She did. It was her gynecologist, some Swedish woman with a thick accent who was apologizing for being on vacation and not being there to deliver the baby.

March 12, 1992 — Tucson

I was at this party with a bunch of gangs and they were engaging in mock fights. 2 groups of 4 or 5 would slap each other with cardboard panels until the losing team gave up. Some guy was asking me how the derivative of a function could apply to fighting. I had to think about this a bit and tried to give a rational answer. The fight ended and the winning team was like “who’s next?”

Each team had members from 1 gang. It was a good sport. There was no way I would fight and besides, my ankle was twisted. Brian’s team volunteered. Brian walked up to the other team and introduced himself, “whasssuppp?” He was very drunk. The other team just kind of stared at him but didn’t say anything. though it was obvious they weren’t going to play fight against him. He got worse. I was trying to figure out how he got so drunk. He was sitting behind me and it appeared like he hadn’t had anything to drink.

Before this I was on a school bus with Mark and someone who I think was Brian. The teacher was trying to give a lecture but no one was listening. Brian was blasting heavy metal tunes. I felt sorry for the teacher so I went up front to see what she was saying but didn’t understand her. There were 4 high school or Jr. high students next to and behind me. One of them leaned over the seat and started making all sorts of comments. “Don’t you like when girls wear bras?” I answered yes then realized in this context it was innapopriate, so I was trying to explain myself. Then she was grabbing her breasts (they were small and firm like Jess’s and she was wearing a blue polka dot sun dress) and saying “do you like my breasts?” I was really embarrassed. So I looked out the window. We were driving by this intense volcano in Bali. It was immense and covered with vivid colors. We were driving very close to it. I said, “wow, look at that volcano” (addressing the teeny bops) and saying “orange is for magnesium, the red is for iron, the white is for silica, … at this point the school bus turned into this party with mock gang fights and Brian was up there ready to fight but he was wasted. He was on his knees and looked like he was about to throw up. I thought he looked really cool, his hair was bright red and disheveled like Johnny Rotten. I got a camera out (I don’t know whose but it had a big telescopic lens and was automatic). At this point Mark was doing this illusion where he would breath fire and smoke at Brian (who was oblivious). Mark would open his mouth and an immense flame would burst forth. It made a great shot. They slowly faded back in perspective until Mark was down below in this town standing at a versateller and Brian was up on a hill to my right in a university. Mark was shooting a flamethrower. Then he shot off a bazooka. We saw this from a distance. The versateller machine blew up, then the university building. with a huge trail of smoke and fire in between.

I snapped a picture and ran forward taking more, thinking how much they would be worth to the newspapers. The backdrop to all these pictures, above the fading trail of fire and smoke, was a small chapel on a volcano and I was thinking how it added to the effect. I was seeing things in a succession of snapshots. Chawn [office-mate + climbing partner] and Jess Sather were behind me. Chawn said “what are you taking, pictures? Those are my friends that just died.” And it occurred to me what had just happened. I was in shock and burst into tears. So was Sather so I gave her a big hug. I held out my arm for Chawn but he didn’t want a hug. I remember tasting Sather’s salty tears and that I had just lost my only friends. Chawn said “I’ve got to go Eegees then go home, do you want a ride?” We had gotten a ride there with Mark and Brian. I started thinking how we could get Mark's keys. Would the police believe me if I said “we need to get the keys out of his pocket” then I was thinking how this was all very traumatic and would give me something to write about in my journal. [this dream got turned into "Field Trip to an Emergent Volcano" in Poste Restante, w/ the correosponding imedge:]

Poste Q. Fijian Field Data

March 26, 1992 — Los Angeles

I was in a restaurant in Palo Alto and we were right under the infamous palo alto or “tall stick”. These two guys were climbing the tree with ropes. They had the rope draped over the next branch up. I pulled the loose end. I didn’t know that it was the same rope they were using to climb the tree. It pulled from the branch but one of the workers caught the end. I was embarrassed and apologized. They ended up throwing it back up and they climbed the Palo Alto.

April 6, 1992 — Tucson

I was driving in my old mustang through a large city. I took a wrong turn and ended up in a parking lot at Safeway. There were a bunch of people and they were all hippie flower children walking with their groceries. There were plywood lockers that you could rent out. The car in front of me was stopping to unload. I was listening to an old mixed tape I made for someone. It had a song of mine that sounded like The Cure, “Yesterday I got so cold I felt like I could die,” then it went into a Blondie song. These girls were commenting on my great choice of music. I told them it was an old tape, I was only listening to it for nostalgic purposes.

I fast-forwarded and got to a Johnny Cash song which they also thought was cool. I moved my car around, they told me to go right to get back on the freeway but I went left. I went to this intersection to make a left but you couldn’t wait in the intersection. I put in the clutch to go in reverse but my right foot got tangled behind my left and I started rolling forward into traffic. Finally I just let the clutch out all the way without gas and I went backwards. It was a hectic intersection. People were selling cigarette singles. Someone like Sather wanted me to get her one but it was too chaotic. My car was sliding sideways and getting in the way. Then I was on a bike. I darted across. Someone in an oncoming car said, “I’ve hit a bike before going 100 MPH, it was like hitting an airplane. It was nothing.” I stopped at this shop (in the Haight). I had been here earlier in the dream, back to the unsafe plywood lockers at Safeway, and this store was the same store but different merchandise. Now they had leather merchandise, hippy leather purses like the one mom used to wear. I wanted to get her one. They had statues of Jack-o-lanterns holders from the Wizard of Oz. I commented to the sales rep that the Jack-o-lantern holders give their bellies to the ones they serve (their bellies pointed out), "just like Krishna" I said, "except he was blue".

April 23, 1992 — Tucson

I went into this old apartment complex where there was a room I had just moved out of. I was with Mom and she was looking for something (I forget what). I still had some junk at this old apartment so I was looking through it. She was being really wishy-washy about how to pay this bill but decided she wasn’t going to pay it so we were leaving and then she’s all "Oh yah, I’m gonna pay" and tells me to "run it in". I licked a dollar bill and fixed it to the bill and handed it to the lady at the counter. Then mom calls me on a phone and says she went to the teller and found out it was her card that was being screwed. Meanwhile there’s some sort of call waiting thing and I know it is not mine and mom is about to hang up because she is at a payphone. She was really annoying me.

May 18, 1992 — Tucson

I had sex with Sather. It wasn’t happening at all, no chemistry whatsoever. It was very awkward. I was feeling her body and she was just staring at me in a strange way. Then we were lounging on a yoga mat on the floor, naked, the door was partly open, the neighbors could see. She was all, "let’s take a nap," but I didn’t feel like it. I got up and went to this party with Jesus and Sean who I ran into at the physics building. Had a few beers then I ran into Sather. She looked at me in the eye and asked me if this meant we would have sex this summer. I said no and she looked at me all rejected. So I was all, "I’m not sure, I’m confused. I don’t want to ruin our friendship." I went off and got a bottle of tequila and little shot glasses and lemon juice and was pouring little drinks. I went into this theatre and Sather was in the front seat, I went and sat next to her. Jesus and Sean were a little behind us. I had an extra shot glass for her and she took it and started pouring herself a drink. By this time I had drunk most of the bottle. I told her to wait til the lights went out. We waited. I fell asleep and woke up and Jess was shaking me, “Derek, Derek, you better just go home”. I looked over my shoulder and there was a cop shining a flashlight on his badge. But he wasn’t saying anything. I couldn’t get up. I kept looking over and he was still standing there. Finally I stood up. Two cops escorted me up the aisle and another came along and pretending to fall, mocking me, then pretended like he was gonna beat me up. I was going to joke and say “Yah, you’d probably do it for real if I was black” but they were all minorities. The 3 cops completely searched me in the theatre, the sergeant took my glass and wiped my shorts in a really arrogant way then told me that I had to walk around the movie theatre 7 times and I asked him if I could come back in after that and he said “no, go home”.

So he escorted me out. Then we were at the top of this ski run on an artificial ramp. Everyone had skis except me but I was skiing on my boots in the powder, faster than they were going. I waited at the bottom but they just passed me and ignored me so I said “oh well” and started skiing cross country around the building. I had 2 sets of poles and skis. I went by the back exit and was wondering what Sather would think when she saw me pass by 7 times. I got to the top of the ramp and was psyched to ski down. I went rally fast flying over the moguls but was at the bottom in about 3 turns and flew into a big crowd of beginners and dropped my poles. [correosponds to "Dragging a Cat Downhill: A Lesson in 'Action at a Distance'" in Poste Restante]

Exhibit I. Charm Coefficient Gap (imedge correosponding to above)

June 12, 1992 — Tucson

I was walking through riverbeds and finding crawdads. I was surprised, thinking these had gone extinct. Then there was a lot of them, more than when I was a kid. I wanted to pick one up out of the water and show it to someone, but I was afraid of getting pinched. We climbed up this thing and there was these kayakers coming down the river. They blocked up this gate and the water started rising. It gushed out underneath and was spectacular and pleasurable for some reason. Then it backed up to the rim and gushed over and was even more so exciting. [this part seeded "Even Crawdads Once were Bedwetters" in Poste Restante, w/ correosponding imedge:]

Exhibit M. Pneumatic Crawdad Pincer Valve

Then I was taking Sara [our car, a '66 VW bug] into the shop. I saw some guys in a group saying, “look, what kind of car is that?” and sensed they were up to foul play. Sure enough, they shut the gates locking all the customers in and pulling out automatic weapons. I put my hands up and did what they said. They lined us all up in a row and started going down the line. They seemed to be checking IDs and finding out how rich people were and how much money they could afford to take. I wasn’t afraid. Actually, they started talking to me after a while and one of the guys in line started running and they asked me to stop him. By the time they got to me they said they had enough and that I didn’t have to worry.

Lee Watson [sketchy friend of our mom's] woke me up at 7 am she had all the goods and would drop them off at some place in South Tucson, and I was to come up with $400, and she would drive me there. [This might of happened in real life but got logged accidentally as a "dream".]

July 14, 1993 — Tucson [only entry from 1993... not a very productive year dream-wise]

I was with Chawn and there was this big steel container that was bursting at the seams like a pressure cooker. I backed away from it, then it exploded. Chawn was right next to it but didn't really get hurt, said he got his hearing back in his right ear at least. My ears were bleeding.

[1994 – 1995 dream log]

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