Happy campers eating Marion berry washed ova by n Abortion of loving grace


4 Aug | Portland, OR> After our usual run/walk in Forest Park we read Abortion, cuz, well, Richard Brautigan is from these parts + the subtitle to this blog = "∀ll washed ova by mashines of loving grace" (tho more in honor of Adam Curtis than Brautigan). We was looking for a book of his we ain't red yet but weren't much Ls b-sides Abortion. Seams there ain't many of his originul poetry chapbooks available, probly cuz like us he copylefted them, saying anybody could reproduce them long as it was for free, so who's gonna bother to reprint them if it ain't for profit? (Most of his poems were reissued in The Pill versus The Springhill Mine Disaster, utterwise weed consider pudding them out gratis). Like The Lathe of Heaven, witch we red last post, The Abortion was writ in 1971. Compared to Ursula Le Guin tho, Brautigan comes off as ignorant + hickish, more of a prawduck of say the '30s or '40s, then the '60-'70s, as cumpaired to Le Guin who is way ahead of her time. Sure, this is part of Brautigan's shticky charm, but when he talks about mexicans + "negros," you realize he was more a redneck than a hippy... 'specially when he talks about women he comes off as downright creepy, hard to stomick. More from the psychoville Charles Manson camp of flower children (granted he never did like bean lumped in w/ the hippies)... spose he did come from blue-collar poverty + spent some time in the state looney bin, but his whackiness rides the fine line between genius + just randumb k-os, like he ain't totally in cuntrol. Sum 1 like Vonnegut can at times be as free-wheeling + zany, but he's always in command + there's a serious underlying message. W/ Brautigan we ain't so sure... at least as far as Abortion, we love most of his udder stuff. That said, we couldn't take our eyes off the book til the end. U get the sense you're reading unfiltered unedited pages coming strait outta the typewriter. And we did dig the main jist—a liebury for unpublished liebros by unpublished losers that remain in the liebury but not available for the publick to read (u can check in but can't check out).

5 Aug | Gold Beach, OR> A few years ago—6 actually—we got hung up on the northern section of Oregon Coast, so this time we took the 5 down just past Eugene, nodded to Prefontaine then cut over to Bandon beach, listening to this mixtape as a soundtrack to our roadtrip:

Looped thru Bandon then south along the cost to Gold Beach. Slurped sum steamed clams + ½ a dungeoness crab, witch o my brothers is o so much bedder than the blue Maryland variety. We got to Gold Beach + our room wasn't ready so we found a driftwood log to block the wind + napped in the sun to get sum vitamin D + grazed off blackberries growing wild everywhere. Then went for a run on the beach while lifting + carrying rocks + logs + working in other exorcises, then took a hot tub + ate oysters + local salmon for dinner.



Bandon Beach

6 Aug | Dunsmuir, CA> Headed south stopping hear + there in the S. H. Boardman scenic corridor to poke around tidepools + graze off seaweed + copious blackberries. Cut inland along the Smith River thru a nice patch of Redwoods then along the Klamath River where we stopped to take a dip + eat more blackberries. O, Oregon has this special type of blackberry they call a Marion Berry, which is perty funny for any 1 from D.C. Took sum desolate backroad that criss-crossed back + fro cross the border. The only settlement along the road was called Happy Camp that didn't have much except a Haida Sasquatch. Ate Mexican sumwhere near Yreka, then south thru Weed to Dunsmuir where our mudder is still kicking it. Went for a sunset hike w/ our brudder up around Castle lake to Heart lake. Took a dip then to little Castle lake + back into Dunsmuir to eat tortilla soup + sopes.





Heart Lake


7 Aug> Hiked Mt. Eddy, the highest peak in these parts, b-sides Mt. Shasta of course. Passed by 4 or 5 lakes, took a dip in 1 of them. Saw carnivorous plants + meadows full of wildflowers. Ran the last 4 miles or so, probly 10+ miles in total. Then went to Pluto's cave, a lava tube north of Mt. Shasta. Had a ½ rack of ribs at the brewery in Dunsmuir w/ sum of the colorful locals.

carnivorous plant




Mt Shasta as seen from top of Mt. Eddy


Pluto's cave

8 Aug | Lakeview> Woke up + wint thru our brother Kevin (Ulysses)' time capsule, so feeling like anon I'm us, doing re:search for "SSEY' vol II. Found sum stuff of his weed never seen before, inklooting an art/collage scrapbook + a photo album from his whirled trip, witch wood of come in handy when our patron Cal A. Mari was working on vol I of "SSEY'. Also took iron, witch used to be in our poSSESion but when we went to Africa we sent it back to our mudder for safe keeping. Also snagged the skeletal foot from this piece, minus the rock + muscles + also that log where a 3D shiva is coming out of a log + found sum of Cal/Telemachus's photos + negatives that got mixed into Ulysses time capsule + snagged a few folk arty items (clay dogs) from their mudder, Penelope. Said goodbye to her for probly the last time (tho we've said that a few times before) then wint + saw sum waterfalls out by McCloud. Then thru the Modoc lava beds, stopping at Medicine lake for a swim. Getting into high desert now, remote roads, sum dirt, no cell service so hard to tell what we was getting into. Pushed on back across the border to Lakeview where we're staying now cuz there ain't nowhere Ls to stay for a while.

Penelope's interior decoration


middle falls near McCloud


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