Nodding off to nada, ∀ll to fined the ∃xit to playshore i-land, guydid by spirel landing lights


17 Oct 2019> 30 yr anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake in Santa Cruz, where we was living at the time, tho strangely dint menshun her at all in our '89 journel... we was probly still in shock ± d-nile. Last night we wint to Treasure Island* w/ our brudder Chaulky. While we waited for the subway back (in diffrent stations, even tho we was going back to the same place—his pad in L.A.) we d-sided to run back for exorcise. But 1st we had to get out of the sprawling Disney complex... we rode sum of the rides backwords, like the Haunted House so we saw all the props from a diffrent persepetive, on the return trip, like riding a chairlift down + u can see all the ppl on the way up, on the ride, but we too cd see all the elaborately fabricated sets but sumtimes we cd see b-hind the scene d-tails of their construction cuz they weren't concerned about what we cd see from our perspective cuz most folk don't ride the rides backwoods. We maid it thru the Haunted House + a few other rides in riverse + then was just mustering to navigate the back hallwaze, sumping folks normally ain't inklined to do xcept service personnel. During all this we was trying to text Chaulky to let 'em know we was "gonna run back" but wasn't getting no service or it wd go all haywire + then he wasn't in our address book + then when we finally did find hym the entire font set of the keybored + commands on the phone was all in sum fancy curly cursive font that was impossible to read, so we couldn't even tell what we was texting + we were on these rides backwords so hard to see or do nothing b-sides clutch the phone w/ both hands so we din't drop her. We was also lugging a painting that Chaulky gave us + sum other stray stuff (that we stuffed in a pillowcase) we had to keep track of. At sum point along the way we crossed paths w/ Chaulky + aksed if he cd take the painting back for us cuz we d-sided to run back + he seamed annoyed + said no, that he had to get back to pack for the airport, witch seemed a lame xcuse but we din't push the isshoe, figgered we cd run w/ the painting balanced on our head, was up for the challenge. We wanted to see if we cd beat Chaulky, him on public transport wile we was a'running, if we cd manage to even get out of Disneyland! Finally we emurged from the complex + started to run + realized we din't have the painting. We retraced our footsteps (lugging the pillowcase like Santa Claws) trying to find the door we came out of, wich off course wouldn't be marked cuz exits usually ain't marked from the outside + it wasn't a way folks normally wd go. We opened sum doors that led to bathrooms or service areas or down stairs we din't member coming up, all leading nowhere + then we saw a kid waiting for his mom + when she emurged out of a door we aksed if she just came out of Treasure Island + she said no, that it was Honey Island. We tried to aks Disney personnel where it was but they'd guide us to the entrance to Treasure Island + we had to x-plane we needed to know where the exit was, where we came out of, wich confused them, cuz why wd inny 1 wanna know where the exit was? Then we aksed a security guard where the exit to Pleasure Island was + they said they din't have such a ride + we said, oops, Freudian slip, we meant TReasure island. It was a sprawling complex w/ lot of doorways + passedges + weird side events going on, like at 1 point we got stuck in a stampede of old mentally disabled folks running w/ beer + cheese in their hands, sum sorta race they was halving + we happened to be rite in the way. We was searching + searchengin but couldn't find no exit door thru wich we axidentally left the painting our brudder Chaulky gave us.
* Treasure Island was written by Robert Louis Stevenson + we both went to a shcool named after hym, maybe why we called her Treasure I-land instead of Disneyland + funny we axidentally called her PLeasure I-land, what Disney called the "paese dei balocchi" when they rewrote Pinocchio for stoopid americani, where Pinocchio gets corrupted by a lures of freedumb + fun, when really they was turning the kids into donkeys that was then forced to work in the salt mines or in the circus (see also our "Pinocchio uncensored: you can't wish upon a star motherless with pubic hair stuck in your teeth" post).

¿K moss está pasando en L moondough ℝeal? We ain't scribed hear for 2 weeks wich is dam near a record for The Daily Noose. Weave written over 60 posts this year + hit's still October, yo. Bin busy working on our new album that we leaked a song from 2 posts ago... finished vocals on 3 songs now, so 4 to go (1 instraw-mental, the 1 we posted). We figger 1x a week + wheel be done no problema by end of November, w/ a few weeks to master + get uploded to the varyus sites befor our anniversary/Xmas eve. What we really bin busy with tho is fixing up our backyard + other home improvement projects, like stringing lights down our spirel stares so we can sea in the middle of the night w/o halving to turn on the lights, sumping we seam to due a lot these dayzzz... not sleeping or layin' there mustering to doze off, sombulating round our casa en medio de la noche sin luz.

Yah, we know, the carpet's gross, that's on our list of things to do, but low down cuz it aint so EZ to put carpet on stares yo + ripping 'er up wood leave holes where them brass bars are, nod to menshun that the stares wood be slipprey w/ bear would + we might slip + break our back, so the red carpet serves a practickle purpiss. The landing lights make her feel like a runway leading down to the basement, where the coffee maker lives. Don't get light now til almost 7 so even if we wake up at a regalure time them landing lights help guide us to the moccamaster + while we wait for the coffee to brew the jim's down there next to the kitchen so we do down-dogs + sun salutations on the yogi matts + stretch our neck + sholders wich is much bedder, thx for aksing. In generule we're sleeping bedder xcept if we halve so much as 2 drinks throws us off kilter. Bin taking melatonin the last few noches witch weave bin trying now off + on bud can't vouch for results... can't d-side if the melatonin helps or makes us more groggy/dizzy. Insomnia is both a sintum + cauze of our mineareye's d-zzz. Last spring when had lots of vertigo + ringing in our ears we wasn't sleeping at all, in part cuz we was in limbo w/o our one bed, sleeping in hotels or on the couch or floor til we got our shipment + we was stressed out cuz buying a house will due dat. But even before dat more + more lately we don't sleep so well, in 2 hr inkrawmints at best w/ interludes in b-tween just layin' there. This past week or 2 (we started it in Bodymore) we've bin reading Blake Butler's Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia, witch he was kind enuff to send to us since we never got around to reading when it came out. We member him telling us about his insomnia + how he was riding a book about it + back then we scoffed + said we din't git watt the big deal was w/ insomnia, that if u can't sleep, then that's great, get up + do sumping! Just like we don't get what's the problema w/ constipation.. if u can't shit then just wait til u got 2. Well, now we get it... knot that it's a big deal for us cuz if we can't sleep we kin get up + do stuff cuz we got the luckshorey of napping during the day if we get tired. Bud sleep is good for u + fosters sueños like the 1 we startid this post with, tho sumtimes when u awake at odd hours is when u most merember yo dreams + if u sleep too well u sleep rite thru 'em + cant REMember them when u wake up. Anywaze, all sorts of good stuff in Nothing, both a personal + hystorical account fool of nifty tidbits to read at 3 a.m.... helps that Nothing glows in the dark + the streetlight outside is so dam bright we don't need to turn on any lights if we sit in the window (they say not to turn on lights cuz it throws off yo circadian rithyms), we just got to adjust the lines to line up w/ the venetian blinds.

Most of our utter daytime casalingo duties tho halve bin outside in the yard planting all sorts of stuff—a pomegrante treee, ligon, cran- + blue-berries, a red twig dogwood, Mexican feather grass, lots more ferns + horsetails + the black bamboo we already planted a few weeks ago. Oh + we stained the fence witch was quiet the chore, specially the parts where we had to balance precariously atop our 12-foot telescope ladder to get at hard to reach places (no fun w/ vertigo). The solar string of lights we originully put in our stairwell din't work cuz the cell wasn't getting enough sunlight to recharge so we put 'em outside stringing up a tree but now seams they won't automatically go on cuz them streetlights is so bright the sensors think it's still daylight. We aint reddy to show pics of the yard yet cuz we ain't thru, the last part we actually want to "landscape," that is, sculpt the land into hills + lay down gravel + rocks witch we still need to collect + we don't wanna start doing that just yet cuz it's fall + leaves are falling still witch wd be hard to rake up off gravel so we'll wait til all them leaves is thru falling. Bud wheel leaf u w/ a pic of anudder of our casalingo projects—our bedder-½ was griping about how all her necklaces keep getting tangled up + she needed a stand to hang 'em on + poking around on Inurnet we couldn't find no such a thing, at least what we had in mined, so we took a branch we pruned off our maple + painted her gold + built a base (stained w/ the same "cinder" semi-colored stain we used on the fence)... seams like there wood be a markit for such a thing... shd we make moss + put 'em up on Etsy?

necklace stand


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