Images of Yucatán 1: Islas Mujeres Revisited Post Hurricane Gilberto

Images of Yucatán 2: The Shanty Hole Boxes of Holbox

Images of Yucatán 3: Beachcombing for the Origin

Images of Yucatán 4: Swimming with Whale Sharks

Images of Yucatán 5: Onward to Mérida (a.k.a. Ti'ho)

Images of Yucatán 6: Moldy Architextures of the Off-White City 

It seems going to Mexico in August is becoming somewhat of an annual pilgrimage (entry from last summer). Maybe because it's the only place you can get a cheap plane ticket these days. This time we concentrated on the Yucatán peninsula. We flew into Cancún but got away from there as quick as possible, to Isla Mujeres (so called because evidently that's where the pirates stowed their booty).

fishing boats on the way to Isla Mujeres

The last time I was on Isla Mujeres was during Hurricane Gilbert back in 1988. At the time it was the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, but Wilma surpassed it last year. At the time, I also used to write bad poetry set to music inspired by such things

As we approached the island, the ferry that had originally stranded me on Isla Mujeres was still there.

Isla Mujeres ferry wrecked by hurricane Gilbert

Near the wrecked ferry was another boat stranded from Wilma. It was also near where they took people snorkeling, an activity I would not recommend on Isla Mujeres unless you like being corralled into a clusterfuck of life-vested (mandatory) and flailing tourists.

"snorkeling," or in fear of drowning in mass disney hysteria

I did manage to catch a nursing shark and wrangle it to the surface for a better look. Call me a cowboy.

chasing a (toothless) shark off Isla Mujeres

Their skin feels like sandpaper on top and is soft as a baby's bottom on the underbelly, with eyes the size of BBs.

hugging a shark

But this was nothing in light of what was to come on Isla Holbox.

But first, here's some other things we observed on Isla Mujeres. 

fire coral

brittle star

Mujeres mutts: instant friends for life

handsome cat enjoying the cool night on top of pukas

battened hatches

tequila sunset

new structures emerging from the old

swim nude radar danger texture

taking a dip back on the mainland

Admittedly, the waters of the Cancún strip (no better than Vegas on the water) are a milkier turquoise and wavier, but these are the consequences of dipping ...

the wrath of stray jellyfish tentacles