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709> P.S. Epilogged Epipath in Σum after Tellus' Broth of Her Man-OS while posting the pre-script in recovery
+ now (output-wise) we're starting a draft of the last episode #12 + since it ends by us "recovering" the text artifact ether by weigh of operation or on an expedition to retrieve it from the Bw/Ody of our brother Ulysses from when he set out on a 1-way mission in 1997 to climb the same peak our father Sisyphus died trying to scale in 1982 figgered weed mock up what the text artifact might look [ ... ]

708> The myth of Sisyphus humping the Oregon trail thru rock creek to Alaska, DC
... we was born there, spent our 1st decade more ore less there, our home state u cd ssey. An other intresting fact is dat the originul Oregon Ave in DC used to be Swann St (they changed the name in 1938), so the 1st home we one is on x-Oregon Ave. We looted a few booxes along the weigh + like Sisyphus we humped more rocks from Rock Creek to take home + put in the back of our backyard. [ ... ]

707> Last throes of the white towel into the sewerside of black night falling past
... knot that U commit sewerside... we'll give U the benefit of the doubt. But such behaviour (shooting dope) is sewersidal, just like free-solo rock-climbing (w/o ropes) + while U contemplated sewerside in your journel's a lot, U din't leave no note, wich wd seem an out-of-charactor missed opportunity. Another reason we don't think U directly willed your deaf is cuz of the stigma it carried in your [ ... ]

706> Textiloma in 10-∃-SSEY (of 12) st/episodes wear Buckley (fooly clothed) swims in Miss Hippy
We're up to 1997 in Textiloma, going chronologically. The last week or 2 weave bin going thru Ulysses + our (Telemachus) journels. Ulysses entries start to peter out + then in August of '96 U went to rehab in Tucson + made a few entries in a hand-written diarrea wich is barely legible. We (Telemachus) switched over to a laptop by '96 so it's more or less a ⌘+C/⌘+V job (+ converting both [ ... ]

705> Re: Joyce, reJoyce! U god 9 lives of 2nd chantsses, Ulysses (as we post epi 3). Use them wisely.
... quit,... ad ∞,... an endless psychle, just like our father Sisyphus humping dat dam stone... well, obviously not endless, unlike your alter ego Prometheus (who was eviscerated by an eagle each night but woke in the mourning w/ liver back in tact) we always have the option to choose deaf by sewerside, like Sisyphus (our pop, not the mythillogical 1), who had sir'O'sis of the liver from ∀ll that C2H5OH [ ... ]

704> Biogeochem sampling our ashes to crestate a tombstone of gold-digging vs. love at the end of 1995
A conversation between yourself and your alter ego standing 600 feet up on the edge of Canyon de Chelly wanting to jump, trying to talk yourself out of it [...] All your life compressed into about 10 seconds of free fall. I'm such a loser I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to calculate in my head exactly how long the free fall would be but I get answers that are way too large. Common [ ... ]

703> Eagle threads the needle to ill-annoy + how book-X-changing leads to gentrification
... whoever thunk as simpull an act as putting a box up + giving away books could spark such rage? The above booty we'll put in our boox to mix things up, unless we haven't read it (we'll give the Jay McInerney a look). The other day sum 1 left Famished Road by Ben Okri + On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, the latter of wich we ain't red + have been meaning to check out, so thank [ ... ]

702> Entwined mise en abîme enzymed from the MST3K P-nut gallery as we post Entelechy of Telemachy
Recognize the shadowy figgers from Mystory Sighence Theatre 3000? That's us now, setting t/here rite next to Tel, piping in from the P-nut gallery as the transcryption of Ulysses' journels scroll by. A mise en abîme enzymed to denature our helix, dubble-stranding on us on dis here dessert I-land w/ Oxen of the Son, buey. If u blow up the I-ox-eyed Darwinian DNA each strand gets cumposed of an [ ... ]

701> The actual white-fanged dogberry is dead (not for sale) in a swampy 451° F
Conceptually its got intresting ideas (in pertickler the "4th wall TV" where the viewer acts out 1 part), but the writing is more pulp-trashy then literary, certainly not subtle. And at times tinged w/ racism, especially in the coda he added in 1979. Then again, it was written in 1950, so it is what it is, for the time + if we judge or censor it we succumb to the same trappings the book portends. [ ... ]

700> Black swans/white pelicans, Indecency + REMember: this is NOT a zoo or theme park
Launched chapter 2 of Textiloma, "Reinhabiting Deependsea." 2 weeks w/o a drink. Shifted north to Gainesville, at least it's a college town w/ young educated ppl. Walked La Chua trail, much as we cd.... seams the hogwah has risen so twards the end we was wading up to our shins in the swampy muck. Signs said: "Remember: This is NOT a zoo or theme park" as if folks needid reminding. Saw a few [ ... ]

699> The strip-mauled duplicate of the islandic invention of Dr. Morel under constant rigor
Casares ends the book by saying «To the person who reads this diary and then invents a machine that can assemble disjoined presences, I make this request: Find Faustine and me, let me enter the heaven of her consciousness.» We feel almost like A.B. Casares is reaching out across almost a century of time to us, tasking us w/ the aks to riverse ingenehear his liebro, to replicate his bookish machine... perhaps wheel heed his call, [ ... ]

698> 1st week on the wagon intruding into dust to doormirror bedder
... + father, at least until we finish our book. And our bedder-½'s doing it in solidarity w/ us. Wheel metaphorically go thru the 12 steps w/ them (minus all the hire god shit). Not sure our dad ever was able to quit cold-turkey, we member our stepmuther wanted him to go to A.A. but not sure ever he did. She used to dump all his alcahole out, but then discovered he was drinking his mouthwash. [ ... ]

697> Foreign Objets launched as Textiloma + projected as The Door onto a door
Wint to a movie last nite in a theatre w/ multiple screens + chairs facing every wich way so u picked a chair facing the screen u wanted to watch, all juxtaposed at skewed angles. We was there to see The Doors movie + it was being projected onto a door. The people we was with (strangers) picked a randumb seat way in back where we could barely see, especially since the door/screen was actual size. [ ... ]

696> The boox-pillaging book-bag-lady dawdling down Dial-a-where St.
Major slape whiting. Creating a new «20» folder to store post 696. As usual we slept rite thru New Years. Ate fondue + rewatched Apocalypse Now for probly the 20th time + drank our last bottle of Cava for a spell. Gunna stop drinking alcohole til 4/30/2020—our brother's 55th berthday + launch date of Textiloma. Or at least til the end of January, when the the 2nd ½ of season 6 of Bojack [ ... ]

695> I Rivers along NY ave + Carolinas w/ deckaids folding years INT.0 dayzzzzzzz in x-change for liebury boox
In fact, now we's thinking bout dissemination beyond just the district, ox... that if there was other folks out dare—"stewards" as they's called in Little Free Liebury lingo—that weed send 'em a box of books (+ tapes) to stock there book boxes/little free lieburies. Or if there's any small pressees out there ± anybody w/ excess books, tapes, etc. to donate to our liebury, you'all kin send them to us (in [ ... ]

694> Nox + chasing Chevys to connect i-cut knot in Kansas no more, to carry itself for Xmas eve
... the paper is wasted cuz it's only printed on 1 side + even then ½ the pages just have little clipping w/ a few words on it... + it's hard-cover + comes in a box so uses like 10x the resources as a regular book object + takes up a lot of space. But again, we dig the idea of it + every so often she'd say sumping, lik «u reelize u halve survived it + so must carry it, or fashion it into a thing that carries itself.» [ ... ]

693> On spatial + temporal atomicity, Kaibab death trail, lightning + being a bouncer at L7 (1992 flashback)
His eyesocket and face were caked with blood. He had little scrapes and nicks all over his body. His chest was all bloated and blueish. He seemed to have an entry point in his shoulder, his shirt was all charred and his shoe blew right off and he had a burnt sock hanging from his foot that was all singed. He smelled like burnt hair and flesh. But he was breathing and had a pulse. All he could do was moan [ ... ]

692> 59th st. sawH.O.R.S.E. sandpiling 12 mini-Boog Λ-waved Δifferentials to animate our Textiloma committment
... we dig the IDea uv fleeting tXt dat comes + ghose, dat's knot siempre stuck on a screen... u can demonstrait the self-editing prosses, animate her. B4 dis sandpiling sueño we was messing round w/ sawtooth waves on our mini-Boog, purhaps why we rêved bout a sandune in the shape uv a sawhorse? The thing about the mini-Boog (Behringer D) is dat we can't store patches so if we come [ ... ]

691> 4 du jour nihilistic raisins to live dancing en un état de rêve 2 ƒurius ƒoundscapes
if dare was anything Cal A. Mari had to be proud of was doing our part to keep Lutz's works alive + in print for the past deckaid + then hand the baton over to Tyrant to keep on carrying on cuz dam if Lutz aint a living treasure. She gave us a shoutout at 1 point wich was nice, specially in regard to the The Gotham Grammarian cuz most folks don't even no dat ∃xists. Flâneured a round y'er + the day [ ... ]

690> Re:chording fuzzy post-humun ½-verdads in kind on Memorex High Bias tapestried tapes
We's starting to wonder if we is completely schizoid biased, like w/ d-lusions of grandjure? Or whatever they say the definishun of insanity is, duing the same thing ova + ova + xpecting a diffrent result? Ore are we like dat twin brudder, planting impressions in our noggin' just so we kin live w/ our selves, so we dont godda face the ℝealidad dat we truelie suck, at least to the predominant [ ... ]

689> Humping the discourse of autovampiric humanesis to a bottomless blackfoot birdcage along Colorado
«scientific post-human is thus a posthuman divested of subjectivity and trapped in a language of scientific value, where it survives auto-vampirically»... 1 cd say el mismo bout Cecchetto, don't madder hoose navel u is gazing into, u is still trapped in a human body, buey, far from post-human. Weed rather just watch an auto-vampire moovie (dat Japanese movie Thirst (2009) comes close, in dat 69 scene [ ... ]

688> dub-L headid whirled re:chord of K9 re:creation + LL re:/cursive surf (mod 8)
... the letter Q had a pitcher of a queen + we colured in her robe w/ a green crayon + our teacher aksed why we chose green + not blue... perhaps the 1st time we tripped out on the concept of colour, how they was these discrete concepts we agreed upon, like letters. We also member how in dat «Town Carousel» they gave us cookies + kool-aid + then told us to take naps on cots laid out in a big [ ... ]

687> D-zzzily d-railed by a dreamachine/subway connecting lugares in tempo 2 hour cabeza
... typically a mash-up of plazes. Don't think ever weave dreamt of the pertickler plaze we's sleeping at the time, for dat matter these plazes ain't anywear in pertickler, bud often they's connected by a subway system dat enables us to travel seamlessly + timelessly from 1 lugar to an udder, often in diffrent time periods. The 2nd part of the song («Atun 6.6»)(u can tune a piano bud u can't tuna fish) we re- [ ... ]

686> The compittent blown-up presshore uv our dizzy d-zzz diarhea + a free Calamari liebury box to boot
... in the K-OS dat ensues the photographer ends up w/ the severed neck/head. Or how when the band of crazies appear mid-way thru the film + give hym a sign, he puts it in the back of his Rolls, like he's compliant to bean committed. + the fact dat he's a photo-grapher, riflects the vanity of trying to capture (in the name of art) .Or maybe it's just us, questioning hour one sanity, projecting [ ... ]

685> [●]'ing a quietly intents wall uv noize during loudness wars w/schizo-mineareyes d-zzz when ∀ll amps goto 11
we was mastering our album in sum control room/execution chamber, surrounded by observing sighingtists + we hit a curtain point where we [●]'d ova a spot + ∀ll the sighingtists (who'd become prison guards/executioners) stood up, ℝeelizing they'd bin duped, dat we (now a convicted felon on death row) had found a loophole in the «up for parole» [●]'ing system dat cd expand the inner walls [ ... ]

684> priming thriver meme + mastering DK-2-K-OS on freakwindsea 22/11/66
... Ms Ann Thrope will stand 4 the misanthropic replicant widow dat came 2 us in dis dream, our brudder's X dat we was obliged 2 marry 22 yrs ago under levirate law. Spose dis bee like Her (2013), witch is fitting considering Spike Jonze is a charactor in Textiloma (the director of the movie w/ in the book). De todos modos, espero que tom bien wheel regress to righting this Modern Epimetheus [ ... ]

683> Mix-taping a 5-note liner for "C:/C-Change/6-yr snow," derived from whorling ethereal aether
What genre labels don't capture is the choice of notes a band chooses in a song, witch seams vital to a "sound" if u aks us. Far as we know (not dat we profess to no diddly about musick theory) most all the songs on 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (as was most on un) are in a minor 5-note scale (usually Em or Dm) or sum other scale we ain't even shore the name uv, cuz those are the nodes we always gravitate [ ... ]

682> Standstill stage diving, raving + caving in green guts ala Voix Bulgares for experimental relativity (c. 1992)
... system will sway from one stationary maximum to another, or taking a metaphor from the ocean tides, the system will sway from one high tide to another. The system, forming the primordial element, is nothing at an instant. It requires it's whole period to manifest itself. In an analogous way, a note of music is nothing at an instant, but it also requires its whole period in which to manifest itself. [ ... ]

681> SSL htt-peephole to Penelope's ppl, "LL" + cerealized liner nodes to prosper + interact w/, dear Inurnet
... we don't need our name attached to nutting, but as a posthumun artist we want the art/information we create to ∃xist + be axssesible + ain't no bedder place to ∃xist (for the sake of prosperity + axssesability) then Inurnet, where the art can interact w/ all other art/info, in a massive collective hive. Problem is, in effect our content don't ∃xist (at least far as googel is concerned) cuz we haven't caved in [ ... ]

680> Sunny's Requiem or Sublobo 1995: Serendipity is serenity w/ a dip in it (i.e. we ain't in Kansas no more)
I'm at an immersion point where I'm no longer a tourist and there's some traits that I just have to leave behind or I'd be hindered by being judgemental or hypercritical (not to mention getting my ass kicked). Helps that I got a buzzcut, but I'm getting good at swallowing my tongue and fitting in... these rednecks have no idea what a weirdo liberal I really am. So really I guess having my brother [ ... ]

679> God ain't dead, it just never lived, or ∃xisted as landlords w/ ∀ll dead souls (the greatest trick ever pulled)
... was convincing the world he didn't exist," witch googling now has been used sample a # of times, most notably by Ghostface Killah, but nun = the songs we're thinking of [...] this is more of a late 90s/early 00s drums + bass affair. We can't shazam it nether... ironically no record of it ∃xists xcept on our computer! Who's the devil now? Convincing L mundo we don't ∃xist. If any1 gots an IDea who [ ... ]

678> Sissyfussing 7 purrfect 10 sonic sculptures down-climbing a virgin ½-pipe w/ our granny cart
... a heavier expression of this addickshin jean. It's hard to say "we wish we was never born" (+ it don't mean we're sewersidal), butt an abortion wd of bean a bedder choice for the grater good of el mundo. Butt wile we're hear hay guess we shd make the best of hit + do our pard to diminish this humun need to keep begetting genetickly by fostering posthuman memetic propagation thru art [ ... ]

677> The V-dubbed grizzzly smell of play-doh triggering a dizzying disorder of clanging consecution
... a poet rhyming ain't evidents of mentoll illness, butt "disorganized speech that impedes the patient's ability to communicate is a disorder in itself, often seen in schizophrenia." So guess the quesstshun is, deer diarrea, doze she m-pede our abillydad to commune-acake? Hit ain't a disorder if u embrace her. B-sides, we god the luckshorey of bean able to bee coo-coo, callus a funkshunall nut- [ ... ]

676> Holloring why O Y O-ming on the x-callbox w/ no FX in the micro-cosmic mise en abîme of DC
... to git stuff like a pillow for our bedder-½ + parlay w/ the vacuum rep cuz the cheap-ass Hikeren we bot 6 messes ago already broke + when we emailed dare customer support (sum randumb Hotmail acct), we god a response from a personal gmail acct, ½ in shyknees, dat amongst other unintelligible things said “it's normal that the machine automatically stops working when you are using.” [ ... ]

675> Nodding off to nada, ∀ll to fined the ∃xit to playshore i-land, guydid by spirel landing lights
... we aksed a security guard where the exit to Pleasure Island was + they said they din't have such a ride + we said, oops, Freudian slip, we meant TReasure island. It was a sprawling complex w/ lot of doorways + passedges + weird side events going on, like at 1 point we got stuck in a stampede of old mentally disabled folks running w/ beer + cheese in their hands, sum sorta race they was halving + [ ... ]

674> c/oVEMPs cum breatharian Sissyfuss landscaping Indiana + Rode I-land in our hone backyard
... asksing us to become a breatharian. We aksed him why shd we due all this when there's bean no conclusive studies showing any of this does squat + he shrugged + admitted this was tru, dat they don't know shit about Mineareyes d-zzz, what causes her + what helps + then smuggly said that's why this pertickler field was great, cuz "70% of ppl get bedder w/o doing nothing + we get to take [ ... ]

673> PBR streetgang in the bush of holey ghosts (praylude to 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.)
... it's a song we done last year but din't inkloot on our 1st album cuz we couldn't get the vox rite... when we (a.I.) sang refrence vocals to give Zo (real vox) the idea, she said we sounded like Anthony Kiedis, wich made us want to scrap the song altogether. But we dug her out of the trash + in stead of having Zo sing on her we just sampled varyus nonsense. So w/o furthere ado (drumroll please), hear [ ... ]

672> Follow the yellow-paged journel as we fall for Zo in AZ (Q1, 1992)
We’re living in this huge lattice of energy and atomic particles. I was thinking maybe it’s even a discrete lattice, quantum mechanics forging the connections. Rather than change physics to account for discrepancies that arise, we need to alter our geometry. Maybe it’s space itself that is quantized? And since we live in these lattice points—that is real to us. We can have no concept of what’s [ ... ]

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