463> graficking an itchy maldrugada reckoning wolfville, pinche buey

13 Ene 2016 > Puerto Vallarta, MX > la ultima dia akey in Mexiko querido Inurnet mucho dormyendo + comyendo + bebyendo + sol + agwah hordale fuimos hoy caminando arriba un rio hasta no say donde cabrone por k no ∃xiste en google maps bella rio (Cuale) + selva collectid Σum airplants on th side of th rode > possible DC no sara el mayhorror lugar perro cerca del camino stan cubierto en polvo pobrecitos dispues lounged around by la piscina drinking tekillya traded in our old books in la biblioteca pero el libro moss interessante era de David Sedaris + no quiero leyer ningun libro de essay pendejo dispues de leyer el articulo where he b'littles + xploits su hermana muerta k sewersided k puto opportunist > wearing a linen robe th sound of fountins our mayhorror medio carnal hanging her clothes off a wood horse un pajaro pego la ventana as we speak creiamos k staba muerto @ 1° pero dopo 10 minutos se levanto + volo via todvia hay un mancha mojado donde yacia ya la ultimate day 2 chillax por los proximos 3-4 meses ponemos el nariz al grindstone al terminar A Raft Manifest otras impresiones de PV en no particular orden:

iguana along th river




donde comimos chiles rellenos en mole








tacos along th river Cuale


taking a dip


bajo th wagwah



airplants we smuggled back


loro pappagallo


ooh ooh huichol woman



corn cupple


Σum sorta postre @ Σum swanky restraunt fulla old gringos in cargo shorts

14 Ene> on th plane back red Fiesta en la Madriguera by Juan Pablo Villalobos era facile leyer in spañole del POV of strange kid obssessed w/ hats + samurai movies whose fodder = narcotrafficante so homeschoold living th bachelors life padre 2 paranoid 2 hire help 2 clean their palace no mudder in th picture dint git out much sits around plays PlayStation decides he wants a hippo from Liberia (2 add 2 their collection of exotic animals) funny in lite of El Chapo's recent capture nearabouts t' where we chillaxing + also cuz we just bingewatchd Narcos that show about Pablo Escobar hard to pick up on nuances in spanish but tone of Madriguera felt sorta coming of age like Catcher in th Rye 1 word he used a lot we dint know til now = nefasto (ill-fated) also watchd The Martian on th plane intresting premise but lacking in execution

> 15 Jan > DC > still itchy as ∀ll fuck bites all over our body hope them mosquitos not bedbugs no mames bueno dormir en nuestro propio cama lucid dreams of th actual font where meaning of the font/script goes b'yond just representation but carrys meaning knot itch letter th same but unique + morphs d'pending on waht charactor comes next now how t' realize este sueño t' sound her out @ th pg level

 462 <( )> 464 > digging out afrozen rêve 2 presipitate accumulation cum vestigial folktail


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