467> th anacaustic swamp of pulpo moohair = flood ≠ river

13 Feb> furgot 2 menshun we got ∑um mo ink done 1 on our hip 2 honor Frank Stanford orig'nly wantid 2 get «it wasn't a dream, it was a flood» but th tattooist dint want 2 do her mo small than 14 pt (courier) + seem'd big + unwheeldy + also cuz we boycutting th verb «to be» (havent used her nun in our wriding ± methudacting akey on 5cense sints we publick'd The Becoming in 2013 so going on 4 yrs now + also cuz we dont care nun 4 th word «it» + we dont like saying th word dream outrite (2 dream = rêver in french) a word we hold in riverance + in hour book th river Rem+Rom flot on morphs seamless into flood sew seams u kin say th same thing mo cunsize by saying = flood ≠ river:

battlefield ink

> + th impurfick circul abuv th txt also comes form Stanford's the battlefield where the moon says I love you (yrs ago we postid stet page frum th orig'nul addition) + we also got th 12-prong'd steering/cumpiss wheel sinbol form A Raft Manifest on th back of our neck (this spot hurts like a bitch fyi)

> working slow-slow on A Raft Manifest 1 pg per day on a good day (on pg 46 uv 233) but utter days we do shit like create fonts form scratch ± make imidges we probly wont ever use like th animated gif b'lo we cumpiled form a few charactor studies of Marea (our sassy kindergarten teacher/maid («marmade») in Mazitland + «marea» btw means seasick in spañish) + pues tienes k sperar 4 th book book 2 discubber how come she = a marmade octopussy (aka pulpo moohair)—

pulpo moohair

16 Feb> anudder storm rolld thru th districk this 1 worse (aka better) then they predictid rite aftr wanderd our usuel running route t' Kingman i-land + along th Anacostia river our camraw still in B+W mode ever strifing 4 fewr + fewr grades uv shay—


frozen font


RFK staydome


(massive mounden of snow leftover from th last storm 3 weeks ago)


banks of th Anacaustic river


Anacaustic/Kingman swamp




blurry iceberg


in th bramble uv Kingman isle



cungressional semetary (where in th summer they use goats cum weedeaters)



> last nite we wrode a chairlift up sum jaggid granit mounden (like th Matterhorn) + she got struck by lightning + we dint see ± feel nutting but omnipresent observers frum a distints sed dey seen a lightning volt penitrate crax in th mounden + go deep int’ th earth they also sed (over Σum sort a loudspeakr) that th chairlift had th «biggest ground» in th whorld + we want’d 2 know waht «biggest» grnd ment but no hay no 1 t’ aks sints they told us ova 1-way intercom but we figgerd «biggest» ment she cd w/stand th hiyhest boltedge + then a panick insued cuz every1 figgerd th volt = an act uv terrorism + we @ a metro stn + j had a newborn dog/monkey (earlier we bebesat a dog that turnt int' a monkey + th owners abandinned her so we adapted) that j fret'd ova + we told her not 2 fret nun cuz this chairlift had th biggest grnd + she aksed waht that ment so we told her w/ authority that th chairlift had th capasitting 2 w/stand souper hiyh boltage so she shoont fret nun meanwile we tryd 2 swaddle th bebe dogkey 2 keep her frum cryng but she kept kicking her blankit off + a'cryng + want'd back in J’s arms + once there stop'd her hollerin

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