469> squewd art of th dark spring of a wallpaper publicher 2 milt gotham

Hexentexte buff'lo by Unica Zürn

28 Feb 2016> @ Heathrow reading Dark Spring by Unica Zürn warp'd smut dont leave much 2 th magination she spells everything out cunfessional trash like juvenile fanacys a 13-yr old wd rite in her diary (she gits raped by her brudder lets th dog lick her tween her legs 4 hours on end + has ∀ll sorts a purverse fan'cys) she a good artist tho (see above) + she practiced waht she preach'd fo sure her life mimicking her fixion (if u google her name u see kinky fotos of her bound in rope that sound just like a passidge strait from th book but we aint gonna google such things now cuz we in public) short read finish'd her b4 even leaving th grnd fortunetly pick'd up Roberto Calasso's The Art of the publicher wile in London


> read The Art of the Publisher on th plane a series of essays by Roberto Calasso on publiching > Calasso = 1 of th foundrs of Adelphi 1 of th big publiching houses in Italy so his pursepective per lo più riguards th Italian publiching world Calasso of corse = full of hisself praysing hisself + othr frends of his ova + ova for an oh so thankliss job interessante tho 2 hear his gripes («a good publishing house is unlikely to be of any particular interest in economic terms») also = true of big publiching houses ma anche he reveres th publiching house as an art objet in herself as a form of «bricolage» cumprised of th Σum of titles she publiches (tho he gose as far as 2 inklewd th totalità of marketing swag + pubblicità around i libri + publication #s etc) > he talks about «singular» book objets wich he d'fines as 1 in cui = «clear that something has happened to th author and has been put into writing» che seems sort a vago but whatever we know what he gitting @ > he also talks about book covers as a process of reverse ekphrasis (of corse touting tutte le grandi scelte che ha fatto) > he gose a bit overbord in his prayse 4 publichers (inklewding Eunadi th udder big Italian publicher whos titles wallpaper'd our closet in Rome as evidenced by th foto Chiara Barzini took of us 4 this interview when we 1° arrived):

our Eunadi wallpaperd closet in Rome where we kept th Calamari

> stet reflecks th generule philasofee of italy where bookstores actually categorize books according t' publicher 1° + then by authr ± subjick etc + Calasso finds it curious how in th US th publicher's brand = fast becoming mo + mo transparent on th cover (whereas in Italy u find it on every spine + on th cover oft'n in font as big as th author name) > his thawts on digital publiching anche = quite old-fashion'd + he criticizes this guy Kevin Kelly of google (1 of those instrumental in their digital archiving project) quando dice cose come: «once text is digital books seep out of their bindings and weave themselves together. The collective intelligence of a library allows us to see things we can't see in a single isolated book.» whereas this thawt keeps us warm @ nite that books we brot into th world git connectid in a «liquid fabric» + link 2 one anudder w/o even humen int'rvention + also th fack that «copies don't count anymore» dont bother us nun as long as por lo menos 1 copy ∃xists in fack th mo physicul copys of a book ∃ggsist th mo th book gits diminish'd but he dose wax on about th book as art objet in perticular he prayses Hypnerotomachia Poliphili a book publiched by Aldus Manutius in 1499 as la madre di tutti i libri th «archetype» 4 ∀ll books 2 come (that weave never red but now we curious but only spose we kin git a hold of an originul) he namedrops most of th way thru th book praysing ∀ll sorts of udder publichrs (4 a wile felt like he'd just cumpiled a series of obituaries he rote for udder publichrs into a memoir as he hisself faced his own immortality)

1 Mar> back in DC last nite (1) we dove for lobster mostly just 4 an xcuse 2 dive (we dint catch nun) we scooby dove in this indoor tank part of an aquarium tho connectid 2 th «real» ocean we cd go back + forth b'tween but we favored th manmade tank sints more life + ppl in th aquarium watch'd us + lets face it we liked showing off our diving skills then later (2) we coordinated movers into a new house tho we only stayd there for 3 days t' make their job ez we had them put all our stuff in kitchen cupbords they act'd all annoyd cuz we had a series of screen doors that made it difficult 4 them we sed 2 prop th doors open but they polite they had to wait 4 th foreman who = late arriving sints he made a reservation 4 Σum restraunt up th rode so t' kill time we walk'd along Σum square-shaped canal + then (3) in th ocean on this cove gonna put a nick-nack we had on th rock wile we swam then figgerd she mite git swept away spose a big wave came along we aks'd a local + they dint know th hiyh water line so we d'sided t' do an xpirement t' find out for ourself we look'd in th distance + a massive 100+ ft wave approach'd we got out of th wadder + climed up th cliff t' watch her but she never seem'd t' git closer ± just slowly dissipated (4) Kevin (our ded brudder) carved a totem pole up on th cliff but she = just like 1 we alreddy bot b4 so we aks'd them t' make anudder copy she = ½-bear / ½-bird (w/ a long neck) + had th virgin of guadalupe paint'd across th entire breast

2 Mar> 1 day in DC + then back on th rails t' NYC reading Onto-Cartography by Levi Bryant but weel talk about her next post

union st DC



> staying @ Σum hotel in same spot (ownership changed hands 2 ± 3 x sints) as Habitat hotel on 57th + Lex where we stayd 4 a week when we 1° moved t' NYC round 16 yrs ago post Y2K we = $50k in debt student loans + credit cards max'd out etc + no jobs lined up Σumhow managed 2 git job + apt in 1 week our room back then a shoebox for $79/nite now book a Moron in th bedside table (+ got no books w/ us 2 riplace it w/ sides Ontocartography wich we still reading) cant git shit for 4x that > met th Tyrant 4 breakfast @ Σum dominican dive on th westside then walk'd around ate ramen @ saporro of corse sushi 2nite @ takahachi

rue 57


E train


diemond heels


copy of BLK BTLR's Sky Saw we saw lying on Σum cellar steps


times square


tunnel thru waterfall


radio city




st patricks




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