472> arkhivel taxomony of vampire $quid from hell

30 Mar 2016 | DC> that taxing time a yr when we pay unkel sam + reflect on th ecunomic state of Calamari 4 th intrest of inny 1 dumb enuff 2 want 2 publish books 4 a living (2 make money innyway$) now in our 13° yr + still no positiv trend develiping 4 th most part we cuntinue 2 run randumbly @ a net lo$$—

> wreckon th good news = that we spent less in 2015 th 2° year in archival mode sints we vow'd 2 not partake agre$$ively in th Ameri©an e©onomi© ma©hene + also th yr we traveld 100k miles + slept in 65 ∆iffrent beds in th initial 6 munths aftr publiching 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' in Jan we disappeard off th map living as Rome-based nomads so sorta neglectid th archive

> surfacing later in th summer 2 shift HQ from NYC 2 DC + Σumwhere in there publich'd Julie Reverb's NO MOON (wich just had this review in decomP)—

> + then cap'd off th year w/ Lutz's THE GOTHAM GRAMMARIAN—

> as weave sed b4 books = our main unit of curren¢y + we brot 3 new titles int' th world his yr so we happy bout that + we print'd up 1145 mo copys tho this # < ½ as much as 2014 + ∀ll this = tree-based books peepole cuntinue 2 downlode didgittle books like hotcakes specially sints in Dec we startid making out of print chapbooks available fo free in Dec alone 2951 ppl dl'd Mining in the Black Hills 2226 dl'd 23 Text Tiles + 3134 dl'd Trapezoidal Juggernaut/Spiritual Turkey Beggar Baste Mechanism + then in January when we released Sleepingfish 0 as a free dbook 12714 dl'd her that munth alone! + 100s cuntinew to dl Ark Codex ±0 + Under the Auspices + Poste Restante + Marsupial + Σum munths up to 3000-4000/mo check out th archived City Moon gitting 2 th pt we mite have 2 upgrade our hosting deal w/ our provider but still a paltry xpen$e (wich we dint inkloot in th abuv graph btw nor did we menshun inny udder xpen$es 'cept th d'rect cost a printing + mailing books) th # of ppl that buy dbooks still a paltry figger in cumparison (38) inny way we not griping we live well thanx 2 our better-½ now a professor @ Johns Hopkins + indirectly 2 Michael Bloomberg who funds her endowment so guess u kin say Bloomberg supports Calamari Archive

> speaking of Calamari + books we red this crazy book Vampyroteuthis Infernalis: A Treatise, with a Report by the Institut Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste by Vilém Flusser + Louis Bec #23 in th Posthumanities series by University of Minnesota Press (we want 2 read them ∀ll now purhaps starting w/ What is Posthumanism? by th series editor Cary Wolfe) hard 2 even d'scribe Vampyroteuthis Infernalis ½-fikshun ½-philosophickle rambling ½-hack sighingtific treatise 1 thing fo sure she = "about" vampyroteuthis infernalis aka th vampire $quid from hell an elusiv ½-$quid ½-octopus ½-alien creature that lives in th depths of our oceans we thawt purhaps Flusser made ½ this shit up but then we watch'd this natl geographic vid + seems most of waht Flusser sez = true—

+ evidently (a'cording 2 sighingtists) th genetic code of octopus = alien as if their genome got «put into a blender and mixed»

> mo than just a study on said vampire $quid he draws all sorts of cumparisons tween vamyroteuthis + homo sapiens o @ least as a creature that lives w/in th depths of our own subconchus gene pool ever lurking in our blood + 2 go along w/ th text Louis Bec created Σum fantastic imgs—



> ∀ll we gots 2 say 4 now—4 farther reading on $quids + posthumanism see post #347

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