474> astro noize infiltrating our riding exorcize to Frisco

inside th whale ribs (new transport hub @ ground 0)

07 April 2016 | NYC > frum down by WTC walk'd up Greenwich street thru Tribeca + west village stop'd 4 breakfast @ Sweet Life funky little place we used 2 go when we lived in west villaj

(brookfield place)




> after went 2 Whitney havent gone yet 2 th new location every time b4 we tryd too crowdid this time not so bad main xhibit = Laura Poitras «Astro Noise» about post 9/11 surveillance etc

Laura Poitras—selections from Anarchist series
(varyus signuls + doppler trax from Israeli satellites + drones)

> felt a bit conflict'd w/ 1 piece where she shows footage of ppl staring @ th towers as they burnt/collapsed but dint say whose footage in 1 sense incredible whoever had th presence of mind 2 turn th cameras around + not film th spectickle of th towers but film th ppl watching in varyus states of shock @ th same time incredibly evasive if some1 film'd us @ that momint think we mite of deck'd them + ¿did she git permission frum all those inkloot'd? 2 use it as part of an «art project»? talk about invasion of privacy dont matter wether she took th footedge ± sum1 else hypocritical of her

view from atop Whitney (highline lowr rite + th Standard + Chelsea piers)

> walk'd back along th riverfront later went to brooklyn 4 sushi


hudson looking tward NJ


abandund information kiosk


th new regime

09 Apr | San Francisco> flew Virgin t' SFO ½ th plane hiyh scool kids part of ∑um theatre group bunch a monkeys awkward larval phase even w/ noize cancelling hedphones dont help nun babys screaming etc + have 2 buy food even then takes forever tho our better-½ got hers aft'r 10-15 minutes so aftr an hour we aks ¿where = our food? + they say «only 2 of us + 150 passingers» as if our fault + plane also 2 hours late taking off musterd us 2 xcape in th Selected Writings of Henri Michaux dubble langage say bon cuz nous allons en France this summer for a few weeks want'd 2 brush up on our French hard 2 focus w/ th distraxions + also cuz th book = a collection Σum times poetry udder times prose tho still not fiction ± con un historie 2 latch on to xcept may'b «Le Nuit des Bulgares» + «Chez les Hacs» th most readable in our distractid state just wanting an s'cape but Michaux's point de vue si étranger often drug-induiced th «Notes de Zoologie» particklerly trippy his vision keeps morphing seamless int' varyus biologickle forms

> they sed our plane delay'd cuz uv weather but totilly dry on th ground in SFO + clear when we a'rived th real razon cuz Obama = in town cant xcape him now @ ∑um non-descript hotel starts w/ H ∀ll look th same raining out not much fun 4 walking around th thawt still ringing in our hed when we awoke @430 this morn that ∀ll this (our riding of A Raft Manifest) = 1 big riding exorcize task'd of us by Marea who = an idealized matriarkickle queen bee figger embodyd as a marmaid/maestra (scool teachr) who every time we make a misteak in our riding she whacks our nuckles w/ a ruler 2 teach us carwreck'd granmar + how 2 spill that combined w/ our fodder who put tabasco on our tongue whenever we spoke spanish (tru story) makes us eventually ride normule. Haha. So perhaps 1 day soon even here on 5¢cense we'll relearn to write by the conventions established by th rest of the world, which at this pointt in th book (circa age 4) we oblivious too, might not even remember how.

We plenty familyar w/ frisco, as much a «home» 2 us as innywhere else spent a decade in northern california in our formativ yrs hiyh scool + college + summers as a kid our mudder + brudder still here but way way north too far from frisco 2 see this trip saw them last yr when we pass'd thru th area then our better-½'s meeting in San Jose now in downtown SF wich usually we visiting day'tripping so cool 2 not have a car + just flâneur here = th route

> starting near union square thru the tenderloin even coming from NYC + DC seems sketchy lots of homeless + ppl actively tryng 2 sell u drugs loop'd up Polk st up 2 washington or so flock of wild parrots in Lafayette park zig-zagging california past where B + M lived the drummer + singer of th ∀ll lesbian (cept us) punk band we playd in when we in hiyh school thru pacific heights along Fillmore to Fell thawt about our brudder who died on these streets forgit wich corner off-hand Fell + ? where they found him sitting in his park'd car Mark Kozelek's voix going thru our hed makes us think of norcal requisite walk down Haight want'd 2 git breakfast @ Pork Store cafe but forgot today = saturday pack'd all sorts a hipsters waiting outside usual throngs of hobopunk-a-bestias + their dogs we musterd 2 find streets never walkd b4 thru Cole valley along 17th street up + over those moundins thru Castro districk along Market a bit drop'd thru th Mission over to Portrero Hill not so intresting xcept saw a guy w/ a big parrot on his sholder + a leafblower in front of a police stn even tho raining + no leaves just blowing air + making noize then along Brananan/Townsend past th train stn that we used to come in2 when we took th train 2 th city 4 shows + whatnot this area def'nitely changed since we lived here in th 80s totilly yuppified specielly as u get over tward new ball park just so happend a game giants vs. dodgers bout 2 start so got standing room ticket allow'd us 2 roam round kind of cool diffrent perspectiv Bumgarner vs. Kernshaw mostly ppl watch'd ¿how do common ppl afford tix (4 a seat starting 3-figgers) + drinks even a pretzel like $10 ppl guzzling beer @ $15+ a pop? start'd 2 git cold cuz we wet + hungry but kinda gross'd out watching ppl eat junk food + drinking lots of beer so left around th 7° inning (ends up dodgers came from behind to win th 10° inning) back up thru Mission across Market got dumpling soup in Chinatown all in all 16-17 miles + lots of hills too

union sq







polk + Geary where we got in our 1° + only axident hit hed-on by a drunk driver when we 16





showing their colors so brite in Castro coming thru in b+w


Q of streetcars



en el Mission


Bumgarner on th mound






 473 <( )> 475 > unbow'd + quarter'd b'yond th zer0 uv Frisk-0


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