489> not bathing in Bath @ th x-sexion b'twine canal + rever sans deforming ether, pa!

17 July 2016 | Bath, UK> woke up Lundone + ran around Hyde park .. hop'd a train to Bath (solo, sints our bedder-½ flew 2 Kathmandu) .... rereading mo Beckett .. onto Malone Dies .. th 2° in th «trilogy» that never he want'd call'd that .. cant say we int' her as much (as Molloy) .. th joke wearing thin .. put us to sleep actshoally, on th train .. but spose u cant critisize Beckett fo riding boring truc about nothing comme c'est intent .. to lull u to dormir .. ∫um say they captivated by Beckett's wriding about nada but cant honistly say we among 1 of them .... alsew dificile to read avec tout les distractions .. trainfool of noizy peepole so gotta put on our walkman .. ha of corse not a walkman, we just like saying this 2 cunfuse millenials .. not that inny millenials wd read this .. not that inny 1 wd ever read this xcept us 10 ± 20 yrs frum now .. hola fewchair self! .. these nodes we rite on Beckett ment for eyes of yores truly .. to werk out wah werks ± dont werk in our noggin/book .... th hole wriding bout nada shtick we dont mind so much .. but it aint rilly true (shit happens after ∀ll in Malone Dies .. like he he has sex w/ a nurse who then dies + th hole wile he = dying) .... th danger about wriding bout nothing = th purception that u got nada to say .. or she comes off like a riding exorcize (in fact Malone rides in a chile's exorcise book) .. riding for th sake of riding—witch ∀ll = fine + dandy .. s'pose no 1 ritefooly gots inny thing to say no how «nothing is more real than nothing» after ∀ll .... but then they go put on this pretense of storytelling .... + this noshun of formlessness .. wich we aint so sure ∃xists ether but waht th hell, mite as well shoot fer her .... how close dose Beckett hit? .. every so often his wrider-self submits little nuggets—«The forms are many in which the unchanging seeks relief from its formlessness»—but u got to keep on hitting + hitting .. ever beecomb relentliss .. cant ever let up nun or let inny 1 in on th underlying secret that u aint no dying man lying supine (or prone?) in bed but a wrider sitting @ a desk .. this beecombs th risk of beecombing self-conchus + declaring yo intent to wride about wriding about nada (contrary to Joyce who just embraced th chaos + channeld her best he cd in lickwid form wile keeping his distints) .... but 1 thing we kin learn from Beckett = how to comingle INterior + EXterior die-a-log + noize til she ∀ll beecombs 1 vox in th same stream ..

«What I mean is possibly this, that the noises of the world, so various in themselves and which I used to be so clever at distinguishing from one another, had been dinning at me for so long, always the same old noises, as gradually to have merged into a single noise, so that all I heard was one vast continuous buzzing. The volume of sound perceived re—[@ wich pt our cumputer froze up (akin to th break in action when Beckett drops his pensool) + we had to take a foto of th screen + retype stet post form th b'ginning—Beckett broke th machine!]—remains no doubt the same, I had simply lost the faculty of decomposing it. The noises of nature, of mankind and even my own, were all jumbled together in one and the same unbridled gibberish.»

> oh, also th O key on our laptop keeps coming unhinged .. popping out of place .. perhaps we typing w/ too much forze? .... imadgine if Beckett had a laptop how ∆iffrent his wriding mite end up .. or not? .. did he not reely rite her w/ no pencil? .... Beckett's also got a knack for rathr than stating definites outrite he says what she = not .. «It was not midnight. It was not raining.» .. or his play Not I .. perhaps inducing us to update (or not) our moratorium on th verb «to be» to inkloot aint cuz aint aint in th dictionary, pa .. perhaps ∫umping to do w/ th way th French handle negation, may'b Becket dug th sound of her .. or not, pa .... th other thing not about our current wriding environment, pa, aint that we kin only axess th Inurnet in th bathroom .. evidently th router for ∀ll th B&B happens to live under our desk .. or not, who nose! .. so when we dont sit not @ th desk or not in bed pa, like now, we too close .. or not? .. th signul = too strong! .... we dont mind so much pa .. just anudder distraction .. tho Inurnet comes in handy to not look up no stuff like about Beckett ± th names of places or things we saw cuz our memary aint so good, why we ride ∀ll this as a sort of refrence to knot refresh our lack uv memary .... so yah (ketching up w/ ℝeeltime) we got to Bath + dint walk nowhere .. along th Avon river to th namesake Roman baths .. ridiculous # of turists so dint even bother going in pa .. tons of shcool kids everywhere we bump into In-gland + Frants + Italy .. we never gotta do such shit in hiyh school or jr hiyh, pa? .. how do pairunts afford this shit? .. seems a waste ∀ll kids want to do = get hiyh + shag itchudder hey dont care ware .... we hit ∀ll th highlit things on ∫um dumb turistick map handid to us .. Pulteney Bridge + th Abbey + Circus + Royal Crescent .. + once we got those out of th way to say we aint not seen them, pa, we gravitated tward th rever as we inklined to do in our jeans .. follow'd th Avon to th canal .. dint watch botes not go thru th locks pa .. th rage here = to buy old rever barges + supe them out + tour around thru th canals .. th canals once used for hauling coal + wahtnot now quaint waterways for bohemian types to toodle around on .... made muck of bean tacos fo dinner then pass'd by th Roman baths + hardly any1 there so went in .. actshoally perty cool .... feel clean now .. not that we took a bath literally (they do have 1s u can bathe in but they cost like 30+ quid!) .. but we did baptize ourself as we inklined to do w/ every new boty of hogwah we meet, dip our finger + flick her on our forehed + we dint drink no hogwah from th sakered spring .. very minerally tasting .. also got a boddle in our room sposedly from this same holey spring .. figger we aint gonna drink no alcohol nor eat meat for next 2 days, pa .. nada but Bath wada .. cleanse ourself in this seanse of th word .. detox from crappy french food + th too much wine to make up for her .. our shit sints stinks not healthy pa .. gotta flush th sistem ..

th Royal Crescent


straiter street we sleeping on


th Avon rivering thru Bath


over th triple-V cascades



th Abbey, Roman Baths + Pump House (L to R)


long boats in th canal


time-lapsed thru th locks


PO + church


Roman Baths


sorce uv th sakered spring



janky stagnation



another bath house



putting th bubble bath in Bath

18 July> funny how canals + springs dont seam to not reoccur lately pa in our travels in th past yr ± 2 sints we aint not working on A Raft Manifest + speaking of cleansing + canals how come Europeans cant figger out how to make a d'sent toilet? .... this morn (after a brekfast uv Welsh Rarebit—oh my Dog, ware u bean ∀ll our life?! .. figgerd this whole time rarebit ment meat of ∫um sort .. but cheese, Gromit! .. better yet w/ an egg on top—a buck rabbit!) we jog/walk'd along th canal .. ∀ll sorts of bohemian bote ppl living/squatting along th banks in funky flair'd out botes .. @ a few jcts we musterd to go up trails int th woods or hills but they peter'd out ether in rural cummunitys or rodes we dint feel like bushwhacking nun, thru bramble + stinging nettles .... ran into a grizzled ol geezer + his cocker spaniel who tole us if we kept a'going th canal crosses th river via an awkworduck + then show'd us where we cd refill our hogwah boddle from a spring he fed his livestock with .... we thank'd him kindly + kept a'going to see this awkworduck for ourself .. our brain just about explodid @ th thawt of her! .. weave seen pics of water bridges (guess «navegable aqueducts» = th proper term) in Holland ± Belgium but never b4 have we seen 1 in ℝeel life .... slow'd down to a walk over th awkworduck (not just ova th Avon but also th train trax .. such an x-sexion of confluent forzes!) then veer'd off th beaten path up ∫um mounden far as we cd go til we hit sivilization then retreat'd .... musterd to go back along th Avon .. we cd see th path + all but them railrode ppl block'd her off, sed 200 quid fine sposing u tresspass .... nevertheless we try'd bushwhacking down an ol overgrown path 2 forze our way thru th bramble but too much in th way of stinging nettles + blackberry's + other thorny bushes .. + then th sound of singing rails preseeding th hiyh-speed train so we duck'd low + took cover but th cundoctor he blared his horn so must of seen us .... on th way back stop'd @ Warleigh Weir wich we admit aint in our vocabulary so we look'd her up: «a low dam built across a river to raise the level of water upstream or regulate its flow» guess she comes form old inglish to «dam up» .. no wonder th botes stick to th canals + not th river .. seems all th local kids like sed weir fo hanging out .. a reglure watering hole (tho dint seem much fo swimming) .. then afterwords they laid about like beach'd white seals on a big meadow .... looking @ g-map now (in th bathroom) seems all in all we ran/walk'd 10+ miles as th crow flys but figger in anudder 3+ from th 3 sidetrips (4 actually if u count Warleigh weir ± scrambling down th banks a few times to try bushwhacking cross th trax) .. so bout a ½-marathon, not bad pa .... skip'd lunch too .. + drinking nada still but lodes of Bath spring hogwah in this spiritchewl (or spy-ritual?) bathing of sorts to clean us inside-out sans hooch nor meat .. made muck of a goat cheese + arugula pizza for supper .. sposing we shd of eaten @ th aptly named Molloy pub but they dint serve grub til later + we aint so keep on pub food .... also spose we shd of read Jane Austen in Bath as guess she made her mark in these parts .. but aint so keen on waht we read uv hers ..

xing trax


running along th canal





1 dead end thru th bramble



Dundas awkworduck


hard to capture on film but 1 stream passis ova th udder w/o mixing!


mini-boat passing ova th awkworduck


just across


int. th trees



back along th Avon




Warleigh Weir


junk boat?


airing out 4 ∀ll 2 c



back in Bath

19 July> ∀ll this not-riding here dont amound to no food 4 thawt, pa .. like sints Brits drive on th left-side does this messysorrily translate to them putting toiletpaper on th roller thing backwoods? .. + these royal crescents + arches + strait manmade canals got us to pondering bout waht Beckett sed b4 in Molloy, that «when a man in a forest thinks he is going forward in a straight line, in reality he is going in a circle» + how Beckett did his «best to go in a circle, hoping to go in a straight line» .. ∀ll relative .. th diffrents tween qwestshun + xclaymashun marks!? .. she ∀ll comes fool circull .. these manmade architectural structures + how men keep a mustering in vane to tame waht comes naturel for them own means + waht this means on anudder metafizzsickle plane about waht gose on in our noggins in making canals + locks + awkworducks mustering to make th whirld navegable .. mustering ova + ova to git back to th holey sorce springs (+ waht this gots to do w/ seasons + waht seasons got to do w/ seas + sons, etc) .. th self-same lickwid we ∀ll (inklooting Beckett) git made uv! .. or shd we end th last sentints w/ a qwestshun mark? .. + sposing u qwestshun a qwestshun dose she make her affirmative pa! .... ∀ll = a fine line .. art a fine line twine fact + fiction .. twine riding + riding about riding (do we ever do innything but?!) .. making ¢ense of th trazes left beehind so we kin forge our own .... to ride A Raft Manifest .... @ wah pt do we come clean? .. admit th entire book rides this fine line .. th surfice of th see .. admit we not riding a raft but a bed (currently in Bath) not @ sea but a stones throw from th Avon + th nearby canals .... waht do we reserve for A Raft Manifest + waht to reveil here? .. ± vice-versa .. do we now travel thru a lock so th hogwah levels adjust accordionly to make her navegable? .. redible in a riding sense? .. on this node we shut up + git back to riding (fur ℝeal!) A Raft Manifest .. on th train back to Lundone to reunite w/ our bedder-½ (flyng as we speak back from Nepal) 2 then make our way home ..

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