495> where we respectfully go to Gotu + follow th goat girl + her herd into Magado crater

22 Aug 2016> Isiolo, Kenya> woke up in th Shaba game reserve + went back to Isiolo (starting to feel like a home away from home) .. our better-½ fix'd to go int th field to ∫um remote pastoralist community so figger'd hell why not tag along (innything involving goats ± camels ± nomads we game for) .. loded into 2 x 4x4s + headid north then east on bumpy dirt roads not on googlemaps + unnamed towns mo like wild west outposts w/ phone-charging shacks + miraa (a.k.a. khat) dens .. saw ∫ome Somali girl herding goats so figger'd why not check her out see how pastoralists live (w/ th village chief + a prominent politickle person from th region) .. rite as she led th goats on exodus thru this dramatic split canyon opening into Magado crater .. 1 young girl (by herself) + 1000s of goats (or shoat rather, some sheep in th mix) .. almost biblickle like Moses parting waters but land + leading her goats sted of ppl .. 2 ∆iffrent paths actually, 1 for shoat + anudder for cow .. them shepherd whole herds down to th salt lake fo water (sposedly th brackish hogwah makes their meat taste mitey special) .. sides herders, Meru ppl down in th crater x-tractid salt from th brite red lakes .. ℝeelly quite an intense moment following them goats thru th cliffy gap .. seem'd 1 of th more profound moments of our life .. 1 that sure will cuntinue to crop up in our dream-life .. our idea of heaven on earth if such a thing ∃xists .. imagine th mind of that girl having such a responsibility herding th goats thru such a landscape all by herself? respect, yo.

outside of Isiolo






on th road to Gotu



an outpost along th way




herder girl + her goats



exodus to Magado crater




th saline lakes in Magado crater


> unfortunately we dint have no time to keep a'hiking down into th crater cuz we on a mission .. we foraged for ∫um liddle red berrys for lunch then headid north after that to a place callt Gotu .. not even on google map, but on th Ewaso Ngiro river where she flows over waterfalls + they building a bridge there (wich gave th scene an eery Apocalypse Now feel) .. not so much a town but an epicenter for nomads to come water them camels + shoat .. we met some of th elders + drank camel's milk .. still warm + frothy strait from th udder ..

baby goats @ th springs


camels bellying up to th watering hole


th kid w/ bottle fetching camel's milk for us


drinking camels milk strait from th sorce


th fashionable Fatuma in Gotu


looking out from Gotu falls


Gotu falls



Gotu village


typickle semi-nomadic homes

> drove back thru Shaba game reserve to save time .. super dusty cuz our driver follow'd rite behind th other car + we dint have no AC so had to have windows down .. saw lots of buffalo (tho our guide th day b4 said they dint have them in Shaba) + waterbuck + giraffe (but dint stop for no photos cuz again, we on a mission not no safari) .. past th lodge we left just th day b4 bringing us fool circle + thru th game reserve gates them scratching them heads wondering where th hell we came from + wether to charge us on th way out but we had men of influence in th car hoo set them strait .. approaching Isiolo th road cover'd w/ large rocks ppl had thrown all over in protest .. roadside mob gather'd sposedly just for a motorcycle accident but dont know, seem'd weird + potentially volatile ..


camels thru th bramble

23 Aug> back in Isiolo for a few dayzzz .. not leaving th hotel much xcept to run .. after th anishull novelty off seeing a wazimu mzungu running by them dont stare or gawk much may'b just a nod or smile or thumbs up of encouragement .. mostly we wriding ± thinking + watching that dam wheel spin round + round on our mac waiting for a window of oppurtunity to uplode this, Inurnet willing .. wriding now in th hotel lobby surroundid by borana + swahili chatter reflecting back on waht weave sceen + how she ∀ll affects our landgauge + personal hystoria .. when they parlay amongst themselves here we got no idea what day say (unless them switch to inglesh) we kin only guess, wich we dig cuz like fish outta water we thrive .. + when we «sleep on it» she comes all t'gether hinged w/ ∀ll else ∃xisting déjà view'd .. specially w/ ∀ll th bazaar nitetime noizes—howling winds, throbbing dance music, mice a'scratching in th walls, bats a'bleeping + then th call to prayr letting u know dawn has come .... bean a fish outta water reinforzes our thinking that foreigners got no rite to judge anudder culture they not privy too .. most outsiders reduce this region to a breeding grnd for terrorists + whatnot but weave met only nice + d-sent ppl here that want to improve their situation + respect us + harbor no ill-will + got mo streetsmarts of whirld issues things like climate change then myopic + xenophobic Amerikins .. th pastoralist tradition in partickler hard to swallow for sedentary outsiders (in terms of climate change + animal wellfare) cuz here they dont even eat them camels, to them their prized possessions definining yo worth like money in th bank or sports cars .. sure, this sets your head a'scratching just like ∀ll th cows running round India dont make a lick of sense but they got born into this here lifestyle what else them sposed todo? .. «head for higher ground» or «adapt or go home» u mite say but where/what = home? guess u cd sort of make the cumparasin w/ th wild wild west (as ever we think in terms of waht we @ work on now—West of Kingdom Come—where th Amerikin west figures prominent) tho not as nomadic .. in sted of camels, cowboys valued their cattle ± more-so horses .. + cowboys covetid them horses but they dint think to make muck of no horse meat (matter of fact, still a law against eating horse in th U.S.) .. then when ranching hit th industrial bigtime cowboys still carry'd on their traditions in th sport of rodeo + whatnot (inklooting their propensity for guns to defend their intrests wich dont jive now in this modern world) even tho most cowboy types now dont need horse chops for practickle reasons + th Ford truck becomes r.i.placement therapy + modern cowboys dont need th know-how to rope no calf or ride no bull butt she becomes a sine of them manhood .. or women .. in th news the fricking french starting to ticket women in frants for wearing burkinis or worse they make them take it off, on grounds that not wearing a french swim costume (i.e. dans la nu) dont «respect good morals + secularism» waht a joke! hoo aint respecting hoo? .. part of us gits it cuz we dont dig such cultish aspects of relidgun specially that inflict morule code + wah knot + yah if u move somewhere ∆iffrent respectfully u shd adapt somewhat or even if not fine as long as u dont judge udders not like u .. but dont th frinch authoritys ℝealize such nonsense only makes her worse, enforcing such backwood-ass hippocritickle morule laws? guess th only way we kin relate (sints we aint relidgus) when we young + punk we dint want no 1 telling us wah to do ± wah to wear where, wah makes Amerika + th «western» whirld great = freedom of xpression, rite? .. + wearing a burkini = just that + taking that away from ppl only gunna piss them off mo wait + see .. th month we just spent in frants this summer we dint see 1 cop but guess they got em now to ticket burkini-clad women relaxing @ th beach w/ family as if they got nada better to do cept play rite into th hands of terrorism .. bottom line u cant judge no book by her cover + ppl gotta put more emphasis on common decency + respect rather than fear-mongering + such virchews gotta come via freewill + not by force ..

room w/ a vu


roofs of Isiolo


karma training institute



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