514> Trigger fish for Dog in x-ile sans ∃xit nor bedder-½ in Trumpifornia

toe path along th Potatomac gitting up int. Maryland (leftova in our camraw from 2 posts ago)

Jan 14, 2017 | DC> startd to read Fish in Exile by Vi Khi Nao. «God» makes an appearance on pg 2. Books shd have a trigger warning if they got th offensive G-word in them (init-capped). Th book also gots a charactor named Catholic. Sin embargo we persevered + guess she gits a bit mo' intresting .... then on pg 22: «I stand there and think about the waves and the slanting nature of light, and God's hands torn out of his pockets as he folds my life, like a letter, into an envelope and inserts it into the mailbox of the sea.» Praycious greeting card bullshit probly spawn'd from ∫um highfalutin MFA program. Figgered weed @ least muster to reach pg 50 .. but on pg 27: «The way I move and the way the earth is not moving as quickly gives me the impression that God is quietly spreading the thighs of two buildings...»—not just so much th weak-ass relidjus undercurrent, but them ungodly adverbs + how evry centense starts w/ «I this ...» + «I that ..» typickly involving organic goji berries or ∫umping else procured @ Whole Foods mixed in w/ cheap sentiment: «I cant tell if the salt is tears or anchovy oil.» So we abandoned Fish in Exile + moved onword to Sartre's No Exit .. nutting like French ∃xistentialist plays to cut thru th bullshit + keep th bile from rising up our throt .... our bedder-½ always aks why we start reading books b-fore even we leave on a trip? So we dont git stuck reading such crap = how come .. not that our bedder-½ = ere conmigo .. Totovia esta in Timor L'este .. prhaps th longest time ever weve spent apart? May-b el tempo she wint to west Africa w/o us. A fortnite pushes th limits of how long 1 kin go sin parlay w/ utter folk (sides ∀ll these maintenance men seams a lot of in recent dayz—sweeping shimmyknees, cleaning gutters, fixing electrickle problemas). @ Dulles airport now tho, so 1-step closer to reuniting w/ our bedder-½ .. we flyin' to L.A. .. further a field (deepending on wich direxion u fly) but mañana she leaves Timor for London (by way of Bali) + then a a few days aft'r that she flys strait to L.A. from London w/o stopping nun in D.C. so figgerd why not intercept her out west. Walk'd across Georgetown in th «wintry mix» as they call 'er (hopefully not plenty to d-lay or cancel our flite) + o'er Key bridge cross th Potomac to Rosslyn, VA to ketch a bus to Dulles .. oh, th indignity! taking public transport to th airport! Happens when we dont halve our bedder-½ w/ us to xpense a taxi ..

14 Jan | Santa Clarita, CA> Yes, little Santa Clara, like the town in The Lost Boys (actually filmed in Santa Cruz, our alma mother). Aft'r hell flight full of kids inclewding 1 sitting in my window seat so we said thats cool u can sit there kiddo, but his mom insisted we take th window sints they git up a lot to pee. Th father he sat in the next row up, but in a middle seat + no 1 wanted to switch inclewding me hell no. So th kid (now in th middle next to us) starts freaking cuz mommy he wants th window + kicking me as we tried to just sleep w/ headphones cranked + cap pulled ∀ll th way o'er our eyes + ears til finelly we threw in th towel + traded for th dad's middle seat btween 2 big fidgety guys that hog'd th armrests so we had nowhere to put our arms cept foldid on our chest + still had this brat b-hind us screaming + kicking seats. Bad parenting wins again + to make matters worse th parents never even thanked us for giving up our seat. As Sartre says in No Exit «Hell is—other people!». Planes = hell. Even emurgency exit row aint a true exit. We can take sittin next to inny udder animals no madder how loud + squirmy—dogs ± cats ± goats (like in Malawi) ± pigs under our seat (like in Indonesia) ± plenty a times w/ chickens—we just ℝeeli hate humanity in ∀ll its forms. Same shit we cumplain about o'er + o'er—ppl riproducing way too much unchecked + no 1 talks about IT, they just keep fucking + fucking + filling th planet w/ ppl + ∀ll th strip mall crap they build + buy buy buy. Tryd to put on our hedphones + drown her ∀ll out, git into a zen state reading Sartre or just w/ eyes clothes tryne to sleep. Help'd a bit listning to Swans or Murder City Devils dude yelling «YOU BETTER OUTLIVE YOUR MOTHER» .. speaking of th aforementioned Vi Khi Nao's book (about parents dealing w/ th death of a child) ∫umping we cant relate to 1° hand xcept we gots a mother she had to cope w/ that + we on th way to see her part of why we going to California (sed in voice of Black Francis .. Vamos a jugar por la playa!). Shd of kicked our brother Chaulky in th ass harder + told him he better outlive our mother bud shda cda wda. Th othr day runnin th line «brother, you better go it alone» kept runnin thru our hed, probly cuz Stanford sed ∫umping to that affect in 1 of his poems (we talk'd of last time) + googling once we got home th line comes from London Calling .. to the zombees of deth. Th last play in Satre's cullection a rather scathing take on racism in th ∀merikkkin south (~100 yrs ago).

Landed LAX + another nitemare experience renting a car, took 1½ hrs even tho we had a rez + still dint git the hybrid we reserved to use as little gas as possible (yah we know, boo fucking hoo) .. + no jack for our iPod so got to listen to raydio .. th horror! these interactions w/ppl on flites + hotels + in «rental» vehicles we aint even human no mo, we just zombeed commodities. Laffing out loud + ∫um of th prompts we git tryne to call 1-800 customer service #s .. 1 time we git ∫um survey that led us to a free caribean cruise no weigh outta th endless loop to git to a live living agent to talk to about wah we called about cant even remember + even then they aint ℝeely humin .. anudder time we call'd + rite away compewter vox aks «based on th # r u Derek White? For yo privacy, do u wish to be identified as such in future transactions.» + again, u kin never git thru to a living agent, bot vox keeps aksing, let me see if i kin help u 1° .. dont inny 1 else find this creepy + downrite scary where we headid? waht beecombs of humanidad? ∀ll we thawt th hole wile on th plane .. how inhuman, how indignant, ∀ll these zombees pack'd in a flying receptacle like cattle o sardines .. ∀ll to economize ∫um algorithm that no 1 even gains from xcept th machines that programmed her + to them (th likes of Trump) ∀ll just a # w/ increasing decimals .... got th crappy Chevy + made it bout an hr outta LA LA land .. saturday aft'rnoon but still tons of traffic. At ∫um hotel rite off th I-5 .. ½-eaten rotten apple under our bed .. litteruley, just like in cartoons. Endless stream of hiyh speed v-uckles speeding by. Even @ 2 am.. since we wake up @ 4 am normuley, jetlag'd 3 time zones over means waking up at 1 a.m.


sunrise ova SoCal thru drapes

Jan 15 | Orland> out of LA early on sunday morn thinking no traffic but never no traffic ever a constint flow o'er th grapevine not doing 100 as Tom Waits wd hanging onto St. Christopher down into th fogged in central valley agricultural wasteland sines por todos lados sayng «no water, no jobs» + «stop congress created dust bowl» + of corse «make America great again» .. acting as if th govt just creates ogwah outta thin air like liquid cash .. or sines hollering for mo' dams .. bud only so menny dam rivers u can dam up! Alreddy th Colorado an abortion that dont even reach sea .... up I-5 past th Coalinga canal (or 'Colonel Lingus' as we used to call her) .. xpecting to smell them cattle b4 we saw them but winds blowin' north .. bud wait, still there, endless sprawl of cattle standing packed wallowing in their own shit + mud far as th eye can see .... past th turn off for th Bay Area wich normuley we took back when we lived in this neck of woods .... onto a stretch of rode perhaps weave never driven, as many times we drove LA to SF or SF up north, but never LA ∀ll th way north bypassing th bay area .. cross th California Awkworduck .. dint git stuck in Lodi giving creedence to a clearwater revival .. modesto, stockton ∀ll th sprawl looking th same, bumpertobumpertraffic ∀ll for what? where do ∀ll these zombees go? probly to church. Found a radioshack to git a cord so we dint have to listen to music thru hedphones. Got tacos @ ∫umplace named Jimboy's. Cross th Sacramento .. th Yolo bypass completey flooded .. lots of fields flooded, from ∀ll th recent rain (so much for th drought!)

ova th grapevine








Press'd onto Orland where for ∫um reason our mutter lives now. She abandoned her house furthr north to shack up w/ our sorta-step-sister (dotter of th hombre she dated down in Mexico aft'r leafing our father + once that dude died she sorta adopter her). We only knew Orland b-fo as th turn-off for Chico—4 th most part aggicultural, here «almond» rhymes w/ salmon + wheel take their word sints they grow 'em. Just a podunk place, typickle rural middle-∀merikkka poverty. Bud loats of goats in yards! Along/ pitbulls + broken down cars + other junk. Dint want to impose nun so stayng at ∫um shitty motel off th I-5 in a strip mall nexto a dollar store, just like inny other corner in these parts. Took a few deep breaths + then wint o'er to see our ol' mutter like a good son, in a house full of frends of our step-sister hangin' round watching football actid as a sorta welcome buffer. Had us our 1° awkword Trump-supporter encounter, we sed ∫um shit about Trump + dude says «um, we all voted for Trump». Figgerd safe to say sints ∀ll Mexikins + nativ Amerikins in th room, bud guess we figgered wrong, cant make such assumptions. we dint want to git into w/ them bud @ th end of th day think it gits back to that weird sense of entitlement ∀merikins halve, specially in rural areas, wanting to protect what's theres, their jobs + houses + trucks. .. th Indians (th only 1s that deserve to feel such entitlement) + Mexikin-∀merikins dont want mo Mexikins coming cross th border + also hay a certin pressure to fit in w/ rednecks .. outside of L.A. guy next to me @ Chuys orders ∫um fruity concotion w/ rum + pineapple + raspberrys coming outta her, fine + dandy in L.A. city limits bud dont dare order such a girly drink once u get in rural areas, holmes, puro bud or coors .. + rural Cauliflornia just as bad as th south + they sure as hell dont want big govt in DC telling them what to do .. u kin kind of see their punt, food dont just grow on trees .. oh, wait, it does! But ∫um1 needs to grow er + ogwah dont grow on trees + our d-mand for food creates this whole mess just like th drug trade .. their livelihoods d-pend on d-mand from city-slickin' hipsters shopping @ Whole Foods .. hippocritickle to have a lawmaker in DC making laws about who gits ogwah + hoo dont + then aksing for a steak @ le diplomate probly came from Coalinga + needid plenty of ogwah .. again, only solution = stop breeding .. for th most part tho rednecks nice folk .. tho ppl @ my motel dint take so kindly to me once they saw we put a DC address on our registration form ..

16 Jan | Orland> yearned to go hiking up in upper Bidwell near Chico but trails closed cuz of flooding. So in stead wint for a run along Black Butte reservoir. No trails, but found a sorta axess rode along a barbed wire fence w/ no trespassing sines, mudddy ± rocky, not so great for running. Warned of rattlers but too cold. Cows on udder side of fence mooing @ us like we mad. Perhaps. Then took our mudder to revisit old haunts in Chico, past our old house on Salem st + to lower Bidwell .. then to a shopping spree @ Trader Joes to stock up the fridge + then down along th Sacramento past DO NOT ENTER barriers roads closed cuz of flooding but figured weed take a peak far as we cd go til cops came. Then made pozole + tacos for a bunch of folk, again ∀ll Trump-supportin Mexikins + Indians (from New Mexico) so worry'd that our city-slicker non-piggy pozole woont pass muster, but they all wolf'd her down + sed yum .. ojalá que ponymos liberal dose of anti-dote plenty nuff to counterract Trump's mind-washing FX .. if you cant parlay sense into folk may-b u kin thru food ..

goats in Orland


cryo train


endless orchards


casualty of humanity


black butte + a distant Shasta



Bidwell bramble


barn along th Sacramento



th Sacramento on th verge of flooding her banks

17 Jan | Vacaville> woke up + headid back south tward Oroville .. nearabouts to where our peoples come from .. gold-seeking 49ers on our mudder's side .. up + int' th foothills to do th feather falls hike .. ran her for exorcize (~9 mi) .. then onto Marysville (named for 1 of th cannibals in th Donner party) to halve lunch w/ Say Sir, Valley-ho .. @ ∫um punjab dive in a strip mall, Yuba City actually.. good to ketch up w/ him, last we saw him we ate Indian food in NYC where our bedder-½ found a cockaroach in her bharta .. no such luck this time .. tho w/o my glasses on we mite not notice, especially hard to tell differnce tween cooked eggplant + cockaroach. Pushed on to Vacaville .. as a kid we got fond memarys of stoppin @ Nut Tree on th way from Frisco to Chico .. now Nut Tree aint a rest stop in th middle of nowhere but part of a massive sprawl of strip malls like innywhere else in ∀merika ..

old cabin up in gold country


baldy rock i think they called her


creek turned river



feather falls

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