Swann St 1st story... can u here me now?


27 June 2019> Continuing our virtual tour from the ground floor 0, we'll now take u thru the front door of our new digs on Swann St (to R.E.M.):

+ now in pics...

walking thru the front door into the living room


for comparison, what the living room looked like at the time we bought the house


the front window (w/ ottoman we upholstered 2 posts ago)


how the previous occupants furnished it...

They left/sold us a bunch of stuff but we ended up getting rid of most of it, replaed the "Ethan Allen Box-Pleated Balloon Shade Toppers made of Shalini silk" w/ wood blinds + swapped out the carpet w/ rugs more our style. Also sold the Ethan Allen chair + the parlor table next to it. Unfortunately they took the grandfather clock w/ them otherwise we wd of kept that for sure.



(again, how it looked before we moved in)





We also sold the couch + glass coffee table. That white box at far right behind the chair is a Bose sub-woofer.... they left us their sound system which perhaps in the late '90s or early '00s was state of the art, w/ surround sound speakers throughout the house... but we don't got no CDs or TV, all we can do is use the AUX port for our iPhone + computer + we're still trying to figger out how to get the downstair speakers to work. Speaking of, yesterday we rode our bike all the way to the hospital to get a hearing test only to find out our insurance didn't cover it so we din't take the test. Fuck the Amerikin medickle system, don't need to spend $900 to find out what we already know. But we did just do this online hearing test at audicus.com + guess our ears ain't so bad no more, just low tones in our right ear we can't hear so well. And as a test, just now we had the phone to our right ear + we cd hear OK (a bit muddled)—much better than last year when we couldn't hear at all in our right ear. So whatever it was—ear infection, all them Swans concerts (speaking of Swann st), or recording the Sound Furies un album w/ headphones cranked to volume 11)—seems to have fixed itself! And our shoulder is much better, thx for aksing.

into the dining room (w/ gas fireplace + yes, a mini-sink even)


same shot before (w/ ridiculously wide angle)

They used this room for a study/liebury but we figgered it'd be better as a dining room (they had their dining room on the ground floor where we put our gym). They also had a big closet in this room which we tore out the doors + turned into an alcove... + we still got more closet space then we know what to do with. And we replaced sum gross flourescent light w/ that Moroccan 1.

the back wall w/ the puppets is where a closet used to be


before shot for refrence




back in the living room looking down + up the stairs


Going up the stairs to the 2nd floor, which we'll cover in the next post...

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