Roamin' Caput Mundi, Rione
by Rione, Strada per Strada

From the folks that brought you the Maphattan Project, we propose RomeRioni, wherein we roam each rione of Rome, street by street, taking in the sights, sounds, textures, smells + tastes.

We got no objectives or ulterior motives except to exercise our bodies + minds. We aim to document our wanderings in this little notebook + transcribe our impressions here on 5cense.

We plan to tackle each of the 22 riones in no pertickler order or timeframe, starting w/ R.XX in Feb 2018:

Coat of Arms Rione # Date completed
R.I. Monti May 2018
R.II. Trevi Aug 2018
R.III. Colonna Nov 2018
R.IV. Campo Marzio Oct 2018
R.V. Ponte Dec 2018
R.VI. Parione Dec 2018
R.VII. Regola Dec 2018
R.VIII. Sant'Eustachio Dec 2018
R.IX. Pigna Dec 2018
R.X. Campitelli Sept 2018
R.XI. Sant'Angelo Mar 2018
R.XII. Ripa Feb 2018
R.XIII. Trastevere Sept 2018
R.XIV. Borgo Sept 2018
R.XV. Esquilino June 2018
R.XVI. Ludovisi Nov 2018
R.XVII. Sallustiano Aug 2018
R.XVIII. Castro Pretorio Nov 2018
R.XIX. Celio July 2018
R.XX. Testaccio Feb 2018
R.XXI. San Saba Sept 2018
R.XXII. Prati Oct 2018

Upon completion, we propose 1 last giro around the Aurelian wall encompassing Rome [—which we did on 31 Dec 2018, as well as a few long walks into the quartiere beyond the wall).


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