496> we father communeacake Wolfish posthumanjism on th eariversable way thru Tigoni to a T-field

25 Aug 2016 | Tigoni, Kenya> woke in Isiolo + drank (we hope) our last cup of instint coffee for a wile (tho admit we got a soft spot for Nescafé) .. drivers sposed to meet us @ 7:30 AM but only Bernard there, th locol kid a no-show .. same guy we cot a few days b4 whacked out in a miraa (a.k.a. khat) den .. B went to go roust him from his crib til we got to thinking we dint want this numbskull d'riving us on no sleep may-b still high on miraa ± hoo nose what so, hell, we got in 1 car + d'rove ourselfs + B drove th other car .... T.I.A. as them say here in afreakin-A .. tho DiY aint tradition here so much as «cause to happen» .. no time to git used to d'riving on th left side .. rite INT. th thick of bustling Isiolo traffic—motopscyho taxis + trucks + donkeys pulling carts + goats + ppl walking every wich way dont matter what side u drive on innyway just k-os .. helps that we used to d'rive southpaw when we lived here b4 but havent d'riven on th left side for almost a decade now tho d'riving tout juillet en France perhaps help'd, non? .... @ Thika road we switch'd + took Bernard in our landcruiser + Fatuma drove their prado th last strech int' Nighrobi .. but we headid tward Limuru on janky pot-holed roads thru Kiambu past th monstrosity of a mall in progress (2 Rivers .. when finish'd gunna beecomb th largest in th southern hemi-sphere .. great Al Shabab Target ⦿ if u ax us) thru Banana Hill to Logo + Lead-belly's place near th Tigoni T-fields .. not th same shamba as last time we stay'd here oh, guess we drove that trip so not that long as we sed sints we drove left-side .. L + L's new shamba just up th road from th ol' place .. them brot most all th animals w/ them, tho now keep th majority of their shoat @ their udder shamba in Rumuruti where theys a'starting a full-on dairy farm to make artisanal cheeses—sheep for th mos part but them still gots a dozen or so goats here we communed con a'long w/ 6 jersey cows + 2 calfs + countless bantam chickens + geese + hives of bees + 4 dogs inklewding a liddle hotdog pup + a massive garden makes them quasi self-sufishant tho definetly not in th wine + hooch dept (aint easy keeping th glassis fill'd when we git together w/ them!) .... cramp'd up for 6 hrs driving a car made us want to go running rite away into th T-fields 1 of our faverit places on this planit to run thru hedges of hip-hiyh tea bushes cultivated on a purfect grid (so them kin axess th tea for e-z picking) that gits tweak'd by topography so u kin ether fallow contours or hit 1s going up ore down steep gulleys to th next hill ova .. sucking wind big time not used to stet altitude (2300 meters) .. then hung around w/ th dogs + farm animals catching up w/ L + L ..

new development (a church off corse) on th way from Isiolo > Tigoni


th new kid on th block (on L+L's farm)


th wise mother of th above (hoose name slips our mind but we pitcherd her last we stay'd here)


w/ th new kid


th new Billy goat


∫um of th chickens


bobo + snag


th jersey's


T-goni T-fields (runner's pairadice)


ramshackle cabin in th gulley

26 Aug> ran again thru the T-fields this time over by Brackenhurst plantation .. Dog's country if u ax us .. udderwise hung out w/ th goats + cows reading What is Posthumanism? by Cary Wolfe (th serius coordinator for th Posthumanities series, uv which we re¢ently njoy'd Vampyroteuthis Infernalis) .. a sort of sistematic review of ∫um udder books + artickles on th subjet (of posthumanism) inklooting th likes of How We Became Posthuman by N. Katherine Hayles (wich we blog'd about b4 here + here) so cunsider this our cuntinude sistematic review of posthumanism .. @ least our (perhaps warp'd) view uv her .. sí, we see posthumanism as th mos viable alter-native to th e-radication of th human race from this here planit (weed totally anileate ∀ll human beings if we had our druthers!) + poshumanism in so menny weighs jives w/ our own homegrown philosophia that gits x-press'd in our ridings (concurrently in A Raft Manifest) that if u read this blog regalure-like u probly sick + tired of us ranting on about tales cosas .. estos 4 coronerstones we hold closest to our cœur—

  • to knot bee—th brash arrowgents of this here dam race to call ourselfs «human beings» purty much ∫ums her up (why we prefer beans in sted) .. to think udder animals got no rite to ∃xist on th sane playne feeld as = to us .. mite not amound to mo then a hill of beings, butt cuntinew us our m-bargo uv th verb to be in mean time
  • authority—our renunciation of authorship (not attaching our Dog-given name to nada) ova books = a posthuman jester spose u stop to think .. eliminating man from th equayshun + letting an opus speak for herself .. + also riding in 1° person plural or 2° or 3° .. never «i» but we ± u ± s/he .. + no hay tal cosa como «it» in sted use «her» to make up for centurys of sexist landguage
  • hippocrisis of riflexivity—hour absession w/ self-refrents (+ her inherant contradickshuns) dates back to our college daze of quantum mechanix + comes back to bite us in th ass whenever pen gits put to paper w/ virtually ∀ll walks of life we pooling ourselves along by our bootstraps, ever maninfesterd as a never-ending stream of pairofdocks deconstructed b4 we even leaf th grnd so best knot to state nada outrite using carwreck'd granmar .. no spilling earhorrors nether, S-ay, no punt in riding carwreck lest u want to spoil th sense of discovering for 1 self
  • animal rites—nutting we hate mo than when a book review says she «captures th human cundition» or ∫um such caca de vaca cuz th so-cald human cunditon gits tetherd + tangled within wile we living, cant claim nada til too late .. standalone humanism (sin post) cant say squat about nada moss, specielly animals ..

> .. not that we parrotphrase here waht Wolfe rode but he touches up on simulure topicks that inspired our thinking .. off corse (+ like Hayles) he in turn digs deep into Derrida's packets turn'd insite oud .. not sure if Derrida ever udder'd th wurd «posthumanism» but in menny respecks he = father uv th field

27 Aug> ∫um geeky coffee xpert (hed rowsteer for Nespresso) came to visit Logo to check out his coffee plants so we tag'd along had nada bedder todo than look-see + taste ∫um of th roastid product (talk about farm-2-fork .. tho we dint use no fork but a coffeecup .. + this hed rowsteer geek he aks'd for a spoon + slurp'd super loud when he sampled to «air-rate» he sed) .... then went for a run doing anudder longer loop thru th T-fields + got back just as D went to fetch th cows so we went-with to help git th cows out of th pastchair (on them ol' propretty) + herd them th km or so up th rode back to L+L's new shamba .. then help'd them milk th cows + goats .. did bedder then l'ultima volta we musterd to milk capre in Italia ..

karmelion he dice chow w/ Seussian paw


birdnest in coffee bushes

> then chill'd read more of Cary Wolfe's book .. spose if u aint familyar nun w/ posthumanism Wolfe's book aint such a bad plays to start .. knot that we portend for 1 sec to redigester th high-falootin filosofickle retorick a'coming outta Wolfe's boca (crepi il lupo!) .. we cunsider ourself apply'd filosofur hoo babels on sin comprehendo K y por K we dice ± due wah dice say + do-due .. an ingenear u cd say (as awposed to a theoretickle sighingtist ± fizzycyst) .. that muster to practiss que les goûts de Derrida + Deleuze them a prêachen .. avec le luckshorey that we dont gadda expliquer pour quoi, sucker .... we wont attempt to ∫ummerize What is Posthumanism? but we inkloot akey our nodes we rode in th margins wile reading her (in coronerlogic order of th book):

  • «closure = overrated» we rote .. spose in frustration for knot fooly gitting her .. but on th udder hand ¿why th need to always close an argument tan limpio? .. bedder to leaf open ends .. liff in th o-pen w/o closed gates or ports .. ¿why diesect th corps in th morgue to figger how she kick'd bucket? .. bedder to leaf amblingooity in th back of yo hed charge, no? .. + dont bother checking on Schrödinger th cat, yo .. let her liffey on in a state of indetourmancy ..
  • Wolfe talks a lot bout th «paradox of self-referential autopoiesis» .. wich we dont git in terds of worms cuz we motorheds dig gitting our hands dirty, need us think in terms of a machine ± ingene (prefurbishly a 4-stroke carnot 1) .. th self-refurrential pairofducks we git as we sed upstairs 1 of our coronerstones .. th word autopoiesis tho we read as ∫um sorta randumb txt generator riding poetry wich we cant pitcher nun cuz we aint no poet nether, never portendid utterwise .. a ℝeel moondough v-uckle comes 2 mined cuando leyemos la pallbarer autopoiesis .. a bootstrapt v-uckle moss complicato than say a raft, 1 w/ mooving parts como our 1° car we learn'd to d'rive—a 66' VW Bug wherein we used to hump ∀ll our own spare parts (cumbined w/ th no-how) case on a rainy day she broke down + we needid to fix her on th spot .. dont no about u but this = th spit + image that comes to mind when we read la palabarer autopoiesis ..
  • strange + coinsidental (regarding ∀ll this talk of animal rites) cuz last time we here in T-goni we read Coetzee's Disgrace (wich Wolfe refurences, in partickler when he works youthanizing dogs @ th animal shelter) + also The First Word by Christine Kenneally (a book on animals + language) .. in sed environment we feel cunflict'd cuz much as we revere animals + dig hanging w/ goats we feel weird about ppl keeping them as pets ore «livestock» .. in th last post we touch'd upon how a pastoralist (or worse, a slaughterhouse worker's) hed space must messysorrily adapt to accomodate th hippocrisis of herding animals in a sorta fuck'd reciprocal altruism that has devolved to th xtent that their reverance for animals (camels .. or in the case of hindoos, th cow) makes them not eat them! .. so wtf = th pt? (∀ll @ th xpense of climet change + needless suffering) .. our hosts here eat ± milk ± collect th eggs of ∫um of sed farm animals but not ∀ll + not so much outta necessity but cuz uv ∫um vestigial feel-good instink harking back to noah's ark thinking animal-loving humans responsible for th well-being .. + sed animals beecomb escape goats for selfdefacing guilt ova halving them to b-gin stemming way back from deNile ... oh, wah we must sackofrice in ourselfs via wah Derrida calls «carnophallogocentrism» .. + «In so doing, Derrida evacuates the difference—the materiality—between diffrent sacrificial structures and practises.»
  • + not just th keeping of animals that bothers us here but servants .. as when we lived here we rant'd on about plenty, no? .. never bot into th lame justifications .. that them need a job, etc. .. but no madder how u slice her this establishis a fuck'd an unequill relayshunship .. 1 thing to go to a restraunt + have a waiter bring u food or in a hotel a maid making yo bed ∫um say this aint no ∆iffrent but when u have servants u have a relayshunship w/ them that kin never bode well unhealthy on bot sides .... 1 of th mo prominent charactors (Marea th murmaid) in A Raft Manifest gits based luzly on a maid we had growing up in Mexico .. not that we orderd her around nun (typickly we clean'd up b4 she came cuz we ashamed to have ∫um else clean up our mess or just thawt th idea uv her weird) but sints our mutter often galavantid off to th beatch or discotecas this Marea (su nombre royal era María) b-came our surrogate mutter (or (m)other as Wolfe rites) .. or @ least we stretching th truth to deal w/ this noshun still quite commune nowadays w/ young professionals we know in NYC so hell-bent on them careers ± making moola they hire nannys to look after them kids .. such a fuck'd noshun 4 ∀ll involved when u stop to think .. th kid cunfused cuz he dont no hoo = mutter .. th nanny supressing inny naturel maternal instinks she mite have to not git hurt nun sposing she ever gits let go + for th pairunts they dont git to xperience bean im pairental bean ..
  • in an ideal moondough we must muster to transend not just human naychair (above even animal naychair) to beecomb 1 w/ th information flow in a flewid weigh, yo
  • this passedge in pertickler struck home: «There [Francois] Jacob reminds us that "heredity is described today in terms of information, messages, and code." What this means—and this is clearly related to Derrida's early work on both Husserl and Saussure—is that "the intention of a pysche has been replaced by the translation of a message. The living being does indeed represent the execution of a plan, but not one conceived in any mind."»
  • also fathers our pondering on th ∆elta .. ore ∆ifferential .. (not just in regards to 1° ± 2°-hand deepriverdives but différence as Derrida means: «Herein lies the radically posthumanist dimension of writing-as-difference: the subject—in a process nearly proverbial for contemporary thought from Derrida to Lacan—only comes to be by conforming to a stricly diacritical system of differences, "effects which do not find their cause in a subject or a substance, in a thing in general, a being that is somewhat present, thereby eluding the play of difference."»
  • + Wolfe plots on about Luhmann + Derrida + th ∆elta twine wah d-say + how d-say her (utterance): «In Luhmann as in Derrida, writing takes center stage as the paradigm of communication, but only because it exemplifies a deeper "trace" structure (the grammè of the program, as it were) of meaning—the sorts of later technical developments, beginning with printing, in whcih we have already seen Derrida himself keenly interested in texts like Without Alibi and Archive Fever [wich we talk'd about here]. In this light, the problem with "oral speech," as Luhmann describes it, is that it threatens to collapse the difference between information and utterance, performatively subordinating information to utterance and presuming their simultaneity ....»

28 Aug> in flite Amsterdam to Atlanta .. after Nighrobey > Amsterdam .. haha wah if we rode backwoods just like how blog timelines + twitter feeds etc read backwoods? .. how must this inevitably affect our thinking? like how growing up w/ media such as casette tapes (± 8-track or reel-2-reel even) makes us ∆iffrent than those ween'd on didgital music specielly for those hoo tend to always shuffle th order wich we admit we prone todo lately losing track of th intendid prawgression of an album .. starting we dont member when weave provided u (dear Inurnet) w/ arrows @ th end of these posts + #'d them for inny 1 itching to read 5¢ense in seekquenchel order but hoo dose that inny mo? .. dont matter nun .. ∀ll = ear-riversible now .. spose u wantid a backwoods version of this post u cd go back to post #492 where in fact we did travel DC > Amsterdam > Nightrobey tho then we went DC > Detroit > Amsterdam + now we gong (if we ride cymbalickly backwoods) DC > Atlanta > Amsterdam + in Amsterdam we past thru th additional Amerikin layr of secure-a-T where them aks u dumbass qwestions then thru anudder layr of secure-a-T then fly Amsterdam > Nightrobey + in Night-roberry we went thru secure-a-T to git to th gate + secure-a-T yet again just to git into th airport + then this bazaar rigamarole them do now b4 a car (driven by Bernard .. th same driver that drove us to Isiolo) even drops us off ∀ll th passinjures got to git out + file cum cattle thru some outpost w/ mo secure-a-T + then we all scramble cum b-herded cats to reunite w/ our respectiv v-uckles .. cumplete headscratching k-os as well as th traffic driving to from th airport .. for th mos part nice new hi-way (th eastern bypass) 'cept for this 1 bottleneck @ th jct where all sistems cumpletely broke down cuz ppl git impatient + drive on th utter side against oncoming traffic + off in th guttery grass on th sholder til no cars can moove in ether direxion every1 just yelling @ each utter a clog'd intersexion w/ no 1 going nowhere nohow no lites no traffic cops just cars + trucks + matatatoos angled in all direxions going ningoon party .. + then to Logo + Leadbelly's house where th linearity of this post dont matter nun cuz we spent 2 nites + 3 daze not going nowhere 'cept for runs in th T-fields or herding cows from down th rode or walking round th farm .. + @ this pt wheel stop riding backwoods .. cuz u kin just go read wah ja we ∀ll reddy rode .... strange still to us cuz we starting to recognize bot these KLM + ∆elta flite attendance cuz reckon we had them on th way or may'b ∫umtime else we forgit .. th clock on this machine (that in anticipation we ya set to DC time where D.C. stands for direct current as opposed to alturnating current) .... 6:28 AM but we drinking beer cuz feels bout that time to our bwody tho our bedder-½ just offerd us ∫um of her banana wich cant think of 2 food items mo incumpaddlebull (± less cumpaddlebull) .... + speaking of cassette tapes we just watched Güeros on th plane .. a sort of Mexikin Stranger than Paradise 'cept sted of Screaming Jay Hawkins these kids obsess ova a cassette tape of 1 Epigmeneo Cruz (wether he ∃xiste or knot in el ℝeel moondough no sabemos pero supone k lo hizo Bob Dylan llorrar?) handid down to them by them (f)other .. had a ℝeel nice nouvelle vague ambients to her w/ ∫um Fellini + Jarmusch thrown in 4 good measure .. great use of soundsound is not voice» as Wolfe sez) + sense of time + place felt very 80s or 90s not just cuz of th cassette but no indication of cellphones (in fact they communeacake w/ their downstairs naybore (a werejaguar girl w/ downs sindrome that Olmecs revered as special in a good way not as retardid) using one of them tin-can telephoneys) .... a mexikin 80s we kin relate to tho we lived in Godalajara not no D.F. .. 1982-1985 .. th film captured th place/time well just as we member .... sides this we cuntinew to read Wolfe's Posthumanism book .. farther nodes + passedges we hi-lited in no partickler order nor rime ± rayzone cept as fallows from th book:

  • «The source of our greater intelligence when compared to our mammalian relatives, he [Luhmann] argues, is not the size of our brains but "our habit of off-loading as much as possible of our cognitive tasks into the environment itself ...» what he refers to as xteriorized prosthetic processes .. uv which we inkloot this dam 5¢ense as such a ∆-terrastorialized prosthetic .. not to menshun A Raft Manifest .. so much crap upstairs in th attic we dont member wah we red ± rode 12 posts ago .. th importint thing not wah we member or retain but that we saber where to look to finger in th archives (where our index comes in handy)
  • animals kin pretend but not pretend 2 pretend .. unlike us pretense-us humens .. + dubbly «problematic is that this concept and phenomenological restabilization of the subject by means of language—putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, as it wore—not only constitutes an illusion but also forms the very ontological specificity of the human itself ...» wich harks back not only to Finnegans Wake (via Humpty Dumpty's fall) but perhaps a 5° coronerstone we forgot to menshun in regards to th foundation of our 4x4 framework of A Raft Manifest .. what he calls «intelligent but unthinking» behavior ties into our 2° conchus incompetense psychologickle state we divulged in our primer for th perplex'd .. wich applys not just to The Becoming (where we applyd unconchus incompetense) but now in A Raft Manifest wherein we b-come self-conchus of our incompetense ..
  • in parrotphrasing th likes of Derrida + Peter Singer (hoo we need to read)—dont so much madder wether animals kin have landgauge or raison but wether them suffer .. wich touches upon our recent application (spurn'd by our ℝeel moondough shoulder pain urlier this year) of th boodist 4 newbile truths witch hinge (± impinge) on suffering .. + tho Wolfe dont menshun her, we always ponderd weather wah Camus regardid as th sole filosophickle problum = sewerside = a uniquely human axion? .. inny udder animals capable of self-checkout?
  • th 3° chapter on bioethics = th Venn die-o-gram intersexion uv our (Cal A. Mari) alterior intrests + those of our bedder-½ .. tho wile ours = strickly literary our bedder-½ comes @ her from a more noble + practickle p.o.v. as relates to food + agriculture .. + ∫um of th big-wig playrs Wolfe menshuns our bedder-½ works with + speaking of nutrition + philosophy Wolfe references this Derrida artickle on th Limits of Digestion wich we cd probly ride a hole nutter post on .. how he respectfully tethers to gather th act of eating + reading/riding: «It would mean respect for that which cannot be eaten—respect for that in a text which cannot be assimilated. My thoughts on the limits of eating follow in their entirety the same schema as my theories on the indeterminate or untranslatable in a text. There is always a remainder that cannot be read, that must remain alien. This residue can never be interrogated as the same, but must be constantly sought out anew, and must continue to be written.»
  • ∀ll this reinforzes our I-ball hippothesis (in th posthumanistic sense of detaching th humin elemant from th sense oregon) harking back to 1 of th 1° posts ever we rote here on 5¢ense (eyewitness limbo) wherein honistly we think (to parrotphrase the buybull) that «in the b-ginning Dog created th I-ball» .. + th I-ball then evolved our bwodys to look-see + not th udder way around, u here? .. cuz w/o our bwodys our I-balls git stuck in 1-dementedshunall rut perro w/ 2 legs we kin hike a'round free .. (see allsew our post on mobility + Bergson's Creative Evolution)
  • «"Herded" is indeed a word to be insisted on here, as this piece also focuses our attention not on livestock animals but the domestic animals—mainly cats and dogs—for whom the chip is designed, animals that a vast majority of owners describe as family members.» —spose we inkorpurate what Wolfe d'says as our own d'rafted maninfest (to father tisdance ourselfs form ∆-Nile) weed reride her comme sea: her dead in deed a pallbarer we subsist on akey come jig pedazoo alsew fuckisses our attn not on livestock animals but dumbestatic 1s—manely CATs (lie-ins) + Dog—4 hume th chip gits ∆-sined .. animales k vast proprietary mayors d-scribe cum fameliar carnal, homes
  • must admit after a wile we reach'd super-saturation (as sure u probly likewise gitting suturated reading this) .. seams Wolfe bytes off mo than he kin chew, a'tryng to reel in ∀ll sorts of despirate subjets (from «Dead Meat to Glow-in-the-Dark Bunnies», to Dancer in the Dark (witch we itching to rewatch now) + My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (after 25 yrs still in hiyh rotation in our catalog + th book by Amos Tutuola form witch Byrne/Eno derived th name tops our list of ∀ll-time greats (tho Wolfe niglecks to menshun her .. talk about a posthuman opiss!) + utter works of art + architecutre) .. toepicks + ppl (cept for Christo) we too hold in hiyh reverance but not sure what she ∀ll gots todo w/ posthumanism (then again u cd say innything dose .. specielly if we need to rethink them thru a posthumanistic (rather than th debunk'd humanistic (pre-post)) lens ..
  • 1 of these books that multiplys exponentially into cuntinude rabbid holes to go down + udders to look into like Luhmann when he articulates bedder then we kin why we ride th weight we due: «The choice of words as a medium creates a compelling and unusally dense combination of self-reference and hetero-reference running through the entire text. Words carry and "signify" their ordinary meanings, and this is why they refer to something other, not just to themselves. At the same time, however, they also carry and "signify" a special textual meaning, within which they execute and propel the text's recursions. Text-art organizes itself by means of self-referential references that combine elements of sound, rhythm, and meaning. The unity of self-reference and hetero-reference lies in the sensuous perceptibility of words.»

.. tho w/ less emphasis on rithymn + sound (unless u cunsider our unsound way 2 SOñAR puget sound cum dicebats) + moss on parabell entymology (sectually inbred word-story morphology in tandumb) + litterule x-lation d-rivered from our mind w/ gutteral instink ..... + wheel end on this node sints now (30 Aug) we back in DC hitting th grnd running in preparation for our next moove to Georgetown, holler hoya!

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