515> d-rivin' ℝeins down L Camino ℝoyal to Pismo + further so SoCal

Jan 18, 2017 | Pismo beach, CA> drove from Vacaville thru Vallejo (speaking of Say sir, Valley-ho, who we visited yesterday in Yuba City) thru Dublin round th east side of th bay .. d-riving in d-riving rain + heavy traffic @ 1 pt took about an hour to go 2 miles .. stopped in Gilroy for gas, tempted to buy garlic but still working on th box Stanley Crawford sent us from this year's crop .. thru Salinas valley ∀ll th way down til we hit th coast @ Pismo beach .... now chilling on th coast outta th rain gitting ∫um work done (editing A Raft Manifest by hand) ..

Wagner's Trilce (homophonic translation of Vallejo's Trilce)
translated homophonically into Norwegian!

19 Jan> try'd to go running this morn in Pismo Preserve, but dont ∃xist yet (tho listed on googlemaps .. not open tll 2018) .. big reason we stay'n @ this pertickler place in Pismo beach across from th preserve .. insted ran along th coast to dinosaur cave + then back + down along th beach to th pier .. thawt weed git a brake in reign, but pour'd cats + dogs + we got drench'd to bone, shoes soak'd + we only brot 1 pair .. cleared up a bit so went back out later + got fish tacos + watch'd surfers from th pier til she startid to rain again ..

looking up whale in dictionary (bathroom art)


dinosaur caves



Pismo pier





th beach in a deluge




in th tube


sand desine





saltwater taffy


20 Jan | La Jolla> left Pismo in torrential rain .. biblickle shit .. 3-4 hours nonstop like buckets of hogwah gitting cuntinously poured on yo windshield .. wipers cranked, road coverd w/ puddles pooling to rivers in th gutter, traffic crawling along, phone broadcasting emurgency messages about flash floods .. what shd of taken 2:50 minutes to LAX took 5+ hours .. good thing we left way early .... met our bedder-½ coming in from London .. finally reunited! after 17 days apart .. she actually flew ∀ll th way round el moondough + then ∫um .. always westword .. DC > Seoul > Bali > Timor L'este > Bali > Kuala Lumpur > London > LA .. so she cumpletely skewed timezone-wise beyond jetlag mo like a polar shift .. she slept in th car wile we drove south to San Diego .. insane traffic as u'd xpect .. she gots ∫um confrence up near UCSD .. Torrey Pines .. had Mexikin for dinner in La Jolla .... meanwhile back «home» in D.C. Trump getting sworn in .. glad we aint there ..

driving rain

21 Jan | wint for a walk startin up on th bluff along th golf corse thru Torrey Pines preseve .. trails closed cuz of rain day b4 but took them innyway down to th beach but tide too hiyh to git past .. cuntinued to where she flattens out near la goon .. startid to walk twards Del Mar cuz tide still hiyh to hit Black's + beach covere'd w/ frothy scum then thawt bedder + braved thru scum + rogue waves still on th verge of pinning us against crumbling cliffs .. a cupple times dicey had to clime round on rocks .. but we basickly had Black's beach to oursleves only 1-2 utters brave/stupid enuff .. me made her th whole way w/o gitting our feet wet til th end near Scripps a rocky outcrop we coont climb over cuz too slick + then a series of big waves caught us offgaurd + we stood on top of rocks + try'd to keep our bedder-½ from falling but in th prawcess we got drenched up to our waist .. iPhone (wich normally we never carry) in jacket pocket (held above water) dint git submerged but just halving a dollop of water splash on her enuff to kill her .. went + got tacos in la jolla shores + kept walking to th cove .. massive swells .. a few surfers brave enough .. lots of seals + pelicans + tons of tourists of corse gawking @ th big surf + seals .. got a new pair of jeans (we only brot 1 pair) .. needed them anyway ..

Torrey Pines preserve



seal sleepin w/ fishes


frothy sea foam


shark food


that pelican head-throw thing they do, turning throat-pouch inside-out




seals checking to see if «the coast = clear»

22 Jan > wint for run .. essentially same route we walk'd yesterday w/ our bedder-bedder-½—down thru Torrey Pines then along Black's beach then up utter side—but cut coroners so not quite th ~½-marathon we did yesterday .. tide higher than yesterday a few pts we sprinted for safety climbing part way up cliffs clinging as waves came up to inches b-low .. manedged to keep our feet dry unlike day b-4 .... b-tween walking + running averaging o'er 10 miles a day this trip .. defnitely ezier to lead a helthy lifestyle in California then east coast .. now bunkering up in th rain .... speaking of walking, just herd th sad news about Mark Baumer (a.k.a. Boots Walking in America) who 100 days ago start'd walkin barefoot across America .. yesterday he got hit by a car + killed in Florida .. R.I.P. brother.

La Jolla (perhaps Baumer's intended detination) from up where hangliders take off



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