516> ¶ara-parasitic cascades in loose angles d'raftin winnowing mash'd jeans of ark angels

LA scene from th Getty

23 Jan 2017 | Santa Monica, CA> wake up torrey pines .. toto via stormy + reignin' .. d'rive back to Loss Anglease .. stay'in Santa Monika, on th bitch .. la playa tan granday no puedes ver ogwah de akey .. lookin out on th pier, wich we wint + walk'd out on @ sunset then father down th beach + ate @ via Veneto.. sea urchin + bottarga pasta + pesce crudo ..

Santa Moniker


7 palm'd playa

24 Jan> wint runnin along beachfront in Santa Moniker pensando de Chaulky hoo we used to run wit when he lived akey .... then walk'd to Venice, donday tom-bien vivi-o Chaulky, toto su turf, but back in th '80-90s, ha cambiado mucho desde .... along la playa + out on Venice pier + then back along th namesake canals + down main st. had tacos .. stop'd in @ small world books where Chaulky work'd for a spell + got Valeria Luiselli's Story of My Teeth .. moss tarday met Ashton @ Misfit bar .. nice to meat such folk iℝL .. then sushi @ Sugarfish .. good but not sure worthy of ∀ll th hype .. then again LA-ites like to hype todo .. mos def a hypernormalized estado, Lost Angels .. but rather than hypernormalized w/ politicks as base variable (like DC) hypernormalized w/ holywood @ her core .. shit, mayas well, rite? live in la la land .... w/∀ll this talk of Chaulky White perhaps hiyh time we finish riding 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY'? .. i.e part 2 .. put th SSEY in The Odyssey (th homecoming we left undone) .. specially sints we creeping up to th 20° anniversary of his deth .. bud not sure we gots th brain capacity to tackle SSES3 till we finish A Raft Manifest .. to work on both @ mismo tempo mush too mush ... bud cant help dadastreaming thru eyes of Chaulky on his turf .. halving never lived south of Monterrey .. aft'r we shcool'd together in hiyh shcool there Chaulky fled south (to UCLA) + we wint north (to finish H.S. @ Mtn View (way b4 days of google) + then to UCSC) .. only came down to L.A. to visit Chaulky .... cd never relate to L.A. nun then but may-b th Chaulky part of us now kin tolerate her? .. tho we nod sure we kin ever git used to ∀ll th cars .... cant beat th wether tho .. even th rainy + «cold» tempo they halving now weed take o'er th east coast inny day .. + no bugs! 1 kin chill out in th open w/ gitting bit unlike DC .. just so much mo cumfortable + tranquilo + cunducive to helthy living .. sides th car shit, wich ∃xists in DC as well .. perhaps w/ th new subway they building u cd live here sin coche?



under th pier



lookin back @ Sta Monikey from Ve'Nice pier


along th caNiles


wicked witch of west in limbo


th Vs in venice


Bisco Smith Afrika_47





sta monikey city hall


misfit bar

25 Jan> wint runnin north on th big beach til she ran out then shift'd to Westwood/Bel Air stoppin on th way to git korean tacos @ th famous kogi taqueria (th brick + mortar shop sints nun of th trucks nearby) .. intresting but aint d-serving of ∀ll th hype .... our hotel rite b-low Getty Museum but cant walk there so uber'd (cheaper than parking) .. intresting space up on th hill weve driven by menny times but never wint up .. nada mucho in th weigh of art bud nice vu + arkitexture .... wint to Westwood cuz our bedder-½ had to meet w/ ∫um 1 so we walk'd round .. again, Chaulky's turf, where he did a year or 2 of his undergrad .. nada much to see there tho, muy studenty .... drove sunset to holywood ate thai @ Night + Market .. pertty tastey, better then what u git in DC innyway .... cruised around Holywood aft'r ..

surfin th jetty


Sta Monikey from th north


JP Spa-Getty museum


illuminated manuscript


vu form spa Getty

26 Jan> wint for a hike up in Topanga .. Los Leones trail .. nice vuse .. dint git eaten by a mtn lion tho .. bum'd still about Mark Baumer .. found out th news minutes b-fore we post'd last post so dint hit us cumpletely .. just sad, bud @ least he died doing waht he loved doing .... we kin relate to th idea of a walkabout as a sort of a cleansing exorcism, bud if we did do such an epic walk weed do her in th wild .. pacific crest trail or ∫umping .. round humens + their shit least ass possible .. specially cars, no thx .. + weed rather die gittin eaten by a mtn lion then hit by a truck .. but Baumer had diffrent motivations .. a frontline warrior willing to take such risks head on .. u cd almost say a pacificist sewerside bomber .. did waht he due make a ∆am diffrence? .. madders most that he died doing her (coming from ∫um1 hoo said «th secret to doing things is just doing things» + wile livin he cd live w/ hisself knowing foolwell he never got cumplaysent resting on laurels but spoke his mind cuntinewously + his axions spoke for his words .. Baumer = crazy? no, every 1 else = loco .. he died a martyr tryng to normalize a skewed hypernormalized culture .... + here we joy-ride round L.A. (aint no udder way to see her .. weed walk around to see a city udderwise) .. in a rental Chevy Malibu (cuz they dint have th dam hybrid we reserved) drove to Malibu aft'r Topanga but knot nspired nun to stop .. back to Santa Moniker .. had salted plum riceballs @ Sunny Blue .. back to th hotel laid in th sun reading The Parasite by Michel Serres .. in glish 4 waht she worth, essentially untranslateable .. then wint to west holywood revisited old haunts from back when we work'd @ Napster + flew to th L.A. office 1 week per month .... ate Mexikin @ th kitschy El Carmen ..

LA from Topanga

27 Jan | LAX> reading The Parasite by Michel Serres so th rest of this post parasites in turn .. a parasite on a parasite, like a flea on th rats Serres speaks of .. ± to take her 1 step father, bubonic plague carry'd by th flea .... th interrupter that now beecombs parasite as th old parasite beecombs nouvel hôte in roach hostel .. formin th tryangle Serres alludes to encore + encore .. th delta, ∆ = diffrence (as Serres parasites Derrida) + his riding style parasites Deleuze .. teeterin' tween sense + nonsense .. juste quand clouds clear, new fog bank rolls in where bank (rive in French) d-fines (± d-files) th rever that flows w/ ever-present noise .. «The new meaning spread everywhere starting from wind and noise. Not a single language translated in several languages, but several spoken and several heard at the same time.» .. witch th format du livre diegresses int' even in glish translation tho for l'expérience plus authentique best to lire in french .... 3-pronged imply'd meaning (en français) of parasite (b-sides th biologickle + social types we share in glish) inkloots static interference .. or noise .. specially relevant readin' public (@ LAX) w/∀ll th distractions .. annoyin zombees yacking on phones + tocking bout nada nada nada .... butt even w/in th mundane chatter (if u train yoself zen-wise): «It was only a noise, but it was also a message, a bit of information producing panic [derived from th goat god Pan]: an interruption, a corruption, a rupture of information» .. th int.erupting parasite runs parrallel to X static .. statistickly a pair of L channels-cum-canals-cum-caye-Niles (speakin' paranormally of ∆eltas) as d-rivers back int' seafoam of noise w/ cascading fx..

Serrated parasitic cascade

+ a 4th imply'd undercurrent of static (@ least in glish) that Serres ne menshun pas = a fix'd positshun, knot in moshun .. stationary, by definition, witch sides static alsew = fantsea blank paper to ride letters on .. new meaning cascades in style sheets upon x-lation .. + relativ to observer .. «The system has shifted. If I approach the table, the noise slowly becomes conversation. In the system, noise and message exchange roles according to position of the observer and the action of the actor but they are transformed into one another as well as a function of time and of the system.» .. comme nous methud act cum parasite in d-riving our Raft Manifest .. th diff-ring ∆ = part of th thing herself ± produices th thing elle-même .... + Maxwell's demon figgers as prominent gatekeeper (gifing order to th noize, thru «its struggle against the tendency to death») as dose th differential calculos of Leibniz .. «It is the calculation that, as it is produced, produces the world. To communicate here is to calculate, that it [SIC] to say, to encode.» + «Leibniz described reality, formed of pools and fish, filled in turn, with fish and pools, ad infinitum. Mandelbrot repeats this of the world, inventing the world, and undoubtedly, the thing. I am saying the same thing of the process of knowledge.» .... wile Serres comes obsess'd w/ 3 in stet skema, we take th 4th deepriverdive .. reconfirming to eat low on food chain + recapitchewlater fillogenie ya recapitchewlating onto genies .. «One parasites the life of another: sometimes his ontogenous life and always his phylogenous life. The thing that is always pouring is phylogeny.» .... cuntinew us to blow up awkworducks, bomb th ca-Niles, undo th genie-logickle ties ± remoof deependants. «Not an echo, not at the center of everything like a sonorous echo, but on the edges of messages, at the birth of noises.»—witch in hour paroles means (in mathmatickle jargon = median): knot n echoes @ psychogeographickle centro of Toto a sonorin deserted us snoring siñores in th age of messyedges a mist th riberth of rudderin' ruido .. «In any case, repetition is death.» .. we ride stet medium, in th median knot xing (knot a d-vider so mush as unwait'd everedge, th ½-weigh pt in set of avg'd #s .... ever in th flow .. «That is what existence is: facing death, being in perpetual difference from equilibrium. These flows stop running over lacunar lands. [...] The fall kills us and creates us.» .. circluing back to Finnegan yet again!

29 Jan | Georgetown> back in DC w/ a new prez in town ugh .. gunna muster not to dwell on Trump too mush .... back to Serres, hour arch rivel (in a revered sense, cum living reverend .. a veritable navel occifer!) .... his riding d-fines/∆-files how we approach riding A Raft Manifest: «The exchanger is a builder where the moving parts are sorted as to meaning and move along according to that sorting, a winnowing machine with several hoppers [in our case 4] where the transformation is only cinematic.» txting imgs + imagenin txts by bootstraps carrying spares for this ark-raft in th hold .. «What does it mean to cross the sea? Images. The space of transformation as such emerges from this hodge-podge of abundance whose merit lies in having diagonally, askew, crosswise, many of the usual and stupid distinctions of philosophy.» .. en tout case, we gots lots mo' touché bout Serres + his Parasite but wheel save her for next post, ova + out ..

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