517> x-communecake us a frankenmash pas, no longr on 1° name baysis allah post-awp rehab

9 Feb 2017 | DC> bloggin from AWP .. yah, we know, weve said b'fore how never again wd weed attend an «Academia for White-Collared fascist Pigs» .. call us hippocrates bud in DC this yr so @ least we dint halve travel xpenses .. same cumplaints as always, blah blah tired of bitching .. «bud hey look @ th brite side! git to see folks we woont see udderwise» .. bud in th end we just co-miserate bout how it sucks for truely independant + non-acamedic presses/zines yadda yada yet us suckers reborn evrey minit come back yr aft'r yr cuz if u dont, well, u dont ∃xist pas + th only time u git to see mos folk = @ AWPs .... so here we sit in a hippo crate @ th furthest table from in.trance halving a cumpleat communecakeshun crysis .. sew last nite we got a r.i.placement dumbphone (aft'r our old 1 died when we got hit by a rogue wave in California) so back on phone/txt just in time bud in th process of hooking our email back up seams we fuck'd our accts fo good .... figgerd weed take th oppurtoonity to scratch from start + sints we git so mulch spam in our calamari email we created a ∆iffrent 1 (our last name @ calamari in sted of our 1°) but then got to thinkin wad a pain to tell every1 our new email so in stead d-sided to run calamari mail thru gmail to act as a sorta spam filter in ∞-2-1 mappin' ....

+ knot only we halving an identitty crysis w/ email addressis but also w/wat client-server application to use .. bin a'busing Outlook sints Dog nose when, a leaguesea from b-4 we switch'd to Mac (in them urly '00 yrs) when we workin stiff in office n-vironment .. always hated Outlook for menny reasons but Apple mail seams not much bedder + cant port our old crap over .... so resisted in th past .. bud now we giving her anudder Go see if we can make her work .... + not just our email = fuck'd but ∀ll our loggins so figgered hay, may-b hiyh time we switch'd up our passwords .. bin a deckaid moss ore minus .... cant log into Twitter to tweet about lo que sea as we probly shd enduring AWP mientras tonto udder presses got «street teams» of kids running circles round us .. «locked + loaded on every form of social media except snapchat» .. yes, actually herd ∫um whipper-snapper say this .... + then folk hand us credit cards + look shock'd when we say we dont take 'em .. cash or paypal only bud even paypal cant log in ughh reddy to say fuck IT ∀ll to didjetal commune-a-cake-shun'd + go live und'r a rock ..

12 Feb> 4 days since last post + shit, a fortnite since we last cunfessed here on 5cense, forgive us hairy mail, fool of grace, still halving a communecakeshun crysis .. in th end just d-sided to keep cumpooter shit status quo .. tho still cant cunsistently send/receive from bot calamari + gmail accts .. when we fix 1 thing seams to brake th udders + our emails in th interim gitting ∀ll outta sink .. + they keep proliferating or disappearing down th drain .. wheel see an email POP up for 3 sec then vanish into tin hair .... dint even bother to lug our cumpooter th next 2 days @ AWP so now weigh b-hind in our bloggin, far from th live-bloggin we did @ Boston 2013 .. same shit, ∆ifferent place tho all these cunvention spaces look th same, nada mucho to report on ... th effective presses w/ shit togather seam to use th American Honey model .. bud in sted of vulnerable homeless kids they use MFA students + in sted of selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door they petal lit zines @ bookfairs .. misma idea, ponzi skeme @ ponzi cunvention ∀ll 1 big racket ..

13 Feb> aft'r awsillating fack + borth d-sided to abandone our derek @ calamari email so if u tryne to git a hold of us homey use our last name in sted .. bud we keeping Outlook for now cuz Apple Mail cunfuses th fuck outta us .... innyway, ∀ll this coin-sided w/ th k-os of AWP .. tryne to communeacake + coordinet w/ utter folks .... perhaps serendipitus .. ∀ll cuz we fell in th ocean! .... speakin a witch, we took a photo we dint post b4—a few dayz b4 falling int. sea—of a low lake Oroville a few weeks ago b4 we hiked Feather falls + now th dam dam on th vurge of bursting her emurgency spillway + Say, sir Valley-ho! he lives in th line of fire so had to evacuate .. hope she reseeds + they kin return home soon ..

lake Oroville 3 weeks ago

.... on th last day of AWP aft'rwords we had a reading @ a place call'd Rhizome DC .. 1 of these marathon readings w/ 15+ readers .... so intents ∫um poor fella peed his pants (just happend to coinside w/ th reading by th author of «I Devoted My Life to the Clitoris») .... we musterd to snap off photos on our dumbphone perro por cualquier razón she recordid random sound bytes sew sints th reading startid w/ a franken-bio red by Claire Donato + Nat Baldwin, figgerd appropriate to halve a franken-mash slideshow of wads our camraw happend to record (in order of appearance, Claire/Nat, Julie Reverb, Nat Baldwin, L'Lyn Chapman + Brandon Hobson .. Stanley Crawford + Robert Lopez also red bud we forgot to take photos):

> lather then muster to cuntrol k-os mayas well embrace her .. generuley w/ toto, rite? comunque, now that AWP = terminado we can retrack back int our shell + disappear from el moondough .... git back to riding A Raft Manifest .. + 5cense .. last post we dint finish tocking bout The Parasite by Michel Serres .. speaking of k-os, Serres gots this to say on th subjick: «If these sources are stilled, death is there in the form of flat waves. Flat for recording, flat for closed ears. In the beginning is the noise; the noise never stops.» .. th last sentence of witch happens to = th title of 1 of th stories in Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn, wich we pre-launched @ AWP. Like Serres we git so hung up on words that often we cant compléter une pensée .. comme le mot launch, cant help thinking of lunching on language. When folks axed us waht Calamari Archive = «about» perhaps «language launch pads» = a good descriptor? Serres also says (in translation): «We are carried by the flow and the fuzziness of existence, its fluctuations and its circumstances, the advance of its production.» .... off corse le plupart we say ici, that we take node of = 4 hour one sake .... The Parasite ce genre de livre que vous pouvez lire en elle comme vous voulez .. even gots a passedge relayting to Remus + Romulus: «In the first diggings of the city walls of Rome, the twins are poorly distinguished from one another: the one who encloses the terrain and the one who transgresses the enclosure. They are both first ex aequo in this tie of origin. [...] The first who, having enclosed a terrain, decided to say, This is mine, was a dead man, for he immediately gave rise to his assassin.» .. spy vs. spy + map ≠ tearastory .. d-railed jail of tears .... a book shoent git d-filed by wad she = a bout, bud wad she does .. dose y does yo pardner in a chaosmic dance she cuntinewusly in spires renude life .. yet an utter raison to 4-sake th verb «to be» cuz IT kills wad IT d-fines/d-files .. «The more I climb back up on the parasitic chain, the more the irreversible river is troubled.» says Serres .. a-bridged ova trubbled waders flooding th emurgentsy spillway .... Serres speaks in terms of relations rather than absolute definitions. «His roles or incarnations are a function of the relation, the relation is a function of the parasite, in a circular causality, in feedback loops.» tho think he meant to say triangular causality .. et peut-être th translator ment to say (G)host sted of fantôme when Serres says: «Thus the Holy Ghost speaks every tongue, and everyone hears him in his own; this is the absolute metamorphosis of the essence of the relation.» .. ∀ll @ th risk of x-communication pa, dope! .. + speaking of speaking in tungs, Abe Smith kick'd off th Rhizome reading + boy did he .. 1 helluva delivery .. if we cd find such a vox perhaps weed reed out loud in public:

> when u free yoself from sense's, she falls into place piecemeal (gitting back to Serres) .. «Suddenly, the system we had sketched closes. In the nesting series of vampires, the first, as if by luck, jumps to the last position and, in one fell swoop, eliminates the intermediates, who leave in a hurry.» in dyin sprints cum ingenes we give in to k-os in .CSS .. «.. the cascade orders knowledge itself, of man and of life, making us change our terminology sin changing the subject.» c wad we mean en voyant ce qu'il veut dire? .. in during th hole AWP hard to not think nun bout th elephant in th room, th hell enfant w/ hell toupée .. @ 1 pt protesters form'd a picket line d-viding th bookfair in ½ witch seem'd silly .. only served to disrupt us probly 99% not for Trump .... as Serres says, «One day we will have to understand why the strongest is the parasite—that is to say, the weakest—why the one whose only function is to eat is the one who commands. And speaks. We have just found the place of politics.» .. y we remain resined to run + not fite .. perro donde correr? defnitly not runnin for no politickle office .. quill direction courir? «The introduction of a parasite in a system is equivalent to the introduction of noise. In Lucretius' work, the order of the world, a result of a declination in a laminar field, is an order by fluctuate. This fluctuation is a noise; it is a parasite. Time does not begin without its intervention. Irreversibility never appears without this factor of asymmetry.» + then he speaks of directional atoms .. we ride such stuff down here so they beecomb engrained 2° naychair to th x-tent that we further prop a gate in his gauze, nous traitons sess dadastream 2 regurge-a-tit a parable of a parabola on parole .... knot that we dogumeat Toto ici, utter nodes mite find their way strait int. A Raft Manifest .. «A gate, as far as I know, is also a semiconductor. Selection is also semiconduction.» + that th parasite runs parallel to selection .. Que veut-il dire? On s'en fout .... ∀ll a meta4 4 metamorphoursis where Rom = arch rivel coming to live in a river liffey .. a nomadic monad .... wad did we revenue post-AWP? we due a rivering theory of returns @ diminished capacity ever rigressing, back-paddling d'un coup to swell foop .... in French, direction = sens .. makes sense witchever weigh ... about Nat Baldwin's new book Claire Donato says an arising «sense acts as both a noun (an intuitive awareness) and a verb (to perceive)»—a duality we strive 4 not just @ sentence lvl bud in sounding out itch word in consecuting syzygy .. says Serres: «Articulated languages are parasited breaths. As was said in the classical era, the vowel is a soul—that is to say, wind—and the cononant is a body—that is, a limit and the temporal prison of the soul.» en core a parabolic parable of pallbears on parole .... ce livre même comme parasite .. a web'd parasite in x-sited state para sitio qwesto? «The parasite is a differential operator of change. It excites the state of the system: its state of equilibrium (homeostasis), the present state of its exchanges and circulations, the equilibrium of its evolution (homeorrhesis) its thermal states, and its informational state.» .... Serres even touches upon Lewis + Clark as parasites (th Northwest Passage 1 of his obsessions) .. «Men-parasites do not invade America without having been preceded by those they carry.» Like U.S. all o'er th map, where map does not terra story pa .... narcosis = numbfish, a narcissistic 1 @ that .. + «pharmakon is to the pharmacy what the narkon is to narcotics.» .... mommy crys mimicry + sis crys wolf .. «Everyone is blind for seeing only the hypocrisy, for seeing only the mimicry.» to tout a falçon, ill ya beaucoup plus de aliments pour la pensée en reading Serres, bud we stot to gop ∫um where

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