518> Self-oregonizing a scrapbook w/ d-tachable straps form my Karma Twin bra in just intonation

20 Feb 2017 | Ball-Timor> a'courting to th U.S. Patent + Trademark office, my Karma Twin (a rag man rearranged ala Gramma Ann) inventid th bra-strap clasp in 1871—

—bud hold yo horsis, cuz nun udder than Caresse Crosby (a.k.a. «Cross-Eyes Crab») invented th bra in 1914 (b-fore marrying «dubble-sewerside or it aint love» Harry, her name = Mary Phelps Jacob)—

—strange cunnection w/ brassiere patents + ∀merikin literapture?.. our Karma Twin also inventid a self-pasting scrap-book [that possibly made him mo' money than Huck Finn (a.k.a. Chin Funk)]—

—@ least in spirit (emdeddid digit-ly in InDesign) 1 use this technology to scrap together A Raft Manifest .. aft'r AWP muster to hunker down INT. ruteen to finish my ARM, broken only by spending Monday nites in B-Timor (as opposed to E ± W Timor) when 1 git seperated from mothership + work off lapdog slave wich dont got latest ARM files on her so 1 do this—take a step beck (switchin' from InDesign to DreamWeaver) to chronickle ℝeel moondough influenze. Yes, th bra-strap clasp + self-pasting scrap-book found a way to embed themsleeves into my ARM. On th way here we red ∫um of th chapbooks we scored @ AWP ± that ∫umhow found their way onto our to-read shelf in th past yr—

chaps w/ shot tower

∀ few of these th bra from Solar Luxuriance [M Kitchell] sent to me + a few others came from Bateau Press, who had a table next to us @ AWP [th table whose army of M.F.A. interns slinging zines reminded me of th kids in American Honey]. Standouts inkloot:

  • A Basic Guide by Nick Sturm
  • the frogs are incredibly loud here by Sean Lovelace
  • The Sea in Me or The Riddle We Heard by Popahna Brandes [th yellow 1—that she sent me a while ago, tho we did see her IRL @ AWP]
  • Black Sun Void Hunt, Issue One .. speaking of Caresse Crosby + not to confuse w/ Black Sun Lit [also @ AWP in an unofficial capacity] . . far as 1 know th 2 zines aint related]—

∀ few of these mo subversive 1s got left b-hind in th hotel, strawtegically nestled tween pgs of th Holey BuyBull + Book of Moron—apparently this hotel run by Marriotts on LSD .. dare 1 edmit distant relatives of mine?

Shot tower seen from war memorial + lording horse







back in DC x-ing P-st bridge looking @ Buffalo Bridge (a few blocks from home)

23 Feb> hight of winter bud in th 70s .. we aint cumplaining .. saw Horse Lords last nite (speaking of B-Timor .. they hail from there) .. weave talk'd b-fore of their off-kilter time signatures but not specifically of their jaded tuning systems .. + talking to them aft'r seams they've rejiggered their instruments using just intonation (th bass + guitar innyway .. th sax he gots to improvise by bending notes w/ false fingerings)—a tuning system based on whole ratios wile disorienting (not to dis th Orient .. actually th Horse Lords sound derives mo from west Africa ± th middle east) always seem to pull im perfect harmonic cunvergence ..

+ speaking of math rock + harmonic series .. see also Exponential Decay in the Delay of The Edge's Guitar .. that we rode ~10 yrs ago (when 1 used propr en glish) + remains 1 of th most hit pgs on 5¢ense ..

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