Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

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Rem+Rom: A Raft Manifest

Chaulky White: SSES SSES SSEY

The Becoming

Untitled: under the auspices

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Derek White: Marsupial

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611> hear ye the yere of un—Sound ƒuries + roaming the rioni of Roma
We onelie made 2 copies of the actual "record" just cuz, not sure who else wd be intrested. If enuff folk are may-b wheel halve s'more pressed (on regalure black vinyl). As we said in the "press" release, the date came appropriately on hour 22nd anniversary + also as a culmination of the last 9 months in labor, mostly spent relearning how to play guitar + figgering out the new tools of the trade [ ... ]

610> A hybrid creature dubble feetsure featuring creepy big-wall tail-eaters + chick p
... no 1 can really afford to actually buy. The hooded Giordano Bruno is barely visible thru all the unsightly tents + selfie sticks, the statue on the spot where he was burned at the stake for having the gall to to think il moondough revolved round the sun. Our hero Bruno has a cameo in 1 of the Sound Furies songs, witch, insidentally the album un is forthcoming in exactly a week, on Dec 24... stay tooned!) [ ... ]

609> It puts the vviener shitznel in the baskit
it's all about the high-society of Vienna, basically about him regretting an invitation to an artsy dinner party he's sulking at.... or it starts out dat way but there's a nagging repressed undertone u think maybe at work. His tone is hilarious tho, a cynical misanthrope like us (same age even, 52) that silently judges all his old petit burguoizee friends + basically all of Austrian society (himself included) from [ ... ]

608> Bridging the gap in rione V b-tween storni, Cenci + Mastriani
... they got a bridge in their logo, the 1 Hadrian built crossing over to Castel Sant'Angelo (where Hadrian's buried). Well, then 1 of the popes re-zoned the rioni so dat Ponte Sant'Angelo now lays in the Borgo rione. But rione V kept the bridge in their logo may-b cuz they got no other claims to fame, b-sides it being the rione they parade u thru on the way to the gallows, on ponte Rione. E.g. it was the [ ... ]

607> Ceci n'est pas un record: lost tetrads of defunked recording mediums
9 months ha, like we's having a bebe wich this record also stands in for dat u cd say since we don't buy into bioillogical reproduction... @ least not of the humun race, plenty udder ppl to go around on this dam planit. In the '60s baby-boomer-born folks said "make love, not war" but fuck dat... @ least if u don't wear a raincoat. It's been 60 yrs since the '60s + we say "make art, not babies". Or as the sane [ ... ]

606> Colon codex + dead heads on display in bewildering wonderment
+ well spose that day may as well be now, a good a time as inny if there's ever gonna be 1. Back in 2012 we thought it a good exorcise (in Italian) to go thru line x line + x-late but nowadays we don't got the payshints, call us lay-z, specially when 1 can scan + OCR the pages + run her thru google translate, wich we did, tho the resulting text wood still need sum massaging to be decipherable in plane inglish [ ... ]

605> Flike dog, Inkan fermions + notso dolce vita, in st. x st. bloody d-tale
If u is like us wondering why Fellini's take on via Veneto in La Dolce Vita (1960) or Le notti di Cabiria (1957) don't really look like how it is in realtà, well dat's cuz he reconstructid his controlled version of via Veneto in Cinecittà. The real via Veneto is more how Sorrentino potrays it in his ode to Fellini, La Grande Belleza (2013), w/ AC'd enclosed sidewalk restraunts dat onely rich shieks + shyknees [ ... ]

604> Flipping Galileo's finger, reading Wittgenstein + sleeping a stone's throw from David
Not dat we don't think there's a grain of truth to what she's saying, dat there's some sort of reward mechanism associated w/ breast-feeding, there must be, but by using this word "orgasm" she's making it sound creepy + sexual (mind u this was at a meeting about child welfare). So in this context Wittgenstein is absolutely right, if she can't articulate her thought concisely w/ the rite words then she [ ... ]

603> Alt. sick (d-spite C17H21NO4) @ Σn6/n! in Bolvian altered plano #206 w/the other Derek (1991)
Then i "woke up" + everything was still + silent except for the bus engine idling. I looked up front + the driver was passed out with his head on the wheel. Sleeping, or had we been in an accident? Everyone else in the bus was sleeping, or dead? It was really eerie, like we had all died and now i was a ghost of myself observing the scene. This group of 25 or so people was like 1 organism, a hive, crossing [ ... ]

602> Meandering the meadows... bring on the wild bore!
... meadows (what "prati" means), wasn't until the 20th century it was really developed, so unlike the rest of Rome, it's actually on somewhat of a grid. Which makes it easy to traverse, but also a bit boring, especially the long blocks occupied by military complexes. There's a monument to Teresa Gullace outside 1 of the barracks, to mark the location where she was shot trying to talk to her [ ... ]

601> Calico'd Campo Marzio a far cry from My Own Private Idaho
... Spanish Steps in perticler appears in menny—from The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) to Roman Holiday (1953). That scene in An American in Rome (1954) where Nando walks naked on the rooftops is in the vicinty + that scene in Suburra (2015) where Filippo takes a piss off his balcony before realizing the chick he just had rough sex with O.D'd overlooks p. Popolo + there's that classic scene where a narco-[ ... ]

600> D.C.+B.roll'n under a rock sleeping @ Watergate, minding the gap
Don't trust crowd mentality, sorce yr one. "Dare wheel always be a next train," Tele scripts Naussica to sing. "Crowdid all the same." An endless stream of suitors + sequiturs, perusing the faux newsstand to come off as innocent bystander. Nods to self: need to stop pursuing suitors, obey rel='"nofollow" tags to optimize SEO. U can't trust in-flight magazines nether. Fake news is nada new. Before Inurnet [ ... ]

599> Launching Sƒ XiV in the ƒ-hole they was born 15 yrs ago, in ink-remnants of i = 0 to ∞
not so much dat da words rhyme + shit, but more dat they inploy consecution—wherein each sillybull feeds sonically into the next + u don't give a crap what it all means onelie how she sounds. Aint no reason we need to keep writing like a 12-yr old uneducated urchin xcept ol' habits die hard. Weren't even our habit anyway but 1 dat Cal (channeling Huck Finnegan) imparted on us when he tasked [ ... ]

598> Hoofing + gobbling in the 4-shadows of a clock-faced baloney sandswitch
See, Bologna is round + there's 12 gates to enter the city walls by, so u can think of it spatio-geographically like a clock. The U dist is between 2:00 + 3:00 in this scheme. SAIS is @ 3:10. There's a park (giardini margherita) good for running just outside the walls @ 5:00, wich is where we'll likely hone in on in our quest for a new home. B-sides walking/running around, we mowed a lot of cibo, had [ ... ]

597> X marks the rione: hobocampin' dogs recapitulating CampyTele yo
+ it's the rione the bedder-½ vox of Sound Furies traverses on her daily walk to + fro from work, wich she just offically resigned from ieri so now we really gots to git a move on to finish the rest of these rioni! Campitelli has the most bad-ass logo dats for sure, sposedly cuz Pope Silvester I once threw a dragon outta the Foro... uh huh. Campitelli harbors duh 2 most prominent Roamin' hills, duh Palatine [ ... ]

596> Riding donkey Xote's fortified horse thru Borgo + Vaticano
... the Marinetti track we already had that sounded about the same (b-sides the content—whatever fatshits issue they was protesting about). We haven't finished the vocals yet so hit aint ready for prime time, but hear's an urly voiceless demo that our bedder-½ (the voice of Sound Furies) said sounded like Joe Satriani (we, the instrumentalist, was goin' mo for the Goblin/Mannheim Steamroller effect) [ ... ]

595> Traversing the travesty of Trastevere (what the hell Ls did u come here to do)?
A few weeks ago we was walking along Lungotevere + saw a dead dude laying mangled on the road, thrown from his motorini... only the 2° or 3° time we've seen a dead body that close. All that kept going thru our head was "don't think that poor fella is gonna make it home for dinner." That + note to self: never ride a Vespa. We only wint as far as Porta Portese, wich we think of as Trastevere, but once [ ... ]

594> Chile + Argentina, 1991, harmonically hitch-hiking along Chladni nodal lines
... past more eerie ghost towns, eroded adobe walls, rusted out mining equipment + railroad tracks half-buried in sand leading to nowhere. The Atacama is the purest of deserts. There are areas where it has never been known to rain + where no plant or animal life can be found or has ever existed. Sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy. Sometimes flat, sometimes mountainous. But never any plant [ ... ]

593> Sauntering San Saba R.XXI.
The obelisk of Axum that the fatshits looted from Ethiopia used to sit outside FAO. The Italians agreed to return it in 1947, but it took them more than 50 yrs to do so cuz of "technical difficulties" (tho they had no problem quickly stealing + transporting it from Ethiopia) + when they did finally return it in 2002, it arrived broken in 3 pieces. Typical Italian maneuver. In it's place, the Italians put a 9/11 [ ... ]

592> We are Sound Furies roming Sallustiano
... when we say "we" now we mean Sound Furies—the project name by witch we make music (made up of the arist formerly known as unknown artist + his bedder-½ on vox cuz he cant sing for shit), witch seams to be how we spend most of our time lately. We ain't produced much textual or visual publications these dayz, tho we's fixing on putting out the Sleepingfish 14 mixtape soon, wich will debut 2 [ ... ]

591> Tromping Trevi, roaming in on home
... show in this post just cuz she's an overblown spectacle @ this pt... tho dare we edmit we have a video selfie of us sumwhere throwing a coin over our shoulder, back in 2001 + here we are living here so maybe what they say is true. Trevi also harbors the Quirinale, the
Italian White house u cd say, which is a stone's throw from us (if they had binoculars the prez cd spy on us sunbathing). [ ... ]

590> Grunge lit larb eating possum gizzards of Oz
... sorta intresting @ 1st cuz the narrator was sincrely insecure + honist about his hangups (like his 5" penis), but as his confidents mounted hit became more + more cliche, cumplete w/ trip to the abortion clinic like seemed every '80s movie had. But visceral it is, if u want vivid descriptions of genital warts, kernelingus during menstration, shooting up dope, etc. We suffered thru the ntire book [ ... ]

589> Schlachthaus fünf + The Daily Noose from a land down under
in a dark garage, your first job /wrap rubber bands, around coiled newsprint logs / that u yourself could never be bothered to read / ride a raft rigged of pitch + papyrus in d-Nile down to the sea / red anemones ain't your enemies / the colonel tells us to lick 1 to feel the sting / 1st hand, for yourself, otherwise u aint no man / if only you'd followed in his footsteps u wouldn't have to live with yourself, day to [ ... ]

588> Appia Antica all the way to lago Albano thru Celio rione under a blood moon
The other weekend we went to Lake Albano (above), where popes take their R+R at Castel Gandolfo. We had train tix + morning of was googling to see where we'd go when we got off + notissed u could walk dare in ~6 hours, while the train took an hour (not to mention the schlep to Termini). Not only that, but the walk followed Appia Antica the n-tire way. So we forfeited our tix (that cost a whopping [ ... ]

587> Homecoming II: a homeless lost soul in limbo in CA + AZ, 1991
A just asked if i want to look for "haircut water" which after much prying i found out means spider web. He calls trees "grow up" + calls the bathhouse the "toilet barn". The lake he calls "go away". For holes he says "worms". [...] I asked him what the smallest unit of matter was + he said "stars". I asked him where the sky ended + he said "a river". After following the "tracks deer" we found dragon scat + [ ... ]

586> Catacombing Naples per voto + soaking in Ischia waters in the Shadow of the Sun
... even endured a tour of the Sixteen Chapel + up into the cupola of St. Peters, udderwise mostly eating + drinkin', taking 'em to our fave places in Rome + in Naples had pizza ... saw 3 French women get robbed as France beat Croatia in the World Cup. On Ischia we rented a Citroën Méhari (like a flinstone car/Thing) + cruised the island, but mostly swam in the sea + soaked in thermal mineral baths [ ... ]

585> Homecoming (Singapore > Malaysia > Hawaii > California) in times of war (1991)
Guys ask me where i'm from, then when i say America they say i shouldn't tell people that + walk away. Well fuck you, you shouldn't ask. I'd rather be blown up then say i'm Canadian. At least i reserve the right to hate my country. Canadians are way too patriotic, drunk on their own Kool-aid. What's happening to me? Getting sucked into all this hate. I walked around in a daze the last 2 days. Mall after [ ... ]

584> Pedestrians in Esquilino on foot to source habaneros
... rione XV is the most real hood in Rome, if u consider the eternal city in a modern (2018) context. There's a soft spot in our cuore that at times wonders why Italy can't be preserved as is, a fossilized provincial country w/ 0 population growth that changes very little, a country that never really colonized others (unlike other Europeans) except failed short-lived stints in Eritrea/Ethiopia... but then [ ... ]

583> a WWOOFie cycling NZ searching for the present (in 1990), for experience to flow thru unfiltered in tears
Ends up B (the 1 who buries H's newspaper-wrapped shit in the forest) has reported him to the dept of social welfare who want to evict H from his house. Last time they tried H got his gun out + started shooting the cops. He says he'll fight w/ his life to stay w/ his plants. And this evil B woman has access to H's account + takes all his money to try to bankrupt him. Thus H must go to the bank on certain [ ... ]

582> Anon step 1: submit 2 K-OS as 1 of 12 dry, jeanless + serene cogs in the clean machene
... specially the steps w/ the G word gunna be hard to swallow, even if they say hire power or whatever. We're gunna go by our one meta4ickal versions of these steps. In our mind this 1° step is about accepting K-OS, dat hit ∃xists in this moondough always has + aint nada u kin do about hit. U godda face the fact dat Romans r stronzy assholes, specially when driving, or dat there's tons of shyknees [ ... ]

581> K-OS vs. D-K: Selfish machenes, opium + cuckoos in Laz-I/O
We got to thinking dat dare's a pairallele to the Richard Dawkins meme set forth in The Selfish Gene (genes use us human bodies as v-uckles for their evilootion), dat computers are using humans for their propagation . The onelie thing dat makes sillycone-based life forms diffrent from organic-based 1s is the ability to procreate, but machenes circumvent this issue by using humans to keep proliferating them. [ ... ]

580> Tromping Monti w/ the patron saint of tramps, St. B.J. Labre
A spooky thing happend 2 us as we flâneured our way down via Serpenti. A'proaching the coroner w/ via Baccina, we god this creepy feeline dat sumping brushed by our leg, like a dog, but we looked down + dint see nuttin. Hard to discribe, felt like a ghost passed rite thru us, sending a chill down our spine. When we god to the coroner we tole our bedder-½ + she looked at us w/ jaw drop'd + said she [ ... ]

579>A Sisyphean search for Mt. Analogue in the South Seas: flashing back to Fiji 1990
Weird ritual. And the guy sitting ½ naked on a box plucking the washtub bass. The M.C. very serious in his serving of kava, going round the room 1 by 1, bula bula. Spoons rattling in coke bottles. The diligent young lad pounding the kava to the beat. The virgins spitting. All night. Eyes glance around. Everybody in their own inquisitive thoughts. Ever reminded we're but social animals. I can see the moon [ ... ]

578> Mum's the word in the realm of the unreal, n outsider free-floating w/ no famous last 1s
... worth, the skinny dirt, Giordano's hood, hung still in bronze, from dusk to dawn, on death row still, against god's will, with Gallileo + Brahe's brass nose + Neruda's noose ... unearthed to no avail the sails mizzened at ½-mast despite no wind, you face the waving flag cast from the gallows to an unmarked grave save the date, any famous last words? to carve in stone or camel bone atone for the undead [ ... ]

577>N OUTpourine of Yodaphonic telepathy 2 mash IN mach 5 X-isle 4 2 stop making cense
... knot as simpul as just recommending 1 provider ova n udder, bud a filosofickle + hystorical die-a-tribe of the Roman pysche... b4 we figgerd may-b she was a vampire, but now we realize she is Yoda incarnated (a Slovenian version thereof, living in Rome since '66) + we felt like a nigh-eve Skywalker knee-deep in da swamp, despirate to just git our Inurnet working when we needid to take a deep [ ... ]

576> @ home in Rome not roamin' no rione but staying caput mundi in our palatial attico
... tempo hitself d-celerates in Rome, tutto takes longer. Still no Inurnet, not direct inny way... using 1 of them saddlelite bumper do-hickys, but even dat broke so we is cumpleatly disconnected. Was reading sumwhere (probly in The Economist, cuz dats all we read these days) how Italy's god the fastest Inurnet speeds in el moondough... problem is gitting hit, they is the slowest in the world setting hit [ ... ]

575>Romin' da ghetto (R.XI) w/Zeno's Conscience on our conchus, narrated, in synthesis, by ...
+ Matt Damon's flat where Phillip Seymour Hoffman git's murderd in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) is just b-hind the abuv turtle font. And just outside the center for Amerikin studies on via Caetani is where back in 1978 they found the red Renault w/prime minister Aldo Moro's body, after he was kidnapped for 55 days by the commie Red Brigadge. We had no idea about dis shit til we saw a plack [ ... ]

574> dubble sewer-sided blank tape of mitico d'Irge + SSea horse teeth in ill lofty attico, 66
... mind-boggling in ceremonial formalities + burrocrazy, no capisco ½ da shit day a'saying, probly bedder dat weigh. But we was handid keys + eccoci QUI. Spent the 1° day runnin' round findin' stuff to survive ill nite... sure, we cd of just gone down to a trattoria, but we god engrained survival instinks when it comes to food + H20 @ least to halve sumping edible on hand, specially coffee (still using [ ... ]

573>Bicycle thieves roamin' a snowdome in clementsea postponed
we int.erupt our regalure roamin' of Rome Rioni to bring u dis rather inclement post... b-sides Trump, we left the east coast to xcape cold crappy weather, but seems it has followed us... bin cold + rainy since we got here + meanwhile word is it's unseasonably warm in DC/NYC. We was living here last time it snow'd in Rome in 2012 + b4 dat it hadn't snowed since 1986 (b-sides a dusting in 2010 [ ... ]

572> R.XII. un RiParian loser brother puts d bank in river w/adamjam'd spacebar!#rippin'cloacamaximanewJanus
Our nu landlord gots sum sirius pedigree, we havent met 'em yet, only dealt w/well-dressed proxys, but weve bin in the secret inner chambers + seen their hairlooms + odd relicks likea branch 1 of 'em was hung from... i mean, their faimlee tree's got popes + shit init! In fact, their's a rione named for Colonna (R.III), tho we aint gunna bunk in dat 1, we gunnalive in R.IX—the pinecone rione, [ ... ]

571>Embarking on roamin' the Roman rione of Testaccio (R.XX)
Doing the eternal city in such a systematic fashion as Maphattan might pose a challenge, considering the rats nest of alleys + streets, far from the organized grid of Manhattan. So the thinkin' is dat we gunna tackle Rome by rioni (districts), of wich dare be 22 (XXII in Roman #s) in toetill + since we's currently bedding down on the Aventino, close to Testaccio (rione XX), figgered she's as good [ ... ]

570> Lungo il tratto non-domestico cercando Rom en home nei ultimi piani di parcheggi ambientali
... come se existe solo l'inglese + tutte le altre lingue sono secondarie + raggruppate insieme, fondendosi in 1. Por otra parte, tal vez es mejor que no apprendiamo italiano, no solo arruinará nuestra escritura de "SSEY' pero también pensamos que quizás es mayhorror que no sepamos lo que dicen los pinche italianos! 1 ting 4 shore tho, we aint gunna miss the sound of ∀merikin inglish nun. [ ... ]

569>Parroting parabolic pairodimes twine DC + B'more mo mo. Rinse. Ripeat.
Up + movin' will make 1 like dis, not able to foke us, limbotic zombees waitin' for time to pass, gittin' thru mediate milestones, dis here removal of our shit bean major 1, aft'r dat 6 weeks sin possessions we used to livin' out of a suitcase like dis... kinda fun actshoally, gits u out of yo ruteen. Wipes the slate clean to stablish new 1s, reinvent 1-self. Seeing sites for the last time makes it a new lens. [ ... ]

568> Georgetown routes to run away in waning days in Trumplandia
... gearing up for our expatriation—make sure we're stocked + loaded w/ Calamari, check. Liquidate xcess (thanx to those that got chef's selection.. only a few days left for those that havent). Set up a virtual mailbox (in West Hollywood, yo), check. Order stuff hard-to-get in Rome (black beans, maseca corn flour, chapulines, canned + dried chiles, habanero seeds to plant our own, etc.)... after all, [ ... ]
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