Spaghetti western roadtrip: in throws of pane in sayin' reign on the plane in spayin'


9 Jan 2019 | Rome (FCO)> Our bedder-½ had sum time off (use it or loose it) so figgered we'd get outta Rome. At 1st we was thinking Malta, but it's unseasonably cold + rainy... wether outlook sucks most everywhere in italy + yourup (was snowing even in Athens, Grease when we checked). The onelie plaze we cd find w/ descent weather was southern spain + we've always wanted to go to spahgetti western lands (we're desert rats at heart). Since we hi-jacked The Daily Noose to be about muse[sic] journihilism, let's talk about the travel mixtape, a vital cumponent to any roadtrip or gourney. Not having a working stair-io in a v-uckle amounts to complete + utter brakedown, no diffrent than throwing a rod. Likewise on a plain, if u forget your walkman u dam well bedder halve a pairachute! Here's the mixtape we made for the occassion:

10 Jan |Xàbia,Spain> Arrived in Valencia around sunset last night, got a car + drove 1½ hrs sur to Xàbia. This windy mourning walked up to Cabo San Antonio then down to Cova Tallada + Dénia. Had lunch on the waterfront, no public transport or uber to Xàbia so hoofed it back, all in all 45k steps as our bedder-½ reports, about 35 km. The 4th or 5th 20+ mile walk we've done in the last few weeks.





1 for GoatRodeo





11 Jan | La Manga> Drove a few hrs further south to sum plaze just before Cartagena. Went for a walk down to La Cala beach, not a sole in site so skinny-dipped even tho the hogwah was bien frio, then piled piedras into a cairn as high as our bedder-½.

La Cala



12 Jan | La Manga> Went running along a coastal sendhero to the edge of Calblanque parque then had razor clams + chili peppers sitting in el sol in Cabo de Palos. Then went into Calblanque + explored around + laid on la playa.

Cabo Palos


La Cala/Calblanque





leaving our mark

13 Jan | Cabo de Gata> Pushed on further south, an hour or 2. Got off the highway around Campohermoso, far from hermoso, an agricultural wasteland of plastic greenhouses. Towards the beach it got scenic, around Las Negras. Went for a short hike, then to our hotel. Lunch in the sun eating seafoood, then did a longer ~15k hike along Playa de Los Genoveses to Cala de Los Amarillos, rugged lunar landscape of volcanic rock, aqua blue inlets below. Saw some Celto-Iberian goats + tried to go towards them on a trail but the shepherd started yelling at us in a language that didn't send nada like spañhole. Staying at a hotel named for Doña Pakyta who was some sorta vigilante goat woman that fiercely defended these lands against development, so maybe this shepherd was her grandson... (she died a few years ago at age 103).

Donkey Hote's muse


playa las negras


Celto-Iberian goats


shepherd + another windmill


goats + windmill


Geneovese beach




lichen' it or not


Sound ƒuries selfie


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