Homer ovacoming Sisyphean mementos + moments of inertia, in keeping farword momentum (resistents is fewtile, yo), yo


30 Jan 2019 | Rome> Another advantedge to failure + having no audience is that we got no EXT.urnal forces or ulterior motives, in our writing, that is. After a bit of a hiatus, we're getting back to Textilioma, vol II of 'SSEY". Pudding ourselves back into the refereence frame of anon I'm us + mustering to make sense of our yr-old outline + sprawling 3-ring binder of notes. As usual, when we set out to write something, what comes out is always remarkably diffrent then what we set out to put down on paper, or online in a post, witch is fine, that's the best kind of writing... problem comes when u paws to look at your notes, to see what u should be writing, what u intended to write about in the 1st place. It's hard to let go of ideas you've written to yoself, that at sum pt. must of bin important utterwise why'd u scribble it down, yo. It's like in Memento (2000), where Guy Pearce tattoos things on his body so he don't forget when his amnesia kicks in after 15-minutes. See like that, 5 minutes ago when we set out to write this post we had no idea weed write about Memento. We actually titled this post "moment of inertia" before we started typing, which is an idea that has been floating around in our head this past week, nod shore y. We're not thinking of the physical concept so much as how the phrase moment of inertia sounds in layman's terms, we're admittedly suckers for the affect of words. Analogous aspects ring true, how we feel at the moment like a tight-rope walker or a figure-skater, streamlining, optimizing dare actions. Bud the phrase "moment of inertia" also implies a certain tipping point, like when Sisyphus (who happens to be Ulysses' father) gets the boulder he's pushing to the top of the hill + ∀ll that potential enurgey gets converted to kinetic, yo... that's when u can sit back + reap the rewards of all yr efforts... till it reaches rock bottum again + u got to do it all ova again yo, in a sinusoidal loop, which ties into our new-found name, The Daily Noose. We also din't intend to bring Sisyphus into the equation or how this relates to Ulysses or our 'SSEY" in progress + we wasn't even aware dat Sisyphus was Odysseus father when we wrote vols 0+1, or could of been (post-homeric rumor is dat Sisyphus had an affair w/ Odysseus' mom + knocked her up)... perhaps this is why the concept of "moment of inertia" has bin weighing heavy on our mined. In the real moondough dare's a certain inertia we're trying to ovacome, namely preparing for our next moove. Our plan to shift north to Bologna was met w/ lots of resistance... not just cuz our bedder-½'s employer resides in D.C., but cuz we was halving to jump thru all sorts of ridiculous hoops to re-acquire our visas—they was making us leave + come back multipull times, dealing w/ the burrocrazy of the Italian consulate. Then there's literally the inertia of our possessions... the UN is footing moving x-penses to x-patriate back home... sure, we cd just say move our stuff to Baloney in stead, but then what if things don't work out there? Then we gotta figger out how to get all our shit back across the pond yo. Plus we wasn't getting too x-sited looking at places in Baloney, to rent or buy. Yah, it'd be a welcome change from Rome, less touristy, moss liberal, etc. but the weather sucks, perty much the same as D.C.

1x we was at a friends place in N.J., an Indian coder we worked w/ at Napster + he was complaining about where he lived + we aksed well why don't u move Ls-where + he gave a 1-word response: inertia. And it struck us that there's lots of folk stuck in that same boat, in a viscous psychole they can't get out of, specially by yo bootstraps. We don't got that problema, perhaps we suffer the opposit, who nose how menny times we've moved in our lifetime, on avg probly 1x a yr. Rome alone we've shipped back + 4th to w/ all our stuff x2. But yes, it gets harder + harder to ovacome this inertia to be sedentary, yo. We've bin renters our n-tire lives, it's high time we oned a "home," no? D.C. wood be far from our 1st choice if we had our druthers, but our bedder-½'s job is jus too good to giv up. They was already cool enough to let us take a leave of absence + come to Rome + they cool about her teaching in Bologna for a year or 2, but who nose after that. There's also the inertial aspect of dinero, our savings, which is now vested in the stock market when it cd be working so much moss productively if it was vested in "real" estate, specially considering Amazon chose DC for HQ2 so the housing market is gunna go nowhere but up... long as we can git sumping b4 the surge. Paying rent, which we've dun our n-tire lives, is the ultimate Sisyphean task, a huge chunk of change cada mess down the drain, just to live another day, another month, yr. + we've bin fine w/ that arrangement til now, it's allowed us the freedum to pick up + leave when we want, to not worry about a mortgage or sumping goin' wrong w/ the casa. But it's high time we bite the bullet + buy a place of our one, rite? De todos modos, this moment of inertia we's referring to gots moss to do w/ getting into the mindset of where we was w/ 'SSEY"... we lost our train of thawt + need to get back into the swing, on the saddle + also get to the point where our inertia carries us farword + the momentum in our wake keeps propelling us father, to the point where words just come w/o thinking + we stop questioning where they's coming from or what they mean to others, they need to come true from ourself, that's all we know, that's all anybody nose w/ no need to go back + self-edit after de fact, yo.

31 Jan> Our bedder ½'s last day @ her UN daily grind! w/ all this in mined, here's our mix of tunes to ponder inertial concepts of momentum gong farword as we push on to the next movement, yo:


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