SpqR: rising/falling to wipe the slate to leave roam w/ no b-longing


16 Feb 2019 | Rome> Hour dayzzz = #ed once again,1½ months left in Caput Mundi. Starting to go thru our stuff to lighten the load in advance of the move, sum things we just can't bring (food items liquids, plants, euro-electronics on 220v, etc.) so we chucking them or finding folks that want them. Made this mixtape to get us in the mood:

Not sure why we kicked off the mixtape w/Butthole Surfers "Sweat Loaf" except that we've been on a Black Sabbath kick lately ("Sweat Loaf" is a sorta cover of "Sweet Leaf")(today is saturday after all). Then comes our one "SpqR," of which we made this video for yesterday:

17 Feb> Running this morning we got a bit pre-nostalgic (a premonition of nostalgia). We've left Rome before in 2012 + wasn't a big deal cuz we knew we'd return + in fact we did, not just numerous visits since, but a 6 month stint in 2015 + then again this past yr. But perty certain this will be our last time living in Rome + even visiting is less likely as plane tickets are expensivo + now that we're strapped to a mortgauge we got to tighten the purse strings. That + we're just burned out on travelling, specially by air to turistic places. Last night we was halving dinner on a porch somewhere tropickle + we saw 2 majestic lions playing in the surf of what looked like a caribbean I-land. Twas an inspirational sight. Our bedder-½ said she din't have her iPhone which normally she always does (tho she did decide recently to stop posting on Instagram... perhaps what inspired this) so we fumbled for our camraw to snap sum photos but they was blurry or the lions jumped out of the frame last second + then we tried to shoot video but these hippotamusii was standin' up in our weigh. Within a minute there was suddenly 100s of peephole down on the beach swarming to check out the lions they'd heard about thru the Inurnet. Folks weren't even afraid of them, just taking selfies up close. 1 lion charged within a few feet of a pregnant woman + she didn't even budge. We've also bin contemplating not taking photos no more, witch perhaps influenzed this sueño.

Later in the morning we went for a giro around Rome, w/ no camraw or partickler destynation in mined. Now that we've done our RomeRioni project we def don't need to take photos no mo, now we can just enjoy it in the moment... perhaps for the last time. However, our bedder-½ has been collecting these SPQR sine pics which we've been meaning to post as a sort of addendum to RomeRioni:





same sign in 2015


another style of sine in 2015


























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