Make/shift iDENTity, niddle phobia, the weight of ℜeal Estate + the great horsetail caper


30 May 2019> Wint to the dentist + got a DC driver's license today... sumhow feels dat makes our newfound IDentidad official. Riplaced our Arizona liecense, from a state we ain't lived for 2 decades (NY don't care nun if u keep your old license + spose we just never bothered when we lived in DC before, but now they're making us, now dat we homeowners). Utter than that still sloggin' away on Craigslist... guy in Mercedes picked up a big heap of cut-up rug fragments we put up for free. Sold a Varidesk for $40 + for every 1 dat comes thru on Craigslist dare's a nether 10 that flake out after stringing u along sayin' their a'coming by for it + never due. In addition to giving would-be scammers bogus addresses, we now give them the FBI's # when they aks for our digits. Maid $69 at Buffalo Exchange. Converted all our European plugs on our lamps back to Amerikin. Dat sorta stuff. Piano piano.

31 May> Ran down along Rock creek w/ a backpack + a shovel + bugspray + stopped where we knew there was horsetails growing in a swampy sexion along the creek bank + dug up a bunch cuz their really hard to find in nurseries + we really dig horsetails. We really into monocots in general, don't like them bushy dicots much. All about the rhizomes. Next we'll steal sum bamboo, lots of it growing down around the zoo. Our weed plants is doing well. Also got a fern + sago palm.

clumpy mess of horsetails that will hopefully straighten out

1 June> Had another stoop sail, this 1 wint a bit better than last week. More foot traffic (a lot of folks gone last weekend cuz of memorial day)(oh, happy June, dear Inurnet) + we had more furniture this time as we continue to prune away at our possessions, as we git relevant most tasteful ones in plaze. Made around $250 which puts us close to $2000 selling stuff we don't want... feels good, cashing in on exsses. maximizing afsihinsea, repsychling. Almost to a state where Toto is in her right place. But we halven't sat down at our desk yet, at the cmd ctr HQ. Halven't powered up our mothership. Still logging into our laptop + unfortunately halving to use a phone a lot cuz seams dat's how folks communecake these daze, lost in a haze, heads down, slaves to these little palm-held machines that guide them to Ubers or Birds, swipe a code, zip off, order weed delivery, buy furniture, initiate an action in the online moondough + track it as it nears your meatspace + then there, as advertised, it appears, your ride, your merchantdice, the yard sale that wint thru your feed on Letgo, Trove or Nextdoor. Every 1 wanting to pay w/ Venmo than acting like we n old hippie luddite duz we don't know what dat is. Little did they know Kenyans invented the shit 10+ yrs ago in M-pesa, essentially the same thing (minus the social networking aspect), took Amerikins all this time to ketch on cuz the dinosaur of PayPal had dominant marketshare of dat space. Strange times tho, strange disconnect between ealidad + Inurnet, technology the new drug turning folks into commodified zombees. These things we long for then immediately take for grantid + act cool like ain't no thing, but we shd constantly stop + ponder such stuff. Smell the flowers stead of posting a pic to Instagram.

While we was sitting around on our stoop at our yard sail we read most of Make/Shift by Joe Sacksteder. He defnitely gots a flewid weigh w/ words wear hit dont matter nun what he's writing about but how, consecution not nessysorrily in a Lishian sense but each sentence feeds into the next even if content-wise it's fragmented just feels natural + the little insights dat sneak up on u, even if we was distracted, fielding questions from passerbyers + keeping an eye on our dinging phone mustering to keep track of all the folks sayin' they gonna come by + never do. Sweating + slapping mosquitoes. Joe's definitely on a diffrent wavelength then us tho, uber-smart + think he actually went to shcool to learn how to rite. Reckon we shd learn to rite proper so folks cd relate to what we sane. He does this cool thing wear rather than construck a sentense he'll just abbreviate her to 1 palabra. Or group of words. Or phrasing like how sinapses probly fire in our brain, who nose, we kin never no. Reckon Joe tho comes close to pudding a mirror to his brain, translated as subtext w/ reportorial conviction.

The bigger the piece of furniture sold, the greater the wait liftid. Dare's a monetary weight to hit as well, to not throe out sumping deemed as valuable. Specially in this newfound house-poor state, bud even still a matter of afisinsea dat pervades todo in our day-to-dia. Feeling closer to bean unburied, we think. Espero. When you're footloose + renting + read about the stresses of bean a home-oner u git it in theory, but can't fathom eally, til u take the plunge. What "eal Estate" means. It's a eal commodity, a fixed plot of land w/ a strucksure bilt on top + us nesting within it, adapting her to our needs. Renters adapt sure, but it's a stopgap, to get u thru the day, month, year. A long-term hotel, borrowing space to burrow. Not like we built this home ground up, but dunno, just feels diffrent, maybe hits just in our head. Now if sumping ain't working we own hit, like if the ice-maker stops making ice or pipes break or the ceiling leaks. Still ain't sleeping so good, shoulder still ailing us. We know these things are psychosomatic, but still, one thing to think be chill or zen + another to do it. To be that weigh. Rome wasn't built in a day. The bigger the shift/change, the more time hit takes to enact said shift. To make her happen. Perhaps dat's what Joe meant by Make/Shift, bud mo likely we reading into her cuz our headspace is warped by current preoccupations.

2 June> Had chilaquiles divorciados in Mt Pleasant (at Taqueria Los Compadres) then walked thru Rock Creek + up Soapstone Valley, after getting off track deep into Rock Creek, so was a rather epic walk, on the way to The Container Store, again, this time to get under the bed storage bins amongst other things. Sold the Horchow velvet tufted chaise for $160 to an uppity woman from Ft. Washington who appreciated it's Victorian charm. She brought her gardner/driver along to help us load her in back of her truck. Threw in the stone-crystal chandelier just cuz no 1s expressed a remote interest. Even sold our decade old iMac for $140 that we abandoned last year for our newer one... speaking of which, still haven't fired that up. Seem to halve a mind-block about making the transition to sitting at our desk in front of our mothership, some stuff to organize yet. Massive hail storm today we feared wd brake our skylight windows. We celebrated selling the fainting couch by eating at The Fainting Goat, so named cuz one of the owners has a condition where he faints when he talks to girls he's fond of.

3 June> Takes so long to get a doctor's appointment in the U.S. medickle sistem that you'll ether die or whatever ails u will go away on it's one by the time u see the doc. Finally had our appointment we scheduled over a month ago to figger out what's up w/ our shoulder + right ear. The poking + prodding wasn't so bad, at least she dint go rectal + our bedder-½ got to be in the same room. Part of it is that we're sussing out a new primary care doc in D.C... not that we ever had 1, our bedder-½ sorta had 1 in NYC + he used to poke + prod us if we happened to be with her, even if we dint have an appointment. Other than vaccinations + the sports med guy we saw for our shoulder a few years ago we don't got no medickle history. There was the stonefish incident, but that was 30 yrs ago when we got jabbed + was cured by a witch doctor so dat ain't offishally in our medickle history... but guess we shd of mentioned dat as the stonefish's dorsal needlefin stuck in our left ring finger, the 1 that's numb + tingly to this day can't feel a thing + now so is the pinkie next to her, witch went numb like 5 years ago, so maybe this suspected pinched or compressed nerve might be related to stonefish neurotoxins festering all these years? During "triage" the nurse's assistant spelled needles "niddles" + hardly knew how to use a computer, which din't do much to ease our anxiety. When they took my blood pressure they told us we had hypertension, so we had to explain that it was a reading of our anxiety from being in a hospital, that our resting pulse wasn't normally 81. Our doc put us at ease tho, seems she might be cool, she's from one of them i-lands of South America. She did a quick test of our ear + sure enough, we're basickly deaf on the right side. The ear drum looks good, so she thinks it might be neurological. And she thinks maybe we don't have bursitis but sumping else... so for starters we got an X-ray. Radiologist looked at us + 1st thing they ask, "r u a surfer sumping? What happened to your shoulder?" To wich we said we dint know, that's why we was there.

4 June> Back to the hospital to get our bloodwork done... nothing freaks us out more than needles, or "niddles" as the doctor's assistant wrote in our triage notes the day before, so needless to say we was freaking. Last time a sharp object pierced our skin we ended up on the floor w/ paramedics flashing penlights in our eyes. We din't faint this time, not so bad cuz we just didn't look... we just can't watch it being done, even in movies. Peed in a cup as well + even left a stool sample on the spot... the virtues of being able to poop on demand! Wint to get a lay-Z boy recliner like the 1 our dad had, but settled for sumping more refined from West Elm that swivels, a nice feetsure to halve in this front bay window where now we're sitting. Also got some new used barstools to replace the big clunky ones that previous denizens left behind, so baysickly all we kept of their furnishings was the wallpaper... so even more to monger now on Craigslist, et al... in addition the few stragglers that haven't sold even as the price gets down to zer0.

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