5cense Entwined mise en abîme enzymed from the MST3K P-nut gallery as we post Entelechy of Telemachy


1.21.2020. D.C.
5¢ense/The Daily Noose is the running commentary to our current life, wich at the moment is ∀ll about rapping up Textiloma. ∀ll we rite t/here might make it into t/here. In fact this progress report will fuel Textiloma, perhaps even word/4/ward. The proof's in the putting:

Recognize the shadowy figgers from Mystory Sighence Theatre 3000? That's us now, setting t/here rite next to Tel, piping in from the P-nut gallery as the transcryption of Ulysses' journels scroll by. A mise en abîme enzymed to denature our helix, dubble-stranding on us on dis here dessert I-land w/ Oxen of the Son, buey. If u blow up the I-ox-eyed Darwinian DNA, each strand gets cumposed of an IDentical dbudble-strand, ad infinitum...

@ an udder point the fish chain sprouts legs. We're into chapter 5 now, up to pg 334 (where the above was screen-shot from)(ℝeelly 134 since we started counting at 201). In L ℝeel moondough we're up to 3 weeks w/o 1 drop of C2H5OH. Much more productive, sleeping bedder, our head more clear... we're still groggy when we wake up + our ears ever ringing + ½-death (on account of our mineareye's d-zzz) but much more tolerable. Bin working on Textiloma every waking hour, especially since our bedder-½ is in Toronto. 6 more chapters to finish in 2 months, so a chapter around every 10 days + or roughly 1-2 pgs/day. No problema... tho that's our typical speed, hopefully we'll pick up the pace now dat we're into U's journels... or not. Meanwhile we got to proof the chapters we're cerealizing. Wich means we won't halve much to ssey here that don't gotta due w/ Textiloma.

While we work we listen to the mixtape we maid for the occassion (a work in progress), mostly '80s songs that our brother U liked or if they are post-1997 songs we think U'd like.

23 Jan> Posted chapter 2: "The Entelechy of Telemachy," so now we're less than 5 chapters ahead between what we're posting + what we're writing.

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