In the spirit of the Maphattan Project + RomeRioni, wherein we walked every street of NYC + then Rome respectively—we propose the Microcosmic Psychogeography of DC. Not that we aim to systematically walk every street of our newfound home, rather we're taking a more zen approach... "fly casual" as Hans Solo told Chewbaca. Rather than go by the letter or number named streets in the overly organized district grid of our nation's capitol, we figured we'd loosely follow the 51 state-named avenues, most of which run diagonal to the grid.In addition, all the world embassies (that we have diplomatic relations with, 175 out of 193) reside in D.C. So while we walk—or rather flâneur—we'll meditate on that state + on the countries of the embassies we pass, wondering as we wander. Our peregrinating ruminations that we post here we'll be atypically "idiotsyncratic" + in our own "landgauge" that we typically use on The Daily Noose, often folding in antipodal anecdotes about our associations + experience w/ that state or country + whatever we're reading, watching, listening to, working on or thinking about at the time... this is our personal "journel," after all, an art project of sorts. There's a few states we haven't been to yet, so we're thinking it's high time we visit these states before walking the avenue, no? Countries, well, we've been to a few, roughly ⅓ of them, but no way we'll tackle all of them anytime soon. We (wherein "we" are Sound Furies) are tackling these in no "pertickler" order, just wherever the road takes us whenever + will add to this list as we go along (links are also clickable from the above map):

1. Washington Ave SW (8/2019)
2. New Jersey Ave NW (8/2019)
3. Mississippi + Alabama Aves SE + 40-45 embassies (mostly African)(9/2019)

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