5cense The myth of Sisyphus humping the Oregon trail thru rock creek to Alaska, DC


8 Feb 2020> Figured we'd tackle Oregon Ave NW next in our Microcosmic DC project.

Oregon ave ain't so pedestrian friendly as it winds along the edge of the park w/ no shoulder nor sidewalks + we was holding off doing it thinking maybe we'd bike it in stead then realized there were trails that hugged it going thru the park + we felt more like hiking then walking today + had been meaning to traverse the entire length of Rock Creek so that's what we did, all the way across the border into Maryland across the boundry bridge looping back the other side of the park, slicing the tip of D.C.s diamond from the northern to eastern boundry + while we're at it why not hit Alaska Ave since we was ∀ll the way up there, not that weave ever bin to Alaska before + swore we wouldn't do state aves we hadn't bin to yet bud we make up our one rules on the fly + doubt we'll be going to Alaska anytime soon, specially as we want to minimize air time to lower our carbone footprint. Oregon we've bin plenty times including last summer, in fact we was born there, spent our 1st decade more ore less there, our home state u cd ssey. An other intresting fact is dat the originul Oregon Ave in DC used to be Swann St (they changed the name in 1938), so the 1st home we one is on x-Oregon Ave. It's also worth noting that we're past the ½-way point in our Microcosm DC project (let's hope we don't get hung up on Zeno's logic utterwise wheel never make it). We looted a few booxes along the weigh + like Sisyphus we humped more rocks from Rock Creek to take home + put in the back of our backyard.

Oregon where it X's Nebraska (wich we ain't done yet)




the bog DC was before the settlers settled


Alaska Ave + that's the Libyan embassy beyond


view from our home on x-Oregon st

10 Feb> Re-re-reading The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus for the 3rd or 4th time. Things that stand out on this reread:

Understanding the world for a man is reducing it to the human, stamping it with his seal. The cat's universe is not the universe of the anthill. The truism "All thought is anthropomorphic" has no other meaning. Likewise, the mind that aims to understand reality can consider itself satisfied only by reducing it to terms of thought.

A stranger to myself and to the world, armed solely with a thought that negates itself as soon as it asserts, what is this condition in which I can have peace only by refusing to know and to live, in which the appetite for conquest bumps into walls that defy its assaults?

I am not interested in philosophical suicide, but rather in plain suicide. I merely wish to purge it of its emotional content and know its logic and its integrity.

At this point the problem is reversed. It was previously a question of finding out whether or not life had to have a meaning to be lived. It now becomes clear, on the contrary, that it will be lived all the better if it has no meaning.

We just posted episode 4 [INT. ∃rror tXt] of Textiloma as we finish a draft of episode 10, sew seams we're able-Bw/Odied enough to stay ½ the book ahead, wich is good cuz wheel need time to read thru the hole thing as a hole. We ℝealize we're reading Sisyphus out of order cuz Sisyphus corresoponds to the last episode # 12 when after ∀ll the bloodshed Ulysses goes to see his (ℝeal) father (Sisyphus). We write his, as opposed to our or your, cuz episode 11 correosponds to a schism in refrence, switching to the ♀ persepctive like how Joyce ends Ulysses thru Molly's I's, to keep Tel from U-surping the show... we're making this up as we go along, we actually don't know how our version of SSEY will end, makes sense we'd tell it thru Penelope (mother-figure) or Nausicaa (Tel's bedder-½) or bedder yet abosrb the ♀ voix into a.I... we are androgenius after ∀ll, in addition to anonymous. We also need to put sum distance between our selves + Telemachus, like how Molly adds a hole new dimentian to the warped goings on between her hubbie Bloom + the yunger artist Deadalus. We may even go 1 more step remooved + rope in Icarus (Deadalus's son), wich also serves to put the I in a.I.... de todos modos, we don't know yet, remains to be scene, need to take a break from writing perhaps + re-read the last chapter of Ulysses.

707 <(current)> 709> P.S. Epilogged Epipath in Σum after Tellus' Broth of Her Man-OS while posting the pre-script in recovery
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