5cense P.S. Epilogged Epipath in Σum after Tellus' Broth of Her Man-OS while posting the pre-script in recovery


14 Feb 2020> Since episode 11 (Tellus' Broth of Her Man-OS) of Textiloma correosponds to the Penelope episode of Ulysses, figured we'd re-read that chapter wich is also chronillogically where the hero of our story, Ulysses, kicks bucket + we go to his memaryall. Also reading James Joyce's Ulysses by Stuart Gilbert, wich we scored from a liebury boox sumwhere in D.C. we forget where. Weave referred to the Gilbert schema for Ulysses plenty but never actually got the book til now... it's a keeper, doubt will be putting it out in our liebury boox.

+ now (output-wise) we're starting a draft of the last episode #12 (P.S. Epilogged Epipath in Σum) + since it ends by us "recovering" the text artifact ether by weigh of operation or on an expedition to retrieve it from the Bw/Ody of our brother Ulysses from when he set out on a 1-way mission in 1997 to climb the same peak our father Sisyphus died trying to scale in 1982 figgered weed mock up what the text artifact might look like if recovered:

18 Feb> ... speaking of recovery, our worst nightmare almost just came true... our InDesign on our iMac has been acting up, crashing more + more often (maybe cuz we're pushing it to the limits of what InDesign is meant to do). Usually it starts back up (+ we're in the habit of saving every few minutes cuz InDesign doesn't auto-save so well (unlike DreamWeaver, what we're writing this in on our laptop, which also spontantenously crashes every so often), but a few hours ago it hung up w/ a "serious" error + other applications started acting up so we figured we should just reboot our computer but then it wouldn't power back up... over + over it kept giving that prohibitory do not enter symbol. We tried all sorts of things, kept rebooting it in various modes, finally it rebooted in safe mode after multiple tries + we was so freaked out (got a bit sick to our stomach) that the 1st thing we're doing is backing up our entire computer cuz we've been so busy working on Textiloma that we haven't been backing anything up (besides our nightly auto-saves in BackBlaze). Sew we're on our laptop now, which has a version of Textiloma from maybe a few weeks ago, but we've done an insane amount of work on it since. Hope we can recover everything... we're in the last chapter now, tho it might be a really long chapter trying to get ∀ll we want to say said.

19 Feb> Guess everything's ok w/ our mothership, tho Adobe is causing sum resource issue, hogging like 75% of the CPU at times... think it's actually Bridge or Photoshop that's causing it. But if we reboot (wich seems we can do now thank dog) + not do too much at once seems ok. Just posted episode 5: The Postmodurn Epimetheus (pre-script) of Textiloma + as we said we're on the the last episode (#12)... seams like we got plenty time if we want to halve it published by April 30, but this chapter might be long + then w/ shit happening like yesterday we start to panic. We also might go to Germany end of April (assuming this Corona virus stuff clears up) + wanted to make sure we had the books printed up before then. We're also going to NYC next week + wanted to have a complete draft to print out + read on the train. Think this almost-crash was a sign tho that we need to take a deep breath + not rush this final episode, we're in the 25th mile. As S.O.S. band says, "baby, we can do it, take the time, do it right."

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