5cense A Dream City casalingo exorcising up Georgia Ave to our liebury open for business


26 April 2020> Dear Inurnet, a post or 2 or 3 ago we was talking about how we was making some new "casalingo" art, well here's the 1st in that series (click on it to blow it up more):

casalingo #1

We made it on a piece of a plywood we found on our street + used leftover paints + hardware from when we 1st moved into our house a year ago + whatever else we could find. We hung it in our stairwell:

Yesterday for our Microcosmic DC project we walked Georgia Ave... a straight shot north (our line is squiggly cuz we kept crossing the street to avoid ppl), starting at Howard U + up thru Petworth + Takoma. We looped back thru Rock Creek, wich was crowded w/ people exorcising... ~12+ miles in total.

We lived in Georgia (the state) for ½ a year back in '97... maybe we'll get to posting those journals next. After our brother died we packed up our car + drove east + ended up in Savannah for no pertickler reason except we thought it seemed intresting. Our bedder-½ worked in a coffeeshop (after getting her degree in nutritional biochemistry) + we worked as a land surveyor (which in them parts is more like swamp surveying), in the summer so it was hot as fuck. Not sure what we were thinking. Geogia the avenue is 1 of the more intresting streets in DC that we hadn't really spent much time on before this. The times weave crossed it before it seamed quite bustling but now was desolate + abanondoned, a lot of restraunts + shops shuttered up... huge swaths of America are probly starting to look like this, a bit dystopian.


where ppl used to hang out


1 of many "notice of closures"







fish in the hood


fishermen of man church


closed church turned coctail bar (or vice-versa)



National cemetary


skeletons dangling from powerlines (even tho Halloween was 6 months ago)



2 more callboxes


left a No Moon behind in this boox


other little lieburies were abandoned

Our friends (who we talked to from 6 feet away on our stoop) yesterday asked if our libuery was open, cuz apparently other little free libraries around town are "closed" cuz of Corona concerns, wich seams ludricous... sure they might pontentially spread contagion, but folks need books now more than ever, especially since the public lieburies are closed + Amazon has deemed books non-essential so aren't restocking any (including our Textiloma, wich we was sposed to launch in a few days (u can get it on SPD tho). We had a glove we'd put on our left hand to leave/take books + also some wipes, even still the chances of getting COVID from a book or box seems perty low. We notice lots of folks looking at our box, but very few reaching into it (but enough that we restock it every few days). Speaking of boox, here's a few we've found in little lieburies that we're putting back out in ours:

Idoru by William Gibson we started to read, before thinking we shd start w/ Neuromancer, which we liked, but not enough that we want to read other books of his, at least not in the near future. Fever by Megan Abbott we held onto cuz it seemed an intresting read for these times (about a strange contagious illness that spreads thru a community) but was too mainstream for our tastes + we got about 100 pages into Eye in the Sky before abandoning it... we liked it at first + we dig Phillip K Dick, but this 1 just wasn't grabbing us + too much about religion.

We started to read Dream City by Harry Jaffe, who happens to be our neighbor. He's also a bee keeper + gave us some honey + has extra toilet paper if we run out. Funny cuz right off the bat his Dream City starts talking about Georgia Ave + how in 1992 before taking office Clinton toured a block of Georgia as a representative microcosm of the blight + crime typical of DC in the Marion Barry years... boy how things have changed since.

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