5cense The weight of just breathing in your sleep w/a teeth mask up the Missouri to North Dakota (DC)


6 Aug 2020> Before we wint to bed last night we aksed our bedder-½ "halve u ever weighed yourself before u wint to bed + then again the next morning?" Weave herd about how u lose a pound or so when you sleep from water vapor + also carbone (converting 02 to CO2) but we was cureus x-actly how much. So we stepped on the scale + weighed 172.8 last night. Then we slept. We got up + peed + drank a few swigs of water once or twice as usual. Then when we stepped on the scale 1st this morning we weighed 169.2... this seemed crazy to us, losing 3.6 pound over the course of 8 hours just by laying there! We drank a few cups of coffee + a big papaya smoothie then worked out (burned 575 calories in 43 minutes on the elliptical) + then we weighed 167.4, so we had a 5.4 lb weight shift in a 12-hour period + we hadn't even pooped yet, so it was all water loss (+ CO2... wich might explain why mosquitos like us so much)... that's 2-3 liters of water fluctuation.

Part of the reason we thought to do this was cuz we're trying to lose weight (our weight (when we weigh ourself in the morning) has been between 166 – 169 lbs this past week, whereas a few weeks ago we fluctuated between 168 – 172, so maybe we've lost a few pounds but it's hard to tell w/ us cuz we fluctuate so much. But we're also cureus cuz of our mineareyes d-zzz, which is caused by abnormal fluctations of the endolymph fluid in our inner ear. Reading around on Inurnet (dangerous, we know) we're wondering if we don't got Ménière's disease (primary endolymphatic hydrops) but secondary endolymphatic hydrops (SEH), which is basically the same thing (+ a lot of ppl use the terms interchangeably), but there's a known trauma or event that causes it (tho we ain't quite sure what that would be besides allergies or 1 too many Swans concerts). We don't really have "attacks" or "episodes" of vertigo, but for us it's a fairly sustained low-grade dizziness that ebbs + flows, worse at night when we sleep, especially if we roll over on our right side (+ that epley maneuver don't do shit). The ringing in our ears is constant, sometimes louder, but it's always there, high in the left ear + a lower swooshing in the right. We've always noticed weird fluctuations in our weight, but wanted to see how it changed in a given day + weather this change in weight (presumably mostly water) is related to the fluctuations in endolymph fluid in our inner ear.

9 Aug> To reiterate:

6 Aug:
Weight at 12 AM (before bed): 172.8
Weight at 12 PM (before lunch): 167.4
Intake: Fasted all day ( or maybe light lunch, don't remember), big dinner of zuchini/green chili quiche, potatoes, corn on the cob, salad. 1 beer + shared bottle of cava w/ bedder-½.
Exorcise: elliptical, 45 minutes (burned 575 calories)

7 Aug:
Weight at 12 AM: 170.4
Weight at 12 PM: 168.4
Intake: papaya smoothie for breakfast, slice of quiche for lunch, then oysters, soft-shell crab, sauteed kale + rice + shared 2 bottles of cava + 1 bottle of reisling w/ 3 people*.
Exorcise: statonary bike, 44 minutes (burned 500 calories)
* For the 1st time since this pandemic began we had someone over for dinner... it started w/ drinks + oysters in our backyard (w/ masks + appropriately spaced chairs), but they was getting broiled + eaten alive by mosquitoes (we was busy shucking the oysters, in no hurry to go out there) + since this person is a total recluse that lives alone + hasn't left the house in weeks like us we figgered why not come in + we sat at opposite ends of the living room pulling our masks down in between sips of spritzers (oh yah, we mixed aperol + soda w/ our cava) + then thought shit, may as well stay for dinner. We ate a little less, stopping at 1 plate full, but overdid it on the hooch (tho our friend took the lion's share of the 3 bottles (she hadn't been out or socialized during this whole pandemic) + we were perty dehydrated when we fell asleep (drank 2-3 liters of water when we woke up at 3 a.m. w/ a splitting headache)

... so not a great start to our experiment, but seams our weight fluctuations are decreasing (as is our overall body weight... but let's see if we can keep that up while eating 3 meals a day). The general idea is that we're gonna eat less, but more consistenly throughout the day + drink less alcohol + coffee (normally we take the lion's share of 12-14 cups, but now we'll try to keep that below 10). We should also mention that we drink a lot of water, hard to even estimate, but refill our bottle at least 5-10 times a day + then w/ dinner we share 2-3 bottles of sparkling water + lots of ice to dilute our drinks. We feel bedder today, slept a bit bedder, tho our ears are still ringing. We've also been mixing music these past few days (stay tuned, we may release an early single in a week or 2), we try as much as possible to not use headphones or listen loud, but sometimes you just got to. The other thing about secondary endolymphatic hydrops is that it can be triggered by loud noise, which we've always suspected cuz days we're making or mixing music always seem worse as far as vertigo/tinnitus.

8 Aug:
Weight at 12 AM: 168.8
Weight at 12 PM: 166.4
Intake: 2 pieces of sourdought toast for breakfast, papaya/cucumber salad over rice w/ peanuts + cilantro sauce for lunch, then for dinner zucchini blossoms stuffed w/ ricotta + anchovies, buffalo mozz, tomatoes + pesto pasta, then had some ice cream + shared a bottle of pinot noir w/ our bedder-½ re-watching The Birds.
Exorcise: biked for 13+ miles, in knocking off Missouri + North Dakota Avenues NW for our Microcosmic DC project (only 4 states to go!) after a bit of a hiatus letting our heal heel. Yah, sort of cheating we know doing these by bike, but these would be quite the slog on foot (specially in the heat of August) + ain't much of intrest to see anyway on these streets. In the reel moondough (outside of D.C.) North Dakota is 1 of the few states we ain't never bin to + Missouri we've only passed through once or twice driving across the U.S.

On the way back we rode thru the park which was nice to get sun + see trees + the creek but lots of folk out since it was Sunday + still surprising how many ppl don't wear masks. Speaking of masks + the Swans (the loud concerts that may have triggered our vestibular issues), we got 2 masks from them, the image from the teeth album (Filth) + another mask that just says "you people fucking make me sick" (song from My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky), either one seems effective not only protecting u from covid, but keeping people away.

Gira wearing his teeth mask

Collected a few more books on our ride, including Dante's Inferno + Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker + also sorted thru our to-read pile for books to put in our liebury boox:

  • The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor by Gabriel García Márquez—we were gonna just put this in our boox cuz it seamed kinda hokey, but we started to read it + got sucked in + next thing we know we finished it... gripping true-life account (as relayed thru Márquez) about sum guy that got swept off a ship + survived for 10 days in shark-infested waters w/ no food or water.
  • Beyond Black Bear Lake by Anne LaBastille—the top 3 books on this pile came from our mom's collection, this seems to be about sum hippy woman searching for a Thoreau-like experience on sum lake... not really our type of book
  • Stones for Ibarra by Harriet Doerr—this 1 also seamed kind of hokey, sum gringo travelling around Mexico
  • Wounded by Percival Everett—we love Everett but we have a few more books of his in our pile (he's quite prolific) + this 1 seems sorta silly, almost like Everett set out to write a Cormac McCarthy-like novel about a black horse whispere in Wyoming + also include the Matthew Shepard story.
  • Eros by Anne Carson—we also seamed to have ended up w/ a few Ann Carson books + this 1 seems the list intresting, sometimes she goes way too much into the Greek god stuff (her academic field of study)
  • The Birthday of the World by Ursula K. Le Guinn—after reading The Lathe of Heaven last summer flying to Portland (where she's from) we've amassed a few more of her books, but these are short-stories, wich don't intrest us much
  • Birth of a Dreamweaver by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o—this is an autobiographical account of his going to shcool in Uganda which don't seam so intresting (+ we still got his Petals of Blood in our pile)
  • Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman—we've bin meaning to see what the hype is about Gaiman, but these are also short stories, figured we shd start w/ something else
  • Sound Unbound—this is a collection of essays about music + sound, we read sum of them like the 1s by Brian Eno or Steve Reich, but not the entire book. It also came w/ a CD which we're ripping as we speak before we put it back in the book to put in our boox (where we found it)

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