5cense Alphabetic EV SE prison summons coverage to put Herd of Birds on wax


3 Oct 2020> Last night we were summonsed to go to a prison in upstate New York, we had no idea what for. So we went up there + checked in at the front desk + told her we were told to report there. She asked our info + looked us up + said to our bedder-½, “it says here to call your dad.” Our bedder-½ was starting to get mad, like “why did we need to come up all the way up here just to be told that?” + we was a bit disappointed cuz by this point we were curious to experience what it would be like to do time in jail. Then the prison clerk said, reading from her monitor, “actually, your father is right over there” + sure enough, our bedder ½’s father was at another counter chatting it up w/ the guards. We went over to find out what was going on + ends up her dad had reported her mom missing, but then she appeared a day or 2 later but they never updated the system, which is why he also had to go all the way up there to straighten this mess out.  

> This morning sent Herd of Birds out to be pressed onto 12" vinyl, here's the cover:

> Should get the discs (100 of them) in 7-8 weeks. If u got a turntable + are intrested in a copy let us know.

4 Oct> There's sum alphabetic pieces of southeast DC that we figured we'd do by bike (for our Microcosmic DC project) cuz getting down there is already a few miles RT of shit weave walked many times already + we walked (non-alphabetically) 10k+ clicks or so yesterday thru the park + also cuz the lower SE is just a hodge-podge of little streets here + there, not just long continuous streets u can systematically zipper up alphabetically... but we did our best to see as much of SE DC as we could, down to Buzzard Point + along the Anacostia waterfront. Going by bike is a diffrent perspective anyway, a nice change, especially on such a nice day. On the way back stopped + had our 2nd dining (outdoor) experience since March then spent the rest of the afternoon up on the roof.

> Hear's sum books we perused but decided they ain't worth reading so we're putting them in our liebury boox to free up space in our piled high to-read Q.

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