5cense A Bosnian Ishi walking along D + E streets north in a world devoid of humanity


11 Sept 2020> Re-read Ishi in Two Worlds, a book of our mothers that we got after she died, about the last "wild" American Indian... a remarkable story, the last of his tribe of Yahi Indians in Northern California. He stumbled into Oroville in 1911 + then lived out his life (he died in 1916) in a museum in Berkeley... what a concept to be the last of your tribe (we were reminded of it while reading Earth Abides, about a character named Ishi who goes camping in the Sierra Nevadas + when he returns (to Berkeley) he discovers that every 1 is dead), the last speaker of your language (which incidentally was unique in that there were diffrent dialects for men + women) + then live in a museum while people gawked at u, watching u make arrowheads, etc.

12 Sept 2020> Walked D + E streets north for our Microcosm DC project, east into Capitol Hill + then back thru the heart of D.C. into Foggy Bottom (D street N runs out at the white house), about 12 miles. Everything seemed even more abandoned than usual downtown, except for the high police presence near the white house, which is now enclosed within a fortified zone. We saw the Bosnian embassy on E street, ticking off 1 more we haven't seen (tho we've been to the country ).




PAHO bldg (normally these poles would have all the flags of the world)


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