5cense Sewage treatment log 2002–2005: soda pop criminals posting Last Throes of the White Towel


3 April 2020>  Our brother died 23 yrs ago today, the original author of Textiloma, of which we just posted episode 10:

The entire mundo is under house arrest so we'll get back to mining our dream journels... these from 2002–2005 (they start to get sparser in these years):

January 9, 2002 – NYC
I was going to Peru on a business trip. I hadn’t even gotten back from another trip, didn’t even have time to go home and unpack and repack. I took a shuttle but was really early. Everybody got off at some hotel, so I figured I needed to get off there and wait for the bus to leave again. I had so long to wait that I lost track of time buying mangoes and other weird stuff, and then I noticed that the bus was gone. I asked the receptionist what happened but she completely ignored me because she said I was hostile. At the same time I was dealing with her, I was trying to gather my belongings. I had a bag full of dirty laundry and useless items like a bolo hat. I was going through my wallet and there was a bunch of weird money, including “Philadelphia” money, as if Philadelphia was another country. I went and found a cab, the people were just getting out of it. I was about to get in the cab and realized I didn’t have my bags. I left them in the lobby of the hotel. I was afraid the cab would leave me, but I had to go back and get my bags.

January 21, 2002 – Keystone, CO
I was down on the tip of Baja by myself trying to get home. There was a volcano erupting magnificent colors, in front was another mountain with silhouetted explosions like fireworks. i couldn't find anything about it on the news so I called Zo. She said get the hell out of Pisa (where I evidently was), she said everybody died, then said actually 50 people died, but wouldn’t tell me why. I said I was nowhere near there, even though I did say Vesuvius. The wind started blowing hard while I was on the phone and I had to grab on to a handrail. It was blowing so hard I was blow horizontal. Then it went away. I couldn’t find out more about where I was. I was about to leave when I realized I didn’t have a camera. I went to get my laundry from this guy who had treated me and Zo reasonably before, but this time he wanted $27 because of the way they were specially packaged. I was confused between pesos and dollars. then I realized I could ask him what was going on and he said I couldn’t get through but didn’t know how far. He got out a map but it was a world map and he was pinpointing a vague area in Mexico, near Guerrero, which was on the mainland. So I decided to try to go north. I was sick of this town and wanted to get close to the volcano as long as it wasn’t dangerous. I saw some woman swimming in the water and thought to float to this island where the hippies were. I had been here earlier with Zeke Z but didn’t know how I would find it. I went to buy a disposable camera but it was $34 and I was embarrassed to pay that out of the principle of it (to be such a sucker) and I didn’t know how long they had been sitting on the shelf. Finally I went to leave town but the road was closed so I caught a train and it was uneventful. I got to the town I had been to before, Guerrero Negro, next to the same room Zo and I had been before on our honeymoon. I went up the desk and she was naked with a towel wrapped around her. The towel was slipping. She was weird looking. She said there was only room in the hotel. I was debating. Looked away to not look at her, her friend was also naked. they looked at me in a creepy seductive way, staring right at my crotch. They asked me “are you a student?”
     “Are you empresas?”
     I assumed that meant on business. “No, I am a writer.”
     “Even more impressive,” she said.
     I wanted to say “what’s the big deal most everyone in the world is employed,” but went to check out the hotel room. I was confused, looked outside and the place was called “Sex Gym”. That explained it. Some people were watching the volcano on TV. I saw another place I had been to with Zo. People were playing golf on the beach, and there were pyramids. The commercial said it was Novia Scotia.

February 3, 2002 – NYC
It was like I was watching TV, watching a mother and her daughter, she crashed her mini-van because she was busy looking in her wallet at the money that daddy gave them to shop. Actually they got a blow-out before they even had a chance to crash, grinding to a halt on a field. The teenage son jumped out to take advantage of the opportunity to skate in a drainage ditch. At the top of the bowl he realized how lame and meaningless it was, and completely lost ambition and fell. While he was falling, he said “dreadlock rasta”. For some reason I thought this was so funny that I was laughing so hard it woke me up.

February 9, 2002 – NYC
Went to Florida. was supposed to go to the Bahamas with Kevin but I missed the flight. Zo and I were riding out in a little Zodiac boat to go this offshore island to go scuba diving. We went and it was too rough so we came back, we stopped to go diving, but the boat didn’t have an anchor so Zo told me to go and she would just hover above. But we were so close to shore and it was getting dark that I said just go to shore. Once we got there I went out diving myself. I saw bunches of bright colored golf balls. I saw a few other fishes and coral, but the water was murky. Zo was watching from the beach.

February 14, 2002 – NYC
We were in France, waiting to catch a plane. I overheard the maintenance guy saying the plane was defective and had been that way for a while, but it didn’t have problems. When we got on the plane, I was obviously concerned. We didn’t take off, but instead started driving down this windy road. Evidently we had to taxi all the way down this mountain before we could take off. But once we got down there, there was no flat area to take off from. Everybody was acting like this was common practice.

February 18, 2002 – NYC
I got a ride in a Taxi, Wynona Ryder was the cab driver. She said she got the taxi from a pimp. This was evidently common. She dropped me off and then I was transferred to this death rock guy. We went to his house in LA, it was really cool and big, lots of rooms and windows write on the sidewalks on the street. I asked him if he lived alone, and then his family came home. he lived with his mother and brother. I couldn’t shake hands with them because my hand was caught in the sleeve of my leather jacket. We had a fantastic view of L.A. While I wasn’t paying attention to this guy, he OD’ed on me.

February 20, 2002 – NYC
We were “Soda Pop Criminals” from the 20s. I was part of a band or roving criminals that killed ex-husbands, cousins, etc. We were ruthless, we'd kill them and then speed off on horses to another state. We would get soda pop as a reward.

February 21, 2002 – NYC
Went climbing with Sean Shaheen, Biswa, and Surya. I drove in a station wagon. Surya was talking about a war between German and Russia that had broken out that day. Something about Germans jockeying tanks for position in a circular pattern. I didn’t know anything about it because I was so busy at work there was no time to read the paper (even though “the paper” is no longer paper). We were on Mt. Lemmon. An American Airlines jet flew right ahead, less than a hundred feet from the top of the mountain. We stopped at Windy Point at went down to “Short Term Arête” ... not the real name of it, but that famous 5.11 with the steep arête (Steve's Arête). I was going to climb up the back so we could top-rope the arête. There was scaffolding around it, and a utility shed built into the base. We had to wait for these girls to finish. They left the rope and walked away. We bitched at them. Then right as I was gearing up at the base, these German sport climbers came up and just started climbing the route right in front of me. When I said excuse me, they said, we just need to climb it really quick so we can clean the arête. What could I say? Biswa and Surya were going to borrow Sean’s shoes as they were size 9. I had a white rope that I wasn’t sure where I got it from. We waited, and never actually climbed. But I was excited to climb it. The beginning you had to do a pendulum traverse to get on the rock, but with the scaffold there, you could just climb the scaffold.

February 25, 2002 – NYC
I was at Trillium lake (scenic lake at the base of Mt. Hood where we used to go trout fishing when I was a kid). I was diving under water and was looking under the shelf to see if I could see where all the fish were. When I was a kid, I used to always try to imagine what the fish looked like under water, and what the bait looked like to them. But I didn’t see a single fish. I looked all around the lake. Nothing. I swam under the “shelf” and ended up at a sewage treatment center. I went up to the sewage treatment plant. I left the boat behind to go up some stairs, but the wind picked up and the waves were crashing. The lake was now the ocean. I heard that a hurricane was coming. I couldn’t decide whether to try to retreat before it came, but the waves were coming in to fast. So I stayed at the sewage treatment center and hung out with the garbage men. They thought it was weird that I hadn’t called my mother to let her know.

the above dream was used in Marsupial + inspired this image:


+ the next 2 dreams were used in Textiloma:

March 17, 2002 – NYC
We were on a camping trip, tubing down a large river. I was scouting ahead because I was certified in yoga, which made me qualified. I forged ahead into a swampy area with a lot of trees. I came into a clearing and got out of the river to wait for the others. Kevin came by on a motorbike but completely ignored me like I didn’t even exist. Then came an RV. They noticed me and stopped, but everyone, including my mother, had their place in the RV and if I was to get in, it would displace one of them. I argued that the trip was my idea in the first place, and that I was leading it. Without me they wouldn’t be going anywhere. But the only person that volunteered to give up her seat was my mom, but even then she put on this guilt trip like, “what are you going to do, just leave me on the side of the road near this swamp”. This didn’t make any sense, so they got back in and left me there to continue on their expedition which I was supposed to be leading.

March 23, 2002 – NYC
We treaded towards the ruins of an ancient post office. It was Sunday and other religions were occupying the ruins for their own religious purposes and other than the original intent. Jewish families having ritualized picnics complete with softball games. Muslims were playing guitars. I didn’t want to intrude on them, but Kevin insisted that we pass through their parties and climb up this ladder. He told me to go first and then took pictures of me hanging upside down. It was awkward to get out of the position by the time I got to the top, and Kevin was right behind me hanging on a rope with was attached to me and torquing me in a weird position. He refused to budge because there was nothing legitimately incorrect with the procedure he was following. But I felt I had the right to safety but couldn’t exit the ladder into the ruins of the post office.

April 23, 2002 – NYC
The swells were criss-crossing the island through the channel, colliding head on. Breakers with a nice tube. Our mothers sent us out to get octopus. But a day like this didn’t come often. We paddled out into the channel with our boards. It wasn’t natural, but still. We used the momentum of one wave to thrust us into the tube of an oncoming wave right as it was breaking. Once we figured this out, the novelty wore off and we realize we couldn’t come empty handed. “How are we going to catch Octopus?”
     “Just hang out and let them come to you.” As soon as one latches on to you, I’ll pull it off of you and vice-versa.

the above seeded "The Octopus Hunters" in Poste Restante
w/ this correosponding image (Poste J. Arthropodic Cross-Examination):

April 29, 2002 – NYC
There was a demonstration on May Day with a mob of angry onlookers waiting for the parade. The first group to pass by we’re children in wooden wheelchairs unaccompanied by adults. The onlookers were about to stampede them until they saw they were in wheelchairs. Then a wedding procession came by. The streets were newly painted black and white so the father of the bride was following behind her, holding the white lacey train up so it wouldn’t get paint on it. Then they cut off the road and headed through wet fields of tall grass. He was also carrying a bundle of wooden stakes on his shoulder. These were to stake down the dress.

+ the above seeded "Staking the Wedding Train" in Poste Restante w/ this correosponding image:

May 17, 2002 – NYC
I was in a foreign country, Mexico. I was at mom’s house, checking around in some upstairs room. They were filthy soiled rooms with a mattress on the floor, like she was using every possible space and cubby hole as a sleeping area. There were a bunch of books piled outside exposed to the elements and this bothered me.
     Then I was going up this road, and on the sides were open sewers, and it stunk so I was trying to move fast. This lady suddenly reeled back and said “dios mio”, and when I looked there was dead kid buckled over in the sewer. I just tried to hurry past it so I wouldn’t have to witness it. When I looked back, another kid was looking at him, and he started to throw up bile. Even after he threw up, he continued to stare at the dead kid in fascination up close. A voice, my own, called my name and woke me up. I had a sensation that I was waking up myself for a purpose, that I was supposed to learn something from this that I was hurrying past the sewage to avoid it and sometimes the sewage and death is what you have to stop to see.

June 4, 2002 – NYC
I was at the beach with Zo. There was a mish-mash of waves and I wanted to body surf. We were befriended by a few 2-Dimensional characters that were cut out of plywood. There was one guy that was like Popeye who was surfing with me and was bragging about how at least he could stand on the board, and I was saying it just wasn’t the same as “surfing” until you have experience the momentum of a wave. Tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum were also there, their names were inscribed on their persona, and one of them had a ball and chain painted on their character, and they other had another symbol which I don’t remember. The waves receded and kept receding, I was riding the wash out. I knew this meant there was a big wave coming. Some guy in a wheelchair was wheeling out there next to me. the first thrust of whitewash came in and I jumped over it because I didn’t want to be slammed on the sand. But there was no big organized wave behind it, just a loose wall of momentum. Finally I got out and the 2-D cutouts were waiting for me (except for Popeye who was with me, and I think was the wheelchair guy for a while). Zo was also waiting and she was impatient because she needed to start cooking the shrimp and she needed us out of the water to keep a watch on things.

June 25, 2002 – Hollywood, CA
These guys were flaunting and abusing their psychic powers, so I felt I had to put them in their place. Using my mental power, I flipped this guy upside-down and started slamming him against the ceiling repeatedly. But it wasn’t doing the trick so I slammed harder, and he broke through the roof. the job was done, but I felt weird having to resort to this (abusing psychic power to fight abuse of psychic power) and damaging the ceiling, so I put time in reverse and “undid” the action. Reversing an action like this required considerable resources since it went against the laws of entropy, and it drained me of all my energy until I just collapsed to the floor until only my consciousness was left but I couldn’t move my body or anything else. The guys were free to take advantage of me, but they had gotten the message and respected my power.

August 19, 2002 – NYC [this dream was used in O, Vozque Pulp]
Aki cut the meat from the albatross wings. The bird was still able to fly but it was so sad that I cried hysterically. I was also at a ski resort and there were many cars parked on a sloped parking lot that started tumbling and rolling and colliding with other cars in a landslide of parked cars that were no longer moving but it was like they were driving.

October 12, 2002 – NYC
I went to the doctor and they discovered a rare form of parasite. They operated on my head and pulled out this caterpillar. They had it in a jar and other people could see it, it was embarrassing. It was a colorful and hairy caterpillar that was about 2 inches long and there were smaller little parasites on the caterpillar. It was still alive and they had diagrams of how it was crawling between my brain and my skull. The only other person they had found this caterpillar parasite was some Guatemalan woman that was also in the office.

October 30, 2002 – NYC
I was in Chile at the base of Acongagua and realized I was very close to the top. There was only one last headwall with five steep gullies you could choose, one was aligned perfectly. These climbers came along and skipped the obvious aesthetic route for an easier scamper up the side. It made me realize how easy it was and how all I had to do was go up the headwall, might as well since I was there. I scampered up a manmade drainage. There were other kids hiking up as well. It was crowded on top and not obvious where the very top was. The view was hazy below. An escalator led down into this huge mall complex that the Argentines had built on top. An indoor mall with a huge window looking at. The buildings in the city below (Santiago) were so tall that they were almost as tall as Acongagua.

November 28, 2002 – NYC [used in Textiloma]
I had a rental car in Brooklyn and parked it for a second, and when I went out to it there was some guy getting in to it. He said it was his dad’s car and I said it was my rental car. He said his dad rented it out and said he would give it back to me after we ran an errand. He parked at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and we started walking across. I asked why we didn’t just drive across the bridge if we had a car, that it would take us forever to walk across. He said where he was going was halfway across the bridge and you couldn’t park on the bridge. I went to look over the edge and there was no side railing to the bridge and I almost lost my balance and fell over the edge. It seemed weird that there was no rail and it made me uncomfortable. I wanted to walk in the road, but there was a gap between the sidewalk and the road that I had to jump. When I was in the air, I noticed the gap was wider then I thought and the road was crumbly and sloping towards the gap that led straight down to the east river below. The whole bridge was deteriorating and I clung to the steel mesh infrastructures. I was climbing along the steel until I was all the way down at water level and was climbing under water. I was able to breathe water. I got to the bottom of the murky river and there were these beds of beautiful sea flowers waving in the current. It was very vivid and colorful. I kept climbing and next thing I know I was in a priest’s office (in St. Patricks) and I was climbing a rope that people normally used to hang themselves. Zo was talking to the priest and I was monkeying around on the rope. There was a plaque that indicated that Kevin White had been there before to talk to the priest.

December 31, 2002 – San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina
I was watching a movie in a theatre. A man with a red backpack climbed up a ladder in front of the screen. This was part of the movie. In every theatre they would have to hire a real actor to climb up the ladder.

Feb. 14, 2003 – NYC [used in Marsupial]
I was at a private aquarium. This guy who owned the aquarium would let fish out to rifle through empty scallop shells looking for pieces of conch meet. I had a first hand view down in the tank. The fish lived in these holes in the walls, or beyond the holes. Then snakes were let out and the snakes were crawling and writing all over me.

Feb. 14, 2003 – NYC
I was traveling in Iceland and saw Moscow’s Red Square. I leaned across the border and kissed the marble façade of the onioned temple. Then I went down into this cellar to observe ancient Jewish/animist traditions. They handed me these bells and I shook them and chanted with them so as not to offend them.

April 12, 2004 – NY, NY [became "Hoeing-a-Row, My Blood-Clot Brother" in Poste Restante]
This guy supposedly killed his kid, but I believed him when he said he didn’t because we were childhood friends. I helped him to sneak out of the building and then saw Kevin who let us take his car. Ends up the guy did kill his own children because he couldn’t support himself. We went to this camp where boiled the parts of his children in a stew with carrots and potatoes. He strained off the carrots and potatoes with the broth into a bowl to eat. The rest of the “tea leaves” as he called them he dumped into a cooler to bury. There were others in the camp watching that didn’t realize he was boiling his children. I guess the idea was that he could eat the boiled broth because the protein was denatured.

April 13, 2004 – NY, NY
I was at Granini’s house and I had my old supped out Mustang. I went to take a walk with Jeff, mom and Kimi. When we were walking we were actually down in Argentina at some place that was very familiar to me like I was just there. I was walking ahead of them, by this time Kimi kind of just dropped off and mom was going really slow. I stopped to wait and looked back and saw mom carrying Jeff and laying him down on a picnic table. I asked what happened and she said it was alright, that he was just unconscious. He came to, and when he lifted his head he was all bruised. Both of them were brushing it off as no big deal, that he was okay. When I looked at his face it was all burnt, but not like it was freshly burnt but scarred like a burned victim that was burned many years before. I looked at mom and she was also burned and disfigured, but not as bad. Mom was apologetic, saying that she forgot that they drove on the other side of the road in Argentina. And I was just confused, wondering when and how they got into car, and where was the crashed car, and that they did drive on the same side of the road as we do, so didn’t know what she was talking about.

April 14, 2004 – NYC
I was meeting Chawn to climb. The road was hairy, almost vertical, the car was spinning off the road. Then I was climbing on foot. I had all this stuff in my hands so it was hard to climb. Chawn had already set up camp on top of this pillar. I was trying to hand him stuff so I could climb up, but he was rappelling down. I was about to summit, but it was really narrow and I didn’t have a harness on. So I just hugged the top waiting for Chawn to climb back up (roped up). There was another climber there also, that was black. Finally I just crawled up and into the tent. Then Chawn came along. I felt safe in the tent, but right when I was asking if the tent had been secured, it fell over the edge. Chawn was tied in, as was the tent, but I wasn’t. So I popped out of the tent and clung on to the tent and let myself down the rope, dropping the last few feet to the ground.

May 26, 2004 – NYC
I was hiking up this trail that was familiar from when I was a kid. It started to get steeper and then go up this staircase in the mist. When I was a kid I turned back at this point because it was too dangerous, but now I plodded on to the top of the waterfall. It started out as Yosemite falls, but then felt more like Niagara falls. Before I got to the top I heard Sonic Youth playing. The noise was intense. I think it was "Karen Revisited." When I got to the top they were playing under this gazebo bandstand. There was a snack bar that was being torn to pieces by this rioting crowd. They were throwing stuff and stealing ketchup. Thurston Moore looked at me and called me over by my name. He said “this is so uncool,” he said. He couldn’t stop playing to break it up. So I went over and tried to hold them from stealing the ketchup, and the ketchup became narcotics. I got the license plate of their truck and threatened to report them. They threatened me. I said, “you think you’re just selling a product, but you’re not. You’re killing people.”

June 22, 2004 – NYC
I was driving this old beater truck that had bioluminescence in the back. Some of the bioluminescence was like ghosts, some was embedded in blocks of ice. The truck was a rental but it was completely run down and nasty. I was going up this hill full speed when it just stalled out because I didn't have momentum. At the peak of my ascent as I was gliding to a stop there was a lynched hill-billy man hanging from a tree. There were southern blacks hanging out on the side of the road pic-nicking. I tried to turn the car around to coast back down the hill but instead slid off the road into this ranch home. I got out to ask for help and realized I was wearing a scarf around my neck. Surely they would think I was gay, so I took it off. It was easy enough to get the car out, but the blocks of ice holding the bioluminescence were melting and the ranch owner was taking his time before sending us on our way, because he was a professional and wanted to make sure it never happened again.

July 24, 2004 – NYC
I was taking a walk from my hotel in a place that felt like a cross between Puerto Rico and the Appalachia. I stopped off in this local church that had been converted into a sort of bar that was out in the sticks. I was watching this band that all looked like the banjo player in deliverance, severely inbred and retarded, but rocking out (keep in mind I just saw DEVO in real life last night). Some blonde boy was leaning against me and fell asleep in my arms. I just let him because I would’ve been an asshole to push him away. This other guy was shooting the band in the face with a water gun. The band members were all flinching and not figuring out where the water was coming from. The singer figured it out and punched the guy in the face. Then the singer looked at the blonde boy sleeping in my arms and said “hail Hitler” and said a comment about the boy being a prime example of keeping the Aryan race pure. I was angry and didn’t want to have anything to do with the kid or this place, and just wanted to get the hell out of there. I left but couldn’t figure out how to get home. There were all these trails and backroads leading every which way.

July 24, 2004 – NYC
Zo bought this hobbit house. You had to go through this series of locked gates and rickety fences. It was like a hobbit hole in a hobbit land. I had to go out and hunt or investigate how they were “fishing dogs”. These men were all lined up along this rail, and their dogs were below in this field, and they were casting their lines to their dogs. But I didn’t understand what the bait was or how it worked. Somebody caught some sort of small guinea fowl and then took it and threw it in the field. The dogs ran away, but birds that were larger than the guinea fowl, like vultures, geese and peacocks, flocked over and surrounded the smaller bird. It was the peacock that was most vicious, it started pecking at the smaller bird. It was funny looking so I was laughing. A scrum ensued in which the bigger birds engulfed the smaller bird. These Russian Mafioso guys were chanting and causing a disturbance. They were protesting this activity. I felt bad for laughing and realized they were making a difference in the world by protesting, causing people to realize what they are laughing at. A huge riot started that was analogous to the birds scrum, the Russian mob protestors encircled the “Dog Fisherman” that were actually fighting birds, they encircled them but never got violent. They were just violent in their words. I ran home to deliver the news to Zo. Down these rickety wooden ramps that curved this way and that. When I climbed into our paddy, it was vacant, but going through it I realized we had a yard out back, and Zo was back there in the rice paddies with the dogs. It felt good to own land.

Aug. 8, 2004 – NYC
We were sleeping on a ferry, a bunch of us clustered on the deck, rolling back and forth and into each other with every wave. I knew it was getting near dawn as all the cats woke up and were wandering around between the sleeping people. Lui, Jim’s hairless cat or Sphinx, was there. We woke up and were drinking coffee and Jim’s friend was reading us this story about Lui. He was a David Sedaris type, funny and sardonic, and the way he described Lui’s haughty behavior in vivid detail was hilarious. We were all cracking up. Lui was weaving between us, knowing that we were talking about him. It got to a point in the story, where this guy opened a door, and “of course Lui, the prima donna, was the first one out the door.” And then he described, using very creative adjectives and verbs like punt, wallop, etc. how Jim basically beat the hell out of Lui. We were all laughing hysterically because of the choice of words. But I started wondering where he got the idea for this cruel “story”. Did Jim actually do this? Not wanting to be the party pooper, I kept laughing, but was also sad and skeptical. When we got to the ferry dock, our car had been moved. Apparently it had been stolen, but the keys were back in the car, and it was more or less (but not exactly) where it was in the same condition. We were driving around trying to find a safe place to park, but if they already had a copy of the keys it didn’t matter.

Aug. 12, 2004 – NYC
Evidently I was trying to get somewhere, I ended up having to hitchhike and got a ride with these vegetable delivery guys. When I woke up there was snow on the ground and it was snowing though it was NYC in August, and it didn’t feel particularly cold. We continued on to our destination, which I guess was Demi Moore’s house. The vegetable delivery guys were tagging along with me at this point. Demi wasn’t home (she was working out) but we just made ourselves comfortable in her house like she was a longtime friend from college or something. She had a horse in her bedroom. He just stood in the corner. It occurred to me that he hadn’t been fed the day before so I gave him a bowl of hay with pesto sauce on it. He was more interested in nibbling playfully at my hand. I couldn’t figure out how a horse could be so big and strong and eat so little. One of the vegetable delivery guys went in to use her bathroom, and sat on the toilet. I laughed at him, “ha, you’re taking a shit in Demi Moore’s toilet,” he got all flustered, “this is Demi Moore’s house? Holy shit!” Just then Demi came home. She looked like a middle age mother and was not wearing any make up. She threw down her keys casually. I thanked her for letting us stay there, and she was like, “don’t be an idiot, of course.” I gave her shit about her horse, how it needed more room to run and needed a companion. She had two dogs but the horse was afraid of the dogs. We left to go somewhere else, and Demi asked me to drive even though I didn’t have a car, because she knew I drew stick and could drive in the snow. I started to go then realized it wasn’t in 4 WD. But you had to stop the car to put it in 4WD. When I put on the brakes it was like we were on a frictionless surface, slowly slipping sideways and spinning into a fence but not hard enough to break anything. Then I slowly backed up and slid into this car. This female cop started yelling at me, all red in the face, about how irresponsible I was and everything. I just asked her to give me a ticket if I broke the law which made her even more irate and her partner had to calm her down. When I got out to check the damage, I had scraped an antique Rolls Royce that was sticking out of a barn full of hay. The guy was cool about it. There wasn’t much damage, just scraped on the rubber bumpers. I didn’t want to drive after that. We got back in the car and X was on the radio. The tune sounded familiar, classic John Doe and Exene heartfelt harmonization, but when I listed to the lyrics, the chorus was “Why does entertainment in the sky always cut off early?”

Sept, 2004 – San Jose, Costa Rica
I was hired to interview Bob Marley, but it ended up being something entirely different. It was to be in-depth one on one interview, but he was singing it and not really responding to my questions. He was singing karaoke style, over pre-recorded music, though within his lyrics he thanked Sly and Robbie for providing the backdrop. It was horribly off-key and amateur. Not the Bob Marley I remembered from the legacy of records. He sang "Natural Mystic," narrating between verses, "If you listen carefully now you will hear. This will be the first trumpet." At which point he put the microphone down and Bill Clinton took the mic.
     "So Bob," Bill said, "now you know what it’s like to be a human being."
     Besides Bill, there were a few other ex-presidents and presidential candidates present: Jimmy Carter, George Bush Senior, and the current president, W. Bush, and the next president (at the time) Newt Gingrich. John Kerry was a presidential candidate that was destined to lose (at the time of this writing he had already lost). He took the microphone from Clinton and said, "we earned our right!". We were in a special session of parliament, and everybody (including Bob Marley) was wearing those ridiculous wigs. Then Kerry said, "I was looking through God's eyes." It was all a huge hypocrisy. The details of their plan were covert. There were also a few Hollywood actors present like Russell Crowe, and other actors that had at some point played the role of a president. Then I drove my camper from where it was parked by a pond with an Iguana jumping into it, to granini's house. Her hearing aid was ridiculous, I could hear myself amplified and it was all cracking and distorted. Granini was whining in pain. I was meeting other cousins I had never met before.

October 30, 2005 – NY, NY (Essex st.)
I was driving in my mustang and I was driving from the backseat. I was driving slowly through a parking lot. I could steer fine and stay under control going slow. An old clunker truck pulled right in front of me. I couldn’t stop. I slowly plowed into it. A Mexican family came out, a mother and her daughter and son. The daughter showed me her Desert Museum ID and said that was the only identification they had. I said I had insurance but didn’t know where the card was, so the kid starts searching through my car. I get in the car. So did the mother and the daughter. I found a wad of money and started counting it. The mother said she wanted $30. I said that didn’t make any sense as there was no damage to her truck. I said that it didn’t matter in the scope of things. The daughter agreed, but the mother just wanted to use the opportunity to make some easy money.

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