5cense Technical hockey loophole + further Chaulky flashbacks (Textiloma continuation)


10 May 2020> Last night we were watching a hockey game + there was only a few seconds left + the team that was down by 1 had 3 players swooping in on the net full speed from diffrent angles, but rather than attempt a shot on goal they exploited a little-known rule where if 3 players placed pucks at the exact same time in these 3 spots of a diamond design right in front of the goal then they would win:

We thought this was ridiculous cuz 1st of all if the 3 players were able to simultaneously place 3 pucks in circles the size of the pucks they could have easily scored the conventional way (hitting it into the net), tho the goalie was not expecting them to do this, so there was the element of souprize. We was also bothered by the lack of symmetry, how it was 3 out of the 4 corners + in our mind would have been more of an elegant loophole if it was a triangle... mind u, in reality don't think we've ever watched an entire hockey game. Not that we don't like hockey, there's just sumping unsettling about it, like if we was the dude w/ the puck we would just want to get rid of it quick as possible before we got body slammed. And it's also hard to keep your eye on the puck. It wasn't til they showed it close up in slo-mo on instant replay that we could see the 3-pucks in the diamond.

1 cool thing about publishing Textiloma + sending it out to Kevin's friends (who in turn spread the word to other friends we didn't know) is that we get folks coming out of the woodworks sending us new pics + art we'd never seen before. We showed a few such pics a few weeks ago, but here's some more (from the mid-80s in California unless otherwise specified):

sketch '87



why he ain't wearing pants we ain't sure


... or why he's forming a heart on his crotch

presumably his birthday (86 or 87 in Venice)



Westwood '87


presumably in route to a costume party


SF laste 80s


SF early 90s


SF 1996-97 (shortly before he disappeared)

A few days ago his RLS roomate also sent us this drawing Kevin did in high school:

We din't know this guy so well, but seeing his name triggered a memary we had a few years later at a Circle Jerks show in SF circa 1984-5 + we thought we saw him standing on stage w/ Nicholas Cage + we asked him if this could of possibly been true + ends up he was a childhood friend of Nick + also friends w/ Keith Morris so probly was. Small world.

Our liebury boox is getting a lot of action lately during lockdown... sometimes we see folks flipping thru Textiloma w/ a WTF look on their faces, sometimes they put it back other times it's a good WTF look like they got to take it home to see what it's about. And sometimes we wonder if folks specifically leave stuff in our boox for us (books in line w/ our tastes, or the jar of green chili salsa we found there this morning) + since we got a Calamari sticker on the boox do they click around + find this blog? If so, hola + thx!

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