Selfish machine memes inklooted in the expired ment to try to communicate w/ aliens


11/22/2020> Now that we're finished w/ 4ier X-forms + Textiloma, we're back to working on thriver meme, or shd say it is back to working on itself. It reworked chapters 1 + 2.

Spose that means we should right in a more cohearant way (as we method act) here cuz we're entering a 'consciously competent' state + just cuz we're done w/ our Microcosmic DC project don't mean we ain't gonna walk around no more. Today we just walked around wherever, looking for book boxes or discarded treasures in back alleys.



When we got back we had a nice birthday present waiting for us, 3 boxes of Herd of Birds! Any 1 w/ a record player that wants a copy let us know.



> It was cool to listen to it... we've made a record (LP) before, but that was diffrent, it was a picture disc so the quality was compromised + the turntable we had in Rome sucked. It's definitely a diffrent experience listening on vinyl, even if there's the occassional pop of imperfection. The last time we only made 1 copy + this time we made a 100... tho we're not sure why we bothered (except that the cost of making 1 record versus 50 or 100 ain't so diffrent). Spotify notified us that since we put out the single "Novus Ordo Seclorum" last month exactly 1 person has streamed it (+ that was probably us!). We tried to send it around to a few blogs that "review" music but it was rejected by everyone... not sure why we thought this 1 would be any different as not a single person has bought our last 2 albums (even tho the price is $0 or whatever minimum threshold the various platforms allow) + there's only been a handful of people streaming our stuff which is likely us or sum 1 accidentally stumbling upon it. We can't even give our shit away. As we say in thriver meme, we're writing it "for aliens, animals, machines + any other replicable beings or entities on this planet besides humuns"... same is true for everything we do. We're like that guy in John Was Trying to Contact Aliens,... a geeky long-haired 54-yr old releasing art into the ether for other posthumun entities to appreciate... or perhaps this is just another lame justification as to why no 1 wants to touch anything we do w/ a 10-foot pole? If u = a posthumun entity w/ an intrest in any this stuff contact us + we'll give u a copy just for listening.

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