HoB #4: god ain't dead it just never lived in "Corvid Curve" @ 1 second increments


12/16/2020> "Corvid Curve" is the 4th # on Herd of Birds. We didn't intend "Corvid Curve" to be a song on the album but our bedder-½ liked the riff so we wrote some existential lyrics about the futility of mankind, the inevitability of entropy, giving into K-OS w/out proliferating + of course birds, in particular crows. Musically it's basickly just strung together bird calls featuring a puffin, willow ptarmigan, gunnison grouse + a dusky grouse (there was a namesake crow in it but it didn't work out) + we filled in the gaps w/ whatever else. @ the beginning of these liner notes think we said we didn't use a bass guitar but we did on this #. The video footage was appropriated from The Birds of course, slowed down to the beat of the song which was easy to do since film is shot @ 24 frames per second + the song is 120 beats per second.


the lead is blown
the yard overgrown
god aint dead... it just never lived

submit to the ruin
+ kudzu vines
washed blind in saturated shine

sleeping is sinking
try describing the shore to sum 1 drowning

lulled into the blissful pull of sleep

the corvid curve
swoop of wing
a parrot swings
from hoop earrings

dangling free
no static trace
binary breeze
while humuns race

+ all for what?
what's so important
that it can't wait?

a body at rest will stay at rest
until acted upon by external forces

shallow wave equations don't apply
when you're floundering in the deep end

it bothered us that we oned the house
but couldn't axess the roof right over our heads

"stay ahead"
your mother said
+ now she nose
she's bedder off dead

save your breath
don't give birth
lose your shirt
for the bedder of earth

for the bedder of earth

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