#11: The wistful nostalgia of "Past of Future Dayzzz" disentegrates into the endless ending


12/23/2020> The 11th + final # on Herd of Birds is "Dayzzz of Future Past". The start we took from a song ("Suddenly Now") we recorded 30+ yrs ago (as uknown artist, tho we didn't include it on the unheard tapes) mixed w/ those shcool kids singing that creepy "Risseldy Rosseldy" nursery rhyme in The Birds, which was weird cuz we didn't have to do nothing, almost like the kids was singing in tune @ the same beat, then we redid the guitar part on acoustic but the song diverges after that + we changed up the lyrics. The new lyrics are mostly about a nostalgic yearning for climbing in southeast Arizona, in pertickler a specific climb in Cochise Stronghold called "Days of Future Passed." It's knot so much about climbing as it is the feeling of the place, where Apaches like Cochise + Geronimo (who we blogged about last post) took refuge from the cavalry... guess "Dayzzz of Future Past" is influenzed by our yearning for being outdoors in nature after being cooped up in our house in D.C. all year cuz of covid. The ending sort of rips off the ending of Nine Inch Nail's "The Background World," how the song keeps disentragating with each successive loop tho (since we put it on vinyl) wanted to make it sound like the record was skipping, the needle slowly wearing into the vinyl w/ each repetition. The video we stole from Christian Marclay's The Clock (running it backwoods) wherein he stole clips from 100s of movies that referenced timepieces, splicing them in sink. In an ideal world u shd only watch this video from 2:47 to 2:19 P.M. (we also sped it up + cut some parts).


lay-z dayz of summer
the stillness of mid-July
thoughts scattered in siesta
lost to the years gone by

dayzzz run head over heals
looped in a mobius day-z chain

the grit of granite on our hands
smell of pine sap mulched by ants
the rope dangling free in the wind
feels as real as inside our skin

fingers reeling in the years
yearning for dayz of future past

woken up at 3...

in the past of future dayzzz
current memaries fade

longing for the wistful
a fistfull of fresh dirt
on belay to the dead
dish out rope, forge a head

dead antsisters in a $tring
letters are ladders to hang out our things
helicul circling to ketch the next wave
touching the curl 2 spite our face

dangling by hour nails
astronauts riding the rails
reef in the mizzen staysail
the fog lifts to know a veil

in the past of future dayzzz
current memaries fade away
fate a way

+ tomorrow (our 24th anniversary) the album officially streets (tho u can get/stream it already on Bandcamp, SoundCloud + YouTube)...

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