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Chasing rivers in the reel-whirled round-up of cheats + departures to finish last


17 March 2021> Last night rewatched Inside Llewyn Davis... didn't really get it the 1st time, thought it was kinda boring + still think the same... guess he's an intresting charactor but every 1 in the movie (including him) are complete assholes to the point where it just doesn't seem realistic (specially in the '60s). They (Cohen bros) shd of made just a movie abuot Ulysses the cat(s). Tonight watched The Chase (1966) wich we'd never even herd of but has Brando, Fonda + Redford in it. Strange after ILD (where every scene the camraw is focused on Llewyn Davis) cuz The Chase is more about this fucked-up Texas town where every 1 just wants to party + cheat on their spouses + every 1 is racist + hates outlaws, rich people + even the sheriff (played by Brando, who is the only respectable character in the whole film).

19 Mar> 1st watched The River (1997), a Taiwanese film that was 1 of the most disturbing flicks weave ever seen... we of course watched it cuz of the title, but it don't have much to do w/ a river, perhaps the guy's neck injury stems from playing dead (for a movie w/in the movie) in a stream/ drainage ditch @ the beginning or maybe "river" refers to the flow of chi w/in the fucked-up charactors? Afters such a bleak, disturbing movie we needed something lighter so rewatched Dazed + Confused (for maybe the 3rd or 4th time)... again, bet no 1 else has ever paired those 2 movies together as a dubble feature?

23 Mar> Haven't been good about logging our movies... last night watched A River's Last Chance, a documentary about the Eel river in northern California. We tried to watch that college admissions scandal movie on Netflix but they kept showing annoying re-enactments (played by Matthew Modine) that seemed to glorify Rick Springer (makes u wonder if he's getting kickback from the flick?)... it's both intresting + sickening tho, just how pervasive cheating has become in all facets of our society, culminating in our most recent prez... guess it makes sense from a natural selection p.o.v... same story since the beginning of time, assholes win, nice guys finish last. Also started a documentary series about The Black Plague, but felt too much like we were being lectured too (it is part of "Great Courses" series on Amazon). The other night we saw Departures (2008) which guess was ok, a Japanese movie about a celloist that becomes a ceremonial undertaker. Also saw an early Kubrick film, The Killing, which was nothing special. Watched The Dig w/ Carey Mulligan + Ralph Fiennes, which was intresting, based on the 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.

So yah, movies still pertty much summarize our current reality. By day we've bin working on music... we have 15–20 songs so far, sum ½-finished, sum need lyrics + all are still in the demo phase. Focusing more on song structures right now, about to get into the arrangement phase where we add or subtract layers + also think about dynamics/ebbs + flows + how the songs gel together. We're also taking a diffrent approach w/ vocals, we're giving our bedder-½ the lyrics but not telling how it goes (in our mind) but letting her figure out her own way, sort of like the Bernie Taupin/Elton approach.

We've bin going outside more now that the weather is nice, tho still haven't gone "out" (i.e. to a restraunt or bar)... maybe by next week after we get our 2nd shot, tho in light of our earlier comment about assholes vs. nice guys when u look around at the types of douchebags "going out" doesn't seem so appetizing. Even tho we're vaccinated we wear a mask walking around outside + most folk in D.C. are cool but there's always the occassional covidiot that just doesn't give a shit about any 1 else... but at least now these covidiots are not a threat to our health, just annoying. As an addendum to our Macrocosmic DC project we're considering doing the #'ed streets + the other day we did 1st + 2nd W (south of 15th)... tho the fence around the Capitol is still there so didn't go south of the mall. Mostly our walks revolve around book boxes, hard to keep up w/ the demand, more books disappearing than appearing in our liebury boox.

Speaking of, it's that time for our monthly round-up wherein we shift books from our to-read pile to our liebury boox that we deem not worthy of fully pursuing... books we got in exchange w/ other boxes.

  • book about the Irish arist Patrick Collins who we'd never heard of but his art looked intresting
  • About a Boy by Nick Hornby—we dig Hornby just not into kids + parenting
  • In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O'Brien—again, we dig O'Brien (at least The Things They Carried) we just ain't into soured relationships + there's entire chapters that where he just pulls together all these quotes, otherwise it seems well-written
  • Hey Nostradamus! + Microserfs by Douglas Coupland—like O'Brien, wonder if Coupland is a 1-hit wonder? Was into Microserfs at 1st just for the early (80s–90s) computer geek nostalgia, but got old + dated pretty quick
  • Flings by Justin Taylor—before Justin had ever written a book we knew he'd be a successful writer just cuz he has that sort of personality + from what we've read his writing seems technically good, it just seems his writing is driven (in our mind) by a desire to be a famous writer... which pretty sums 99% of fiction, very few books come forth a deeper source/ compulsion.
  • The Origins of Humankind by Richard Leakey—we was into this @ 1st but started to wonder if this is dated, weather there's been new discoveries since this was written (1981), seems we read about sum

@ the bottom of the stack are a few Kenyon Reviews, The Atlantic + a London Review of Books we thumbed thru + there's lots of others that already found their way into our highly rotating liebury boox.

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