Fave Films + Viewing Log

While we've listed our favorite books + albums + keep a reading log of books read, we don't talk about movies much on Life in the Blog of Ghosts. Especially lately (amidst the covid pandemic) we've been watching at least 1 movie a night if not 2 or 3... since we don't leave the house much movies have become the new reality. But sometimes it seems these films just past right thru us w/o us really processing them, likely there's some great movies we've seen that ain't listed below cuz we've forgotten about them. Or there's movies that we get 10 minutes into + vaguely realize we've seen it before. So we decided to keep a viewing log which we'll try to keep updated. Netflix lets u download your streaming history (at least as far back as 2013) + u can also get your DVD history, tho you have to copy + paste so we only went as far back as end of 2019. But there's no way to see your viewing history on Criterion or other services we've used (HBO, Showtime, Amazon, Hulu). So going forward into 2021 we're gonna log our movies here. For starters here's a rough list of our favorite movies + shows that might not be listed in the viewing history. They're not necessarily in order + there might be some missing, it's a work in progress...


Apocalypse Now (+ Hearts of Darkness), Godfather I + II, Wizard of Oz, Being John Malkovich, Magnolia, This is Spinal Tap, L'Avventura, La Notte, L'Eclisse, Red Desert, Blow-up, Mulholland Drive, Babel, Amores Perros, Blue Velvet, Inland Empire, Bladerunner, The Deer Hunter, Fargo, No Country For Old Men, The Bicycle Thieves, Songs from the Second Floor, You The Living, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, Mamma Roma, Rome Open City, La strada, Nights of Cabiria, La Dolce Vita, ​8½, I vitelloni, Roma (1972), Roma (2018), The Player, Short Cuts, Almost Famous, Stalker, The Turin Horse, Satantango, In the Mood for Love, 2046, Parasite, Drive My Car, Casablanca, The Shawshank Redemption, Lost in Translation, Beauty and the Beast (1946), Nosferatu (1922 + 1979), The Apu trilogy, Pi, Requiem for a Dream, After Hours, Her, Forrest Gump, Good Will Hunting, Deliverance, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, The Crying Game, Y Tu Mamá También, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, A Woman Under the Influence, The Graduate, Smoke, Seven Samurai, Falling Down, Eyes Wide Shut, Cecil B. Demented, Repo Man, Sid + Nancy, Memento, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Easy Rider, Down By Law, Stranger than Paradise, Platoon, You Can Count On Me, Call Me By Name, The Outsiders, Buffalo '66, Lords of Dogtown, Point Break, Indochine, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Lover, The Conversation, The Fast Runner, In Jackson Heights, Monster's Ball, Wings of Desire, Moonstruck Quadrophenia, Doctor Zhivago, The Basketball Diaries, A Few Good Men, All The President's Men, Network, River's Edge, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, As Good as it Gets, Alien, Raise the Red Lantern, Chungking Express, Mystery Train, The French Connection, Dog Day Afternoon, Boogie Nights, My Life as a Dog, Schindler's List, Run Lola Run, The Warriors, Sling Blade, Adaptation, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, 12 Years a Slave, Dazed and Confused, La Grande Belleza, American Psycho, Marathon Man, Umberto D, The Talented Mr. Ripley, 21 Grams, Birdman, Pulp Fiction, Seven, Brokeback Mountain, Vertigo, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Psycho, Groundhog Day, Taxi Driver, The Usual Suspects, Princess Bride, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Silence of the Lambs, Goodfellas, The Truman Show, M, Heat, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Spirit of the Beehive, Foreign Correspondent, The Passenger, Little Miss Sunshine, Dumb and Dumber, Airplane!, Six Degrees of Separation, Fitzcarraldo ( + Burden of Dreams) + more below in our viewing history w/ ★★★★★.


Strangers with Candy, Narcos, BoJack Horseman, Mad Men, Black Mirror, Leftovers, The Wire, The Sopranos, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Bored To Death, Succession, Deadwood, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Big Little Lies, I Know This Much Is True, True Blood, Billions, Ray Donovan, Homeland, Mr. Robot, The Americans, Fargo, The Great + more below in our viewing history w/ ★★★★★.

VIEWING HISTORY ("DF" = didn't finish):

06/21 : Presumed Innocent series (DNF), Crazyheart (★★★★), No Country for Old Men (★★★★★), 12 Years a Slave (★★★★★), Day of the Locust (★★★★★) + State and Main (★★★)

06/15 : Apocalpyse Now (★★★★★), Liquid Sky (★★★★), Brother From Another Planet (★★★★), Tenebra (★★★★), Patty Hearst (★★★), Long Strange Trip (★★), Before Sunrise (★★★), Before Sunset (★★★★), + Before Midnight (★★★★★) + Brats (★)

06/06 : entire Antonioni tetralogy in order (for 3rd or 4th time), L'avventura (★★★★★), La notte (★★★★★), L'eclisse (★★★★★) + Deserto Rosso (★★★★★)

05/28 : rewatched Amores Perros (★ (b/c of animal cruelty)), 21 Grams (★★★★) + Babel (★★★★★)

05/24 : Beneath the Planet of the Apes (★★★), Escape from Planet of the Apes, (★★★★), Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (★★) + Battle for the Planet of the Apes (★)

05/16 : Lakota Nation v. United States (★★★★) + Planet of the Apes (★★★★, ~5th time)

05/09 : Chariots of Fire (★★★—2nd or 3rd time), Brian Jones and the Stones (★★★★), Tótem (★★★★), The Life and Times of Harvey Milk (★★★★★) + Baby Reindeer (★),

05/04 : A Passage to India (★★★, 2nd time), Amadeus (★★★★, 2nd time), Under the Bridge series (★★), Conan O'Brien Must Go (★), The Sympathizer (★★), A Single Man (★★★★, 2nd time), Son of Sam (★★★, 2nd t ime), Dream Scenario (★★★★), In a Lonely Place (★★★), Assault on Precinct #13 (★★★), Whiplash (★★★★, 2nd time), Bergman Island (DNF) + Woman in Gold (★★★★)

04/20 : One Love (★★), Repoman (for ~50th time), Pig (for 2nd or 3rd time)

04/09 : Eileen (★★★), LA Confidential (★★★★★), Jade (★★), Family Nest (★★★★), Ripley series (★★), Cold War (★★★★), The Killing of a Sacred Deer (★★★) + 2010: The Year We Make Contact (★)

03/30 : Drive My Car (for 3rd time (★★★★★)), Down the Road: The Making of Drive My Car (★★★), Songs from the 2nd Floor (for 3rd time (★★★★★)), Apollo 13 (2nd time (★★★★)), Anselm (★★), The Regime season 1 (★★★), Shogun season 1 (★★★) + March Madness 2024

03/23 : Make Me Famous (★★★), Dune 2 (★★★★★) + Attica (★★★★★)

03/16 : Poor Things (★★★★), American Fiction (★★★★★), The Joker (★★★★), Haunting in Venice (★) + Cocktail (★)

03/08 : Amanda (★★★), Walk on the Wild Side (★★★), Death Watch (DNF), Three Months (DNF) + Basquiat (2nd time, ★★★★)

03/01 : The Booksellers (★★★), Cane Toads: An Unnatural History (★★★),
Priscilla (★★★), Capote + The Swans (★★★), Ismerelda (★★), The Wonder (★★★), Bell, Book + Candle (★★★), Farewell Amor (★★★) + Joan Baez: I am a Noise (★★★)

02/21 : 24-hr Party People (2nd time)(★★★), The Passenger (★★), Babylon (1980)(★★★★) + True Detective season 4 (★★★)

02/13 : Capote vs. The Swans (★★★), Anatomy of a Fall (★★★★), White Lotus season 2 (★★★), Cruel Intentions (★★), The Holdovers (★★★★) + Superbowl LVIII (★★★)

02/06 : White Lotus season 1 (★★★★), We Own the Night (★★) + Past Lives (★★★★)

01/31 : Rockers (★★★), Barbie (★★), Personal Velocity (DF) + rewatched Bored to Death (★★★★★)

01/21 : Ikarie XB-1 (★★★★) + Tarzan (★★★)

01/17 : Lingua Franca (★★★★), Rustin (★★★) + Bored to Death (★★★★★) season 1 (2nd time)

01/14 : Radical Wolfe (★★★), The Immigrant (★★★★) + The Curse (★★★)

01/08 : Moonstruck (for ~10th time (★★★★★)), The Curse season 1 (★★★★)
Leave the World Behind (★★★★), Paris is Burning (★★★★) + Society of the Snow (★★★)

01/06/2024 : Godfather II (★★★★★), Everything Everywhere All at Once (★★★★★), Saltburn (★★★★), The Whale (★), The Yards (★★★) + The Fabelmans (★★★★)

12/30/2023 : Maestro (★★★★), Powwow Highway (★★★★), House of Games (DNF), Oppenheimer (★★★) + The Crown season 5 (★★★)

12/24 : One Thousand and One (★★★★), Truffle Hunters (★★★) + Killers Of The Flower Moon (★★★★)

12/14 : House of Yes (★★), Gangs of New York (★★★), The Offer (★★★), Truman Show (★★), May December (★★★), Fargo season 5 (★★★★★) + Prohibition (★★★)

12/4 : Lord of the Rings trilogy (for 2nd time—★★★★), The Investigation (★★★), The Offer (★★★), Paddington Bear (★★) + Broken English (★★★)

11/25 : Smoke (for maybe 5th time—★★★★★), Blue in the Face (for maybe 3rd time—★★★), Eyes of Laura Mars (★★★), Crown season 5 part 1 (★★★), Bladerunner 2049 (2nd time—★★★) Matchstick Men (★★), Last of the Mohicans (3rd time—★★★★), Fellowship of the Ring (★★★★)

11/14 : No Bears (★★★★), Johnny Guitar (★★), All the Light We Cannot See (★), Winter Bones (★★★ (2nd time)), Lynch/Oz (★), Seven Beauties (★), Nyad (★★★★★), Freaks (★★★) + Stand by Me (★★★)(for 2nd or 3rd time)

11/8 : Andromeda Strain (★★★★), The King's Speech (2nd time—★★★★), Scarface (3rd or 4th time—★★★) + Bones and All (★★★★)

10/30 : The American Buffalo docuseries (★★★★), Get Gotti docuseries (★★★), Get Out (★★★★★), Us (★★★★★) + Sleepy Hollow (★★★)

10/23 : Poltergiest (★★★★★)(for maybe 10th time), The Gilded Age season 1 (★★★), Prom Night (★★) + Edward Scissorhands (★★★★)(2nd or 3rd time)

10/20 : The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (★★) + Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World (★★)

10/15 : Gomorrah (★★★★), Wizard of Oz (★★★★★), The Addiction (★★) + Somewhere in Queens (★★)

10/11 : New Rose Hotel (★), Fast Times At Ridgemont High (★★★★, ~5th time)
+ Reservation Dogs season 3 (★★★★)

10/6 : Mama Dear seriew (★★★)

9/28 : Deer Hunter (★★★★★—5th time), Eastern Promises (★★★★), Klute—(★★★★★—3rd time), Colossus: The Forbin Project (★★★★), Pinochet (★)+ Only Murders in the Building seasons 1-2 (★★★)

9/11 : Jaws II (★★★), Jaws III ★), Electric Horseman (★★★) + 1 episode of This Fool (★★★)

9/6 : Alien (★★★★★), Aliens (★★), Cleopatra (★★★★) + Dead Zone (★★) 

9/2 : Never Let Me Go (★★★) and Seven Worlds, One Planet (★★★)

8/26 : How2 w/ John Wilson (★★★★★), House (★★★★), Discilple (★★★★★), Winning Time (★★★), Blood Simple (★★★★)

8/14 : Rain People (★★★) + Kill Your Darlings (★★★)

8/7 : How2 w/ John Wilson (★★★★★), Person to Person (★★★★), The Delta (★★★★), Nobody Knows I'm Here (★★★) + True Detective season 3 (★★★)

8/2 : Q: The Winged Serpent (★★★), The Departed (★★), The Day After Trinity (★★★), Godzilla (★★★), Eldorado (★★★) + All That Breathes (★★★★★)

7/26 : All is Well (★★★½), Full Circle (★) + Jury Duty (★★★½)

7/22 : Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy season 2 (★★★), 2001: A Space Odyssey (★★★★★), Babylon (★★), Buckaroo Banzai (★★) + Patriot Games (★★★)

7/16 : Johnny Mnemonic (★★), Working Girl (★★★), Boston Strangler (★★), Beef (★★★★★), Mysterious Skin (★★), The Verdict (★★★), Lunana: Yak in the Classroom (★★★★) + Foundation series (★★)

7/6 : The Bear season 2 (★★★★★), The Menu (★★★★), Shame (★★★★★), Terminator 2 (★★★★)(~ 5th time), Devil Wears Prada (★★★), The Graduate (★★★★★)(~10th time), Alien (★★★★★)(~ 5th time) + Muscles + Mayhem series (★★★).

6/22 : Little Odessa (★★★), Jaws (for dozenth time–★★★★) + God Land (★★★★)

6/19 : Margot at the Wedding (★★★), Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (★★★★), Tár (★★★), The Post (2nd time, ★★★★), Black Mirror season 6 (★★★★★), Nope (★★★★★), Sunshine Hotel (★★★★) + THX 1138 (★★)

6/12 : Avatar: Way of Water (★), Otter Dynasty (★), Chimp Empire series (★★★), Please Give (★★★), The Salesman (★★★★★), Our Universe series (★★★★★), Arnold series (★★★), Murder in the Coalfield (★) + The Great season 3 (★)

6/5 : The Great season 3 (★★★), Single White Female (★★), Dune (for 3rd time (★★★★★), A Place in the Sun (★★★) + Boogie Nights (for maybe 5th time (★★★★★)).

5/29 : final episodes of both Marvelous Ms. Maisel (★★★★) + Succession (★★★★)

5/23 : Love to Love You, Donna Summer (★★★), Saturday Night Fever (★★★—for maybe 4th time) + In the Cut (★★)

5/17 : Rough Diamonds (★★★) , Clean + Sober (★★), Elephant Man (★★)(for 2nd time), Heat (★★★)(2nd time), Air (★★), White Tiger (★★★★), Syndecoche, New York (★★)(2nd time), I am Mother (★★), Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (★★★★)

5/1 : Across the Universe (★★★), Neptune Frost (★★★★), Contact (★★★★), Lawrence of Arabia (★★★)

4/28 : The Clock (★★★★★), Threads (★★★★), I Am Not Your Negro (for 2nd time–★★★★★)), The Diplomat season 1 (★★★★)

4/19 : The Big Lebowski (★★★★★)(~10th time), Empire of the Sun (★★★★), Spielberg HBO documentary (★★★) + Inland Empire (★★★★)(3rd–4th time)

4/14 : Godfather I + II (★★★★★)(for the umpteenth time), Succession season 4 (★★★★★)

4/8 : Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 4 (★★★★), Apocalypse Now (★★★★★)(for the umpteenth time), Silence of the Lambs (★★★★★)(for maybe the 10th time), Midnight in the Garden of Good + Evil (★★★★), A Few Good Men (★★★★★)(for the umpteenth time), Dream Lover (★★★), The Meyerowitz Stories (★★★), Beauty and the Bloodshed (★★★★), The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari (★★★★) + Born on the 4th of July (★★★★)(for maybe the 5th time)

3/23 : Copenhagen Cowboy (★★★★), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (★★★★★—2nd time), Airplane! (★★★★—~5th time), Velvet Vampire (★★★) + Sounder (★★★★)

3/16 : Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (★★★★★), Star Trek V: the Final Frontier (★★★★), Star Trek Next Generation (★★), Generations (★★★) + Next Generations (★★), Birdman (★★★★★), 3rd time) + Deep End (★★★) + Monterrey Pop (★★★).

3/3 : American Beauty (★★★★★)(rewatched), Keane (★★★★), EO (★★★★), All the Presidents Men (★★★★★)(rewatched), Pillow Talk (★★★), Boccaccio '70 (★★★), Alma's Rainbow (★★) + Elephant Whisperers (★★★)

2/12 : Songs for Drella (DNF), 1st season of Midnight Diner (★★★) + Cabinet of Curiosities (★★★)

2/05 : Still Alice (for 2nd time (★★★★)), Vatican Girl (★★★), Cleo (★★), Island of the Sea Wolves (★★★), Party Girl (★★), Playtime ( (★★★★★), Meshes of the Afternoon (★★★★) + Shadow Animals (★★★★)

1/28 : Bardo (★★★★), The Last of Us (★★), Spector (★★★), Outside In (★★★) + All's Quiet on the Western Front (★★★)

1/21 : How to Change Your Mind (★★★★), Norma Rae (★★★), Christine (★★★), Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker (★★★), The Freshman (★★★), Imitatation Game (★★★★), Xiu Xiu (★★★), My Cousin Vinny (★★★★), Christine (★★), The Piano Teacher (★★★), Force of Evil (★) + 3 Women (★)

1/13 : White Noise (★★★), The Banshees of Inisherin (★★★★★), Public Enemy (★),
1899 (series)(★★★) + Wednesday (season 1)(★★★★)

1/6 : Everything Everywhere All at Once (★★★★★), Drive My Car (2nd time)(★★★★★) + The Basketball Diaries (3rd or 4th time)(★★★)

12/4 : Hand of God (2nd time)(★★★★)

12/2 : Borgen (all 4 season)(★★★)

11/29 : The Crown season 5 (★★★), Borgen (★★★★), O.G. (★★★★), Meet Me in the Bathroom (★★★★), Atlantis (★★★★★),
Los 3 Amigos—(★★★) + For All Mankind (★★★★)

11/21 : Time Bandits (★★)(for 2nd time), Bladerunner 2049 (★★) (2nd time), Dune (★★★★)(3rd time), Carwash (★★★), Rose Tattoo (★★), Take Out (★★★★), 499 (★★★★), The Automat (★★★), Italianamerican (★★★★), The Bear season 1 (★★★), Harper (★★★) + Roshomon (★★★★)(2nd or 3rd time)

11/8 : The Beatles: Get Back (★★★★) + all 9 STAR WARS movie in order (★★★★).

10/27 : Hemingway series (★★★), Roadies series (DF), Alchemist Cookbook (DF), Touch of Evil (2nd time)(★★★) + Walkabout (★★★★)

10/22 : Husbands (★★★) + It Might Get Loud (★★★)

10/17 : Nightmare on Elm Street (★★), Friday the 13th (★★), The Exorcist (★★★★★)(4th or 5th time)), Cat People (★★★★★)(3rd or 4th time), The Omen I, II + III (★★★★)(2nd or 3rd time), Butterfield 8 (★★★★), The Long, Hot Summer (★★★★)+ Reservation Đogs season 2 (★★★★)

9/27 : Boom for Real (★★★★) + 17 Blocks (★★★)

9/23 : Don't Worry Darlings (in theatre)(★★★★)

09/19 : Go Large (★★★)

09/18 : Wizard of Oz (★★★★★+), Honeyland (★★★★★), Arabesque (★★★★), Ray Donavan (the movie)(★★★) + a bunch of short Vittorio de Setta documentaries

09/10 : Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time (★★★★), Better Call Saul season 6 (★★★★★), Belfast (★), Blue Collar (★★★★), Across 110th Street (★★★★), 9½ Weeks (★★★), The Accused (★★★), The Weather Underground (★★★) + Elvis (★)

09/07 : Adaptation (★★★★)(for 3rd time)

08/29 : House of Dragon (★★)

08/25 : Sátántangó (★★★)(maybe 4 or 5 stars if not for the cat torturing)

08/20 : Sunflower (Il girasoli—1970)(★★★★), Little Miss Sunshine (for 3rd or 4th time)(★★★★★), The Ballad of Narayama (1983)(★★★★) + Valley Girl (1983)(★★), The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972)(★★★) Sans Soleil (1983)(★★★★), Severance season 1 (★★★★★) + Silver Streak (1976)(★★)

08/13 : X : The Unheard Music (★★★★)

07/25 : Yellow Jackets season 1 (★★★), West World season 4 (★★★), The Day the Music Died (★★), The Offer (★), Godfather Coda (★★) + Mermaids (★★★)

07/10 : Woodstock (★★★), The Adam Project (★★), Michael Clayton(★★★), Two Summers series (★★★) + Irma Vep series (★★★)

07/04 : Logan's Run (★★★), Donnie Brasco (★★★) + finished all of Seinfeld (★★★★)

06/28 : Karen Dalton documentary (★★★★), Irma Vep (★★★★)(1996),
Following (★★★★), Gentleman Prefer Blondes (★★), The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes (★★), Pam + Tommy (★★), Into the Wild (★★★★) + Westworld

06/22 : Gaslit (★★★★), Pistols (★★★★) + Laurel Canyon (★★★)

06/08 : Capricorn One (★★★), We Own This City (★★★★) + Tokyo Vice (★★)

05/28 : Parralax View (★★★) + Her (★★★★★)(3rd or 4th time)

05/21 : Killing of a Chinese Bookie (★★★), Solaris (★★★), Anon (★★★), 2001: A Space Odyssey (★★★★★)(10th time) + Seinfeld (★★★★★)

05/13 : Winning Time season 1 (★★★), Woodshock (★) + Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (★★★★)

05/05 : We the Animals (★★★★) + Operation Hyacinth (★★★★)

04/19 : Until the End of the World (★★), Beyond Rangoon (★★★★)(2nd ± 3rd time), Licorice Pizza (★★★) + In the Shadow of the Moon (★★★)

04/13 : 10 (★★★)(2nd time), Stalker (★★★★★), Benny + Joon (★★★)(2nd time) Minx season 1 (★★★) + Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (★★★)

04/07 : Apocalypse Now (★★★★★)(~25th time), Breaking the Waves (★★★★)(2nd/3rd time), The Professional (★★★★)(3rd/4th time)

04/02 : The French Dispatch (★★★★)

3/28 : King Richard (★★★), Rat Film (★★★★) + The Quiet American (★★★★)

3/22 : Drive My Car (★★★★★), Windfall (★★) + Y Tu Mama Tambien (★★★★★)(for 4th or 5th time)

3/12 : The Warhol Diaries (★★★★) + Godfather I + II (for ~25th time)

3/4 : Road to Roma (★★★)

3/1 : Coda (★★★★), Shadows (★★★★), Ya No Estoy Aquí (★★★★), Archive 81 (★★★) + Seinfeld seasons 1-3 (★★★★)

2/20 : Kimi (★★★) + Rambling Rose (★★★)

2/18 : Inventing Anna (★★★★)

2/6 : Day Trippers (★★★)(⊕ Day Trippers ⌚'ed us) NN overl∞ked m∞vie from th '90s + Donnie Darko (★★★★★)

2/2 : Mulholland Drive (★★★★★) + Fire Walk with Me (★★)(both repeats)

1/24 : Passing (★★★), The Lost Daughter (★★★★) , Roma (★★★★★)(2nd time), Rear Window (★★★★)(for 3rd or 4th time), Georgetown (★★★), Smithereens (★★) + Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (★★★★)

1/18 : The Mountain (★★★★), Brokeback Mountain (★★★★) + City of Angels: City of Death (★★)

1/15 : Gunda (★★★★★), The Eyes of Tammy Faye (★★★★), 16 Candles (★★), Cure (★★★) + Jagged Edge (★★)

1/11 : 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible (★★★) + Mikey + Nicky (★★★★)

1/08 : Days of Being Wild (★★★★), 2 episodes of The Maid (★★), Torn Curtain (★★★★) + The Landscapers (★★★)

1/07 : Fishing w/ John (★) + In the Soup (★★★)

01/02/2022 : Apocalypse Now (★★★★★), Gas Food Lodging (★★), How2 w/ John Wilson (★★★★)

12/30 : All the President's Men (★★★★) + Marathon Man (★★)

12/29 : Barton Fink (★★★★★), Bladerunner (★★★★★), Great Gatsby (1974) (★), Pig (★★★★★) + How to with John Wilson season 1 (★★★★)

12/26 : Bitter Rice (★★★★), Happy Together (★★★★★), 39 Steps (★★★★), Faya Dayi (★★★★★), Bonfire of the Vanities (★), Seven (★★★) , Power of the Dog (★★★★★) + Don’t Look Up (★★★★)

12/20 : Narcos Mexico season 3 (★★★★) Lydia Lunch: The War Is Never Over (★★★★), Hand of God (★★★★½) + ‎Girl in the Window (★★★★½)

12/11 : First Cow (★★★★★)

12/5: Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain (★★★)

11/14 : Antonioni's trilogy (for 4th or 5th time—(★★★★★))

11/8 : Murder on the Orient Express (★★★★)

10/22 : The Velvet Underground (★★★★★) + Dune (★★★★½)

10/9 : Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (★★★) + then 10 Rillington Place (★★★★),

10/4 : Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (★★★)

9/29 : Desert Hearts (★★★), Fallen Angels (★★★★), The Little Things (★★), Many Saints of Newark (★★)

9/24 : Hedwig + the Angry Inch (★★★★)(for the 2-3rd time), Agnelli (★★★★)

9/19 : Victor Victoria (for maybe 5-6th time—★★★★★) + Grosse Pointe Blank (2nd or 3rd time—★★★)

9/17 : The Godfather Epic (for 3rd or 4th time), The Newspaperman: The Life and Times of Ben Bradlee (★★★★) + Reservation Dogs (★★★★)

8/29 : La Piscine (★★★★) + Bagdad Cafe (★★★★)(2nd time)

8/8 Factotum (★), Tampopo (★★★★★), City of God (★★★★), Get Shorty (★★★), Kramer vs. Kramer (★★★★), City of Women (★★★★★), Gods + Monsters (★★★★), Shawshank Redemption (★★★★★), Jackie Brown (★★) + Grifters (★★★)

8/3 : The Color of Money (★★), 6 Degrees of Separation (★★★★), Absence of Malice (★★), Ghost Dog (★★★★), Not Fade Away (★★), Running on Empty (★★★★), Room with a View (★★★★★) + Last Days Here (★★★★)

7/25 : Dirt Music (★★★), Bill + Ted Face The Music (★★★), + American Movie (★★★★★)

7/19 : The Year of Living Dangerously (★★★), Killing Fields (★★★), Under Fire (★★★), Superman I (★★★★), Superman II (★★★), The Conversation (★★★★) and Earth Girls are Easy (★★★★).

7/10 : The Last Seduction (★★★★), Salvador (★★★★), Judas and Black Messiah (★★★★★), Sudden Moves (★★), King Kong (1976)(★★★) + Star Trek (1979)(★★★)

7/3 : California Split (★★★★), Carnal Knowledge (★★★), My Left Foot (★★★★), Waiting for Guffman (★★★★★), Best in Show (★★★★), Night Moves (★★★), Smooth Talk (★), Cutter's Way (★★★★) + The Crime of the Century(★★★).

6/20 : The Trees Lounge (★★★), My Name is Salt (★★★★★), The Getaway (★★)+ Underground Railroad (★★), Down by Law (★★★★), Multiple Maniacs (★★★★).

6/15 : Stardust (★), Teorama (★★★★), Booksmart (★★★), Eating Raoul (★★), Another Round (★★★★), Sideways (★★★★), season 4 of Gomorrah (★★★), Less Than Zero (★★★★)

6/7 : Scent of Green Papaya (★★★), The Crow (★★★), Gomorroah season 3 (★★★)

6/1 : Star Trek (★★★★), It's a Sin (★★★★), Funny Boy (★★★), The Hustler (★★★★), Named Desire (★★★★), The Amityville Horror (★★★), Minnie and Moskowitz (★★★★), Nico, 1988 (★), Goodfellas (★★★★★), Mare of Eastown (★★★)

5/15 : Life in Color w/ David Attenborough series (★★★), My Happy Family (★★★★★), Sons of Sam series (★★), Capitani series (★), White Boy (★★★★), American Factory (★★), Night of the Living Dead (1968) (★★★★★—2nd or 3rd time), Malcolm & Marie (★★★), The Midnight Sky (★) + Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (★★★★★)

5/6 : Apocalypse Now (★★★★★—for ~20th time), Jaws (★★★★), Giant (★★), A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (★★★★★) + Moonstruck (★★★★).

4/19 : The Movies series (★★★), Sunset Boulevard (★★★★)(2nd or 3rd time) Maltese Falcon (★★★★)(2nd or 3rd time), Variety Lights (DF), We Children from Bahnhof Zoo (★★★), Promising Young Woman (★★★), Leolo (DF) , Ripley's Game (DF), The Terrorist (★★★), Song Exploders (★★★), Nomadland (★★★★), Napoleon Dynamite (★★★★)(2nd or 3rd time), Exterminate All the Brutes (★★★★), Billie Holiday (DF) + Billie (★★★)

4/18 : Sleepers (★★★)

4/17 : The Serpent (★★★) + A History of Violence (★★★★)

4/12: The Outsiders (★★★★★), The Sapphires (★★★), Philomena (★★★★), Baraka (★★★★) + The Last Blockbuster (★★★)

4/7: Chop Shop (★★★★), Lost Highway (★★), Pelican Brief (★★), 1968 (★★★)+ The Undoing (★★).

3/26–30 : Biggie (★★★), Seaspiracy (★), Captain Fantastic (★★★★), Pollock (★★★★), Shadow of a Doubt (★★★), Tina (★★★), River Wild (★) + Allen vs. Farrow (★★★★).

3/23 : The Chase (★★★), Inside Llewyn Davis (★★★—2nd viewing), The River (1997— ★★★★), Dazed + Confused (★★★—4th or 5th viewing), A River's Last Chance (★★★), Departures (★★★), The Killing (1956—★★★) + The Dig (★★★★)

3/17 : Murder Among the Mormons (★★★★), Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art (★★★★) + Can You Forgive Me? (★★★)

3/13 : Caché (★★) + 4 other bad movies we didn't finish.

3/11 : CASSETTE: A Documentary Mixtape (★★)

3/6 : The Help (★★), The Astronaut (★★), Better Call Saul season 5 (★★★★), The Durrells season 4 (★★★★).

2/29 : Hard Eight (★★★)

2/28 : Days of Heaven (★★) + Richard Jewell (★★★★)

2/27: Pontypool (★★★)

2/22 : Parts 3-6 of Can't Get You Out of My Head (★★★★★)

2/21 : Putney Snope (★★★) + Can't Get You Out of My Head pt 1 (★★★★★)

2/20 : Education (Small Axe pt 5) (★★★) + Man Who Shot Liberty Vance (★★★★)

2/19 : Alex Wheatle (★★★★) + Aint Them Bodies Saints (★★) + My Best Fiend (★★★)

2/13 : Stories We Tell (★★★★)

2/6 : Minding the Gap (★★★★)

2/5 : The Crazies (★★★) + One Night in Miami (★★★)

2/3 : Normal People (season 1) (★★★★)

1/31 : Red, White and Blue (★★★★) + The Assistant (★★★★)

1/30 : Marnie (★★) + Bullitt (★★)

1/24: Chaplin (★★★★)(2nd viewing)

1/23: Kajillionaire (★★★★) + Psycho (★★★★)(for the ~5th time)

1/19/2021: The Princess Bride (★★★★)(3rd of 4th viewing)

1/18/2021: Koko: The Talking Gorilla (★★★★)

1/17/2021: Poto and Cabengo (★★★★)

1/16/2021: Long Day's Journey into Night (★★★★)

1/15/2021: Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (★★)

1/14/2021: Wuthering Heights (2011)(★★)

1/13/2021: A Very English Scandal (★★★★)

1/9/2021: WALL-E (★★★★) + Repulsion (★★★★)

1/8/2021: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (★★★★)

1/7/2021: The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (★★★)

1/5/2021: Rose Island (★★★)

1/4/2021: The ChinaSyndrome (1979)(★★★)

1/3/2021: The African Queen (1951)

1/2/2021: In Between the Lines (1977)(★★★★)—made us nostalgic for the '70s, felt like real people not actors

1/2/2021: Holiday (1938)(★★★)—witty w/ good Grant/Hepburn chemistry but plot was forced + far from subtle

1/1/2021: finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy (★★★)—a bit hokey, the 2 extra hobbit comic relief characters we particularly just wanted to die

Pre-2021 Notable movies + series we've recently seen or re-seen (mostly on Criterion) off the top of our head Small Axe (Mangrove, Lovers Rock), The American Friend, Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Mr. Klein, Ganja + Hess, Long Weekend, The Deep, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Taste of Cherry, Red, Badlands, The New World, Peeping Tom, Cat People (1942)(+ we also rewatched the 1982 Cat People in recent years), Birdy, Videodrome, Murder in the Bayou, Sharp Objects, Whiplash, Sound of Metal, My Brilliant Friend + Olympic recaps for 1936 (Berlin)1964 (Japan), 1984 (L.A.) + Naked (1993).

Babylon Berlin (★★★★★)—finished up to season 3 recently

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (★★★★★)—finished up to season 3 this year

The Fellowship of the Ring + The Two Towers (12/31/20)(★★★)—2nd viewing

Boyhood (12/30/20)(★★★★)—2nd viewing

Reservation Road (12/30/20)(★★)—we dig Ruffalo + Phoenix but this wasn't so good

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (12/29/20)(★★★★★)—Viola Davis' performance is Oscar-worthy

L'invenzione di Morel (1974)(12/29/20)(★★★★)—when we read the book last January we were thinking it would make a great movie, started the French version which seemed bad, this was pretty good

The Tenant (12/28/20)(★★★★)—interesting Polanski film

Wild Things (12/28/20)(★★)—pretty bad, Dillon + Bacon are good at acting like creeps

Star Trek (12/28/20)(★★★★)—we saw a lot of these when we were young, but are rewatching now in order, into season 2 now.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (12/23/20)(★★★)—these are short + light, nice to watch during dinner, we're into season 2.

MANK (12/22/20)(★★★★)—interesting movie about the guy who co-wrote Citizen Kane

Babylon Berlin (12 12/11/20)(★★★★)—finished all 3 seasons of this

Dick Johnson Is Dead (12/4/20)(★★★)—was sort of cute at 1st but got old, seemed like a rich bored movie maker w/ nothing else to make a movie about

The Queen's Gambit: Limited Series (11/27/20)(★★)—this was OK at first but kind boring after a while (tho we finished it), not worthy of the hype

The Runaways (11/27/20)(★★★★)—Kirsten Stewart was good as Joan Jett

The Crown: Season 4 (11/22/20)(★★★★)—not as good as season 3 but still good

Rush (1991)(★★)—not sure why we rewatched this except that watching the Rush documentary below made us think of it

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (11/21/20)(★★★)—documentary about Rush

Double Indemnity (11/17/20)(★★★★)—classic noir, 2nd viewing

The Thing (11/09/20)(★★★)—shape-shifting alien in the Arctic

Barefoot: The Mark Baumer Story (11/08/20)—talked about it here

Suburra: Blood on Rome (11/6/20(★★★)—season 3 wasn't so good, but seasons 1 + 2 were good, made us nostalgic for Rome

Phantom Thread (11/02/20)(★★)—boring Daniel Day-Lewis film

John Was Trying to Contact Aliens 11/3/20 (★★★★)—short + sweet

2001: A Space Odyssey (11/03/20)(★★★★★)—classic, seen probably 5 times

Mommie Dearest (11/2/20)(★★★★)—about the horrific parenting skills of Joan Crawford

A Single Man (10/29/20)(★★★★)—2nd viewing

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman: Season 3: Robert Downey Jr. 10/28/20(★★)—watched a few of these but Letterman projects too much of himself

In the Mood for Love (10/16/20)(★★★★★)—worth it for Maggie Cheung's dresses alone

Rebecca (2020)(10/26/20)(★★)—not sure why you'd remake a film when Hitchcock did such a good version in 1940

Dolly Parton: Here I Am (10/25/20)(★★)—we like Dolly Parton but found her kind of annoying after watching this

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (10/24/20)(★★★)—perhaps not as good as his other stuff, but maybe the last time we'll see him

Moneyball (10/24/20)(★★★★)—interesting enough to rewatch

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (10/17/20) (★★★)—liked the premise but could've been better

Moving Art (9/30/20)(★★)—watched maybe a season of this as we were going to sleep but started to get bored

Seabiscuit (9/30/20)(★★★)—rewatched just to see the horse

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band (9/29/20)—good documentary about The Band

Dr. Strangelove (9/29/20)(★★★)—not as good on rewatching

My Octopus Teacher (9/26/20)(★★)—this film rubbed us the wrong way, we talked about here.

Ratched: Season 1: Pilot 9/26/20)(★★)—this didn't grab us

Pride & Prejudice (9/25/20)(★★★)—not sure why we rewatched this, think we were in the mood for a period piece

Killer of Sheep (09/25/20)(★★★★)—made by black film school student in 70s Watts

The Devil All The Time (9/24/20)(★★★)—guess it was ok, not so memorable except Pattinson was good at playing a hillbilly American

The Turin Horse (9/22/20)(★★★★★)—finally managed to see a good version of the whole thing

A Woman Under the Influence (9/22/20)(★★★★★)—2nd viewing, mesmerizing

Night on Earth: Limited Series (9/21/20)(★★★)—series about nocturnal nature photography, not to be confused w/ Jim Jarmusch's brilliant movie of the same name

Away: Season 1 (9/19/20)(★★)—space series w/ Hillary Swank, lost interest after 1 episode

Challenger: Limited Series (9/18/20)(★★★)—interesting event in American history

Singin' in the Rain (9/16/20)(★★★★)—hadn't seen this until now

I'm Thinking of Ending Things (9/11/20)(★★)—wanted to like this but was pretty dull

Unorthodox: Limited Series (+ making of)(9/10/20)(★★★★)—fascinating

A Fistful of Dollars (09/08/20)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching

Mother, Jugs and Speed (09/09/20)(★★)—not as funny as we remember

Schitt's Creek: Season 1 (★★)( 8/27/20)—2nd attempt at this, just wasn't into it

The Squid and the Whale (8/27/20)(★★★)—2nd or 3rd viewing, not sure why, good but just sorta unpleasant to watch, Daniels in particular is good at being a dick

Imitation of Life (8/25/20)(★★★★)

Miller's Crossing (08/24/20)(★★★★)—classic Cohen brothers

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (08/20/20)

It's All About Love (08/12/20)—stopped watching

In Search of Fellini (08/12/20)—stopped watching

Judy (08/12/20)—not bad film about Judy Garland's washed up years

The Birds (08/03/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching, seen probably 5 times

Almost Famous (08/04/20)(★★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching, probably seen a dozen times

Fruitvale Station (08/04/20)—sad but good

Tiny Creatures: Season 1: Arizona (8/16/20)(★★)—we were desperate for animal shows to watch, didn't get past this 1st episode

Monty Python's Almost the Truth (8/10/20)(★★★)—interesting series about Monty Python, but made me realize they were like a chauvinist boys club

Tootsie (8/10/20)(★★★)—worth the rewatch

Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer: Limited Series (8/6/20)(★★★)—about how stupid the Internet is

Giri / Haji: Season 1 (8/5/20)(★★★★)—great show between Tokyo + London

Cookie's Fortune (8/2/20)(★★★★)—great Altman film, 2nd or 3rd time rewatching

Back to the Future (7/30/20)(★★★)—this was ok on rewatch but we regrettably watched part II the next night

Jerry Maguire (7/28/20)(★★★)—not sure why we rewatched, guess we were desperate

Spotlight (7/27/20)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (7/26/20)(★★★★)—good Malawian film

Fear City: New York vs The Mafia: Limited Series (7/23/20)(★★★)—guess this was interesting, specially the stuff about surveillance

The Last Dance: Season 1 (★★★)—good series about Jordan-era Bulls, nice to watch since no other sports to watch this year

The Last Picture Show (07/28/20)(★★★★)

The Chambermaid (07/27/20)(★★★★)—good movie about hotel maid in Mexico City

Beverly Hills Cop (07/07/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch, saw part II recently too

Queen + Slim (07/07/20)

Gidget (07/14/20)

Arthur (07/07/20)(★★★)—hilarious, worth rewatching

Lust, Caution (7/17/20)(★★★★)—sexy stylized Ang Lee flick

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (7/13/20)(★★★)—maybe not as funny as his Sunset Strip stand-up, but pretty fucking funny

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak: Season 1(7/13/20)(★)—not sure we made it more than a few minutes into this

Swimming Pool (7/13/20)(★★★)—it was okay, realized we'd seen it before, uptight brit trying to write w/ partying French girl lounging around

Coronavirus, Explained: Limited Series (7/13/20)(★★★)—ok, watched it more to inform ourselves

I Am Not Your Negro (7/12/20)(★★★★)—interesting documentary about/by James Baldwin

Sleepy Hollow (7/12/20)(★★★)—never saw it when it came out, guess it was worth it

The Firm (7/10/20)(★★★)—never saw it when it came out, guess it was worth it

Earthquake Bird (7/9/20)(★★)—she was easy on the eyes, otherwise dumb

Luna Nera: Season 1 (7/8/20)(★★)—Italian series about witches, watched a few episodes then just lost interest

Sleepless in Seattle (7/8/20)(★★)—never saw it when it came out + now we know why, shd of trusted our instinct

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (7/7/20)(★★★★)—maybe the 5th time we've seen it

Frost/Nixon (7/6/20)(★★★)—

Ozark: Season 3 (7/3/20(★★★)—season 3 starts to wane but 1st 2 seasons were ok for mindless entertainment

Cheers: Season 6 (6/30/20((★★)—yes, that's how desperate we were getting, watched most of 1st season or 2 + just skipped around after that

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (6/25/20(★★★)—classic , probably 5th rewatch

Medici: Masters of Florence (6/23/20(★★)—didn't get too far into this

Enemy (6/22/20(★★★)—interesting dapple-ganger premise (based on Saramago book), but kind of slow

The Silence of the Lambs (6/21/20)(★★★★)—we've seen this at least 5 times if not 10

The Mosquito Coast (6/20/2020)(★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch

Da 5 Bloods (6/19/20)(★)—Spike Lee's Vietnam movie, pretty bad

Cape Fear (6/18/20)(★★★)—liked it when it came out but not worth rewatching

Space Force: Season 1 (6/16/20)(★★)— think we watched a season of this, silly + at times funny i guess

In the Heat of the Night (06/29/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching

Vision Quest (06/29/20)—pretty bad Matthew Modine wrestling movie

48 Hrs. (06/22/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching

1984 (06/16/20)

Matador (06/15/20)

Tigers Are Not Afraid (06/09/20)

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (06/08/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching

Stranger by the Lake (06/09/20)—interesting glimpse into the French gay cruising scene

Valley of the Dolls (06/01/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (6/11/20)(★★★★)—classic rewatch

Uncut Gems (6/7/20)(★)—aborted 15 minutes in, stupid movie about NYC diamond district

The Last Thing He Wanted (6/2/20)(★★★)—guess it was ok

Silver Linings Playbook (5/24/20)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (5/22/20)(★★★★)—documentary about Dylan going electric

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (5/19/20)(★★)—not sure we finished it

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (05/29/20)(★★★★)

Dogfight (06/01/20)

Pain and Glory (05/18/20)

The Terminator (05/16/20)—(★★★★)—seen maybe 5 times, also saw the sequel

Mary Magdalene (05/22/20)

My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes (05/19/20)

13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests (05/12/20)

Walk the Line (5/8/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch

Hollywood: Season 1 (5/6/20)(★★)—did we really watch all of season 1?

Lords of Chaos (5/3/20)—movie about Norwegian death metal

Sebastian Maniscalco: What's Wrong with People? (5/1/20)(★★)—cookie cutter comedy to not offend anyone

Waco: Limited Series (4/28/20)(★★★)—interesting time in American history

Malcolm X (4/26/20)(★★★)—worth the rewatch i guess

Bates Motel: Season 1 (4/21/20)(★)—abandoned after 10 minutes

Monrovia, Indiana (04/28/20)—interesting but boring documentary about rural life in mid-America

The Thing Called Love (05/06/20)—pretty bad movie w/ River Phoenix as country singer

My Own Private Idaho (05/04/20)(★★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching, seen maybe 5 times

Klute (04/27/20)(★★★★)

The Lighthouse (04/16/20)(★★★★)

Interview with the Vampire (04/20/20)

A Knight's Tale (04/22/20)—pretty bad but Sossamon + Ledger are nice to look at

Thirst (04/14/20)(★★★★★)—probably the best movie we saw in 2020, worthy of best picture Oscar

Reality Bites (04/14/20)★★)—never saw it when it came out, shd of trusted instinct

Tokyo Story (04/07/20)—stopped watching, not sure it's worth the hype

RBG (04/07/20)

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (04/06/20)

I Love You To Death (4/3/20)(★★★★)—classic, have seen this maybe 5 times

The West Wing: Season 4 (4/2/20)(★★★)—watched 1st 3 seasons before losing interest a while ago + figured we'd try to resume but didn't get very far

Magnolia (3/27/20)(★★★★★)—still classic after 5+ views

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (3/20/20(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (03/31/20)—2nd viewing, more boring then we remember

Downton Abbey (the movie)(04/02/20)—not as good as the series

Downton Abbey (the series)(2020)—watched the first seasons a while ago + finished watching the rest this year, nice change from all the violence in other movies

Mystery Train (03/30/20)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

Contagion (03/25/20)—great movie to watch at beginning of covid pandemic

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (03/23/20)

Maria by Callas (03/17/20)

To Die For (03/16/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch

Joker (03/11/20)—guess it was worth some of the hype

Romeo + Juliet (03/11/20)(★★★)—2nd viewing

Purple Rain (3/11/20(★★★)—guess it was worth the rewatch

Narcos: Mexico: Season 2 (3/4/20)(★★★★★)—season 2 even better than season 1

Moon (3/1/20(★★)—ok, but sorta cliche space movie, rip-off of 2001 + Aliens

The Master (2/29/20)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

The Other Side of the Wind (2/27/20(★★)—lost interest after 10 minutes or so

Zodiac (2/27/20)(★★★)

WHAT DID JACK DO? (★★★★)—good Lynch short

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2/22/20)(★★★★★)—classic, seen at least 5 times

American Beauty (2/19/20(★★★★)—used to like it, but creepy watching Spacey on the rewatch

The Biggest Little Farm (02/10/20)

Paris, Texas (02/24/20)(★★★★)—slow but classic, worth the rewatch

Boy Erased (02/19/20)

Shadow of the Vampire (02/10/20)(★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch

Her (2/12/20)(★★★★★)—worth the rewatch

The Two Popes (2/8/20)(★★★)—interesting

The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)(★★★)—guess it was worth the rewatch

Blow (2/6/20)(★★★)—not worth the rewatch

BoJack Horseman: Season 6 (2/1/20)(★★★★)—not as good as previous seasons, but good stuff

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection (1/30/20)(★)—started to watch cuz we missed the old one, but this reboot is dumb

Trainspotting (1/30/20)(★★★)—worth the rewatch, tho it's like watching a trainwreck

Charlie Says (01/27/20)

Pickpocket (02/05/20)

Prometheus (01/21/20)

Diabolique (01/06/20)

Songs from the Second Floor (01/07/20)(★★★★★)—worth the rewatch

Who's That Knocking at My Door (12/30/19)(★★★)—Scorsese's 1st film about a bunch of chauvinistic bras

Everybody Knows (12/30/19)(★★★)

Marriage Story (12/20/19)(★★★★)

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (12/14/19)(★★★)

Tell Me Who I Am (12/9/19)(★★)—interesting but sort of bothered us

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (12/8/19)(★★★)—beyond creepy

The Irishman (12/7/19)(★★★)—felt like Scorsese getting his buddies together for 1 last film

Step Brothers (11/15/19)(★★)—so stupid that maybe it's a bit funny

The Twilight Zone (Original Series)(11/6/19)(★★★)—watched most of the 5 seasons or so Netflix had, nostalgic, some classic, some b-grade

The King (11/2/19)(★★★)—don't remember much, guess it was ok

Echo in the Canyon (11/2/19)(★★★)—good idea, but not by Jacob... fruit didn't fall close to the tree,

Something's Gotta Give (10/25/19)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

Explained: Season 2: Animal Intelligence (10/21/19)(★★★)—guess some of these Vox things were okay, but we lost interest

Milk (10/21/19)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives (10/16/19)(★★)—lost all respect for Davis watching this, he ruined the singer-songwriter

Rotten: Season 2 (10/16/19)(★★★)—interesting exposes

Peaky Blinders: Season 5 (10/4/19)(★★★)—made it 5 seasons in but all the stylizations started to get a bit much (puffs of fire as they walked down the street, etc.), good the 1st few seasons tho

1994: Limited Series (10/3/19)(★★★★)—interesting year in Mexican history

The Mind, Explained: Limited Series: Psychedelics (9/29/19)(★★★)

Between Two Ferns: The Movie (9/27/19)(★★)—don't think we finished it

Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates: Limited Series (9/24/19)(★★★)—interesting but not into it enough to finish series

The Eighties: Season 1 (9/24/19)(★★★)—made us nostalgic for 80s

Taco Chronicles: Volume 1 (9/19/19)(★★★)—watched a few of these but could of been better

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (9/16/19)(★★★★★)—worth the rewatch

On Body and Soul (9/15/19)(★★★★)—slow Hungarian movie, getting into territory where we don't remember much, except we think this was pretty good

Rocky (9/14/19)(★★★)—worth the rewatch, we guess

Mudbound (9/10/19)(★★★)

The Seventies: Season 1 (9/5/19)(★★★)—also watched this decade to relive vicarious

Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation (8/31/19)(★★★★)

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (8/18/19)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

The Black Godfather (8/16/19)(★★)—yes, we didn't know who this guy was but after watching he seemed like an ass

Philadelphia 8/11/19

The Great Hack 8/11/19 —about Cambridge Analytica, narrator projected himself too much

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads 8/11/19 —they don't have enough material on Robert Johnson to make a good documentary

Sicilian Ghost Story 8/10/19—

Dark: Season 1 (7/26/19)(★★★)—interesting, but didn't go past season 1

Blue Valentine 7/25/19 (★★★★)—2nd viewing, sad but great

How to Make an American Quilt 7/24/19

Love 7/15/19

American Honey (7/15/19)(★★★★)

Stranger Things 3 (7/8/19)(★★★★)—if anything for 80s nostalgia

ANIMA (6/30/19)(★★★)—we like Thom Yorke + PTA but this was just ok

Black Mirror: Season 5 (6/30/19)(★★★★)—hit + miss but some of these were great feature films in their own right, each one w/ different cast, etc. first few seasons were excellent, but started to wane in later seasons

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese 6/25/19

Riverdale: Season 1 (6/22/19)(★★)—got a few episodes in then abandoned

Good Will Hunting (6/22/19)(★★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch

A.I. Artificial Intelligence 6/20/19

Documentary Now!: Season 1 (6/15/19)(★★)—got a few episodes in then abandoned

John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky 6/14/19—best part was when he had a conversation w/ psycho fan

Hoosiers 6/9/19

Bonnie and Clyde 5/17/19—Warren Beatty bugs us

Pretty in Pink (5/16/19)(★★★)—spose it's worth the rewatch

The Stranger 5/16/19 —Orson Wells film

Our Planet: Season 1 (5/13/19)(★★★★)—nice to watch animals instead of ppl

Burning (5/11/19)(★★★★)—interesting Korean film

Grass Is Greener (5/9/19)(★★★★)—weed documentary

Personal Shopper 5/5/19

Pan's Labyrinth (5/5/19)(★★)—2nd try + just can't get thru this

Pulp Fiction 5/4/19

Troy: Fall of a City: Season 1 (4/30/19)(★★)—abandoned after a few episodes

Deliverance (4/16/19)(★★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch

The Birdcage 4/15/19

West Side Story 4/8/19

Apocalypse Now (4/5/19)(★★★★★)—1 of best films ever made, seen at least 10+ times

Burn After Reading (4/4/19)(★★★★)—not the best Cohen brothers film but funny

The Dirt 4/1/19 (Motley Crue documentary) —highlight was Ozzy licking up urine

Heroin(e) 3/24/19 (about heroin problem in West Virginia)

The 43: Season 1 3/24/19 (about missing students in Mexico)

The Social Network 3/17/19

No Country for Old Men 3/16/19

Taxi Driver (3/16/19)(★★★★)—classic, worth the rewatch, seen 3-4 times

The Doors: When You're Strange 3/15/19

Studio 54 3/15/19

Losers: Collection 1: The Miscast Champion 3/14/19

A Beautiful Mind (3/14/19)(★★★★)—worth the rewatch

Watership Down: Limited Series (3/13/19)(★★★★)—go rabbits!

Nocturnal Animals (3/13/19 )(★★★★)

Girl, Interrupted 3/9/19 (rewatch)

The Dawn Wall 3/7/19

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 3/4/19—not as good as we would have liked it to be

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes: Limited Series 2/27/19

Under an Arctic Sky 2/25/19

The Remains of the Day 2/25/19 (rewatch)

Dogs: Season 1 2/24/19

High Flying Bird 2/18/19

ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke 2/17/19

The Shining (2/17/19)(★★★★★)—seen at least 10 times, this time i think we just listened to the whole thing without watching (see post #681)

Good Time (2/16/19 )(★★★★)—Pattinson is good at being ugly + frumpy

East of Eden 2/16/19 (rewatch)

On My Skin (2/15/19)(★★★★)—Italian true story about guy falsely accused

Perfume: Season 1: Ambergris 2/13/19

Velvet Buzzsaw 2/4/19

Russian Doll: Season 1 (2/3/19)(★★★★★)—great stuff, can't wait for season 2

Poltergeist (2/2/19)(★★★★)—classic, rewatched for maybe 5th time

Children of Men 1/31/19

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Season 1 (1/29/19)(★★★★)

The Big Short 1/27/19 (rewatch)

Murder Mountain: Season 1 (1/25/19)(★★★)

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened 1/20/19

Madame Bovary 1/17/19

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1/15/19

Monty Python's Flying Circus: Series 1 1/5/19

Midnight Express 1/3/19

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 1/1/19 (not as good as the series)

Quincy 12/28/18

Private Life 12/25/18

Once Upon a Time in America 12/23/18

The People vs. Larry Flynt 12/15/18 (rewatch)

Happy as Lazzaro 12/15/18 (good italian film about regular people)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 12/13/18

Out of Thin Air 12/12/18

An Officer and a Gentleman 12/8/18 (rewatch)

Gone Baby Gone 12/8/18

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (12/6/18)(★★★★★)—classic, seen at least 5 times

All About Eve 12/6/18

Making a Murderer: Part 2 (12/5/18)(★★★★)—both seasons of this were good

L.A. Confidential (12/4/18)(★★★★)—classic, seen 3-4 times

They'll Love Me When I'm Dead 11/13/18 (about Orson Welles last film)

The Tigers of Scotland 11/12/18

ReMastered: Tricky Dick & The Man in Black 11/10/18

ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff 11/8/18

House of Cards: Season (6 11/7/18)(★★★★)—started to wane but still good enough to keep watching into season 6, tho watching next season w/o Spacey seems pointless

Maniac: Limited Series 11/3/18

Better Call Saul: Season (4 10/14/18)(★★★★★)—can't wait for season 5

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (9/20/18)(★★★★★)—watched this series when it first aired + rewatched it all in 2018

GLOW: Season 1 9/16/18 (didn't get very far, wasn't into it that much)

Marching Orders: Season 1 8/25/18

I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore 8/21/18

The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden 8/20/18

Demetri Martin: The Overthinker 8/20/18

Wormwood: Chapters 1-6 8/19/18

MINDHUNTER: Season 1: Episode 1 8/8/18 (didn't get too far into it)

El Chapo: Season 1: Episode 1 8/7/18 (didn't get too far into it, getting tired of drug cartel glorification)

The Godfather: Part II (8/5/18)(★★★★★)—seen dozens of times

The Godfather (8/4/18)(★★★★★)—seen dozens of times

Nymphomaniac: Volumes I + II 7/30/18

Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi 7/30/18

Dark Tourist: Season 1 7/30/18 (didn't get too far into this)

NOVA: Secrets of Noah's Ark 7/29/18

The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick: Season 1 (7/21/18)(★★★★)—Ken Burns series on Vietnam

The Staircase: Season 1 (6/22/18)(★★★★)

Roman Empire: Commodus: Reign of Blood 6/17/18

The Departed 6/16/18

Trumbo 6/16/18

Wild Wild Country: Season 1 (6/16/18)(★★★★)

Evil Genius: the True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist: Season 1 6/15/18

Requiem: Season 1 6/13/18 (don't think we got too far into this)

Bobby Kennedy for President: Chapters 1-4 6/6/18

The Big Lebowski (6/5/18)(★★★★★)—classic, seen dozens of times

Deprogrammed 6/3/18

The Rachel Divide 6/2/18

Roberto Saviano: Writing Under Police Protection 6/2/18

American Experience: The Race Underground 5/30/18

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World 5/27/18

Before the Flood 5/13/18 (DiCaprio documentary about climate change)

First Team: Juventus: Season 1 4/26/18 (didn't finish the season but interesting at first)

The End of the F***ing World: Season 1 4/11/18

On the Road 3/27/18

Atonement 3/27/18

Cinema Paradiso (3/11/18)(★★★★)—worth rewatching

The Crying Game (3/10/18)(★★★★★)—classic, seen probly 5 times

Godless: Limited Series 3/8/18

The Tudors: Seasons 1 + 2 (3/2/18)

Chris Rock: Tamborine 2/17/18

How the Beatles Changed the World 2/9/18

The Abyss (2/7/18)(★★★★)—classic, worth rewatching

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 2/4/18

The Keepers: Season (1 2/3/18)(★★★★)—documentary about abused nuns

Planet Earth II (1/16/18 )(★★★★)—classic Attenborough

Less Than Zero (1/10/18)(★★★★)—classic Downey Jr, worth the rewatch

God's Pocket 1/9/18 (w/ PSH)

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton 1/4/18

Jaws 2 11/12/17 (not as good as Jaws)

Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold 11/5/17

The Wildebeest Migration 10/30/17

Sex and Lucia 10/6/17

Into the Wild 10/4/17

Top Gun 10/1/17 (we'd actually never seen it before)

A Clockwork Orange (9/25/17)(★★★★)—violent, but classic, seen probably 5 times

Jerry Before Seinfeld 9/24/17

I'm Still Here (9/21/17)—Joaquin Phoenix/Ben Affleck mocumentary

Gomorrah: Season 2 (9/18/17)(★★★)—good Italian series, tho not as good as movie

Gangs of New York 9/8/17 (rewatched, violent but good)

American Experience 8/28/17 (there was a couple in this series)

The Matrix Revolutions 8/20/17

The Matrix Reloaded 8/20/17

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution 8/19/17

The Matrix 8/15/17

Across the Universe 8/12/17

Paris Is Burning 8/10/17

Asthma 7/5/17

The African Doctor 6/15/17

Much Ado About Nothing 6/11/17

The Endless Summer 6/10/17 (classic surf film)

South Pacific: Ocean of Islands 5/30/17

Valley Uprising 5/28/17

Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World 5/28/17

CBGB 5/27/17

A Trip to the Moon (Color) 4/28/17

Once Upon a Time in the West 4/28/17

The Third Man 4/17/17

Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane 4/8/17

Dave Chappelle Live at The Hollywood Palladium 4/5/17

The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans: Season 1 3/11/17 (also watched all of The Frozen Planet)

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special 3/10/17

Basic Instinct (3/8/17 )(★★★★)—classic worth the rewatch

Silver Streak 2/25/17

Glengarry Glen Ross (2/23/17)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching

Nymphomaniac: The Extended Director's Cut Volume II 1/29/17

Too Young to Die: Heath Ledger 1/14/17

White Girl 1/7/17

Bloodline: Season 1 (1/7/17)(★★)—regrettably watched a season of this

A Dog's Life 12/25/16

Jauja (12/25/16)(★★★★)

13TH (12/24/16)(documentary about race + incarceration)

Rats 12/23/16

Barry 12/18/16

Blue Is the Warmest Color 12/18/16

The Get Down: Part 1 (11/17/16)(★★★)—'70s flashback series about rap in NYC

Portlandia: Season 1 11/9/16 (didn't more than an episode or 2 into this)

Children of the Corn (10/30/16)(★★★)—classic if you're in the right mood, seen maybe 4 times

Twin Peaks: Season 2 (10/21/16)(★★★★★)—rewatched the entire original series

Django Unchained 9/24/16

Reel Injun 9/23/16

True Grit (9/1/16 )(★★★★)—worth rewatching for the language

Virunga (8/12/16)(★★★★)—good documentary about the gorillas in the Congo

Lost: Season 6 (7/31/16)(★★★★)—didn't watch when it first came out but binged all 6 seasons in 2016

La Sapienza 6/17/16

Haute Cuisine 6/13/16

Violette 6/12/16

Who Is Dayani Cristal? (3/22/16)(★★★★)—about migrants, w/ Garcia Bernal

Venus in Fur 3/15/16 (Polanski film, remember it being kinda bad)

The Returned 3/14/16 (the French version was better, didn't watch too much of the American version)

Planet Earth: Season 1 2/18/16

Charlie's Country (2/14/16)(★★★★)—good films about Australian Aborigines

Bears: Spy in the Woods 2/10/16

History of the Eagles 1/28/16

Y Tu Mamá También (1/18/16)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Particle Fever 1/12/16

Amores Perros (1/9/16)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Alive (1/4/16)(★★★★)—movie about Chilean soccer team crashed in Andes (2nd viewing)

The Kids Are All Right (12/29/15)(★★★★)—classic Ruffalo, Bening + Moore

A Very Murray Christmas 12/23/15—love Murray but not this

Beasts of No Nation 12/19/15

The English Patient (12/12/15)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

John Waters: This Filthy World 12/9/15

The True Cost 11/27/15

The Day the '60s Died 11/22/15

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret 11/2/15

The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir 10/30/15

Hungry for Change 10/20/15

Richard Pryor: Icon 10/18/15

Finding Fela 9/4/15

The Last Waltz 8/29/15

I Killed My Mother 8/22/15

Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin' 8/19/15

What Happened, Miss Simone? 8/16/15

The Grifters 8/14/15

The Punk Singer 8/12/15

The Way of the Dragon 8/10/15

Rosewater 8/9/15

The Exorcist (8/8/15)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

As I Lay Dying 8/3/15—a shame that Franco bought all the film rights to Faulkner books

High Fidelity (7/30/15)(★★★★)—(the movie) classic, worth rewatching, seen a few times

Los Angeles Plays Itself 7/12/15

The Motel Life 7/2/15

Beware of Mr. Baker 7/1/15

The Homesman 6/17/15

No No: A Dockumentary 6/4/15)(★★★★)—about Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD

Horns 5/22/15

K2: Siren of the Himalayas 4/2/15

Forks Over Knives 4/2/15

Houdini: Parts 1 + 2 (3/25/15)

30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men 3/23/15

The Ice Storm (11/29/14)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Altman 11/18/14

Rosemary's Baby (10/25/14)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live 10/20/14

Boss: Season 2 (10/20/14)(don't remember too much about this but we watched 2 seasons)

MASH (9/16/14)(★★★★)—rewatching in contemporary context made them seem like a bunch of chauvinistic bras

The Hunt (9/14/14)(★★★★)—Danish film about a teacher wrongly accused of molesting a child

The Graduate (9/2/14)(★★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Brother's Keeper 9/1/14

Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?) 8/31/14

Traffic (8/24/14)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Maidentrip 8/23/14 (about girl who sails around the world by herself)

A River Runs Through It 8/17/14

The Fisher King 8/14/14

I Am Divine 8/11/14

Five Easy Pieces 8/10/14

The Killing: Season 4 (8/6/14)(guess this was good enough that we watched 4 seasons of it)

Orange Is the New Black: Season 2 7/24/14 (this was okay for a season but think we lost interest into season 2)

Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition 7/23/14

Sounds of Sand 7/13/14

On Golden Pond 7/12/14 (2nd viewing)

Secrets of the Dead: The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone 7/11/14

Blackfish 7/11/14

Control Room 7/7/14

Blank City 7/7/14

The Hours 7/7/14

City of Men 7/4/14 (not as good as City of God from what we remember)

City of God (7/4/14)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching

Reincarnated 7/3/14

Sherlock: Series 1 7/3/14 (didn't get too far into this)

St. Elmo's Fire 7/2/14 (managed to never seen it until now)

The Pianist (7/2/14)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Chinatown (6/22/14)(★★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

The Beat Hotel 6/22/14

The Boys from Brazil 6/20/14

Sushi: The Global Catch 6/19/14

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 6/13/14 (2nd viewing)

Heathers 6/12/14 (2nd viewing)

Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation 6/12/14

Battlestar Galactica: Season 1 (6/11/14)—didn't gettoo far into this

Godzilla: King of the Monsters 6/11/14

The Borgias: Season 3 (6/10/14)—good enough that we watched 3 seasons

4 Ken Burns: The West (5/31/14)(★★★★)

The Hunger Games 5/28/14

Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams 4/2/14

Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe 3/23/14

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry 3/18/14

Marriage Italian Style 3/17/14

Salinger 3/16/14

On the Ice 2/2/14

The Bride of Frankenstein 1/31/14

Paradise: Love 1/29/14

National Geographic: Guns, Germs and Steel 1/28/14

Beautiful Darling 1/21/14

A Band Called Death 1/16/14

American Horror Story 1/12/14 (didn't get more than an episode or 2 into this)

Prohibition: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick (12/21/13)(★★★★)

Disgrace 12/13/13

Frances Ha 12/13/13

The Loneliest Planet 11/25/13

Upstream Color 11/18/13

Burma VJ 10/14/13

The Panic in Needle Park 9/21/13 (2nd viewing)

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover 9/6/13 (2nd viewing)

Broken Flowers 9/5/13

The Brother from Another Planet 9/2/13 (2nd viewing)

Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl (8/27/13)(★★★★)

National Geographic: Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West 8/10/13

Ordinary People 8/4/13 (2nd viewing)

Beowulf 8/3/13

This Must Be the Place (8/1/13)(★★★★)

Arrested Development: Season 4 (7/26/13)—we loved seasons 1-3 but we didn't get more than an episode into the rebooted season 4

Holy Smoke 7/26/13

Blue in the Face (7/20/13)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

Smoke (6/18/13)(★★★★★)—classic worth rewatching, seen a few times

The Turin Horse (6/9/13)(★★★★★)

Giallo 6/8/13

Dead Man (6/8/13 )(★★★★★)—classic Jarmusch worth rewatching

Manhattan 6/4/13

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley 6/2/13

The Accused 6/2/13

The Constant Gardener (5/24/13)(★★★★)—worth rewatching

Love Story 5/17/13

The Machinist 5/17/13

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 5/16/13

Weeds: Season 1 5/12/13 (didn't get more than an episode or 2 into this)

Dogs Decoded: Nova 5/12/13 21

Grams 5/10/13

The Last of the Mohicans (5/7/13 )(★★★)—worth rewatching

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! 5/3/13

Sleepwalk With Me 4/28/13

Waste Land 4/27/13

Snow on Tha Bluff 4/26/13

How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? 4/20/13

Little Birds 4/13/13

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 4/5/13

For Ellen 4/5/13

Dream 3/26/13 (Kim Ki-duk film)

Balibo 3/12/13

Farewell My Concubine (3/9/13)(★★★★)—classic worth rewatching

Eating with Cannibals 3/6/13

How to Survive a Plague 2/20/13

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child 2/9/13

A Room with a View 2/8/13

Gerhard Richter Painting 2/6/13

Falling Overnight 1/28/13

The Way 1/22/13

Bill Cunningham New York 1/21/13

Goats 1/19/13

(+ of course plenty more before 2013, but our viewing history logs don't go further back)

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