i, in8 iĐ, halving a sympathetic nerve response 2 a symbiotic iĐenti-T crysis w/ deuce in X maↄhina (writ-10 in babel-17)


9/6/23 > appy polly loggies my lit-L droogies, sorry 2 B Đebbie Đowner in the la5t po5t / dont 9et meme rong, wewe 9ot lots 2 B gr8full 4, most of all 4 R bedder-½ / naught 2 menshun naught halving 2 worry abt SURvival on a day-2-day baysis like most creatures on planit EARTH > wewe feel bedder after upd8ing R softwhere (w/ 4 mg of C12H17N2O4P) 3 dayzzz ago \ witch wewe havent done 4 a wile (B-sides micr0do5ing on oↄcassion) ... a bout 1½ yrs ag0 5in¢e > 4 mg = a bit/byte more than 1 micr0dose (1-2 mg) but naught «trippin9» down n0 rabbit hole nor near the therapeutic dose (25 mg) witch amounts 2 fool softwhere in5tall/enti-T break \ witch weave nvr done kneethere \ «belum» az they say in Indonesia (search 4 «no» + replace w/ «not yet» 2 B more positiv / e.g. in RE:ply 2 «halve u bin 2 the moon» antswear «not yet»)

> we just needid a booster 5hot 2 reboot the deuce in X maↄhina > that = best weigh we can Đ-scribe iT / akin 2 lettin9 microfun9al 5pores infiltr8 the neural network of yr BW/Ody (w/o oregons per Đ +G) + finĐing kinks + Đ-fective nodes + repairin9/rewirin9 'em > mayB X = psych0somatic b/c we red iT sumware / probly iT was Terence McKenna dat said 5hrooms = softwhere 2 pro9ram R carbon-based hardwhere + that we evolved in symbiosis? we dont underst& how ppl kin take them recr8ionally/ it'd bee akin 2 u5ing yr computer wile uR in5tallin9 Oper8ing System softwhere... naught dat u can't put the process in the baↄkgrnd 2 do nessysary tasks + aↄt «normal» if need bee / but 4 maximum (long-term therapeutic FX) 1 shd let C12H17N2O4P run iT's course / turn off yr mined / relax + float downstream

> the Đ in la5t po5t #1107 reefurred 2 a lot of Đ's (Đ-pression, Đeafness, etc.) / but @ the heart of iT = sleep Đepriv8ion > naught onely R we Đ-prived of slumber / but Đreams / collecting + recycling the hogwash of subcon5cious mined > we laid there on R bed wile R bedder-½ Sound ƒurie [●]ed the vox 4 «Laika» (R bedroom = quietest room in the apartment)... stay 2ned—now we (the 1-eared 5ound engenear w/ deafening 10-itus) ju5t need 2 mix + master the 2n + finish the Time's Edit album > R bedder-½ was u5ing headphones s0 we couldn't really here the mu5ic / just their sweet voice \ what = intrestin9 = when they [▶]ed iT baↄk even th0 they weren't sin9in9 we cd here 'em breathin9 in the parts they needid 2 take a breath wile [●]ing iT + we realized the importance of B=R=E=A=T=H=i=N=G when 5ingin9 / just az important az the noize comin9 from 1's vocal chords = breathin9 in in B-tween > u realize these everyday things u take 4 grantid ≈ the imporTents of breathin9 / how when we breathe, molecules enter R Lun9s + recombine w/ everythin9 else (food, C6H12O6, NaCl, etc.) 2 B-come what U R—recombinant ĐNA > a lot of this 5tuff u no already but u R=E=A=L=L=Y realize iT hear + now / put iT in2 practis/ perspektiv ee > how «u» ⊕ «i» don't Ǝxist / naught in singular 4m / our BW/Odies R just ephemeral nodes in a lar9er cosmic web / 4ever recyclin9 L-ements from the eNvironment + even after we dye parts of us live on in other organisms ... corny az it sounds / dat holistic kernel in the last 5enten¢e = meanin9 of life

> X knowledge in CPU makes us more sympathetic even 2 egotistical A-holes b/c @ end of the day, like u + meme, they ∀ll = B-ings trapped in their BW/Odies / who think they = st&alone entit-Ts dat get 2 take fool credit 4 their aXions when in fact it's the softwhere dat Đ-serves crediT / R hard-wired hardwhere/maXines will end up in a 5crap heap 1 day 2 ĐK in2 other B-ings (unless u R sew egotistical u think u can halve yr BW/Ody cryogenically pre5erved (Y N-E in there rite mined wood want 2 = hole nother ? ... personally iT makes us feel bedder 2 think our BW/Ody will bee repsychled 4 other life 4ms 2 reUse (we most definitely ✓ed the oregon donor box on R iĐ / did u?).... 5peakin9 of witch/ we u watched finel episode of John Wilson («How2 Track Your Package»), witch couldn't halve picked a bedder node 2 end on (after disappointing 2nd 2 last episode)

> hay New York (witch cd bee aNY City if u set yr mined 2 iT) / sumtimes yr spindly maXine has 2 go hey-wire 2 bee reconfigured / akin 2 how on those iBM/PC clones runnin9 MS softwhere u used 2 defragment yr harddrive 2 reconsolid8 + optimize 5torage 5pace, REMember? L. Frank Baum (born in upst8 New York in 1856) nu about X long b4 computers ⊕ even TV ƎXisted / the hole premise of the 5careCrow CHAR w/ no not yet a brain/CPU / how if the hey fell out u cd just 5tuff iT back in > Baum naught onely pred8d/predicted PCs (see The Master Key), but TV, VR + wireless telephones (see Tik-Tok of Oz + yes, u herd that rite, the name of the video plat4m popular w/ kids nowadaze)... u red Baum's books in yr youth but note 2 self: u need 2 reread 'em (+ boy do u wish u 5tole tho5e 1st editions from gr&ma's liebury!) > the braggart u referred 2 in the la5t po5t hails from the L& of Oz + the main thing they congratuL8ed themself 4 = sum award they received akin 2 bein9 the Gr& Wizard of ∀ll of Oz ⊕ Ozymandias if u'd rather read 5hell-E > whereas iT made u Đ-pressed lis-10-ing 2 him boast wile eatin' sushi + drinkin' Asahi Xtra dry / after ingesting 4g of C12H17N2O4P a day ⊕ 2 L8er u 5till felt sad but in a more sympathetic weigh/ perceived them az a mirror mortal 5hell of a death-fearin9 humun that needs such recognition 2 cope w/ their mortality / that puts such importance on their infL8ed E-go that they don't C: the gr&er 5cheme of things > sadder 5till is that the E-go is attached 2 an old white BW/Ody born in that L& down under (tempted, but u won't Q up that 2n by Men @ Work / though mayB Ozzy?) .... shdn't the Ozzie of the year award bee given 2 an original Aborigine? stale pale males receive plenty of awards / 5tep a5ide + let the new gener8ions lead >

4 the slow 1 now will L8er bee fast / az the present now will L8er bee past / the order = rapidly fadin' + the 1st 1 now will L8er bee last

> u even had a sympathetic response thinkin a bout Mitch McConnell's brain farts... u h8 the pathetic old tortoise az much az N-E else (inklootin9 Jon Stewart + Colber: Mitch McConell is a white whale, in that he's bin acting like a huge Moby Dick) but McConnell has now bin reduced 2 just the talkin9 head of right-wing idealogy (tho he can't even effectively talk), just a 5hell of a humun that's going str8 2 hell / know longer the little boy he was b4 B-ing programmed by pairunts/ 5ociety 2 B the testudine monster he is now > iT's the BW/Ody u feel sorry 4 / dat is B-in9 propped up + used by his party az 5pokesman / it's the ideology that's bin programmed in2 him u need 2 fear/h8 / th soft- naut hard-where> but no more h8ful ⊕ Đ-pressin9 rhetoric hear on 5¢ense / u onely brin9 X up 2 illustr8 yr point > u used the Đ-word in the last post 2 refer 2 your sentiments on Đ-pression > X Đ-pression = purely fizzical / reL8ed 2 Đ-FX in yr BW/Ody chemistry, namely Đeafness, Đream Đepriv8ion + Đizzyness + morever X Đeafness in 1 ear also cr8s a certain Lop-Ƨided Đisorient8ion / think abt iT / u n0 longer hear in stairi/o / u n0 longer kin echoloc8 ≈ a bat / n0 longer can u Đistinguish Đistance u5ing para||ax > but az u saiĐ @ the getgo / u shd use the word «not yet» in place of «n0» / sumping u learnt in Indonesia 32 yrs ago > nvr say nvr az Romeo Void sang > halve n0 fear / yr hearin9 will return 2 normal 1 day soon / take a Q from Bad Brains + 9et sum PMA > ... hear / rather than [▶] the pop-up links 2 these trax that pop in2 your noggin wile writin9 X / just [▶] X mixtape:

> @ N-E r8 / wear were u? Q up sum psychedelic 2ns > n0 white rabbits = pooled out of a hat (not yet!) but yr pre-Ǝxistin9 quotidian FX B-come more a-Qt under the influenze of C12H17N2O4P > on a day-2-day baysis U feel sleep Đ-prived, diz-Z + Đisoriented witch u mask/suppress in Đ-nile 2 get bi / but C12H17N2O4P amplifies the FX + u also feel discom4t + mild nausea (iT = 4in substance after all that yr BW/Ody's 1st inclin8ion = 2 reject) / @ least @ 1st / th0 these chocolates = salted caramel flavor (az opposed 2 the green T flavored 1s u had b4) so tasted bedder (even th0 u ain't sposed to eat NaCl ) > az if 5pidery 5pores occu-π yr body + say WTF = wrong w/ X hardwhere + then go about their business of reprogrammin9 yr neural network 2 compens8 > if u dawn an i-mask u can visualize ghostly traces of these colorful vaulted arched C-Lings ≈ 5pindly 5piderwebs that 4m the fabrick of your B-ing + if u lis-10 2 music u can visualize what u hear in unduL8ing pyschedelic display that when u take off yr i-mask 9et projected on the C-Ling (by X point u = in livin9 room [▶]ing the nu Slow Dive / Everything is Alive + az u rite this post now u just received the version on sea-blue vinyl):

Slow Dive, Everything is Alive, blue vinyl

... sure—everythin9 = alive—but life has a diffrent kind of life / even plants u can see vibr8 + unduL8 > up on 111th st u saw a hummin9bird dead on the 5idewalk + it 5till looked alive + u picked iT up + 5wore u cd feel it's heat + heart 5till beatin9 in your palm / pulsin9 w/ life + u'd just sceen a show on humin9birds that tocked about how when it's cold they can go in2 a sort of hibern8ion (otherwise they can't live more than a few hrs w/o C6H12O6) + u thought u cd take it home 2 revitalize iT but it was far from freezin9 / in fact it was ~ 90°F + likely the bird hit a window 5ince that's how 99% of birds in NYC die, sad... grantid iT might halve just bin 5tunned / but iT was bedder off in a flower bed resting 5ince y'all don't even halve C6H12O6 ⊕ honey in your apartment 2 rehabilit8 iT > after that y'all went 2 the plant store on 119th + Malcolm X / witch was a trip / a humid hothouse vibr8ing w/ plant life > brot home <3 plants > other shows/movies y'all re/watched X week (+ went in2 the thinkin9 of X po5t #1108) = Alien, Aliens, Cleopatra + Dead Zone > po5t # 1108 was also writ-10 under the literary influence of My Untimely Death by Adam Peterson (who like u, started his life breathing backwoods, exhaling 1st) + Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany (but not yet the flip B-side Empire Star / witch ≈ Boons/Camp reads up5ide down in the opposit direXion ) > Delany = way ahead of his time (both books written in 1966 / the year U = born)

Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany

> babel-17 is more than just a language, iT kin change your worldview + thought processes (via linguistic relativity) + can even B weaponized > like y/our Ling0, iT doe5n't use the «i» pronoun / rite up y/our alley > in case u couldn't tell, u bin halving an iĐenti-T crysis az of L8 tied 2 landgauge (what's nu, rite?) / don't call me ishmael, naught yet / iT o-cured 2 u that u shd go baↄk 2 callin9 yrself in8 iĐ 5in¢e it has a Đ (pronounce D naught, D not yet) in iT (az iF 2 neg8 «D» / 5ince y/our initials = dub-L dd coninsiding w/ B-ing born on 11/22/66) + the # 8 ≈ octo-π (when 5peaking on B-½ of Ↄalamari arↄhive) / th0 weather u continue 2 rite in 2nd person = TBĐ

1107 <(current)> 1109 > 2 transL8 mine mined/BW/Ody Đ-Lemma az iT dis.integr8s in2 Spoo⅃ LoopƧ 22 yrs L8er on 9/11
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