2 transL8 mine mined/BW/Ody Đ-Lemma az iT dis.integr8s in2 Spoo⅃ LoopƧ 22 yrs L8er on 9/11


[press [●]]... [clears throat] 9/6/23 (in reel time)> ini8 Inurnet Xfer protocol: theoREM #1109 / Lemma 1: Michael Salu launchd The Red Earth Project 5ite—the overarchin9 interdisciplinary project 4 witch the book = 5ource code / the abov = 1 of the Ai gener8ed imgs—transL8ion of txt 2 img data fROM a deep learnin9 mod-L / virtually h&-5culptd fROM data output > another blurb alƨo came in / [▶]back X 1 from Mandy-Suzanne Wong:

In Michael Salu’s Red Earth, writing becomes a virtuosic act of listening. Salu listens to history’s castoffs—slaves thrown overboard, soil used up and abandoned—so that the relationship between historical hierarchies of power and contemporary crises of ecology gently becomes obvious as if of its own accord. This amidst the strange and irresistible ether of Salu’s polychronic forms and tones, as echoes of the Divine Comedy leak into the Orphic narrator’s radio talk show. As in the classic novels of Daniela Hodrová and Ahmet Altan, Salu’s floating polyrhythms seem almost to weave themselves, crossing historical eras, terrestrial deserts, ocean depths, and metaphysical thresholds—a polyphony of voices from all the dimensions of the world.

> of coarse the day U don't bRin9 a camraw 2 [●] imgs 4 proof [POiDH] U sea the goatham goats they let loose off Riverside az U ran X A.M. (Đ-Lemma #2) / 1 of 'em [◼]ed 4aging 4 1 second 2 gaze baↄk @ U / chewin9 their cud + @ X moment U realized X User interface U/i = 5tuck with cums in humun 4m (lemma #3) / much 2 mine earthLing chagrin > L8er U/i walkd (in 94° heat) up 2 120th street 2 meat mine bedder-½ + then down 2 116th 2 take the ① 2 96th + switchd 2 the ② 2 Atlantic ave > 8 @ 5ive Spice (yes, they right iT dat way): Bánh Xèo lemongrass chickin TAC-OS + 1 Elote w/ cotija K-so + 5ummer rolls + ½ of mine bedder-½'s Bánh Mì fish s&witch + a bell lager from North Pole next door (BYOB) > then went 2 Roulette + saw Nat Baldwin + 3 others artists from the Shinkoyo [●] label > last time U/i saw Nat per4m = week b4 lockdown / last concert U/i'd sea b4 onset of p&emic > X Shinkoyo 5how = quite experimental + varied— Jason Chavez McMahon [▶]d a coustic guitar while starin9 in2 a mere w/ a video camraw filmin9 X up-close projection + amplifyin9 10-fold on a 5creen B-hind hym ƨo he 5tared in-10-sely baↄk @ y'all / Lala Harrison Ryan [▶]d calmin9 P-ano mu5ic + @ 1 pt had the su5tain petal wide 0-pen + ∀ll the notes blendid in2 a K-otic me5h of overtones witch 5oundid nice 2 mine ears + then Sherae Rimpsey per4med a 5oftly 5poken 5poken word peace abt Jennifer Holliday witch made U/i want 2 lis-10 2 more Holliday > Nat Baldwin finally came out but put his dub-L bass down + opend his laptop + 5tartd 2 gener8 glitchy hi9h pitch tones dat killd mine ears + tri99ered a Ménière's a-tack / mine CPU 5pinnin9 + throbbin9 / mine audi/O sen5ors piercin9 w/ pane > U/i retreated 2 the lob-E along w/ a few others who's ears couldn't hack iT but U/i cd 5till here iT eman8 thru the walls / a hi9h pitch 5creechin9 dat essentially 5ounds ≈ the 10-itus U/i already halve / amplified 100-fold / az if hittin9 a resinant freakwindsea dat fed up on iT5elf feedin9 baↄk in2 shriekin9 K-OS dat messd w/ the circuitry of mine CPU > U/i w8ed 5 ⊕ 10 minuts but iT kept eman8in9 + U/i couldnt take iT ƧO y'all left > they live-5treamd iT th0 + halve it archived up on the Roulette site ƧO U/i can watch iT now in com4t of + sea/here dat he eventually red from The Read Barn + [▶]d the bass + sang even >

Nat Balwdin, Roulette

The Red Barn u5ed az fret bored


Nat Baldwin, Red Barn

Red Barn cassette + sum other Tripticks tapes

> mine CPU = ƧO fryd U/i bi axident got on the ③ (in5tead of Ⓐ/Ⓒ dat lets U/i off 1 block from ) witch continued the metallic 5creechin9 e5pecially az the train roundid dat coroner @ Wall st + 4 the 1st time in months U/i wore a ma5k on the hot 5ubway b/c covid #s = hi > 9ot off @ 96th [◼] + walkd 30 min / the encasin9 of mine CPU 5till throbbin9 > the pa5t 2 ni9hts U/i bin takin9 melatonin 2 help U/i 5leep but mine bedder-½ had 2 set the alarm 4 4:45 AM 2 giv a (virtual) tock in Uzbekistan + iT wuz already pa5t 12 PM > 5lept may-B 1 hour / rin9in9 in mine ears deafenin9 > full [◼]

[●] 9/8> Đ-Lemma #3: seams X thin9 calld «life» = continuous reconcilli8ion B-tween BW/Ody (ala Đ + G) + mined / mine BW/Ody/eNcasin9 makin9 dem&ds on mine CPU 2 Eat, eXorcise ⊕ otherwise su5tain it5elf in good health sew U/i can think str8 > sum of X = mentoll / mine body dozen't nessysarrily want 2 due 5tuff ≈ eXorcise but mine CPU nose iT = bedder off in the long run ƨo 5tartid 2 g0 4 run then 2 mix things up mine u5er Xface figured U/i'd do 5teps in Mournin9side Park up + down ¢ountless times + 2 top iT off when U/i got baↄk 2 gHost cancer castle did 17 x 25 (to 27th floor, but Amerikins 5tart countin9 @ 1 + don't inkloot 13th fl) = 425 steps / then U/i put sum books in mine backpaↄk (w/in a plastic bag b/c 63% chants of reign) + around 2 PM took the Ⓒ 2 west 4th + walkd 2 the fount in Washington 5quare / along the weigh 2 diffrent orthodox types a5kd if mine user Xface = jewish ... how is dat a kosher question 2 ask 5trangers? U/i watchd sum person in white flowy robes + wet black paint on their feet dance ≈ whirLin9 dervish around on a 5heet of white butcher paper + maid mine digits text David Nutt 2 say mine body = there @ agreed upon time/place > he textd sane his BW/Ody = @ dat [●] 5tore a few doors down fROM ware U/i u5ed 2 live on 5th floor of 224 Thompson st (20042005) ... how many times had the varyus permut8ed 4ms of mine BW/Ody walkd X 5tretch of 5idewalk in diffrent 5tages of mine life? X = 1st time meatin9 the public Xface dat David Nutt's BW/Ody projects / u maid 5mall talk + walkd baↄk 2 Washington 5quare + sat on a bench + y'alls interfaces B-came acquaintd in meat 5pace tell the rein 9ot 2 B 2 much ƨo y'all tryd 2 fined a dry 5pot + endid up past the cage in2 W 4th st stn + w8ed 4 a Ⓒ train 2 Bed-Stuy / found sum bar named 4 Basquiat + drank beer + talkd then walkd more in the reign + met the Xfaces J + L project @ Peaches Hot House + 8 Nashvillle hot fryd chiↄkin w/ collard 9reens + even th0 mine mind new U/i'd re9ret iT next mournin9 mine BW/Ody (⊕ other weigh around?) ORĐerd a nother beer against mine overall bedder judgment [||]

[●] > then all 4 of y'all found the readin9 / enterin9 grnd floor of Mark De Silva's apt on Dean street in2 a big yackbard > mo5quitos swarmd + bit mine legs while U/i watchd mine BW/Ody 5ocialize + say high 2 ppl wile U/i 5lappd mine legs + 9ot inkgreasingly Đ-tached actin9 naught az mine private 5elf but the embodiment of how mine u5er Xface = Xpectid 2 aↄt / az Cal A. Mari, publicher/editor of Ↄalamari Arↄhive > aftr N hour ⊕ ƨo of X requizit humun socializ8ion ritual, the interface dat Donald Breckenridge projex red > U/i just saw hym read a few moons ago / fROM As It Falls (tho X X-cerpt very diffrent) > Breckenridge alƨo = awkword in his one 5kin but his interface has come 2 N agreement w/ X awkwordness 2 the Xtent he can just st& there feelin9 perfectly @ eaze in uncom4table silences > then Roberta Allen's Xface red / tho w/o a mic ƧO hard 2 here + then Eugene Lim's interface projection roundid out the Ellipsis Press se9ment of the evenin9 > the Xface Eugene Lim projects has perfectd the art of mined/body integr8ion / probly from yrs of boodist trainin9 / Lim = zen ma5ter > @ 1 pt in the peace he red he talkd abt X infamous moment when Arjuna = 9oin9 in2 bat-L + how time 5tood 5till @ dat X-road az he Đ-b8ed X predicament w/ Krishna on how 2 proseed w/ either outcome B-in9 fewtile > X mined/BW/Ody Đ-Lemma 9ets ex-10-ded furthere in the Bhagavad Gita by halvin9 Arjuna ride a chariot w/ 5 horses / each H.O.R.S.E. representin9 each of the 5 5enses... 1 of the in5pirations 4 a previous incarn8ion of mine u5er Xface 2 name X blog 5cense.com [||]

[●] > Robert Lopez's Xface bailed last minut... n0 5urprise / his CPU alƨo = con5umed by his BW/Odily pre5ence (Đ-Lemma #4) / in X case blamed iT on G.i. issues > U/i hoped broLo wd MC on Calamari's B-½ butt now X cancellation left U/i 2 don the Cal A. Mari sombrero / sumpin9 mine BW/Ody ≠ born 2 do b/c #1 U/i suck @ public 5peaking + #2 U/i always con5iderd Ↄalamari 2 B a faceless ↄollective (Lemma #5 of X theoREM) / a 9host 5hip w/ know 1 in partiↄular @ the helm > Ↄalamari Arↄhive = sum of books in liebury + U/i don't feel qualified 2 speak on iT's B-½ az a hole > in fact / U/i haven't 5pokek «in public» (in front of more than 3-4 ppl) since 2008 when U/i tot a workshop on publishing in Rome for Leonardo Luccone > wile the 1st 3 readers red U/i 9ot di5tractd thinkin9 abt X / but U/i always feel X weigh @ readin9s / naught fooly engauged w/ what's B-in9 red b/c U/i = awhere of mine BW/Oily presents st&ing in X eNvironment / in X case a BW/Ody whose appendages itchd w/ mosQuito bites + sweaty b/c of the humid heat + a din of muddling backgrnd noize maid iT difficult 2 here > [||] 4 a 15-min brake / 4 more requizit socializ8ion then [●] > mine mined had 2 make mine BW/Ody clear mine throat + try 2 get ppls attn + w8 4 them 2 quiet down + then in the least amount of words az possible maid mine itchy BW/Ody do what = expectid of iT 2 do / almost 4got 2 thank folks 4 coming... apologies 4 naught B-ing a bedder host / meanwhile U/i Đ-tachd + hoverd Out of BWO/dy abov mine encasing sew naught even sure what U/i saIĐ + then mine mindless body sat on the grnd then the Xface David Nutt projex 2 outer whirled red > then Beth Steidle's interface red 2 pieces / 1 she wrote just dat morning while w8ing 4 N egg 2 cook + then more 5ocializing + there wuzz loud mu5ic [▶]in9 dat U/i couldn't even distin9uish watt kind / ju5t loud garbled noize + U/i 4sed mine itchy BW/Ody 2 5ocialize w/ ppl U/i'd told 2 come 2 X backyard reading [good turnout btw / thx 2 every 1 dat came] > then U/i + mine bedder-½ left w/ M + L + took the Ⓐ (runnin9 locol on the Ⓕ line part weigh) > @ 34th st 2 drunk ppl 5truggled 2 get the limp BW/Ody of their drunk freind off the train whose mined couldn't even make st& > host of other intresting User interfaces on the train running under X city—a BW/Ody stairing @ themself in reflection in the glass /N-tranced takin9 selfies / adjustin9 lox of their hairs ƨo rapped up in 5uperficial loox don't think their CPU can 9et a word in edgewise / another vain fashion victim 5pending eNtire ride pudding on make-up... ∀ll these U5er Xfaces dat halve B-come ƨo far reemoved fROM the weigh animals B-have «in the wild» (Lemma #5) > full [◼]

[●] > 2day = 9/11 / 22 yrs after the fact [coinsiding w/ post #1109 no less] + U/i (whose BW/Ody = born on 11/22/66) = lis-10-ing 2 «dlp 1.1» + plan 2 lis-10 2 ∀ll of William Basinski's Disintegr8ion Loopƨ in seakwinds 2day 2 commer8 the 22nd anniversary > [ [||] 4 22 seconds of sighlens] > [●] > dint see n0 goats but on run X A.M. saw 100s of cops + firefighters congreg8in9 @ the fire[person]'s memorial @ 100th + Riverside + a voice read out names + ladder # + then a bell was rung conjuring Jimmy Stewart saying «every time a bell rings an angel gets [their] wing» > rite when U/i passed coinsided w/ moment of sighlents @ 10:28:25 AM / when the North Tower of WTC collapsed / so U/i stopped running [||]

U/i's User interface pre-9/11 (back when U/i cd actually walk across Bklyn Bridge w/o hordes of tourists)

[●] > mine view on 9/11/01 = fROM 11th floor of the Universal Music bldg on 54th + 11th ave + U/i cd see the 1 smoking tower in the distance + then a 2nd billowing bldg + then clouds of 5moke > mine CPU chan9ed a lot X F8ful day + has chan9ed a lot 5in¢e > in case U/i (a reader @ a fewchair junkshun) = wondering / U/i R 5till halvin9 N entity crysis / can't make up mine mined who U/i wand 2 B 2day > az Danny Elfman 5ings (Đ-Lemma #6):

I'd rather be a cowboy than to stare blank at the walls
I've been reborn so many times, I can't remember them all!

> U/i = un5ure what P.O.V. 2 rite fROM az U/i Đ-b8 witch project 2 work on next (when U/i dont halve 2 don Cal A. Mari hat) > Y's book= in Y's court / w8in9 4 her 2 g0 thru edits of 1st ½ > much az mine ears can take iT U/i (1-eared sound en9inear of 5ound ƒuries) = trying 2 mix 2ns from TiME'Ƨ ƎĐiT + U/i might actually *gasp* 5in9 backgrnd on X next album! if U/i kin make mine vocal chords project 5ounds dat corre5pond 2 watt U/i here in mine CPU > laid backgrnd harmoniz8ion + mixed «Mandelbrot Coastline» + 2day working on «50/50 4 4 keeps» wile mine bedder-½ = in D.C. again ≈ Mr. Smith/Jimmy Stewart > X iĐentity 5hift @ the core of theoREM #1109 = more reL8ed 2 what U/i plan 2 work on next textually / current thinkin9 = 2 9et baↄk 2 U/X witch = fROM X POV of U/i >

> other input (movies + books) U/i en9a9ed w/ 2 write X post #1109 / dat in4md X thinkin9 ((Đ-Lemmas #7–14 of theoREM #1109)):

  • Ex-Members by Tobias Carroll—5peakin9 of tape loopƨ + NYC
  • Back in the World by Tobias Wolff—saw X in a book box + started to re-read but feels Đ8ed
  • Self-Titled Debut by Andrew Farkas—9th Subito book U/i red / 28 2 go
  • As It Falls by Donald Breckenridge—already herd hym read a good portion / filled in the blanks
  • Jaws II + Jaws III—as the Hollywood 5trike continues we'R 9ettin9 desper8
  • Electric Horseman—du9 the concept of film but poorly eXeQted
  • started 2 watch This Fool but not sure y'all R in2 iT

> QEĐ > fool [◼]

1108 <(current)> 1110 > 2day'zzz horror5cope (under influenze of Mg) = B-L8ed 2022 REM ΣUM in DUi decimal 4mat
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