2day'zzz horror5cope (under influenze of Mg) = B-L8ed 2022 REM ΣUM in DUi decimal 4mat


press [●] ... 9/16/23 > post #1110 ... only # 14 if U/i used binary 2 count ⊕ 456 if U/i used HEXadecimal > the inventor of the Dewey Decimal system (knot 2 B conFused w/ the DUOdecimal #ing system) also advoc8ed 4 spellin9 re4m / chan9in9 his (apparently canceled) name fROM Melville Dewey 2 Melvil Dui 2 elimin8 sublingual redundancy [||]

[●] > 2 day we (bedder-½ + U/i) dint want 2 abide by con5traints of REMaphattan project s0 wanderd w/ know direXion in mined up north thru Harlem + Sugarhill + Washington Heights / windin9 thru a series of long vertical parks—Morningside / St. Nicholas / Jackie Robinson / Highbridge ... route #3 when U/i used 2 run w/ 125th + Riverside as origin (only they hadn't completed high bridge baↄk then) + then looped back under the GWB so ≈ 10+ miles (guessing... din't bRing fone 2 [●] distance nor did bedder-½ bring fancy watch 2 map th route) > word-L du jour:

+ 5peaking UV/ [▶] X playlist wile readin9 the re5t of X po5t:

[●] 9/17 > rather than 5ay wat has tran5pired in mine life (hear on 5cense.com) perhaps U/i shd st8 wat WiLL happen? a horrorscope of sorts... [◼]

[●] 9/18> haven't [●]ed many dreams az of L8... plenty of REM activity during biginning of p&emic (dat went in2 Residue) but they seamed 2 halve tapered off 5ince / ⊕ they = hard 2 no wut = wut mixed in w/ quotidian reel whirled 5tuff... perhaps U/i shd italicize mine dReams 2 make 'em E-Z 2 spot? @ N-E r8, 2 get U/i baↄk in the habit / hear's sum 5nippets [●]ed last nite:

> sum 1 was talking out their ass (meta4ically) when a goat interrupted them 2 dispute what they were saying > U/i REMarked that X goat knew English! + sum 1 else said our cat knows 100s of words + U/i said but not onely can X goat 5peak, they can underst& + process what's B-ing said

> U/i was taking a 4mal aptitude test of sum sort > U/i brot a bunch of 5crap paper + put it up front 4 every 1 else 2 use + when U/i needid sum U/i went up front wear U/i left 'em but there was nun left > U/i flipped thru sum pgs but they were completed eXams + U/i din't want the proctor 2 think U/i = cheatin9 so U/i asked 4 a 5crap of paper saying iT = U/i who brot the paper in in the 1st place + every 1 else took it all

> sum 1 from weather.com called U/i saying they were returning mine call / sounded very casual ≈ a friend calling from home > they gave U/i an upd8 tailored 4 mine upcoming travel plans + sum 5treet urchins overherd the call + said sumping in 5panish but used the words «slow food» in glish / sort of mocking us (weather.com agent + U/i) + the weather.com agent said iT 5oundid az iF U/i already = travellin9 + U/i said yah / seams U/i = in sum 5mall town in Mexico (naught knowing how U/i got there)

> U/i su5pected sumthing = rong w/ R plumbing + told mine bedder-½ 2 check the toilet + they said iT looked fine butt then went 2 flush iT + said «oh» ... az iF by checking iT we had broken iT

> U/i 5tarted taking Magnesium a few nites ago s0 perhaps this will help on the dream front... U/i've tocked about magnesium b4 / in fact docs RECOMended Mg 4 minear's d-zzz but iT din't seam 2 help much > but the other nite we had B (nutritionist colleague of mine bedder-½) over 4 dinner + they said U had 2 take a specific kind (bisglycinate chelate) / witch U/i procured > we get plenty of Mg in mine diet (specially 5ince U/i eat s0 many nuts + black beans) but now take an eXtra 50 mg b4 bed (420 mg is daily recommended) along w/ 3 mg of melatonin ... bin doing that 4 a few dayzzz / lets C if dat helps w/ sleep (which FX minears) w/ side FX 2 boot of inkgreased REM activity (sew far sew good) > + 5peaking of DUi decimal system (naught dat U/i halve 2 worry abt X since U/i don't drive) / az st8ed b4 U/i halve bin drinking less + less 2 the eXtent dat U/i can't even drink 1 ⊕ 2 glasses of wine w/o getting a ripping headache + sleeping ≈ 5hit / witch feels ≈ setback 2 mine minears... sum dayzzz U/i 5ense mine rite ear can here ~25% but then after 1 of X 5hitty nite 5leeps U/i go revert baↄk 2 B-ing 100% deafh > all X = on mine mined az U/i try 2 mix the next Sound Furies album—Time's Edit ... inchin9 closer 2completion but U/i halve 2 mix in mono + don't get 2 appreci8 the FX of panning (halve 2 rely on mine memary of how X wd sound / ≈ how Beethoven cd continue 2 compose after he went deafh) > more in¢entive 2 sleep (+ dReam) bedder + get a h&-L on mine minears

> in retro5pect ([«]ing thru last years posts) / seams last fall = when mine REM activity tapered off.... coinsiding w/ when mine minear's kicked baↄk in (Oct 2022) + U/i've bin deafh in mine rite ear ever 5in¢e > U/i seper8ed out dreams in mine dream log but seams U/i 4got 2 in 2022... iF U/i did halve N-E dreams in 2022 iT wd bee hard 2 tel 5in¢e they got integr8ed in2 these 5¢ense po5ts + even mine one writing can bee hard 4 fewchair versions of mine-self 2 Đ-cipher / flipping thru (probly missed sum) hear's a B-L8ed [●] of dream activity from 2022 :

1/9/22> we wa5 talking 2 sum 1 ≈ Gian + he wa5 X-plaining abt how he had 2 fight sum other persun 2 th deth 4 sum sorta production/plannd event ≈ a play > then we sorta B-came Gian or G's stand-in b/c he B-came th dire¢tor + couldn't do both @ 5ame time s0 we wa5 the 1 5posed 2 fight 5um 1 else 2 th deth + 5um judges pre5ented u5 w/ a 5word > they were verE ¢eremonious abt it eveN tho we were in a run-of-mill hotel r∞m so wa5n't sure if thi5 = a dress rehearsal or waht > we picked up the 5word + 5tood on th bed wondering if thi5 = against th rules b/c it gave u5 N unfair advantage b/c we was above R opponent (we had n0 idea wh∞ thi5 wa5, sum randumly a55igned adver5ary) > but then R foe jumped up on th opposit bed so we figured it was a-loud... N-E-thing = a-loud in thi5 produ¢tion > we 5wung R 5word around 2 get used 2 it... felt heavy + ¢lumsy > we ¢lanked it against R foes ≈ they do in 5washbuckling flix + we did that 4 a wile w/ nothing real-E happening, thinking thi5 wd B boring 4 th audience > then R foe lunged @ u5 + missed + we took advantage of them B-ing close in + 5lowly 5tuck R 5word deep in2 their chest > they pooled back + kept 5washbuckling + we wa5n't sure if N-E of thi5 = real ⊕ reel > we 5lashed 'eM across the ¢hest again + they looked down in disbelief + we 5aid the5e = the rules we were told 2 play by, dat all thi5 = real, ≠ game > then G th dire¢tor said ¢ut + we wa5 no longer real-E thi5 ¢hara¢ter (tho they 5till resembled u5) + wa5 wat¢hing R-5elf on a 5¢reen > th 5ister of th winning 5washbuckler (u5!) came along + hand-¢uffed herself 2 th dead foe 2 drag them away > it o-cured 2 u5 we wa5 wat¢hing thi5 event on Inurnet ⊕ sum sorta PPV + not IRL > az we wa5 leaving (i.e. "checking out" of th ap) they (G's e$t8) tried 2 up$ell u5 the5e D-ziner $hirts @ a con¢ession $tand (tho again, wa5 all virtual, they di5played information on $¢reen abt wh∞ th D-ziner wa5, et¢.) + we told the ppl running th con¢ession $tand dat Gian wd not of wanted 2 sell D-ziner $hirts + az we 5aid thi5 reealized that yah, actual-E he wood of > then we hopped a 5huttle bus 2 g0 h0me (wherever thi5 wa5) > 1st sum girl OD’d on the bu5 + they had 2 stop + paramedics had 2 revive her w/ naloxone + we got out R journel + wrote, «C, thi5 = Y U don’t take publi¢ tran5port» > there wa5 a big guy (re5embled John Goodman) across the I-L from u5 + he wa5 drinking a pint of beer + crying s0 the tears 5pilled back down in2 it > we pretended we din’t noti¢e him + kept writing w/ head down tho real-E we wa5 pretend-writing 2 make it seam we were busy so JG wouldn't talk 2 u5 > we couldn't help but 2 glan¢e up az JG took th last 5wig of his beer + by this time he wa5 bawling, tears 5treaming down his face > JG got up, 5taggering down the I-L + then he tried 2 kick a window in (out real-E) > there wa5 a «condu¢tor» (5idekick 2 driver wh∞ ¢olle¢ts tkts, etc... az if we wa5 in a 4in country—Asia ⊕ Africa—but everE 1 wa5 white) wh∞ tried 2 cunsole JG + keep him from kicking the windows out but JG wa5 out of cuntrol, randumly lashing out @ whoever > sum nerd said sumthing 2 him + JG threw the nerd down in the I-L + sat on top of him > every 1 on the bu5 was looking @ JG like sum 1 shd do sumthing but JG wasn’t real-E hurting the nerd, just pinning him down + making fun of him > no 1 did nothing wile JG bullied the nerd, teasing him b/c he had gla55es... JG said "waht, u think U're 5mart b/c U wear gla55es?» + the nerd 5aid «um, i need them 2 see!» > another pa55enger 5aid they cd C that JG was grabbing th nerd's balls, az if thi5 = enough evidence dat JG wa5 hurting th nerd + we shd intervene... but 5till, no 1 did nothing, inkl∞ting u5 > we turnd 2 ask th cundu¢tor Y he din’t du sumthing but he wa5 gone, disappeared in2 the co¢kpit (it wa5 now like we were on a plane) > we con5idered weather 2 put JG in a headlock ± full nelson but he was s0 big he din’t real-E have a neck + wa5 so sweaty he wd of 5lipped out + he probly wd retali8 if we attacked him > then JG sat next 2 u5 w/ the nerd + we told JG 2 move 2 another seat, that we wanted 2 have nothing 2 do w/ waht he was doing

1/12/22> urly thi5 a.m. aftr a long trip we ↄame baↄk 2 R apartment > we cd hardly reↄall whɘre we lived + on impul5e we 5lipped in2 waht we thought wa5 a 5ubway train but endid up B-ing N elɘv8or > th elɘv8or wa5 f∞l of ma5kles55 covidiots s0 we pulled r 5hirt up ovr R mouth b/c we dint halve a ma5k handE > 5um 1 wa5 talking 2 them5elf ½-crazE + we re¢ognized them from a Tuvalese landgauge cla55 we t∞k 2gether > they reↄognized u5 + 5tartid 2 act «normal» + a5ked «18?» + pre55ed th 18 btn b4 we cd we cd 5ay «yah, thx», reↄolle¢ting onely now dat we lived on th 18th fl∞r... sorta, there wa5 sum triↄk we had 2 d∞ b/c reɘlE we lived on th 18½ fl∞r, but we figured weɘd remember when we got there, rite now we were con¢erned b/c nobodE had ma5ks on + we wa5 holeding R breath > «dint C U in cla55 2-day» thi5 crazE persun wh∞ talked 2 them5elf 5aid + we just noddid yah 2 avoid conver5ation nor did we want 2 affili8 R-5elf w/ thi5 crazE covidiot > th 18th fl∞r came up + we got off + then 5aw a 5ervi¢e elɘv8or + reɘlized thi5 wa5 th «trick» + we a5ked «going up?» + th persun oper8ing th 5erviↄe elɘv8or said «yah, 19?» + we said «18½ ⊕ whatevɘr fl∞r comes next» > th elɘva8or wa5 ≈ a barn w/ hay + p∞p on th grnd + ∀ll these hor5es + th elɘv8or oper8or wa5 their ↄaretaker, running th elɘv8or wa5 ju5t N annoying 5ide ta5k > we pet + talked 2 th hor5es wh∞ were ∀ll quite 5mall + when th elɘv8or dinged we had 2 nudge 1 out of th weigh 2 get off > we were naught 5ure wich d∞r but gue55ed 1 + R key¢ard worked so we walked in + there wa5 a gathering of 6-10 ppl + Novak Jokeabitch (wh∞ we alway5 ¢all Dikovich) was 1 of them > we coverd R mouth w/ R shirt + pointing @ Dikovich D-clared «thi5 guy neɘds 2 leave» + th gathering disper5ed + Dikovich tried 2 plead w/ u5 but we ju5t pointed 2 th d∞r, naught wanting 2 0pen R mouth 2 5peɘk > aftr he left Nadal came up 2 u5 + 5aid he ↄould naught B-leave we had th cajones 2 kick Jokeabitch out + we 5aid it wa5 R apartment + we dint allow ma5kle55 unvaccin8ed idiot5 inn it > Nadal wa5 naught wearing a ma5k but we din't ↄare we were 5o geɘked out > then we got 2 l∞king around + nothing l∞ked familiar + we reɘlized it wa5 naught R apartment aftr ∀ll > we 5aid «thi5 = reɘlE Mbareassing but we neɘd 2 l∞k @ R li¢ense 2 figure out whɘre we live + we wa5 trying 2 find R gla55es so we cd reɘd th 5mall print + mas5kle55 ppl were gatherd around 2 help u5 reɘd it (inkl∞ting th 10-ant of th apt we were inn) + we wa5 a bit con¢erned abt covid but cd naught reɘd ∴ neɘdid their help > R li¢ense had ∀ll the5e 5tiↄkers on it like waht ¢ustums ppl put on yr pa55port + th 5tiↄkers were ¢overing th adre55 ∴ it was illegibel but evɘrE 1 wa5 gatherd round trying 2 help us D-cipher IT

1/16/22> another elǝv8or dreǝm onely thi5 time we walkd th hole weigh up (38 flrs) so we wdn't have 2 get in2 a crowdid elǝv8or w/ ma5kless covidiots > @ sum pt we were al5o Xing a river 2 get 2 N I-L& + rathr than w8 4 th fairy we bundled R clothes + B-longings + 5wam aↄross then on¢e we was5 on th I-L& + told sum 1 we 5wam they 5aid it wa5 EZ in-B-tween tide5 + in dat direction but once th tide 5hifts high it'd B-come treacherous so we got worried + went down 2 thi5 doc 2 jump off + swim back but th doc Xtended all th way 2 ware u cd jump w/o landing in th water, but when 1 l∞kd back twards th I-L& th doc din't Xpand in dat direXion > then we went 2 happy hour in R h0teL + we tried a ¢rackr w/ tuna 5alad on it + told R bedder-½ they were g∞d + went 2 grab N othr but th 5erver told u5 we cd onely have 1 wich 5eǝmed ab5urd > we were hanging out w/ sum ppl dat 8 pot8o ¢hips + 5aid it wd B like me offering U just 1 pot8o ¢hip + they laughed + 5aid n0 way, wa5 th 5erver religious or sumthing?

2/7/22> dear Inurnet, la5t nite we went on tour w/ 3–4 other bands + th onely ppl in th audien¢e were th mu5icians naught playing > th band we were ⌚ing were wa5hing out th inside of a fountain (covered w/ contaↄt mi¢s) w/ high powerd garden hoses (Matmos perhaps?) + we thought, must B hard 4 venUes 2 accommod8 them (5upply spigots, water pressure, built-in font, etc.)

2/14/22> [[●] + [▶︎]] ∫um1 went 2 clip th wires of lite we removed 2 use elsewhere s0 we switched out power 2 the Ntire bldg + then it was az if we induced 1 sit-E-wide blackout + we all gathered in 1 auditorium (w/ emergency lighting) 2 ⌚ 1 movie + we got 2 thinking thi5 wa5n't s0 bad > th h0tel/confrence centr complex resided on th Mediterranean + we figured IT a 5hame 2 cum ∀ll thi5 way + not g0 swimming + then we noticed whale 5harks swimming under u5 + we wa5 naked + carrying just 1 T-shirt (holding IT above th water 2 keep it dry) out 2 1 dingy + wa5 just real-E N-joying swimming naked in th vast C / felt liber8ing / was nice out + blu sky s0 figured weed get ∫um sun but there were the5e Hasidic Jews nearby, 2 guys in 1 boat + 2 girls in another s0 we waited 4 them 2 pass s0 they wouldn't see u5 naked butt then th whether got cloudy + windy / seamed th current wa5 taking us tward th drainage/waterfall + we swam 2 th side 2 s-cape IT az did th 2 girls (th yahoo guys had gone ahead b/c they wanted 2 shoot th rapids / g0 over th waterfall) > we found 1 5pot where it drained but there were the5e 5teps 2 get out w/o getting sucked over ⊕ down th drain butt we wa5 5elf-conↄhus of B-ing naked w/ th Hasidic girls in site > 4tune8ly th T-shirt wa5 big + ½ covered u5 [◼]

3/15/22> wa5 hanging out w/ Thom Yorke last nite + we told hym dat naught onely is th next author we'R publishing named Thom Yorke but he was born on th same day + Thom din't B-lieve us s0 we went 2 googol iT but it's like dat suggestive autofill thing was finishing R sentences 4 us + making us fat-finger th rong terms + Thom Yorke wa5 making fun of us 4 naught knowing how 2 type ⊕ spell

3/28/22> went 2 ∫um Inurnet cafe la5t nite, dat din't ju5t halve Inurnet but U got axess 2 dadabase of imgs + vids 2 download dat U needid 4 project U was5 working on > U wa5 onely 1 wearing a mask, walking back thru maze of jank-E rooms w/ mis-matched thrift-store furniture + dog-shit on floor > most ppl were waching porn + there were no 0-pen computers, just 1 old TV in front of ∫um janky couch dat U din't want 2 risk sitting on > onely other 0-pen seat U cd find wa5 in front of synch s0 U figured U'd eat dinner wile U waited 4 machine 2 0-pen up > U brot a tongue (cow?) 2 eat... just a tongue, nothing else + no pl8 s0 U 8 iT w/ bear hands + U had 2 rinse iT in synch every s0 often 2 soften iT up > U wa5 thinking th nearby ppl wd think U wa5 sick-0 but @ least U weren't hogging computers watching porn

4/20/22> 5eries of images from la5t nite:

  • our mom wanted 2 go out5ide + we said we all were ordered 2 shelter in5ide b/c Godzilla was on the loose + she was like «i'll show him!» + went out5ide az a D-coy 2 distract Godzilla 5o the rest of us cd get away
  • sum 1 gave us this 5culpture 2 «hold on 2» (much in th same way Clemenza tells Robert Deniro 2 hold on2 th sack of guns) of Gian hugging horse, dog, llama + ostrich heads that were very lifelike, we cd see th fur up close + was wondering how they got the animals 2 cooper8 > we brot it back 2 thi5 swanky pad we were crashing in + put it in bed + Gian 5tarted tossing + turning + we were thinking he'd trip out waking up in this bed w/ satin sheets + furs wondering how th hell he got there
  • a tree that in stead of leaves had 4x4 by Rubik's cubes

4/30/22> last nite U were @ yr mom's house + went 2 g0 move her car from ware iT was parked a few hundred ft away up on a hill so U figured U'd just roll iT backwords 2 her driveway but when U tried 2 push th brake iT din't work + U kept rolling faster til U rolled up on2 N Mbankment > U got out + checked th brake fluid + iT was M-T + U were annoyed @ yr brother 4 letting iT run out b/c he was th 1 last 1 2 u5e th car

8/12/22> yr neighb⊕r = hack invent⊕r w/ ∫um sort uv hot air balloon conTraption dat on imPulse D-sided 2 test out (conditions = perfect 4 whatever droning project they had in mined, u5ing hot air whether ball∞n 2 surveil suRRounding L&Scape) u5ing yr bedder-½ az occupant /guinea pig ... ⊕ rather shd say ASTRONAUT az th pa55enger carriage = more ≈ 5pace cap5ule > they hadn't asked yr perMission + U ≠ happy abt iT, couldn't B-leave yr bedder-½ agreed 2 g0 up in thi5 hack (untested) conTraption > U watch nervously az balloon lifts off then 5tarts 2 veer off course bumping in2 powerlines + bldgs + not getting dat high off th grnd > U chased it + went up on 1 rooftop dat it = headed 4 + grabbed the trailing anchor cord of th balll∞n az iT careened off th roof, relieved iT barely got off the grnd > yr neighbor/sighintist reels in th ball∞n wile U run over 2 the tiny cap5ule 2 get yr bedder-½ out > when U pop th hatch iT = empty! + U start 2 freak out looking everywhere 4 ∫um sorta sine of 'M, but there = nothing but a few food wrappers + wrinkled tinfoil blanket > U ask yr neighbor how this can be possibel + they say (az if calcuL8ing in their CPU) dat th onely weigh iT = possible = iF they nvr got in th cap5ule 2 B-gin > U call out 4 yr 404 bedder-½ 5tart 2 + look 4 'eM > earlier yr neighbor's partner (actually, yr neighbors = Leadbelly + Logo, who U've talked abt b4 on 5cense) wanted 2 show U there nu duckling, but when U went in2 their backYard iT = n0where 2 bee found + Leadbelly specuL8ed th duckie = shy + hiding > well, now when U g0 in2 their backyard U see th lit-L duckLing, tiny w/ black sheeny feathers > Leadbelly pointed out th duckLing but U were in n0 mood az U were diStressed that yr bedder-½ = 404 > Leadbelly maid small talk w/ ∫um 1 leaning against th wall that had shiny black hair w/ sheen 2 iT ≈ duckLing + U thought mayB this = yr bedder-½ but they = dolled up w/ a wig + glittery freckles + U couldn't recognize 'M > they were acting all sassy smacking gum + asked iF U wuz looking 4 «Laika» witch apparently = fake name they gave 2 Logo 2 put on passenger manifest 4m 4 th weather balloon/drone + @ this point U knew iT was them s0 U run over 2 hug them tite + U start balling, sane U = s0 happy 2 see 'M + they act all casual az iF they pulled th ol' switcheroo 2 teach y'all a lesson > U tell 'eM U nvr wanted 'M 2 g0 up in th 1st place, dat iT = all Logo's idea + U keep crying, s0 happy 2 C 'M + when U wake up yr pillow = wet

8/24/22> words = triggers U write when U wake or come back from a run ... this a.m. U write «FOOTPRiNT» b/c iT = what U searched 4 last nite, az sorta anthrOpologist anaLyzing M-bedded earthly snap5hots ... B-yond just th pootfrint + who, what was th 1 loo wheft th imPression doing? dirty dancing? fetched-far, but how cd U prove otherwise (iF iT's just 1 imPrint)?

+ ∫um point last nite U alsO Lost yr LapTop ... U Xpected a colleauge wood brab yr gag 4 U + they din't ... @ 1st iT seamed daunting 2 think abt (losing a loptap), but U knew U = dreamin9 > U were on N errorPlane but U they announced U (+ onely U) needid 2 5witch pLanes sO U got off + went back in th terminal + saw N in4m8ion booth + az U approached th agent took yr head in their h&s + directed yr vizion 2 a scrolling list of #s + asks Y U stair @ iT + U tell her U're looking 4 yr G8 + she aks 4 yr flite # + U rattle off what U think iT is then rifle thru yr stuff looking 4 yr boreding pass 2 verify the # but then she just tells U 2 remember 2 goto th duty free 5hop + she says she's poor + doing this job 4 free + could U give her a don8ion + U point out she didn't even help U yet + she said she told U 2 goto the duty free 5hop + dat th transaction = termin8ed

9/18/22 | Catskills, NY > akin 2 how U can tandem parachute, U/i planned 2 ride on back of a hor5e az a jockey raced iT @ th Belmont stakes, 2 document th ride az a journihilist > U/i got on th beautiful white horse 1st az iT warmed up on th track, nervously prancing around > when they went 2 put the horses in th starting g8s th jockey was nowhere 2 B found + there wasn't even a saddle or reins 4 U 2 control th horse with > they put th horses in th starting g8 + suddenly U were off! th horses all took off + yours went really fast even no jockey was whipping iT, ahead of th pack > 5ince U/i rode bareback w/ n0 reins, U had 2 hug th horse's neck just 2 stay on > but R hor5e wa5n't really in2 ra¢ing + rather than g0 around the 1st ¢urve they kept running str8 + out of the track ≈ Forest Gump > while th horse liked 2 run U cd tell they wasn't in2 ¢ompetitive ra¢ing > they kept running til they got tired + then U/i jumped off + went + got a wheatgrass frappuccino 2 give 2 th horse + they really liked iT, 5lurped iT rite down

9/26/22 (Berkshires) > U/i = on Mars last nite w/ sum sorta sighingtist type (playd by Jonathan Banks) + therƎ = 5trange Dr. Seussesque cre8ure ≈ mix B-tween Lorax + Che5hire CAT + th sighingtist X-planed 2 them how we = there 2 in5tall life on Mars + th cre8ure just lounged, smiling @ us wile th sighingtist X-planed how weed done eXperiments 2 make «life» work on micr0scopic 5cale in lab 5etting + now wanted 2 «5cale iT up» on Mars + U/i thought th sighingtist = s0 5tupid he couldn't C dat life already Ǝxisted there > th sun wint down + we had 2 sneak out, pa5t a parade uv 5chool «kids» who = various lit-L munchkin-like cre8ures az iF from Oz > now dat iT = dark, diffrent cre8res came out uv th woodworks, wild dogs 5niffing around, etc. > we had walkie-talkies + th sighingtist asked ?s ≈ «what's yr 20? over» + U/i said «B-hind th bldg on th ... left side, over» ... pausing on th word «left» b/c U/i din't n0 relative 2 what > U/i M-urged in front uv a 5chool @ th same time az th sighingtist + therƎ = film crew + th director said «CUT!» + U/i realized iT = film + got 2 thinking NE-1 ⌚ing th film cd look up th ℝeal loc8ion + retrace R 5teps + g0 back B-hind th 5chool + they'd C all the5e martian cre8ures back there but then got 2 thinking Y wd NE-1 even think dat, 5in¢e th film = fiction + then U/i got 2 thinking how many films U/i assume = «fiction» R in fact ℝeal + iF U found th reel-whirled loc8ions what U/i mite di5cover?

9/28/22 (Boston) > went 2 g0 SCUBA diving + jumped in w/ N inner-2be but th inner-2be started floating az if connected 2 a BC (buoyancy controller) + U/i kept floating up in2 th 5ky az if iT = hot error balloon until U/i cd adjust th BC 2 float baɔk down > then U/i + R bedder-½ went w/ a real est8 agent 2 look @ a house + th most important a5pect th agent wanted 2 show us = parking spa¢es (even th0 we said we din't halve a ¢ar), 2 options, both on plat4ms 100s of feet above th 0cean, but 1 had more room 4 un/packing + U/i thought iT = useless b/c th cliff = 2 hi 2 jump from

12/15/22 (Puglia)> Strange sleep, alarms going off every hour, not sure if related to the power going off over + over. Dreams about walking along a road, but keeping an eye out for trains, sorta like in Trastevere where we'd be walking along the tracks b/c we were too impatient to wait for the unreliable tram but if the tram did happen to come we'd run to catch it, with that certain feeling where you'd get nervous if you were in the middle between stops, too far away from 1 stop or the other to make the train, walking quickly + then as U approached the next tram stop you'd slow down knowing U could catch it if it came + then slowly lingering near stops before growing impatient again + moving on to the next stop + usually the tram never came so we'd walk all the way home anyway. It was like that, but in some sort of subway, maybe NYC? But a subway that leads to other parts of the world. We were also carrying cargo, but as we analyzed what we were carrying realized it was just a handful of Roman candles, that were for some sorta celebration we were on our way to. But then we realized we could just carry the wad of them in our hands, so didn't need the dolly so hid it away in some alcove knowing we could retrieve it later... some sorta subtext about our current situation?

[»] 2 present day > the sighingtist in us = cureus 2 get a per5pective of mine lifetime of REM activity / sew hear's a ruff tally (of course this = what we [●]ed... naught 2 say there = plenty of others dat went un[●]ed b/c E-there they seamd naught significant ⊕ in dat period of mine life U/i din't feel like writing 'em down ± their n8ure often = hard 2 quantify):

+ sew far in 2023 the above 1 U/i logged twards biginning of post very well might B 1st 1 [●]ed > 5peaking of REM activity / RCVD a few more envelopes full from Mathias Svalina's Dream Delivery Service (mine lack of dreams sew far in 2023 = 1 incentive 4 signing up... if U cant dream let Svalina do iT 4 U)

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