2 R-bitr8 64-bit-r8 iSBN bracketology + ⌂-improvement epoxy 2 eat nymph tongue in kitsch-N synch


3/26/22> 2day's word-L = EPOXY, witch = ear-E b/c after 5olven iT U went down 2 get 2nd cup of cof-E + big chunk of ℝ marbell counter had spontaneously cracked off in2 ℝ synch ... 5pook-E action @ a distance shit! din't notice iT when U wa5 getting 1st cup (granit iT was 5till dark out) ⊕ nite b4 when U said bye 2 dinner guests in ℝ kitsch-N (1st time 5ince b4 omicron U had ppl over) > bin Using the5e word-Ls az writing prompt5 ± Qs az 2 what 2 post on twitter ⊕ what flicks 2 ⌚, but thi5 was ℝeəl-world prompt 2 fix countertop (u5ing gorilla glue):

+ yes, dat's ℝ slipper B-lo clamp, dat's bin held together thi5 past year w/ duck tape

> U also got out telescope ladder + bot more wind-X 2 wash wind-Os > 8 black bean tac0s +⌚'ed King Richard (★★★) + Rat Film (★★★★), dat correL8ed rats in Baltimore w/ red-lining/segreg8ion

3/27> 2day's word-L = NYMPH, tho naught sure what dat menes yet, dat U shd eat cicada nymphs 4 dinner? ends up we 8 shrimp + t0-m8-0 + pepper past-a + ⌚'ed The Quiet American (★★★★), based on Graham Greene b∞k U startid 2 read a month ⊕ 2 ag0 (found in lit-L liebury box) b4 U noticed movie wa5 maid of iT s0 figured weed ⌚ iT in sted...

3/28> went 2 ∫um Inurnet cafe la5t nite, dat din't ju5t halve Inurnet but U got axess 2 dadabase of imgs + vids 2 download dat U needid 4 project U was5 working on > U wa5 onely 1 wearing a mask, walking back thru maze of jank-E rooms w/ mis-matched thrift-store furniture + dog-shit on floor > most ppl were waching porn + there were no 0-pen computers, just 1 old TV in front of ∫um janky couch dat U din't want 2 risk sitting on > onely other 0-pen seat U cd find wa5 in front of synch s0 U figured U'd eat dinner wile U waited 4 machine 2 0-pen up > U brot a tongue (cow?) 2 eat... just a tongue, nothing else + no pl8 s0 U 8 iT w/ bear hands + U had 2 rinse iT in synch every s0 often 2 soften iT up > U wa5 thinking th nearby ppl wd think U wa5 sick-0 but @ least U weren't hogging computers watching porn

> ℝ fav0rite 5porting event ha5 m0re 2 do w/ th brackets then N-E-thing else (th0 U dig th 1 + done elimin8ion), e5pe¢ially 5in¢e there ℝ 64 teams, thus 32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 63 games > iSBN will halve 64 chapters (u5ing binary #s of coarse, 000-000 thru 111-111, a-cording 2 fallowing scheme:

... tho unlike basketball U can't pit 1 chapter (⊕ «log-bit» az we call 'eM) # vs N other > az U pointed out already (when—in5pired by Hopscotch—U map'd out iSBN w/ emordnilap/anagrams last summer), th 64-bit-r8 log-bit seekwinds will B far from linear (tho maps 1-to-1):

> U can't pit N-E art against other art in art world, competition = R-bit-rarE, no 5core 2 keep > th0 oscars were la5t nite + there were «winners» + «losers» + Wil Smith «wins» by punching Chris Rock in th face on primetime TV... what 5ort of massage does dat send? dat aggression + violence win in th end? words ℝ 1 thing, fists ℝ another > Y U always thought oscars = dumb + nvr ⌚... N-E award = pointless, onely val-U lies in eyes of B-holder

> U think of iT more akin 2 evolution ... ≈ phylogenetic tree U tat-2-ed on ℝ bell-E (when U launched Ark Codex ± 0, coinsidentally X-actly 10 yrs ag0 2day!), rather than compete, 2 opposing (♀ + ♂) N-tit-Ts combine 2 form nu 1, making luv naught war, evolving u5 2 thi5 singular point, ℝ one bell-E btn

+ speaking of navel gazing, U red Pamela by Palmela Lu witch U kin appreci8 b/c U als0 studied math @ a UC + grew up in Cali4nia > naught sure we dug Pamela az much az Ambient Parking Lot tho

> B-sides word-Ls, U als0 bin doing 5pelling B 2 X-pand illogic cowgirl vocabulary + devilip lexicon

+ speaking of color + branching, walked round th tide-L baysin th other day:



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