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Hopscotch «4 selfless ½-alien ideas 2 dv8 + adapt, enlist 1 owl 4 poem file soon»


12 Sept 2021 | Bologna> figured out how to link up trail CAI 902 w/ 904 to make a loop, about 13 miles > 8 @ Osteria Solferino (★★★★), green lasagna was good but other stuff (bedder-½ had gnocchi) not so much

13 Sept> our bedder-½'s 1st day teaching in the flesh (since 2019), our main reason 4 being here > every is back from ferragosto so Bologna is no longer a ghost town > there's an owl that wakes us most every night but we don't mind

14 Sept> haven't bin watching many movies since our schedule has been adjusted to eat later > back in the Dolomiti when we had shitty Inurnet we started watching The Godfather epic/saga (I + II combined, in chronological order) just cuz we had it downloaded 2 our laptop > since it's over 7 hrs long (incorporates a lot of unused footage) took us a week 2 get thru > not the 1st time we've seen the «epic» or «saga» version + who who knows how many times we've scene the regular I + II > 2night got back to Reservation Dogs which we started back in D.C... all around brilliant, 1 of the better made shows we've seen in a while

15 Sept> 8 @ Roberto's again (gnocchi w/ porcini, which was gr8) then saw The Newspaperman: The Life and Times of Ben Bradlee (★★★★½), which was fascinating

16 Sept> rained 4 the 1st time since we've bin here, b-sides a brief squall early on > Bologna was refreshingly void of mosquitoes but now they emerge

17 Sept> last day @ this Airbnb b4 we shift 2 another > haven't said much about this place, it's a bit odd, the kitchen dysfunctional so limited in what we cook, we had to go out 1st thing + buy things like a good knife, a French press, salt + pepper, an ice cube tray + sumthing 2 light the stove with (guess they assume every 1 smokes + has matches) > weird thing about staying @ Airbnb's is all the randum artwork + furniture, the Scarface + Bela Lugosi Dracula posters, the fake Norman Rockwells + lacey potpourri wickery things, the Coca-Cola mirror, photos of randum ppl we have no idea who they are

+ the Dante statue that has scared the shit out of us numerous times in the ½ light

+ the regal cat who keeps us company above our desk

or the 8-ball pillow?

+ the coat rack (not shown is the ashtray built in2 the base)?

> Italians are good @ designing sum things, w/ other things not so... like their packaging is always impossible to figure out + their toilets suck > the roof-hatch windows are nice, we had loads of them in our attico in Palazzo Colonna, but u got 2 remember 2 shut 'em when u got out in case it rains + u can't put screens on 'em so all the mosquitoes are free 2 come + go (+ on @ least 1 occasion in Rome pigeons flew in) > this current place is on Via San Petronino Vecchio, which far as our clock analogy of Bologna goes, we're @ 4:30 about ½-way between centro + the edge

> our «terrazza a tasca» (pocket terrace... popular here) which sum times feels like a cage
> b4 it rained we put the papasan out there

> speaking of The Godfather saga, it's intresting 2 watch 2 make u appreciate the non-linear approach 2 Godfather's I + II (flipping back +4th between NYC + Sicily + then Lake Tahoe) > we've bin reading Cortázar's Hopscotch this past month, which although are intrest is starting 2 wane ½-way thru, has had a big influenze over how we are structuring our current project (what we're now calling ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 (F.K.A. Thriver meme) > like Hopscotch weave created an alternate way 2 read the book according to this scheme:

> 4 each of the chapter #s (binarily #ed, that also map 2 the I Ching hexes) we've assigned 64 characters, that farword spells «And ma, I 4 1 live 2 emit ½ loops + flow H-self 4 tides reversed on 8 set animal peels» + then can be anagramically remapped 1-to-1 to the alternate non-linear way (as shown above) 2 spell: «Thriver meme (4 selfless ½-alien ideas 2 dv8 + adapt, enlist 1 owl 4 poem file soon)» (nod 2 the owl that's bin waking us up) > furthermore, the emordnilap (4 those that want 2 read the book backwords) spells: «Sleep laminates (8 nodes) reversed it 4 flesh wolf + spool ½ time 2 evil 1, 4 I am DNA»... obviously we haven't bin doing much writing this past month (u try coming up w/ 64-charactar anagrams + emordnilaps... it ain't ez!), but now that we got the structure down maybe we'll actually put pen 2 paper

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