i'm writing you from afar to turn a fire hydrant into a shower w/ the D-word to get a NY iD


8/27/23 > ... or may-B rather than write in 1st person like in last post, maybe 1 shd write in 2nd person, like john wilson does in how2? hey new york. u slept good (7.5 hrs waking up briefly 2x), but feel a bit groggy/diz-Z 2day, maybe u had 2 much 2 sleep? egg + cheese on everything bagel. started to read zone one by colson whitehead, but u wasn't really into it... not sure y u even bothered (u think u read somewhere it was a classic posthuman book?) az u haven't liked other stuff of his u've read. zone one is a zom-B story (does that make it posthumun?) + the main protaganist is named mark spitz + u couldn't get past whitehead saying "Mark Spitz did this..., Mark Spitz did that..." as if to remind us every few sentences how ridiculous the premise was + how stupid reading stories like this can be + u nvr even got to the part where u find out y his name = mark spitz. finished reading I am writing you from afar by moyna pam dick, a book u got when u saw her read a few weeks ago, or actually, guess that was a few months ago... time flies, can't believe u've already been back in aNYCity 3 months.

+ blistered burn on your hand from last week still not healed

+ in catching up w/ reading all the subito titles, u read dear professor, do you live in a vacuum by nin andrews + with one's own eyes by sherwood anderson (so now u've read 7 + have 30 to go). the latter starts w/ an S-A by anderson about realism + then a few short stories (the book is short, 39 pgs, as is the nin andrews book... these 1st 1s are more like chapbooks).

had G over for her B-day dinner, pesto pasta w/ shrimp + tomatos + salad + key lime π + a few glasses of wine.

8/28 > walked w/ yr bedder-½ to lexington + 1-1-5 (10 blocks south of where lou reed waited for his man), they had to get their NY state i.D. 2 B legit (you're too layZ, just gonna use your DC liesince 4 now, tho u may not halve az much street cred w/ bouncers @ bars or shows). u went down to the P.O. on 110th to drop off 2 packages, came back up + met your bedder-½ at a UPS store b/c they had to print something or other, then went back to the i.D. place, which was actually in some sort of health services bldg, not the DMV on 125th where u've gone before to get your iD (u still have that iD but it expired in 2022). most every 1 else in the waiting area were refugees, instead of providing proof of address (such as lease, bill with name on it, etc.) they provided shelter iD. this was the 1st step, b4 they could do anything else (get a job, etc.) they needed to get an iD, to get in the system, to get legit. puts things in perspective. conveniently, E-st 115 was next up on your REMap project so y'all continuued E-st on 115th, then looped back on 116th + stopped @ doña maty + to get a quesadilla de huitlacoche (your bedder-½ got flor de calabaza) + café de olla. continued west on 116th, pretty much the heart of spanish harlem, to morningside park + looped back on 117th + just 2 B thorough went down + did the parts of 114 y'all missed before, ~ 8 miles.


how 2 turn a fire hydrant in2 a shower


doña maty







here's the same barber shop 9 years ago on the original Maphattan Project (although the barber shop is in worse shape, now the apartment above has been remodeled (that's sum 1 sitting in the window)


u weigh168.4 (weighed 165.4 yseterday). ate black bean tacos w/ guacamole. saw never let me go (2010), which was interesting but flawed, at least the movie. the relationship between carey mulligan + keira knightley should have been developed more + it shd have been made more clear Y they couldn't just run off + S-cape. the trailer makes it seem like a love story, but it's way B-yond that, the above photo is a hint.

9/2> can't B-lieve it's already september. u don't think you'll be able to keep up this daily journaling ... as u said in the last post, if 1 liveblogs 24/7, when does 1 have time to live their life? + who wants 2 read this shit? + no point in documenting your food/drink intake az none of it seems to make a diffrence w/ your condition, az u've discovered plenty of times before, suffice to say u probly had tacos or pasta. yesterday met Gl @ sushi yasaka on 72nd street (after walking ~12 miles down around midtown running errands) + they talked about themself nonstop the whole time, typical of 99% of ppl u know, but when you're down on yourself it particularly sucks to hear people bragging about all their accomplishments + it made u order that 2nd beer to drown your sorrows + pretend to act intrested. your bedder-½ took monday + tuesday off so 1 of those daze y'all walked down to the west villaj along the river + ate @ fiaschetteria pistoia (artichoke salad + spaghetti bottarga) + bottle of wine.

u've been a funk the past few dayz.... Dare u mention the Dreaded D-word? D could mean Disappointment ... seams everything u read or watch Disappoints u, Dumbed-Down movies + the news is so D-pressing... shd u go back to calling this the Daily noose? u still have theDailynoose.com URL. most movies we've watched lately have been Disappointing + it's gonna get worse w/ this actor/writer strike... these next few years wheel bee watching reruns. even the last john wilson ("how to watch birds") was a big Disappointment. y'all figured maybe you'd watch nature shows instead of these D-pressing + violent humun Dramas + watched the David attenborough 7 worlds/1 planet series, but that was even more D-pressing, attenborough going on + on in that shakey voice about how fucked we are, how humuns have D-stroyed the planet + are Driving animals to X-tinction. + this series was particularly violent, w/ a capital V, not just stuff like animals hunting + killing eachother (sum survey probly determined that ppl would rather see this than a bird chirping peacefully on a branch), but stuff like albatross chicks Dying of starvation + exposure or walruses tumbling Down cliffs in Droves (everything caused by humun-induced climate change), which gave u nightmares even tho u can't remember your Dreams.

[spoiler alert: 2days wordle]

most D-pressing of all tho is facing the music that you're Deaf. u've been trying to mix this time's edit album, but everything sounds like shit, from what muddled muck u can here, + u wonder Y u even bother az no 1 listens to your last album or all the albums b4 that + no 1 reads your books... this is the story of your life, epic F-A-I-Lure, except the only thing worse than getting an F (at least there's something cool + punk rock about being a complete fuck-up) is a D, where u just marginally failed, where your work is a Disappointment but doesn't even merit a 2nd chance, which perhaps makes 5cense 5ince everything is a Disappointment to u + you've always gravitated toward D-pressing Death rock. even your name starts w/ D + ppl call u "big D" + your middle name also starts w/ D + is also the 1st name of the most Dangerously D-pressing person ever that the press propagates + puts on the front page every Day + this Drumpf will get re-elected + then we're really fucked w/ a capital F. even blogging about all this bores u, how many times have u ranted about this B4? Y do u bother? u won't even bother spamming your hand-full (literally) of subscribers to let them know about this post + maybe this will be your post. or maybe #1111 will be the last. or actually, maybe wheel stop @ #1122 since 1122 is your B-day, the only Distinguishing feature about u, since u have the same B-day as mark ruffalo + scarlett johansson. then again, it's the same Day that kenne-D Died.

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