sounDing culture 2 reVeil iD in 1099-MiS© tax fraud doↄ XX, e-filed 2 inperson8 Ohle + re5et ©ounter 2 000                                                         >


1st, last April sum book-buyer in UAE "aXiDentally" D-posited $10K in2 R bank acct + then asked us 2 refund the diffrence. Then, the Gr8 [PANK] Swindle [they still haven't responded nor sent the book we ordered az a test 2 C if iT even Ǝxists] + Gothic Cabinet Craft din't D-Liver on book5helves ordered + we had 2 fight 2th + nail 4 a refund. Now, last week when we were setting up Motorman az print-on-dem& we noticed sum 1 was $elling a kindle version on Amazon, sumthing we or David Ohle nvr sanctioned.

A few months ago when we 1st started $etting up PODs 2 sail, we realized we had an old KDP acct (the bozos Kindle Direct Publishing is also used 4 POD) using an old email address + we couldn't axess iT. We tried calling the bozos + they told us they lock u out after a certain amount of time + iT was a pain 2 regain axess so we gave up, assuming there wasn't much on there N-E-way... from what we member we were just checking iT out, tested out a few titles + din't dig how they turnd out so nvr published 'em. But now that we saw this unsanctioned Motorman kindle ebook 4 sale we wanted 2 make sure iT wasn't sumthing we set up by axident, so we called the bozos a bunch of times (if U haven't had the pleasure of calling Amazon, U can onely imagine...) + each time got a diffrent story + had 2 provide in4mation over + over ≈ R phone #s + addresses from 10+ yrs ago (weave moved probly 5 times 5ince, back + 4th across the Atlantic) + finally after D-m&ing 2 B escaL8ed got an actual humun superVisor (not sum robotic agent reading 5cripts) that told us we couldn't gain axess 2 this acct, but they were able 2 in4m us it wasn't R defunct acct selling the Motorman eBooks, however, they couldn't tel us who was, witch seams crazy, that N-E 1 can just go $ell an unauthorized ebook + have their name B private (whereas real (paper-based) book mongers have 2 give their name + phone # + address, az iT appears on tax documents (witch is embarrassing 4 us b/c now U can fined out what R middle name is)). All this supervisor could due was bump iT further up the chain 2 the intellectual property/©opyright infringement dept. + now we halve 2 w8 4 them 2 get back 2 us... they said 5 business dayz + iT's bin 6+.

In the meantime, don't buy 'em! + if any 1 purchased a kindle ebook of David Ohle's Motorman from Amazon, U were duped, request a refund... this was an unauthorized counterfeit + the royalties are going to a scam artist, not the real artist, David Ohle. If U show us proof of refund, we'll send U a free PDF version, in the format it was intended to be read. The messed-up thing is that they started pirating these kindle versions during the p&emic when we were giving all the PDF dbooks away 4 free!

7/21 : The odometer flips. After 099, the counter resets, not as dramatic as flipping from 99,999 to 00,000, but still, U get the iDea...

This is ware the rubber hits the road, ware reality meats art. In The Daily Noose, C-Otter #841 steals surfboreds by the C-shore + birds ≈ crows + mag-πs are making nests of anti-bird spikes... animals duping us @ R one game! Or, we shd say their game, we're on the animal's side, posthumun. 4 the 1st time in months, we're actually working on R one writing, so U may C less of us on 5cense. ± there might B a shift in R/my voice, 4 starters we/i might shift 2 right in 1st person, under the pen-name ∀ i (pronouns "4 all i"), yet another x-10-sion of Anon i'm us. i author-eyes ∀ i 2 right iSBN 4 me. A.K.A. iSBN 978-1-940853-66-6. In5pired by this rollover, i'm gonna halve 99 chapters in iSBN + each 1 will riff off that #... naught that U'll B able 2 tell, it's more a way 4 me 2 oregonize my thoughts + all the unpublished scraps of writings i halve laying around on my hardrive. i'll X-plane az i move along the # line in order, a linear plot, but also nonlinear.

... or mayB i'll contin-U working on U/X? wile i'm in X mindset. Just like there's sew many books 2 read, there's sew many books 2 right. + there's also R album 2 finish + @ same time fight fires + read submissions + run the press...

When i was recently re-rereading Norbert Weiner's Cybernetics, i was 5truck by his cautious presents of mined, from the getgo, 2 underst& the reL8ion B-tween autom8ion + 5lavery + the implic8ions of cybernetics + i was wondering Y more hasn't bin said on the subject... well, this is pertty much the gist of The Sound of Culture by Louis Chude-Sokei.

From the title, 1 might think the book was about techno music, but 4 the most part it's abt the black influenze in sci-fi + posthumanistic thought. Chude-Sokei dozen't even reely mention music til ½ way thru the book + even then iT's more abt the tecknology of music, specifically dub. Nevertheless, i started 2 compile a mixtape 2 lis-10 2 wile i red iT, onley 2 discover when i got 2 the end that Chude-Sokei had cre8ed such a playlist in the appendix! He put it on, tho, witch has 5ince gone 404. So, 4 ur lis-10-ing pleasure i put this playlist on Spotify, 2 lis-10 2 wile U read along 2 post 1099 + hopefully 2 inspire U 2 read the The Sound of Culture if U haven't yet.

It's astonishing the material Chude-Sokei sourced 2 rite this, from Deleuze + Guattari, Marshall McCluhan + Donna J. Haraway, 2 writers/thinkers i'm embareassed 2 admit i haven't red (so a lot went over my head) ≈ Samuel R. Delany, Wilson Harris, Édouard Glissant + Sylvia Wynter (who was apparently posthumun b4 posthumanism was D-find), but now i'm intrigued 2 read them... the problem w/ reading books ≈ Sound of Culture is that U end up buying 10 more books talked about in the book, when already ur 2-read pile is burgeoning out of CTRL... so many boox so lit-L time. 2 R/W, i/O.

Just how 1 usually doesn't think of black culture when 1 thinx of cowboys (at least i don't), i nvr reely associ8ed them w/ sighence fiction, what makes Nope so extraordinary, Jordan Peele manages 2 wrangle both tropes + make iT work in a fresh weigh. + now that Chude-Sokei mentions it, we did always wonder Y there is of-10 a black computer geek/expert in sci fi films of the '90s—Termin8or 2 (+ Joe Morton (the best actor in the movie iMHO) was also The Brother from Another Planet), The Matrix (Laurence Fishburne as the zen sage Morpheus), Johnny Mnemonic (Ice T as the streetwise J-bone), etc. but i figured this was just Hollywood trying 2 B P.C.

"... the street finds its own uses for things" said William Gibson, who had an affinity 4 dub + reggae music, as Chude-Sokei points out, considered iT 2 B the quintessential cyberpunk soundtrack. Again, i nvr thought of dub or reggae az L-ectronic or cutting edge, but iT was the sound ingenear King Tubby who pioneered the iDea of remixing music, sampling (b4 it was called sampling) + u5ing a turnTable az an instrawment instead of just 4 playback (5peaking of "the 5treet finds its one uses 4 things"). Dubbing menes doubling, taking an eXisting recording + REMixing, dubLing, duping, then mix in sum DKing echo + spacey sound FX + voila, U halve dub... + then riff poetree over iT + U halve the biginnings of rap. Even roots reggae... when i saw Black Uhuru in the '80s, i remember B-ing souprized that it was just Michael Rose, a keybored player + sum 1 on an electronic drum kit (no guitars, no bass), the 1st time i'd scene that, a drummer playing e-drums live (in the mid-80s). i nvr thought of Black Uhuru az L-ectronic til then. But dub 4 the most part always annoyed me (th0 we loved African Head Charge (who halve recently had a revival)), dub felt contrary 2 roots rock reggae, witch i loved back then in the '80s.

+ then there's the posthumun reflections (always on my mined) of Sound of Culture, even the tech term "master/slave" ... think abt it. Ben Williams (in an S-ay on Detroit techno) said, "slavery, the original unit of capitalist labor, is... the originary form of the post human." + the word "robot" D-rives from the Russian "2 work"... will we 1 day look back on R treatment of these machines that do our bidding + think what were we thinking?

+ the 1st posthumun novel? Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, obviously seminal 2 my one Textiloma; or, The Postmodern Epimetheus. We e-race the traces, the analogs that humuns con5truct 2 repropag8 Ǝxisting process in n8ure. + what does ∀ll thi5 mene 4 my one sellfish machene theory that is @ the core of watt i'm now working on (eXtending The Selfish Gene phenotype)? That we don't use tecknology, but tecknology u5es us, 2 reproduce iT.

Even when he does acknowledge the baroque pathways of information that characterize this particular machine, [Édouard] Glissant finds it impossible to imagine the evolution of agency. the machine remains a safe tool: "the computer... seems to be the privileged instrument of someone wanting to 'follow' any Whole whose variants multiply vertiginously. It is useful for suggesting what is stable within the unstable. Therefore, through it does not create poetry, it can 'show the way' to a poetics."

This sent me down a rabbit hole thinking about Kamau Brathwaite, whose death in 2020 kicked off the p&emic. Reflecting on how Brathwaite embraced the computer (back in the late '80s, egged on by the death of his 1st wife, Hurrycane Gilbert + then B-ing robbed + killed (meta4ically)) + did things 2 the book page i'd nvr scene done b4, iT blue this white boy's mined. Back in the URLy daze of 5cense (2005), i wrote thi5 po5t abt his Born to Slow Horses. iT's obvious the influenze he had on my work, especially A Raft Manifest, ware i also cre8ed my one pixeL8ed fonts. + 2 think wile his archives we're B-ing D-stroyed by Hurrycane Gilbert, i was nearby on Islas Mujeres, off the coast of Mexico (see post 541, where i also tock about u5ing computers/Ai 2 gener8 music), ware Gilbert wd hit next. + looking now it seams a bunch of his books are OOP... sum 1 needs 2 get these back in print (N-E w/ an inside angle 2 Brathwaite's est8 let me know). Lots more 2 say abt Brathwaite, i'll save that 4 another post...

Sum stuff weave bin watching on screen:

  • Full Circle season 1—watched part of 1st episode + we're hooked
  • Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy season 2 (★★★)—our interest waned w/ each episode, growing tired of watching Tucci strut around like a pompous ass + how many times must we see him eat something + say "oh my god!"?
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (★★★★★)—4 mayB the 10th time + still naught sure what the ending means (not that it matters), spose he B-comes 1 w/ A i. Perhaps i need 2 read the book again as i red it when i was a teenager. Or naught... mayB it's bedder 2 knot halve iT X-planed.
  • got ½-way thru Babylon (★★) but couldn't take it anymore, all style + no substance
  • also watched mayB 10 minutes of Buckaroo Banzai (★★), but wasn't in the mood 4 such silliness
  • Patriot Games (★★★)—after above 2 misfires, settled 4 sumthing conventional + mindless

7/22 : continuing 2 revisit/mine thru the Sleepingfish archives in light of the 20th anniversary issue, witch we're thinking of calling issue XX even tho it's technically naught the 20th (it's the 15th). After issue zzz i moved 2 Nairobi, so did the 1st online issue, or series, series N. i published a piece by Shane Jones but around this time i rejected his novel Light Boxes, which then got picked up by Publishing Genius (+ they commissioned me 2 D-zine the cover, but (after a few back + 4ths of edits/changes) they didn't use the cover + never paid me 4 my troubles) + then it got optioned by Spike Jonze + then Penguin scooped it up. There was a piece by Mathias Svalina who has sin¢e 5tarted a dream delivery service, by bicycle 4 NE-1 near whereto he is @ the time. This month, he's offering a special service 4 pets, i just sined up (even tho we don't halve a pet, i subscribed 4 Sleepingfish) + so shd u.

Issue 8 went OOP, but we recently reissued it az POD. iT features a cover (+ sum inner art) by Eduardo Recife. Garielle Lutz joined as co-editor, bringing in the likes of Diane Williams, Ottessa Moshfegh + Anna Deforest... 1 of the bedder issues iMHO. 1 of The Brothers Goats is now a musician living in Berlin, 1 of the Budokan Boys. Boons + The Camp by David Ohle emerged from this issue.

work by Eduardo Recife in Sleepingfish 8

After Sleepingfish 8 (which we put 2gether living in DUMBO), we moved 2 Rome, so did a few more online issues. Series iX feature collages by Jasmine Golestaneh, who then 4med Tempers + played the Ark Codex launch party. There was a short film by Elisha Misto, who has since gone on 2 make feature length films. After publishing a piece by Chiara Barzini in series iX, we published Sister Stop Breathing + series iX contributor Luca Arnaudo collaborated w/ Aldo Bandinelli 2 make WORDATLAS | PAROLATLANTE.

work by Ragnhildur Jóhannsdóttir in Sleepingfish iX

We continued 2 post online in 2011 (still living in Rome) in series X. Book projex that came from series X: Tortoise by James Lewelling, A Mortal Affect by Vincent Standley + Divorcer by Garielle Lutz.

work by Dakota Crane in Sleepingfish X

Then we did another online series, Xi, from Rome. Giancarlo had a poem in Sleepingfish Xi. Joe Sacksteder (the Young Vish) collaged Werner Herzog sound poems, that he then turned in2 an album. Julie Reverb had a piece in Xi + then we published her No Moon. Nick Francis Potter had a piece in Xi + then also in the next issue 12 + then Subito Press wd go on 2 publich Potter's New Animals, witch will soon B archived by Ↄalamari (they received the boxes, now they just need packing paper... U'd think it'd B az EZ az grabbing a used noosepaper, but there's procedural burrocrazy w/ everything in academia).

work by Dmitry Babenko in Sleepingfish Xi

By Sleepingfish 12, we were back in aNYCity, on Riverside + 125th, so figured we'd do another print issue, the 10th anniversary issue. It featured Dmitry Babenko on the cover (from The Oikumene Fish Catalog artist book that we acquired). Elizabeth Mikesch's Niceties was born from this issue + #12 also featured work from { untitled: under the auspices }.

Issue 13 was back 2 B-ing online, running from 2014 to 2018, while we were living in NYC, DC + Roam. It feetsured work by Boots Walking in America (a.k.a. Mark Baumer), who, a year L8er in 2017, was 5truck by an SUV wile walking barefoot across America. It led 2 or feetsured work from Brandon Hobson's Deep Ellum, The City Moon archives, Stanley Crawford's Travel Notes, Beth Steidle's Static Herd, 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY', The Gotham Grammarian + The Luminol Reels by Laura Ellen Joyce.

@ sum point twards the end of this series we D-sided 2 only publich anonymous or pseudonymous works:

  • O = Kelly Krumrie (a chapter from what wood L8er B-come Math Class)
  • Guy Sutter = Dennis James Sweeney
  • Chaley Chastitellez = Steven Alvarez
  • Salvatore Fendano = Michael Trocchia
  • Drest the Elder = Daniel Beauregard (b4 we knew Daniel)
  • Maxwell Isaac Starr Oginz has such an interesting name we let them be themselves

from The Rolodex Happenings by Dennis James Sweeney, which kicked around 4 a wile (we came close 2 publiching iT) + is now 4thcoming from Stillhouse Press

Once we switched 2 pseudo/anon, the 5ubMissions started 2 taper off.

Issue XiV was on cassette, a mixTape, so nun of them can B in Sleepingfish XX, unless they also dabble in 2D art... then again, almost all of the b&s/projex contained members whose page-based work had appeared b4 in Sleepingfish/Ↄalamari. At this point (2018) we were back living in Roam, in the attic of Palazzo Colonna, so had the tapes duped in Italy.

During the p&emic in 2020, we rebooted Sleepingfish online + called it 2020+ ≠ 404 thinking it wood B ongoing indefinitely + the "≠ 404" 2 symbolize that (contrary 2 popular belief) iT wasn't dead, at least naught yet... will it die w/ XX? We publiched webbed eXcerpts from Textiloma, 4ier X-forms, Herd of Birds, Residue, Summertime in the Emergency Room, Math Class, Hist + Genesis + 1/ 4 i am ĐNA in this latest series. Again, 1 had 2 publish under a pseudonym or anonymously.

  • G. Lish = Nathan Dragon (whose name already sounds ≈ a pseudonym)
  • Blair Hooper = Harris Lahti (+ we just learned a few dayz ago that the book (Foreclosure Gothic) the piece was eXcerpted from is 4thcoming from Astra House)
  • Diego Goldstein = Robert Lopez
  • The Well Witcher = Alex Gregor
  • the author of "2 Known Aliases + The Unquestion" = Red Dust
  • we don't know the real name of Leuci Cidae either

+ then @ this point we loosened the pseudonym requirement... + now we're getting in2 more recent territory where it doesn't feel ≈ reminiscing, X-cept 2 say Róbert Gál's Tractatus has 5ince bin publiched by Schism Press + Meg Tuite's White Van by Unlikely Books.

work by Federico Federici in Sleepingfish 2020+ ≠ 4040

7/22 : Did a REMaphattan walk yesterday, up to 112 + across thru Little Senegal in2 East Harlem + then back along 113, only 2 streets this time, then up Riverside 2 look 4 the goats but no such luck, 8.5 miles in total.


turtle stacks in Morningside park


typical East Harlem scene

B-sides these REMaphattan walks, iRL i've bin walking almost daily b/c i keep pulling my calf when i run, so taking a break from running, exploring diffrent trails in Central Park + Riverside, have gone by ware the goats are 3 or 4 times but have nvr seen them, just herd their bells 1x. Trying 2 drink less 5ince June, a few times a week + n0 more than 2-3 drinks... seams 2 B paying off, sorta getting my hearing back in my rite ear + naught az diz-Z, tho still halve constant tinnitus + naught sleeping gr8. Have lost a few pounds, staying under 165, but want 2 lose at least 5 more + mayB drink even less + less salt, more moderate w/ everything, sea if i can get my hearing all the weigh back so i can mix our next album.

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